10 Best Mountain Bike Grip Reviews and Buying Guide

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A bike is an essential device used to carry out different activities. Including adventure, sporting, and many more. However, while it is not so dangerous to use any bike types for these activities, only the strong and specific one can be used on the hill for mountain biking. As the mountain is unpredictable and requires tactical riding.

However, the use of a quality cycle complemented with good accessories is ideally recommended for safe riding. Among these accessories is the grip. The mountain bike grip if the best is purchased will save you from hand fatigue and other hassles that may be encountered while riding.

They even give you a professional look aside from the normal beauty they offer.
Listed below are the best 10 grip bike products.

  1   OUTERDO New Handlebar – Best overall

The first and the best bike grip available in our guide is the Outerdo new handlebar. Specially designed with soft rubber materials to ease manoeuvrability and comfort. This ergonomic grips will fit any regular handlebar without any hassle.

Also, the TPR rubber grip skid-proof of this rubber gives you a nice feel after prolonged riding. So no need to panic of pain. Consequently, the hard inner core of this grip also enhances its durability. Thanks to its inner dimension which may reach approximately 12.5cm length so as to cover the entire bike handle edge.

Lastly, to slide this grip on easily, you are advised to simply wet down its handlebar then slide on the grip with a slight twisting motion.

  • The price is pocket-friendly.
  • It is also very comfortable to put on and off.
  • If not carefully put on or removed, it may tear.

   2    Schwinn Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Grip – Most durable


Aside from the Outerdor grip, the Schwinn is the runner up grip in our guide. Equipped with extra gel layer for soft touch and comfort ease, this ergonomic comfort bicycle grip will fit into most bike handle. They are made of unique materials known as Kraton compound to enhance its durability.

Again, this material has a large palm pad area that relieves you from wrists strain. Simply by protecting you against vibration dampening. It also as an on top textured pattern to improve traction.

However, to quickly remove the old grips and install new ones on your bike, kindly use isopropyl alcohol rather than the hair spray or soapy water as recommended by some people. As the alcohol acts as a lubricant and then dried up quickly without leaving any residue.

  • They are very firm and have a nice palm flair.
  • They are also shaped to allow extending fingers hold perfectly.
  • If you use any kind of oil or soap aside the recommended one, the grips will be prone to rotation.

   3    Weanas New Generation Bike Handlebar Grip – Most versatile

Remarkably known for its exceptionally high-quality material that composes of rubber and aluminium alloy clamp bolts. Weanas is a solid grip whose bolt is positioned on the top. To increase the effectiveness of the lock and also provide you with the utmost security.

They also contain customized anatomical raised non-slip surface that can provide powerful traction control thus, keeping the grips tight. Additionally, this grip is also more comfortable to use as it has a triple-density design that consists of a non-slip diamond surface. Plus it also has a concave matrix.

To round it up, however, to show how confident this product is, its manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and warranty period of 12 months.


  • It has a diamond design that helps to prevent it from slipping.
  • The G2 presence also enhances security.
  • They have an Allen screw at the end cap that may not work perfectly.

   4    Vktech 2pcs Non-Slip Soft Rubber Mountain Bicycle Handlebar – Best for low-income earners

Uncommonly, Vktech grip bike is an anti-bacteria soft durable rubber that has strong wearability. They are also perfectly designed that even if you’re a newbie, you can use them to ride without any hassle.

Just like Weanas grip, they also have an anatomic custom raised surface that provides traction and gives maximum control. Also, these types of fit grip can be easily put on and off within a short time frame. Again, they also provide extra convenience and comfort to you as they are made of rubberized material.

Finally, this material also has a good hand adhesion that has no gum while the surface texture does not also slip. All these features aid safety.

  • They are easy to install and adjust.
  • They are also cheap.
  • If mistakenly touched with a razor, it will go off duty finally.

   5    Lizard Skins Northshore Lock-On Grip – Best for heavy duty

The Lizard skin is a lock-on grip product that is produced internationally. Thus, they may differ from the local products in varieties of ways. Starting from the product language, fitting, age ratings, labelling or instructions and many more.

Consequently, this grip has a textured design that is styled to resemble wooden planking and stones. They also work great with or without gloves and is a great grip for riders who has larger hands or those who prefer larger diameter.

Again, this cushy product comes with a package that includes two grips along with clamps, screws, and end plugs. To complement your safety. They are also thicker than most grip available in the market. Which make them be an ideal of choice for heavy-duty.

  • They paddled easily and are comfortable to use.
  • They work perfectly even without gloves.
  • They are very expensive.

   6    ODI bike grips handle Ruffian Bonus Pack -The lightest


Suitable for people with shorter hands, though longer hand people can also use. The ODI bike grip is a rugged knurled pattern design product for maximum traction. This Ultra-narrow racing profile material fits and works perfectly on most bikes.

