15 Best Garage Bike Racks 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide


Among the most difficult tasks in the cycling industry is getting the best bicycle for your need. This is because there are numerous bicycle companies available in the market. Each championing is a product as the best. However, after following the due process in getting your choice of bike, the next thing is to buy the best rack. So as to organize and store your bike.

This will help to extend the lifespan of your bike and also, safe it from any harm. Otherwise, you lose all your effort and money in purchasing it in lesser time. And that’s why we are here.

Nowadays, storing and keeping of bicycle safe has gone beyond ordinary parking and chaining it in one place. In fact, if you want the best and proper storage that is professional, the best garage bike rack must be used. This rack helps to enhance safety and also, give a healthy life to your bike. Additionally, they also safe your space.

How do you now know the best garage bike racks to buy? What are the factors needed to consider before purchasing one? These and other things are what we have provided in this guide.

Best Floor Bike Rack for Garage

  1   Simple Houseware Bicycle Floor – Best overall

Our top-notch best garage bike rack is the Simple Houseware floor rack. Specially designed for soft or moderate duties, this stable floor rack can hold and keep 5 bicycles without any hassle. It is easy to assemble and adjust as it comes with instructional materials for easy comprehension.

Again, this rack also has fine powder-coated steel that helps to resist unusual weather condition. And the dimension of each bike compartment is also stated in this rack. So no need to worry about measuring it again.

Also, to proof how stronger this device is, it’s wheel holder’s width can stretch from 2.5” to 3.5”. Which is big enough to accommodate and hold road bike, MTB, beach cruiser, and many more. However, the only limitation of this device is, a pair of corner units is needed for better stability in holding and storing more bikes.

  • It is easy to install.
  • It also comes with instructional materials.
  • Not suitable for the heavy-duty job.

   2    CyclingDeal – Best for indoor storage


The Cycling deal is also an amazing 5 bike storage rack, suitable for indoor use. This rack is very stable and bikes can be held stands vertically on it. Due to their 2 unique design holding plates each containing tire grooves that are at optimized holding angle.

However, to fully utilize this rack’s great features, you are advised to hang your bikes in different directions. Again, this rack is also very strong and durable. As it is made of quality steel metal complimented with a powder-coated black finish.

Lastly, this bike rack also has a front and back plates holding system that prevents the upholder which support the wheels in getting wider at the top. Again, be reminded that to enjoy this rack for a longer period, please use it indoor only.

  • It is very compatible with all-wheel sized bikes within the range of 12-20 inches.
  • It comes with a 5 years warranty period.
  • Once the rack is full of bikes, it will be very hard to move.

   3    BIKE HAND Bicycle Floor Stand – Most Stable

Notably known for its amazing stability, as a result of the presence of three points holding on the tires. This device is a patented simple push design rack that has a quick and easy effortless push system. Contrary to the most rack where you may need expend more power in lifting.

Again, the deeper unique front-wheel sitting design of this rack aids firm holder and also complement stability. While the dynamic stylish design stand base plays a vital role in making it impossible for a bike to get tilted. Except, it is violently pushing.

Consequently, this machine is also easy to fold into a flat shape within a seconds. Because folding requires only a simple one pull knob. Lastly, this device is also equipped with high-quality heat-treated steel that helps to extend its lifespan. And a fantastic powder-coated finish.


  • They are portable.
  • They also come with a lifetime warranty.
  • It is too light to support some bicycles.

   4    Mythinglogic Bike Rack – Best for indoor and outdoor uses

The Mythinglogic rack is a versatile device suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Due to the amazing features, it comes with. This multifunctional floor bike rack is strong and perfect in holding up to 3 bicycles of greater height and width. It also comes with a basket at the top where you can keep all your valuables either at the top or side.

Especially those you can use for your outdoor activities. Including the helmet, goggles, nose mask, gloves, knee pads and others to mention in view. The reason why this rack can be used for both indoor and outdoor use is because of the superior quality materials used in constructing it.

  • It is useful for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It comes with an extra basket found at its top for storage of valuables.
  • If not properly parked, heavy wind can fall it.

   5    Delta Cycle Michelangelo – Best for Moderate-income Earners

Uncommonly, Delta cycle is a Non-attachment or drilling required rack that leans against the wall for proper storage. It has two stands and requires hardware for quick and easy installation simply by watching a video. This bike also has a remarkably adjustable arm to accommodate different bike types for storage.

