You Will Know How To Remove Bike Pedals

Cycling is a perfect way to exercise and relax after a hard working day. In modern life, people tend to choose this sport as their favorite habit.

Sometimes, Just Not Sports have to replace bicycle pedal for comfortable activities but not many people how exactly how to take off bike pedals.


Just Not Sports are here to bring you to know how to remove stuck bike pedals crank. Stay tuned and solve this problem together.
How To Remove Bike Pedals Effectively

Different types of bicycle pedal

As you know, We can easily find out many types of bikes on the market. That is a reason why there are various kinds of bicycle pedals. If we know which pedal type of our cycle is, Just Not Sports can get the correct method to detach them.

According to our research, Just Not Sports found out that there are three common types of the pedal at the moment.

There are various pedal types on the market
There are various pedal types on the market

What are they?

In the first group of the pedal, Just Not Sports have almost all brands using this type, for example, Shimano, Time, and Speedplay. To take those pedal off, you will need an 8mm Allen wrench. Sometimes, like in some mountain bikes series, you have to take a 6mm wrench.

Secondly, the other type of pedals is the flat one. As using cycle featuring flat pedal, the user needs a 15mm pedal wrench to change them.

On the other hand, we have a degree of crossover two above types, such as Speedplay cycles. They have pedal which can be compatible with both wrenches. That means you can use an Allen wrench as well as a pedal spanner to detach cycle pedal.

How to take off bike pedals

As the title said, on this day, Just Not Sports are going to show you how to remove bicycle pedals from Road Bike, Mountain and Hybrid. Therefore, there is no need to ask other people to help us out.
Are you ready? Let’s solve this problem together. You have to read the introduction carefully so that you can make it easy to complete your project.

You have to prepare some tools

First of all, when you are aiming to change the pedal from your cycle, you need to prepare some necessary tools.

You can use Allen wrench to remove most of the pedal types
You can use Allen wrench to replace most of the pedal types

Since we have shown you in the previous content, we must take a look at our pedal. That will help you to know which cycle pedal key you are going to use to replace the pedal.

After having the right answer, you have to check out our previous content to select a proper wrench. Then, let’s move to the next step.

Easy step to follow

Do you have your “weapon” to fight against those stubborn stuck pedal?

I am sure that you do, right?

Which way do you turn pedal to remove them from a cycle?” is a common question you may get if this is the first time you replace them yourself.

It is simple to remember that cycle pedal feature an oppositely threaded design. That means you screw the left pedal in a clockwise direction. The right one is with Anticlockwise direction.

Removing bike pedals is not as difficult as you think
Knowing how to replace it is not as difficult as you think

To detach the pedal, you need to put more persuasion than just try to turn a wrench since they are quite tight. Let’s hold the spanner with one hand and hold the pedal with another hand.

Do you notice that the wrench has a long and slim design? That is for the holding purpose. Hence, when we know how to change the bike pedal, we can use our hand to turn over the screw. As a result, the bicycle pedal will come out.

Plus, you can put on rubber material on the wrench to reduce the slippery situation. Then use the key/spanner as usual. You will see that it is easier to hold the key/spanner more tightly.

Last but not least, you must notice that some kinds of cycle require a special tool to detach pedals. For example, if your bicycle is a Shimano model, the spanner will just change the theme body from the bike crank. That is not what we need, right?

In this case, you have to choose an authentic key/spanner to do the task. It may be harder for you to find the right wrench. Just Not Sports recommend that you should ask the seller for it. Then, you can replace those pedals as we showed above.

Common FAQs

In this content, we are going to answer some common questions which we got a lot from you guys. You may find out your same wonder(s) to fulfill your queries.

Can you remove pedals to make a balance bike?

This is a creative idea. The answer is “yes,” though. You can DIY your old bicycle to make a balance bike for your kids.

How come?

Do as we told you previously and did not put other pedals on your bicycle. Tada! We have just created a new balance bike.

Parents can remove pedals to make a balance bike for kids
Parents can delete pedal to make a balance bike for kids

Are bicycle pedals reverse thread?

Yes, they are. Therefore, when you are going to change them from your bicycle, you need to remember this fact. Although it seems silly, you may forget about oppositely threaded pedals when you are in a rush.

How do you replace Allen key pedals?

The main point we need to pay attention is about which type of bicycle pedals are. In this case, we have already known that our pedals are Allen key type. Therefore, Just Not Sports need to pick up an Allen wrench to change them.

Voila! You did it!

Our instruction is not hard-to-follow, huh?

That is the removing stuck bicycle pedals information for today. totally believe that you can replace those stuck pedals from your bicycle without any hassles.

You may need to practice several times to get used to doing the task. Afterward, there is no way you must call other ones to change the pedal for you.