However, the thin content of this grip also makes it easy for you to quickly recognize what is going on with your bike tire. And again, the Lock-On Grip System of the material also gives it 100% slip-free performance.

Similarly, this compound is sold as pair and w/ locking clamps are included with it. Plus it also has a regular new Snap Cap End Plugs. All joined together for better functionality. However, for more safety and effective use of this grip, you’re advised not to use it with your bare hand during raining as it may slip.

  • They are very thin still, give desirable firmness.
  • Their customer support is very responsive.
  • The rider may feel little hand fatigue if ride for a longer period.

   7    SAPLIZE Bike Handlebar Grips – Best for moderate use

Saplize is a reputable grip in the biking community for its outstanding performance. These handlebar bike grips product is ergonomically designed with multiple colours that you can select from. It also has a double aluminium alloy rings on both ends to keep your hand firmly on the bike handle.

Amazingly, the high-quality hard plastic core joined with medium-soft TPE wrap of this grip gives it a classical anti-slip pattern. Plus, its good wrist support and shock absorber also make it suitable for long time cycling without experiencing any pain.

However, talking about the outstanding features of this product will be incomplete if we fail to mention its warranty period. Which is 12 months.

  • They come with lock rings on both ends.
  • They are also firm.

   8    BV Bike Handlebar Grips – The most stylish

Talking about the best mountain bike grip without talking about the BV bike handlebar grip is half complete. This product is stylishly designed that it comes in 4 different colours of blue, gold, green, and red.

If you already know that your bicycle has a standard straight handlebar, just head straight to the market and buy this grip. Has it fit perfectly into any such standard straight handlebar bicycle. It also has a Maya inspired pattern that provides stable and tacky grip.

Just like other better fit grip, they also have a TPR material that helps absorbs shock. Additionally, this material also helps relief from fatigue and any hands pressure. If you ride for a longer period. To cut it short, the double clamp design of this product also keeps your hand tight and secure so it doesn’t’ slip away.

  • It matches almost all bike colour perfectly because it comes with a unique colour of 4.
  • Price is affordable.
  • If roughly used for a longer ride, you may start feeling little sign of discomfort.

   9    U-JOY Bike Handlebar Grips – Best for kids

Contrary to some bike grips, the U-JOY grip is 10 colours designed grip with each grip pair colour uniform. This unique grip product is also made from high-quality silicone materials that makes it durable. They are even soft, comfortable for cycling, and remain non-slip throughout use.

Again, the package of this grip includes a pair of soft rubber handlebar grips. And its inner dimension also includes a length of 4.7″/120mm and a diameter of 0.87″/22mm. Making it suitable for most bike types including Mountain bike, BMX Bike, and many more with 20-22mm sizes.

However, to ease the installation of this grip, kindly brush the handle with either a little soap water, detergent water or car wax. So as to wipe off the lubricant there. One more thing, please don’t force these grips on to the bicycle handlebar as they may break easily.

  • It comes in 10 different colours.
  • It is best for larger kids bicycle.
  • If forced to gain entry into your bike handle, it may break.

   10    VELO Vinyl Leather Grips – Most durable

Our bottom product in numerical arrangement but not in function of our available bike grip is the Velo Vinyl leather. This product is Taiwan made and offers exceptional features other than similar Vinyl grip product made from other countries.

Additionally, this synthetic leather design grip has a variety of sizes. Each for a specific purpose. For example, the 127MM is meant for a single-speed bike without shifters while the size of the multi-speed cruiser bike with one shifter can be searched elsewhere.

Consequently, it also comes with two grips per set and fit on any 7/8″ handlebar. However, to install them without any hassle, you must first rub the inside of the grip with alcohol. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself.

  • They come with a little addition of half-inch of your normal size request.
  • They are very sturdy on hand.
  • Their available colours are not much.

install bike grip


What is the bike grip?

The mountain bike grip is among the paramount safety accessories used in the biking community. They are made from different materials such as rubber, plastic, silicon etc. and serves as an interface between you and the bike. So you can enjoy your riding and have an extended riding hour.

They also keep your hands firmly in the best position while riding. Thus, help save your hand from fatigue, including other body parts.

Benefits of using mountain bike grip

  • It saves you from hand fatigue. Although the other body part is not left out.
  • It also helps increase your riding hours.
  • It helps guarantee safety while you’re still riding.
  • Again, they give you more control when steering on the bicycle plus they also ease maneuverability.


We all know that choosing the best mountain bike grip is not an easy task. Especially if you’re a newbie. As the environment, we found ourselves is mostly saturated with products that are not up to standard. But claim they are.

However, to save you from buying the inferior product, we have tirelessly taken our precious time to craft and select the best products. Based on reliable user experience and honest customer reviews.

Also, we have provided you with relevant information that will help you in buying the product yourself if you wish. Or in case, you’re consulted by friend or associate for advice.
Listed below are the necessary features needed to consider before buying your choice of mountain bike grip.