However, to reveal that this device is unique and neat, it comes with rubber bumpers and rubber arm sleeves. The former being useful in protecting the wall of your environment from being stained. While the later also helps to protect your bike finish and hold it securely on arms.

Again, this sturdy designed rack does not need any bolt and screw to remain stable. Except leaning it against the wall.

  • It can carry up to 35kgs maximum load.
  • Two bikes can be stored at a time.
  • It may consume very little space from your garage.

   6    2021 Cycle Woody Bike Stand Bicycle Rack Storage – Most stylish


Uncommonly, RAD cycle 2021 is a furniture grade solid hardwood made rack that is stylishly designed to meet various racking use. This strong real wood rack has a solid wood top plate that helps to protect the ceiling from damage. The plate also helps to hold the woody bike rack solidly in its best place.

Also, this device has a storage capacity of 200lbs. Making it an ideal of choice for a rider whose bike is very heavy. It also has a span which ranges from 7′ to 10′ from the floor to the ceiling.

Plus it is coated with Vinyl arms. Which protects the paint from getting damaged while still giving securing support to the bikes.

  • It is very stylish.
  • It is also made with a hardwood that cannot be eating off by termite.
  • The solid wood top plate also protects it from getting damaged.
  • There may be a variation between the equipped instructional material and the one found online.

Best Wall Mount Rack for Garage

   7    Dirza Bike Rack Garage – The cheapest.

The Dirza bike rack garage is a wall-mounted bike hanger for the indoor storage of bike in a vertical manner. This device is also easy to installed using screw and bolt and remove within a second. They can also hold up to 65 lbs device without any hassle.

Remarkably, this kind of rack has a significant storage space that makes it an ideal of choice for shed corner and garage. It also features a unique safety hook design that can prevent any kind of accidental release.

Plus, it comes with an anti-scratch rubber hook that prevents it from scratching the bicycle rim. However, to fully exploit the benefits of this rack, it must be installed on a stud but not drywall.

  • It comes with money return policy.
  • It can hold a bike of weight up to 62lbs.
  • The screw of these racks is made of inferior quality.

   8    Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Bike Wall Hanger

If you‘re not still satisfied with all the above racks, then you should consider buying Ibera product. This device is a horizontal designed rack that can be hang and adjust to an angle (45°). Thus enhancing the storage of your bike. They are also easy to install just like other racks.

However, for effective storage, the height of this hanger tires should sit at least 4 inches off the floor. While the bracket must be mounted 2 holes side up.

Again, the durability of this machine lies in its aluminium made materials complemented by the ABS arms. This also helps to secure and enhance the safety of the device.

  • It is designed to save floor space.
  • The maximum weight limit it can store is 39.6 pounds.
  • It is not suitable for storing multiple bikes.

   9    Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack – Best for Storing.

Undoubtedly, Steady rack is a classic bike rack that fits most bikes with a tire diameters range of 20-29 and widths up to 2.4. Similarly, this device can also hold bike of 35kg maximum weight. Although 80kg weight load has also been tested without any difficulty.

Although this device is constructed with a combination of steel and UV treated plastic. Making it reliable, sturdy, and durable. However, just like other hanger bike rack, it also helps to free up valuable floor space.

Consequently, it also uses the 160-degree side-to-side swivel, which aids convenience and also, provides storage solution around heavily congested areas. Plus, it is also easy to load a bike on it. Through the rolling of the front tire up only.

  • It helps to decongest congested biking areas.
  • It is easily accessible.
  • It doesn’t lift the heavy bike.

   10    StoreYourBoard Bike Rack – Best for Moderate and Heavy Duties

Another amazing bike rack is the StoreYourBoards rack. Specially designed to fit perfectly into most bike types. This rack can store as many as 5 bikes type at a time. It is also easy to adjust and holds your bike tight in the best place.

However, if you’re a family with an individual bike, then this rack is an ideal of choice for you. As it is impressively designed that no matter how long your bike is kept on it, it will still remain safe.

Also, just like some garage bike rack, this rack also comes with a storage shelf that is positioned overhead. To keep all your valuables.

  • It is strictly designed for heavy-duty.
  • It also comes with hardware for a simple, fast assembly, and wall mounting purpose.
  • Both the holes of the slide rail and tire hooks most time may not match up.

