Top 5 Best Bike Tire Levers for Easy Tire Changing

Cycling is the favorite hobby of many people because people nowadays are very conscious about their health. What about enjoying the beautiful sceneries of mountains or the scenery of lush green meadow during cycling? What about having a long ride on the road? It seems the most exciting thing in this whole universe, at least for me.

You can experience this too, and your mind will be at peace until some kind of throne or stone gets into your tire tube. Then you will feel the ultimate need for some sort of lever to get out of that trouble. Through levers, you can easily lift the tire from the rim without damaging it.

We have reviewed the top 10 best bike tire levers for your benefit. Hopefully, you will find one that you like. Let’s get started

  1    Gorilla Force Tire Levers

Now dealing with your bike tires will not be difficult anymore. Because Gorilla Force Tire Levers are very strong and durable that it will never disappoint you. You can get all your tasks done through these levers. No matter how much your tire is tight. It has this very sleek design that makes it easy to hold and grip to do the required task.

Now due to this fantastic grip, you can remove a tire in a minute. It is very portable that makes it even more convenient. It can be folded and then stored in your bag or bicycle’s kit. Its material is unique and does not cause wear and tear due to scratch or any kind of friction.

Now, no matter how long you want to go for a bicycle ride, if you have Gorilla Force Tire Levers in your bag, you do not have to worry at all. It is very lightweight of 0.6 ounces that you can easily take it with you anywhere you want in a bag or your bicycle kit. Due to its plastic material and self-lubricating nature, it will not scratch the rims of your bicycle and will work on the tightest tire even.

  • It has plastic material.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It can be folded and is portable.
  • Its price is a bit high.

   2   Park Tool TL-1.2 Tire Lever Set for Bicycle Tire


Park Tool TL-1.2 Tire Lever Set is made up of lightweight, compact nylon material that makes it strong, durable, and handy. The package comes with a set of three levers in blue color that makes it very attractive.

Design is very sleek and smooth that makes sure that it may not damage the rim. Its tip is designed in a way that can remove a tire easily no matter how tight that is. Its tip simply gets into the bicycle tire easily and hence remove the tire from the rim.

It has a hook on it that helps to hold tire when there are multiple levers are required. The company also ensures its durability. Its weight is 13 grams. Its dimensions are 4.5 inches x 0.6 inches x 1.75 inches. Its size and weight make it handy, and you can take it anywhere with you in a bag or your tool kit.

  • It has a hook, which helps when multiple levers are required.
  • It is lightweight and handy.
  • The length is comparatively more significant.

   3     Pedro’s Bicycle Tire Lever

Pedro’s Bicycle Tire Levers come with a fantastic ergonomic shape that makes it easy to lift the tire from the rim. It is made up of plastic that means you do not have to worry about the rim, i.e., it will not scratch the rim.

Furthermore, it has this very compatible design that will allow it to get between rim and tire and will easily lift the tire from the rim. The package comes with a set of two levers that can be clipped together and hence will make storage easy.

The hooks on these levers make it easy to remove the tire. You can simply clip one lever through spooks and use the other one to lift tire from the rim. It has dimensions of 3.9 inches x 1-inch x 1 inch. It weighs 2.4 ounces. These livers are quite portable, and you can store these livers in any kind of kit or bag.

  • Its wide size makes its grip easy.
  • Its material is plastic and hence will not scratch the rim.
  • It is stiff and hence can remove tire using only one lever too.
  • The tip is quite large.

   4    4. Tragoods Premium Bicycle Tire Lever

Tragoods Premium Bicycle Tire Lever is made up of steel and is suitable for both primary and professional use. Its design makes it very handy, and its use very easy. The shape allows an easy to get work done efficiently.

The material is stainless steel that will prevent lever from rust and makes it durable. As the material is rigid so it will remove the tightest tires even will less effort. Usually, two Tragoods Premium Bicycle Tire Levers are required.

One is to keep tire at the place through spooks, and the other is to lift tire from rims. It has a Chisel tip that gets in between the tire and rim easily. The ergonomic design of these levers makes grip easy and convenient.

It has streamline design with round and smooth edges to protect the rim from damage. The company provides you the quantity of these levers according to your desire that can be 3, 5, 7, or 9. Hence you can choose the number accordingly. Its dimensions are 4.9 inches x 0.4 inches.

  • Its material is stainless steel that prevents rusting and makes it durable.
  • It has excellent grip and is handy.
  • Levers are not that lightweight and hence are less handy.

