How to Change A Bike Tube?

First, must understand what is the bike tube?

Well, you know, bicycles can move because of the wheels. Bike tube is the inner part of a circular tire, made of rubber.

To use it, people pump air in the tube and keep the air by a part called a bicycle valve. The inner tube is easy to break if the biker does not pay attention. You should remember: The spike or a sharp stone can also damage the tube.
When do you need to change the bike tube

When do you need to change the bicycle tube?

Before you can answer the question “how to change a bike tube?” you need to know when to do it.
When you feel your tire is a little bit flat or the air inside the tire is pushed out suddenly or slowly.

Sometimes, when you are riding the bike, it sounds like an explosion that stops you.


It’s time there are problems and you need to replace the bike tube.

However, before you can confirm whether you have to change the bike tube or not, check the followings:

Firstly, add some air to the tire.

Just Not Sports need to explain to beginners to ease the way.

If your tire is punctured when riding, just replace one inner tube instead of trying to patch it again.

From the practical experience, it is never wise to wait for a hole. It is best to practice these techniques at home with a broken bike tube.

How to replace the bicycle tube?

Do not worry about that, Just Not Sports will guide you to change bike tube by the following steps.

Preparing equipment:

  • 2 lever tires
  • Mini pumps
  • Tires
do you know how to change a bike tube
Changing a bike tube?

Make it in 6 steps – Can you do it?

Step 1: Remove the wheel

If you have a puncture in the rear tire, move your gear to the back of the rear wheel to make it easier to remove the wheel.

You need to remove the brake before stripping down to the wheel from the bike, this is not a concern if your vehicle uses disc brakes.

Release the brake by pulling it out on the lever, after opening it using the other hand to remove it. Breaking the brakes will help the wheel to be removed.

To remove the front wheel, straighten it from the fork. With the rear wheel, pull the back strap to keep the chain free.

Step 2: Remove the valve cover and vale plug

After the tire is removed from the bicycle, remove the valve cover and valve plug, the collar. Press down on the valve to let all the air escape the inner tube of the tire.

Use your thumb to push the tire against the edge of the other side. Removing the tire from the rim requires the support of steel or iron levers.

Fix the tire lever at one tire rim. After pressing down the lever, push the lever to make the tire rim up.

The second lever underneath the tire rim, using the lever to slide the lever to the edge of the tire to remove it from the rim.

Step 3: Remove the tube

Please take the inside valve out of the valve hole and pull the tube out of the tire.

Using the four tips of the finger to gently slide along the tire to check for the cause of puncturing and detecting the relics in the tire.

In addition, you can also use a little wool because when you use the hand can be sharp objects like thorns, pieces of terry can hurt the finger.

Step 4: Change a bike tube

Need to remove the valve cover, open the valve of the new inner tube.

Use the pump to check if the tubes are properly shaped, are there faults that cause a slight detector?

Insert the valve into the inside of the valve hole, tighten the valve locking ring. Put the rest of the tube inside the tire.

Step 5: Reattach the tube

Starting from the valve position, start pushing the tire rim over the rim. Continue to push it.
This is easier with some tires/rim combinations than others.

If their combination is tight, the thrust of the rim meets some of the difficulties that require leverage.

Using the thumb or lever to push the last part through the rim (this requires strength).

Once they are together, check the two sides of the tire to ensure that the unclogged taps hold the grooves in the rims and tires so that they can explode when injected.

Step 6: Pumping tires

Connect the pump to the internal valve.

Push the pump head down to the pump. Inflate the inner tube with pressure on the wall of the tube. After inflating, ensure that the bolt is locked to the valve seat, the valve head is locked.

Step 7: Reassemble the wheel

To install the rear wheel, you need to get the chain clear by pulling back after the derailleur.

Place the smallest gears on the wheel at the bottom of the transmission line, guide the wheels back up and make sure the disc brakes are aligned if you use them.

For the front, guide the wheel up into the dropouts.

Use the other hand to tighten the screw, stopping when you can feel the resistance on the lever fast.

Finally, you did it!!!

You see, changing the bike tube is not difficult, right?

You can do that, don’t you?

On the whole, changing a bike tube is one of the most important skills for bikers.

Don’t forget!

While biking outdoors, especially come to the wild area such as the hill, you should carry a stocking and equipment kit.

Now you can answer the question: “ how to replace a bicycle tube”, right?

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