  11   Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack 2.0 – Best for Multiple Storages

When we talk about the rack with the largest storage capacity, we will undoubtedly mention Monkey Bar storage. Amazingly, this rack is a strong design device that is capable of holding up to 6 bikes in 4 feet. It also comes with an additional bracket where you can store an additional up to 300lbs load.

Plus its hook is also designed with rubber coat to minimize torque placed on rims and spokes. They are also fixed side to side that they never disconnect. Also, this hanger is easy to install. Precisely less than 15 minutes and they are also easy to adjust.

  • It can store up to 6 bicycles.
  • It is firmly designed.
  • To get proper strength, the hooks must be oriented correctly.

Best On Ceiling/Hoist for Garage

   12    RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist Garage – The Cheapest


If you’re a low-income earner who values professional storage of bike, then you should consider buying this device. RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist is another RAD garage rack product with amazing features. To begin with, is the rubber-coated hooks of this hoist device that protect the bike from any scratches.

Plus it also has a robust engineering design which allows you to lift up to 100lbs loads without any hassle. Again, this hoist design rack has a safety lock mechanism that prevents accidental release. And it is also easy to install. Even without having any prior experience in bike storage on the rack.

  • It is very cheap.
  • It also has smooth pulleys and latches which makes lifting easy.
  • If not positioned well on some seats, they may shift and move as you try to raise your bike.

   13    RAD Cycle Products Rail Mount Bike – The Lightest.

Are you not still satisfied with all the aforementioned garage rack? Then why not try the RAD cycle product rail mount bike. Uniquely designed for moderate and heavyweight bicycle storage, this rubber-coated hooks device protect your bicycle from scratches. Just like most outstanding rack also does.

Also, this ceiling easy to mount device is also easy to install. It also has a Cam Lock Mechanism to prevent sudden fallen and another accidental issue. Plus it also helps to ensure every pull is secure.

Again, this rail mount system device is also multi-purposely versatile and as it is easy to adjust.


  • It has smooth pulleys and latches which make lifting of all cycle easier.
  • Also, the innovative rope locking mechanism and the mounting system prevent unwanted release.
  • They also offer a 100% unconditional full money-back guarantee.
  • The screw is not stronger enough.

   14    FLEXIMOUNTS 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack

FLEXIMOUNT 4X8 is an overhead garage storage that is manufactured in Vietnam. This rack is however regarded as the most expensive rack available in our guide. Although for people who knows and value professional storage, the price tag of this device is nothing.

As such user will only focus on the promising features it has. Among them of which is the ability to store a heavy load of 600lbs without any hassle.

Also, this 22-40 ceiling dropdown rack provides up to 105 cu. Ft. of storage. They are also safe to use and users need not to panic about accident as they are designed with different integrated features. That makes them sturdier while the significant weight of 65 pounds also makes them more stable.

  • It is easier to install as it comes with step-by-step instruction.
  • It is very stable.
  • It is very expensive.

   15    Saris Glide Bike Storage Rack – The easiest to Install

The last in number but not the least in function of our list of the best garage bike rack is the Saris Glide Bike Storage Rack. Specially built with 100% recyclable and non-rusting materials that prolong the lifespan, this ceiling-mounted indoor rack can hold up to four bikes.

Its suspension hooks also adjust to the bicycle wheelbase automatically while the patented glider design also offers individual access to each bike. Without tampering other bikes that are still on the same rack.

Also, if you’re financially buoyant enough, you can also purchase the two-bike add-on available in this rack. To expand your bike storage capacity to 6.

  • It comes with a year warranty.
  • Space is enough that you can also store a fat bike on it.
  • The screw strip easily

wall monunt for bike

What is a garage bike rack?

The garage bike rack is a metallic device designed to store and give you a clutter-free environment. Thus, beautifying your environment while still extending the lifespan of your bike. In other words, they ease your bike storage as they may either be kept in erected or suspended position.

They are of different form which will be discussed below.

Types of garage bike rack

Floor and freestanding bike storage stand.

This is an independent stand that can be move by the owner in various direction and style. Until the user is satisfied. They are specially designed for bike owners who like or do not like drilling off their apartment. Particularly for professional and beauty purpose. This kind of racks is always light-weighted to ease mobility and adjustment.

They are advantaged over other bike racks in that, they have a special withholding mechanism which prevents them from falling. Once they are properly positioned. Also, contrary to other racks, they are easy to access.

