Hybrid vs Road bikes: Which is suitable for city tour?

Surely, If you are a bike enthusiast,  you can know that there are many different types of bikes such as gravel bike, road bikes, triathlon bike or hybrid bikes, right?

Among them, road bikes vs hybrid bikes are two common, popular and well known. But which bike is more suitable for you?

Well, before making a decision, let’s look at some of the information in the quick comparison table about road bicycles vs hybrid bicycles below. It will be very useful for you.

Hybrid bikes vs road bikes
Which is Winner?

Quick comparison table

CriteriaRoad bikesHybrid bikes
WeightThis bike is lightweightIt is heavier than road bicycles
Terrain appliedDesigned to travel on flat asphalt roadsIt has a versatile design that can be used both in and out of town
Design features
  • Handlebar often bend in two steps
  • Fork made by synthetic carbon
  • The tyres are thin, it can reductiresght to the minimum the contact with the road surface.
  • The bike’s frame is designed to create aerodynamic posture when sitting to reduce friction, to achieve high speed.
  • Hybrid bike is A combination of Road and MTB
  • Soft tyres create a smooth feel when running
  • The bike’s frame  is slender
Damping featureDon’t equip with front and back damping featuresEquipped with front damping feature
StyleIt is more stylish and  attractiveThe style is simple and more common.
  • There are advantages in speed when running on flat terrain.
  • Stylish fashion
  • Lightweight, easy to handle, can overcome the rugged way
  • The neck is narrow and easy to control and turn.
  • Straight steering makes the seat more straight and fenders.
  • Poor adhesion to the road surface, so it is easy to slip under the rain, no fenders.
  • The tires are quite thin, so it is easy to tear or deflate when encountering obstacles.
  • Ministry of Road bike’s frame designed inefficiently going on bad roads, bumpy.
  • Speed is not as fast as Road bike
  • Although the design is relatively optimal, Hybrid bike is not suitable for climbing the mountain or conquering hard terrain.
Context of useOften used in specialized bike racingUsed in commuting daily
You can use it for fitness activity
PriceThe price of this bike is quite expensive.Price is cheaper than Road bike

Hybrid vs Road Bikes: Which is suitable for city tour or suburban travel?

As a quick comparison above, you also know that road bicycles have fast speed, but only suitable for short distances and flat roads.

For city tours or bike ride around the suburbs, you do not need to bike fast. That’s because it’s the time that you bike slowly for admiring the beautiful sightseeing around you and remove the fatigue after days of hard work.

For the suburbs, there are many places where the road is rugged so that Hybrid bicycles will be the best choice for you. Because it was equipped with front damping feature, so it makes you feel more comfortable when you use it for a short vacation.

With the soft tires, you can run smoothly for long distance. This is a comfort bike for the rain because it is resistant to mud.

It is important that the price is affordable and suitable for your finances for weekend activities or short vacations.

So if you compare Hybrid bikes vs road bikes, then surely a Hybrid bike is a good choice for a tour city or suburban travel, right?


Are hybrid bicycles faster than mountain bikes?

Typical features of the mountain bikes are large wheels, many spines so the area of contact with the road surface. Therefore, this type of bicycle has high friction, so it is suitable for running on the steep and rugged terrain.
The is the reason why the weight of mountain bikes is definitely heavier than hybrid bicycles. Bicycle weight is inversely proportional to speed, so hybrid bikes are faster than mountain bikes.

Are hybrid bicycles good for trails?

Hybrid bikes tires are soft with a semi-smooth tread and equipped with front damping feature. Therefore it should be able to bike on dirt roads or lined gravel road.
It can be said that hybrid bikes are the ideal bike for gravel trails. This is also the reason why this bike is one of the popular and widely used bikes which the cyclists prefer to use.

What is a hybrid bike?

True to its name, this is a combination of vehicles are road bicycles and mountain bikes. Therefore, it is highly versatile and is widely used by many people.

It can use smoothly on both flat roads in the city and rugged village roads. Not only that, but this is also good used in the rainy season because of it’s against mud. You can also add some accessories to your family such as baby chairs.

There is a question for a beginner that “what is the best hybrid bicycle?”

Just Not Sports have a lot of Hybrid bikes 2020 that you can consider owning such as Voodoo Agwe – a great bike launched earlier this year; Genesis Skyline – the 2018 model is styled more attractive than the 2017 model ….

Hybrid are the best option for your family

After reading this article, you have the basic information about two type of bikes, right? Depending on your needs, you can choose the type of bike that more suitable for you.

If you love non – professional or professional bike race you should choose road bikes. In case you need a bike for daily commute or weekend exercise, hybrid bicycles will be the better option.

Just Not Sports hope this article has brought to you the useful information. Wish you have a great time with your bikes!

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