Exercise bike vs Spin bike: What are the Differences?

Some people may find it hard to compare the differences of exercise bike vs spin bike. Both offers myriad of advantages. There are also some disadvantages when considering the features and workout intensity.
If you are in a quandary weighing between the exercise bikes and spin ones, you can find out the answer right here.
Exercise bike vs Spin bike

Exercise bike vs Spin Bike: What are the Differences?

What is an exercise bike?

It also is known as the stationary bike, has been a popular choice among gymnastics and home users. The reason is apparent. They work great with different parts of the body.
What’s more, a bike is always more comfortable to use than, let’s say, a treadmill or so. Stationary bike at home provides idea methods to exercise. They prevent possible excuses for the weather to inhibit our exercising schedule.
That said, many people decide to get one at home. They don’t have to drag themselves to the gym and postpone workout session just for rain or hot weather.
There are two types of stationary bikes: Upright and recumbent. Both shares the same characteristics but differ on several factors.


An upright features three elements. It includes a set of pedals placed under the body. The seat is generally small. It also has no back support.
The structure of this bike is vertical. Users will sit upright while exercising. This type of exercise bikes resembles traditional indoor cycling we rode as a kid.
What is the big deal about its vertical structure? Here is the thing:
When sitting, users tend to huddle over. Their neck and back slightly lean over. Some people don’t like this position very much because it causes muscles ache and exhaustion after sometimes.
What’s more, the small seat will make beginners feel uncomfortable at first. Your buttocks will need time to get used to the rough surface of the position.
Upright bikes offer various advantages to the lower part of the body. The vertical position resembles outdoor riding. It gives you chances to work out consistently.
As you work out, your glutes, quads and abdominal muscles are trained as well. This is because you have to stay upright during the session.
While the upright focuses more on the lower part of the body, it also exercises part of the upper body. The upper part of your body also involves in the session.
One advantage of upright bikes is the compact design. This type has a small footprint. As a result, it doesn’t eat up space. This is an excellent choice for both gym and home uses.

The structure of upright bikes is vertical
The structure of upright bikes is vertical


Recumbent bikes are designed differently. Unlike the straight counterparts, this type of stationary bikes offers a supporting chair. You can sit comfortably into the machine without having any problem.
Recumbent equipment is highly appreciated since it causes no muscle pain or fatigue in the upper part.
One plus one the recumbent is that it allows users to have a straight spinal position. Some people worry that the upright, which forces users to lean over the handlebars, is not as good as the recumbent.

Recumbent exercise bikes offer a supporting chair for a comfortable seat
Recumbent exercise bikes offer a supporting chair for a comfortable seat
However, it is not true. Each type of ex-bikes will bring different benefits.
In the case of recumbent bikes, they don’t focus too much on the lower back. Because you can sit and lean back on the supporting, your lumbar spine receives less weight and pressure.
The recumbent offers a more substantial and reliable seat. It secures your lower back and gives you a comfortable feeling.
What’s more, recumbent users report that this type of ex-bikes are generally safer than its counterparts. Since you don’t stand on the pedals, it is less likely to get injuries.
The recumbent is excellent for users with neurological conditions. It helps you focus on different parts on your body and design your working scheme.

What is a spin bike?

Spin bikes came out later than ex-bikes, but quickly gained popularity in gyms and training centers. Nowadays, spinning exercise has become an indispensable part of any workout scheme.
However, many people couldn’t recognize the differences between ex-bikes and spin ones.
Here are what you need to know:


Indoor cycling feature flywheel mechanism. Unlike ex-bikes, the flywheel in spinning is much more substantial. If you want to spin the wheel, you need to put much more effort.

Spinning bikes feature flywheel mechanism
Spinning is indoor cycling, feature flywheel mechanism
Most modern spin bicycles come with sports flywheels of up to 48 lbs. That means your calves and upper body’s muscles will be trained throughout.
One significant point is spinning bicycles distribute pressure evenly. That way, your joints are under less compression, thus decreasing the likelihood of injury.

Workout intensity

That indicates the differences between ex-bike and spin bike. While upright and recumbent bicycles allow users to specify on muscles they want to train; spin bicycles circulate weight and pressure around the body.
That way, various positions on our body are exercised.
Users of spinning bicycles can stand on the pedal and work out. According to professional trainers, positioning up engages many muscles to work together. This kind of exercise is encouraged by the gymnastics.

Which helps you burn more calories?

Due to the structure, spinning bicycles allow users to lean forward as well as stand up. This practice helps to train the muscles in different areas of the body. This type of workout bike is excellent for hill climbing and racing training. See more: How Many Calories Do You Burn Riding a Bike for a half hour
On the other hand, exercise bikes emphasize different body parts. While the upright focus on the lower muscles and shoulders, the recumbent tends to work the leg muscles.
As a result, spinning bikes have more effect on burning calories. They are great for users who have a specific fitness plan and targeted weight loss. For beginners, exercise bicycles are the most exceptional choice.


As you can see, the distinctions of spin bike vs exercise bike are quite apparent. Once you know their features and benefits, you will be able to make conscious decisions regarding which type is suitable for you.
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