   5    Park Tool TL 6.2 Steel Core Tire Lever Set

Park Tool TL-6.2 Steel Core Tire Lever Set is made up of steel and hence assures durability. It has a protruding tip that can quickly get into the tire and, therefore, can easily lift the tire from the rim. It has a smooth and sleek design.

It is portable. You can take it with you in your bag and kit during the ride or simply keep in the workshop. The package comes with a set of two levers that efficiently provides you scratch-free surface. Now you do not have to worry about any kind of tire works.

It can lift any of your tires no matter how much tight that is. It has dimensions of 5 inches x 1-inch x 0.2 inches and weighs 13 grams.

  • It is made up of steel that makes it durable.
  • It is rigid and hence is suitable for tight tires.
  • Its surface is slippery, and hence grip is not that good.

Bike Leaver Buying Guide

A lot of companies offer a wide range of these fantastic little livers, but again the difficulty is how to choose the best one? There are a few factors that need to be considered before buying any kind of lever. The following are the factors that you need to keep in mind before buying a good and efficient lever.


Before buying a lever, you must consider its price. Price should always be according to the features and efficiency of the product. You can also simply compare the price with the prices of the rest of the products. Do not buy levers from companies that are charging too much according to the features of the product.


If you do not know much about tire levers, then you can simply check its demand. If demand is high and the people who are already using the respective product seems satisfied, you can choose that product then. Its high demand will shoe that this product is excellent and is compatible with users.


Do not forget to consider the material of the product. Before buying a lever, make sure that its material will last long. Also that its surface is such that it will ensure grip and will cause no disturbance during work. One more thing that you need to consider is that the material will not cause any damage or scratches to the rim of the tire.


Go for a lever that has no issue of storage, i.e., its size should not be that large that cannot be stored easily. Size and weight should be in an order that it can be stored in any tool kit or bag and can be carried anywhere. That means the lever should be portable and easy to store.


The performance of the lever should be excellent. The purpose of the lever is to remove the tire, and every lever can do that. But some of these levers lack efficiency and may take a considerable amount of force to remove that tire. Hence the design of the lever should be in an order that should be efficient and should ensure its proper performance.


Everybody wants that if he is spending money over some product, then that product should last long. Many levers do not have that much durable. Also, a lot of force is usually applied on the lever that may cause wear and tear to it. Mostly plastic levers are deformed after use. So keeping all these things in mind make sure that the lever is durable and will last long.


The design of the product should be user-friendly. It should have tips that can quickly get in between the rim and tire, and applying very less force tire may take off. Plus, it should have edges and material that may not damage the rim. Plus, the design should also ensure the efficiency and grip of the product.


Choose the product whose efficiency is ensured by the company and has a guarantee of its performance and durability.


Q: What kind of material is best for the bike tire lever?

A: Every material has its advantages and disadvantages. Plastic is compatible with the rims of the tires, but when the tire is tight and large force is required, it may get deformed. Whereas when the material is steel, it may scratch the rim but can sustain even the large amount of force and is durable. Hence while buying the bike tire, make sure that the design of the lever should be, so that suppress these disadvantages and is advantageous.

Q: What should be the size of levers?

A: The size of the lever should be moderate. It should not be that much large that can’t also be carried not that much small that affects its efficiency. Many levers have a size that is large enough and supports its performance, but at the storage time, you can simply fold it. Hence it makes it handy that way. So simply go for the compatible size of your own choice.

Q: What kind of levers will suit mountain bikes?

A: For mountain bikes, choose the lever that is stiff and durable. That lever should highly efficient and should not require that much effort and force. Its tip should be pointed in an order that can easily get in between tire and rim. Its material should be metal, i.e., steel, but edges should be smooth enough that may not damage the rim. It should also be lightweight so that it can easily be carried during the ride in the mountains. Buy a lever with all these qualities for your mountain bike, and you will not face any problem anymore.


Bike riding is an exciting and healthy hobby. In this robotic world, if you have a bike to ride on the road through lush green meadows, refreshing water bodies, or in the mountains, you are lucky. The only hindrance can be your interest and the thrones and stones that can get in your tires. But no worries because these fantastic and handy can help you in that case.

You simply have to choose the best lever and take it with you on the ride. It will help you on the way. Companies are designing these levers that are very handy and have some fantastic features with attractive designs.

So you can take these with you in the tool kit or bag with you. Now nothing can stop you from enjoying your health and refreshing ride. We have reviewed the top 10 best bike tire levers for your benefit. Hopefully, you will find one that you like.

Happy Cycling, People!

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