Before you can buy your choice of mountain bike grip, there are some features you need to look into. These features if carefully considered will not only land you in buying the best product but also, will save you cost.

They include: material used, comfort, fixing method, bar plug, shape and size, price tag, durability, and many more are among to cut in short.

Which material or compound is the grip made from?

In our guide, the first feature we considered before settling for the choice of our bike grip is the material or compound used to make the accessory. Normally, the commonly used materials are rubber and plastic. Each best for a specific purpose.

For example, if you place your purchase priority on lightweight material that is more comfortable to maneuver, absorb more vibration, and give a better grip, the rubberized grip is recommended. However, this kind of grip is not always durable as it is more vulnerable to damage. Again, they also wear-out and tear faster if used frequently which is their limitations.

But on the other hand, the harder materials are more durable and as lesser vibration damping. Compared to the former bike grip. They are also more rigid and hardly wear or tear. Also, the downsides of this grip are, they may cause hand fatigue as you don’t have full control.

Again, you only have little knowledge of what is happening under your bicycle tire as you rarely feel any change in your bike.

Lastly, we also have silicone made materials that are advantaged in easy to grip especially in dry conditions. However, their limitation is, they are easily damaged in a crash.

Is it comfortable?

The second feature we have considered in this buying guide is the comfort the grip has to offer. Broadly speaking, a well-designed grip is always comfortable and will give you a nice experience.

They will also allow you to perform any hand bike style without any hassle.
This is because all the pain and other difficulties that the bike might cause to you will be absorbed by them without you been noticed.

What type of fixing method does it have?

The choice of your mountain bike grip will either be any of the below listed fixing types.

Slide on grips: as the name suggests, the slide on the grip is a grip type that hardly stays in one place except there is friction. Or the use of wire instead of glue can also be used to hold them in place. This is because their rotation rate is very high. In fact, you may experience the worst type of slipping during raining or when the dirt accumulates and hide under this grip.

Lock-on grips: this is the most popular and widely used grip. They are exceptionally firm, unlike the slide grip. As they weigh more than it. This grip type is also equipped with extra materials which makes them safe to be used.

Just like the slide on grip, the only limitation of this accessory is, the bolts that come with it can be blocked with mud and other dirt if much. However, any other feature of this grip type is outstanding.

Does it have a bar plugs?

Another vital feature needed to consider when buying the best mountain bike grip is the bar plug. Although this is not necessary for a single clamp lock-on grips and some slide-on grips that have closed ends.

However, if there is a hole in your bike and you’re yet to cover it, you may sustain a fatal injury if it crashes. Due to this, we advise you to buy a grip without any open hole at the end. Or if there is a hole, it should be perfectly covered using bar plugs that are designed to cover the ends of the handlebars.

Again, for grips that are not supplied with any bar plug, or if the plug got damaged, there is also an opportunity of using a wine cork in this emergency situation. Pending the time you will buy the permanent one.

What of the size and shape?

Talking about the features needed to consider before settling for your choice of mountain bike grip without talking about the shape and size is incomplete. Depending on the individual. However, if you’re someone with a longer hand, it is advisable to purchase the grip that corresponds to your arm length.

Incompatibility may lead to an accident. Because the brake and gear levers will be relocated away from your reach especially if the grip is long.

Again, for shape, grips either exhibit straight or contour. However, as far as ergonomic is concerned, from our deep and extensive research, the contour shaped grip is the best.

What is the price tag?

As an expert, all the available grips in our guide is affordable. In fact, they are not only pocket-friendly but also, they offer beyond the expected services rider can expect from such price tag.

However, if you’re riders that like expensive products due to personal reasons, some such product types also make it on our list.

What is the durability?

All our available mountain bike grips do not only offer exceptional services but also, they are durable. Irrespective of their price tag. However, to fully enjoy and enhance the durability of these products, you also have a role to play.

Among which are proper usage and strict compliance with the stated instruction in the grip. Once this is observed, the grip should last you for a longer period without the quality get compromised.

Final verdict

We have come to the end of our guide and we are happy to inform you that no matter how inexperienced you’re in the biking community. If you strictly follow all the information embedded in this guide, you will arrive at buying the best mountain bike grip that suits your need.

Also, if you are someone that has been using the grip before, we are sure you will definitely find a new thing that you never knew before. In a nutshell, all our grip is excellently designed and affordable. In addition to their durability. Also, they not only meet the basic features of the best grip mountain but also, they are stylish.

To round it up, our best mountain bike grip pick is OUTERDO New Handlebar. This is due to the exceptional features this grip offers. To begin with, is their durability. Their price is also affordable as they also fit into most bike handle perfectly. They hardly slip away and also free you from experiencing any hand fatigue. Even if you ride for a longer period.


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