Although the downside of this rack is, it may consume part of your packing space. However, no other vital downside has been attributed to it.

Wall Mounts

As the name sound, this kind of racks are designed to be fitted directly on the wall. Using screws and bolts. They are an ideal of rack choice for people who have limited space to store their bike.

However, to fully enjoy this rack, it must be sturdily fixed. This can be achieved using strong metallic screws to hang your bikes. Plus, they must also be kept apart. Precisely at a distance of at least 6-8 inches in-between two hangers.

Just like other racks, the major limitation associated with this rack type is the installation difficulty.

On ceiling/hoist (rail mounts)

Rail mount rack is a bicycle system type in which a single bike is allowed to be mounted to the ceiling with a pulley system. So as to enable the owner to hoist his bike in the best position on the ceiling. Contrary to the wall mount racks, they are easy to install as the pulley system leverage helps to raise and/ or lower the bikes without any hassle.

If you’re a woman, children, or an elderly person who has lesser power, this rack is an ideal of choice for you. As lifting and bringing down requires little effort. However, they are more advantaged than some racks as they consume no space on your garage floor. Also, they safe your bike from damages such as corrosive as water nearly reach them where they are kept.

For those that have little knowledge about this rack, they are always equipped with a strong steel framework. This enables them to hold heavy-weight bikes without breaking. Also, to fully exploit the greater benefits of this bike storage device, ensure the rope you buy with his pulley is sufficient and strong enough to resist any leverage related to wear and tear.

Again, special rubber padded hooks must be used to hold the bike so as to protect it against any structural damage.

Bar Garage Bike Storage Racks

Unlike the hoist racks that allows the storage of only one bicycle, the bar garage bike allows user to hang multiple bikes in a row. This kind of bike is designed to meet the demand of some groups of people or families who own individual bike and wish to store them in the same place.

On this rack, at least a total some of 7 bikes can be hang which stands it out among other racks. Making it to be useful for commercial purpose also. Another advantage of this garage bike rack is that it also helps to create more spaces to keep other valuables other than the cycle. Plus, it gives your garage a befitting and professional look.

However, all these are made possible on this rack because of its exceptional robust steel equipped body.

Benefits of garage bike racks.

  • They help to store and keep the bike safe.
  • They also help to extend the lifespan of the bike.
  • They add more beauty to your environment or apartment where they are kept.
  • Their exceptional quality design also makes it possible for them to store multiple cycles at a time.

Things to look into before settling for the choice of best garage bike racks?

It is no more news that there are numerous garage bike racks products available at your disposal. Each endorsing his products as the best. However, to save you from wasting such exorbitant dollars on racks, there is a need to purchase the standout product among the available devices. And that is why we are here.

We have worked hard both days and nights to craft the best rack products for you. To save you from the stress it takes to get the best products as this requires vast experience. Also, in case you will like to give recommendation next time, we have also ease you as we don’t only provide the best products, but also provide the vital information needed to land you in getting the best product.

To cut it short, listed below are the information including the factors needed to consider.

Let’s roll in.

Features to consider before buying your choice of garage bike rack.

After you have finally made up your mind in buying the garage bike rack for your bike, it is important to know some key features you need to look into. These features if properly observed and followed will land you in buying the best product that will fit into all your demands.

Features like storage space, design and style, types of finishing/ durability, comfort, capacity/ weight, price tag, and many more are among the features we have highlighted in this guide.

What is the storage space? 

Since the primary motive of buying a rack is to safe space. However, in our buying guide, the first feature we think you need to consider before choosing any bike rack is the available storage space. For example. If there is more space in your garage, we recommend the buying of floor bike rack.

However if on the other hand, the space is limited, buying a ceiling or wall-mounted rack is necessary for a single bike. While the purchase of bar bike racks will be helpful for multiple bike storage and so on.

What is the design or style of the rack?

Also, knowing the design and style of the rack you intend to buy is paramount. As the garage bike racks come in varieties of style and types. The in-depth understanding of this will give you an edge on knowing what is important to do.

So you don’t just buy the one that won’t fit perfectly into your available space. However, if you’re a frequent traveller the tray design is good for you has it holds your bikes firmly in the best position.

But, if on the other hand, you like hanging your bike, then you should go for the hanging design types. Although for women and children, a special adapter may be needed to hold their bike safe.

Lastly, we also have the wheel design types which allow users to suspend the wheels of their bikes but not the frame.

