What is a Recumbent Bike? Read Now If You Don’t Know

If you are asking yourself this question “What is a recumbent bike?”, let’s read this article right now.  Here are some frequently asked questions about the benefits of a recumbent bicycle for you to know when you want to use this bike type for your fitness plan.
What is a recumbent bike?

Can a recumbent bike help you lose belly fat?

Of course, you can lose belly fat when riding on a recumbent bike.

What muscles does the recumbent bike work?

A recumbent exercise bike is a bicycle that puts the rider in a comfortable backrest. People choose this type of bike when their weight is distributed comfortably over a wider area and it supports the back and buttstocks.

Lose belly fat

Do you know that exercising on this bike is a great way to lose fat in your belly? As you ride the exercise bikes, you are using a lot of your body parts to take action.
Moreover, by adding proper exercises to your schedule, you can strengthen your belly enough to achieve your target of decreasing fat. It is a wonderful news for fat people, isn’t it?
But wait,
There’s more information about it for you.

Strengthen other body parts

Cycling it allows you to build your endurance and strength. With this bike, you can build your core parts like belly, strengthen your legs slowly and increase your stamina.
In addition to reducing fat on your belly, you can also lose fat on other parts of your body. The more calories you burn while exercising, the more body fat you decrease.

Maintain cardiovascular health

Last but not least, riding exercise bike will definitely increase your heart rate and maintain your cardiovascular health.
Cardiovascular exercises such as cycling are most important for your healthy heart. And with a good heart, you can live longer with your beloved family.

A recumbent bike can help you to lose belly fat
A recumbent bicycle can help you to lose belly fat

Is a recumbent bike better than an upright?

Sarah are sure that you are confused when choosing which bike type is suitable for you, right? The answer to this question is an absolute yes.
Let’s take a look at the benefits of an exercise bike:

Support your back and joints

Firstly, the recumbent bicycles have many benefits to your body. It supports your lower back due to the way you sit with the better posture.
It also makes you use all your joints in a gentle way.
Do you know the reason why it can help you so much? Because your lower back lies on the seat and your knees and ankles are protected from injury.
Besides that, the large seat on this bike will bring you a more convenient and comfortable feeling.

Avoid injury

Furthermore, you can avoid many injuries that occur when using it because you do not need to stand up on the pedal while exercising.
You may be wondering if it is a good choice to use exercise bikes or not. We can tell you right now. This bike is safe and has a low impact on your body. It also reduces the pain and creates body strength.

Good for rheumatoid arthritis

If rheumatoid arthritis affects your back and hips for a long time, don’t worry. Exercise bike may be easier for you to do exercise. The lying position on this bike helps your weight spreading over your back and buttocks.
Check this out:
An exercise bike produces the same amount of calories and energy as an upright bike to help you to lose your weight.
Now it’s your turn to choose it and start to work hard to reach your fitness goals.

What muscles are used when riding a recumbent bike?

Just Not Sports believe that you will be surprised when you find out that there are six major muscles to be used when you ride a recumbent bicycle.

The primary muscles use for cycling a recumbent bike
The primary muscles used for cycling a recumbent bike

Muscles of your buttocks

Let’s get started to know the gluteus muscles of your buttocks.
These muscles work when your thighs move from a position near the body to a vertical position. Your legs stretch and impact on your glutes each time you press down on the bike pedals.


Can you guess what the second muscles you use in riding a recumbent bike are? They are quads, large muscles in the front of your thighs.
Their function resembles the knee flexors. They support the glutes as you push the pedals, and help to pull your legs back at the top of the pedal motion. The adductors, the smaller muscles inside the quads, also contribute to this motion.


The next muscles are involved in the ride of a recumbent bike are the hamstrings belonging to the back of your thighs. Their function is to bend your knees.
You can see them moving when your lower legs go from straight to curved position while cycling. They work together with the quads to help your foot get back of the pedaling cycle.


Allow us to explain the calves which are the fourth muscles to join this movement. These muscles are on the lower part of your legs and below your knees.
Each time your feet go around and you put your toes down, you are working with your calves.

Tibialis anterior muscles and abdominal muscles

Lastly, there are also two muscles engaging with riding a recumbent bike. They are tibialis anterior muscles and abdominal muscles.
The tibialis anterior muscles go down your shins and work strongly when your toes point back to your body during pedaling while the abdominal muscles keep your upper body stable and enhance your body strength.

What are recumbent bikes good for?

Although you know much about recumbent bikes through this article, Just Not Sports think you will be thankful to the one who asks this question. It can give you more useful information about this bike.
What are recumbent bikes good for
As you know, the exercise bikes are good for the lower back, cardiovascular health, thighs, lower legs, gluteus muscles, hips, knees, and joints.

Lower back

Why do we say so? Because riding the recumbent bikes allows you to lie comfortably on the bike seat and help you to avoid many injuries when using the upright bikes.
The lower back will not bear the weight of the whole body in a reclined position. You will see the increase in heart and lung function.

Cardiovascular health

The decrease of blood pressure and lung disorders if you persistently follow the exercises with the recumbent bikes.

Thighs, lower legs, gluteus muscles

The exercise bike uses the same muscle groups such as thighs, lower legs, glutes like the upright bikes, they reduce the pressure on the muscles and promote strength to these muscles.

Hips, knees, joints

And you know what?
This type of bikes makes the body parts safer when exercising with your hips, knees, and joints.

So what does all this mean?

To sum up, the recumbent bicycles can give you comfort and stability when workout. Believe it or not, they also help you to extend your training time in a more relaxing mind.
Now you understand “what muscles do a recumbent bike work?“, it’s time for you to shop for a recumbent bicycle and start your fitness plan as soon as possible.