How Many Calories Do You Burn Riding a Bike

Cycling offers many practical benefits to the health and well-being of the person exercising.

Maintaining a routine of biking regularly will help you with weight loss and burning calories.

However, for beginner cyclists, the problem of cycling half an hour to reduce calories and how to ride the bike to lose weight to consume the most calories are the most important things.

How many calories does biking burn or How many calories burned riding a bike?

If you want to better understand the above questions, read it now.

How many calories burned biking?

The amount of calories you burn cycling depends on three key factors:

  1. Your weight: The more you weigh the more energy required to move the cycle
  2. Your speed: The faster you paddle  the more energy required, the more calories burned biking
  3. Your duration: The longer you’re on your bike for the more calories burned bicycle

When biking over a period of time, you will see the longer you cycle, the more calories you will burn.

How many calories do you burn riding a bike for a half hour
The table of result from calories burned biking

If the same person cycles for 60 minutes, he will burn 857 calories (at a distance of 12 miles)
Finally, if Sarah cycles for 2 hours, Sarah will burn 1,715 calories (at a distance of 24 miles)

Calories burned cycling
Calories burned cycling

When practicing, you should keep the routine of 30 minutes a day. When your body accumulates, you need to increase the speed and time to 45-60 minutes per day. Biking from 60 minutes a day helps the muscles work best, giving you endurance.

While cycling, you can enjoy the scenery, get harmonized in nature and embrace life. Many researches by US scientists indicate that regular bicycling helps reduce a migraine.

What is the best way to burn calories?

For the best bike performance and calorie reduction you can refer to some of the methods as follow:

1. Cycling before breakfast.

According to health professionals, 20 minutes biking before breakfast is the most appropriate time to burn calories in your body.

A recent study in the Journal of Applied Physiology indicates that: You will burn more fat in cycling. It is very difficult not to put energy into the body before the operation, but it helps to increase the fat burning process in the body.

2. Increase the intensity of cycling.

As with other sports, when you are biking for the sake of losing weight, you have to be slow, gradual and consistent.
Rushing to lose weight or start riding the bike for too long will affect your health and you will be quickly bored with this sport.

Increase distance and speed, try to bike to the places you usually go by car or bus. Within a month of cycling, you will feel a lot of change with your appearance: the body is toned, tapered and more flexible.

3. Have a reasonable diet.

Nutrition is the direct result of achieving your weight-loss cycling plan. Nutritional cycling will depend on your body weight and dietary needs, but it is important to ensure to keep your body energetic and dehydrated.

When exercising for weight loss by cycling, you have to make sure you have a sufficient diet and that supplies enough energy.

How to cycle effectively?

How to cycle effectively
To bring out the best result when cycling,  keep these techniques in your mind:


The correct position is: The body is leaning forward, the arms are straight, breathing through the mouth and inhaling with a smooth rhythm. Knees, hips always coordinate rhythm, at the same time pay attention to the rhythm of the bike.


Accurate cycling consists of four united actions: cycling, stretching, lifting and pushing. The foot goes down, the foot is pulled up and the pedal is lifted, finally pushed down, so completed a complete cycle of cycling. Thus, cycling rhythm not only save energy but also speed up.


In fact, many people are busy or not paying attention so they bike under their capacity. This is good for health but it is three times better if you know and pedal with all your ability.

Take an example of a 30-minute rhythm: 10 minutes of pedaling at a speed of 20-25 km / h for heating and also a time to the main track, 10 minutes later as fast as possible.

In the middle of this stage, the practitioner should have a feeling of difficulty breathing, sweating and some difficulty maintaining the speed, but this is the most important stage and the practitioner should try to keep pace.

The last 10 minutes is a relaxing time, so you need to slow down to go home. To ride a bike with all the power, the trainer should have a timepiece and speedometer, to compare the highest speed to achieve.

Note when exercising biking.

– Spend time fully warming up your body before cycling to avoid cramping or muscle tension.

– Do not ride for too long. When sitting on a car for too long, the body parts such as back, abdomen, or buttocks … will not work much and lead to uncirculated blood on the body.

– Check the vehicle before starting the workout to ensure safety. If you have snacks, avoid snacks and plenty of fluids. You should also use healthy foods, avoid fizzy drinks and fast food.

In conclusion, biking is no doubt an effective way to burn calories and have fun at the same time. By combining a regular cycling workout routine with a low-calorie diet you should be able to lose all the unwanted weight and build the ideal body.