Is it durable?

After the storage space, the durability of the product is next. Which depends on the types of finishing the rack as. This finishing has a lot to say about the durability of the rack because it protects the rack from harsh weather. And other environmental damages that may arise during storage.

However, a good rack is the one with good finishing. This kind of rack is capable of extending the longevity of the bike racks. Although finishes differ depending on the manufacturer of the product the user opt for.

Generally speaking, the most popular coating finishes include:

The powder coat which is sturdy and comes in different colours. They help to provides solid protection against unusual weather because they have a high glossy facade.

The Zinc Coat also is known as the galvanized coating. This dull appearance coat is remarkably known for its friendly price tag. Yet, they provide excellent protection against the rack. Because they are corrosion resistance against bad weather.

The Stainless Steel. This is an extraordinary coat in turn of strength and ruggedness. It is made from very hard materials and it as high corrosion guard and a glossy attractive exterior. Maintenance of this coat is simple and it is mostly used for commercial or for heavy-duty.

The Cast-Off Plastic Coat. As the name sound, this implies a greater percentage of this coat is made from plastic materials that are recycled thus, making it an environment-friendly coat.

Is it comfortably designed?

Again, another important feature needed to look into is the ease of use. A good garage bike rack should be designed in a way that even a newbie can easily access and use it. In this case, from our years of experience and honest customer reviews, the rack that accommodates a single bike is the most comfortable. Although we do no say other rack types are not beneficial as well.

The reason behind our selection is, the single bike accommodating bike rack can easily be change time to time to suit the user need.

What of the Weight/ capacity?

However, talking about all the features needed to secure the best garage bike rack without talking about the weight is insignificant. This is because the weight of the rack determines how easy it is to install and remove the bike from it. Plus it also determines the weight and the number of bikes they can carry.

From our research, we found that the wall-mounted bicycle racks are among the best that can hold more bikes. Because of their capacity and exceptional equipped metallic materials. Another remarkable rack when it comes to holding of multiple bikes is the bar rack. This rack is very sturdy and strongly built as well.

In general, if you own a single bike or there are two bikes available for you, then you can buy any bike racks. Otherwise, the above racks are useful.

What of the price tag?

Ok, all the available garage bike racks in our guide are affordable and render exceptional services. They challenge and defeat the traditional says of higher price greater job. In fact, irrespective of your income class, you will definitely find the choice of bike racks that suits your purpose here.

Things to do to enhance the safety and lifespan of your garage bike racks

To enhance the safety and lifespan of your device, do the following.

  • Buy your choice of garage bike rack according to the available space you have.
  • After that, from that space, choose a suitable location that is free from people or pets movement.
  • Install the garage bike racks yourself if you can, or call an expert to fix it for you if you can’t.
  • Avoid water spillage or other things that can damage your rack in getting contact with it.
  • Clean the garage rack space when you think needed to avoid clustering of dirt.


Do I need a special adapter for my rack?

Yes, you need to use an adapter for your rack. Especially if you intend to store or hang the women or children bicycle.

What is the weight limit or bike number I can store on my rack? 

There is no direct answer to this as this depends on the type and capacity of the rack. The bike types that are known to be able to accommodate more cycle is the bar rack. This rack can accommodate a minimum of 7 bicycles at a time. Also, other bikes can keep as many as two maximum bikes at a time. Although it is advisable to keep one there.

What type of rack should I buy?

The kind of rack you should buy depends on the available space you have in your garage. For example, if you have a little space available on the floor, a wall-hanging rack will be the best for you.

However, if on the other hand, there is sufficient space on the floor and you don’t wish to use the bike now, consider buying the floor rack. Again, you should also consider buying the bar rack for multiple storages of bikes and hoist/ ceiling for single storage.

Final verdict

We have come to the end of the best garage bike racks and we believe by now, you can buy the best device yourself. Even without getting aided. We also hope you will be able to give valuable information to people who intend to buy racks in future.

As you can see, you will find out that all the available bike racks in our buying guides are durable and suits various bike storage. They also come in different size and storage. Plus, their price are also affordable. Again, their weight is exceptionally standard that, they can hold your bikes in its best position for a longer period.

However, our top-notch device is Simple Houseware Bicycle Floor. This is due to the exceptional qualities of this rack. Notable among is their durability and their affordable price. Plus, they are also stable and easy to install.

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