Top 10 Best Bike Taillights to Enhance Your Safety

Cycling is an excellent way to get fit, pass your free time, or commute without polluting your environment. However, cycling in the dark or during poor visibility, weather conditions can place you at a high risk of getting an accident. Motorists can knock you down.

The solution? Install the right bike taillight on your bicycle. The lights improve the visibility of your bicycle to other road users. Also, bicycle led lights will save you from getting on the wrong side of the law, in states where bike taillights are a necessity for anyone cycling at night.

Nevertheless, the bike accessories market has thousands of taillights. The choices have different light output, weight, design, construction, price, and other features. As such, finding the right taillight can be an uphill, especially if you are looking to buy one for the first time.

Are you looking to get the best bike flashlight from the thousands of options? We have proposed top brands you need to try out. The picks have been tasted, used and endorsed by seasoned bike riders. Read on to pick one that fits your budget, as well as your unique biking needs.

  1    Nkomax Ultra Bright Smart Bike Tail Light

Fitted with ultra-bright COB LEDs, Nkomax smart bike taillight produces enough light to enhance your visibility when cycling at night, or during those rainy or foggy days when visibility is poor. The light is detectable from 150 meters behind.

Despite the brightness, Nkomax smart taillight doesn’t cause glare in the eyes of other road users. Therefore, using the rear LED lights will give you the peace of mind, you need to cycle safely without ruining the visibility of other motorists.

Nkomax’s ultra-bright tail lights turn on automatically when cycling through poor visibility conditions or when you are braking. On the other hand, the taillights will turn-off automatically when cycling in well-lit settings.

Its smart operation lets you focus on pedaling, as well as the safety in front of you.

This best taillights’ aluminum alloy construction has an IPX6 waterproof rating. It is, therefore, resistant to water damage. Use it during those rainy days or when cycling through waterlogged biking trails.

When charged fully, this best bike taillight can serve you for twenty hours. When it drains, recharge it with a USB cord attached to your computer, power bank, or any other electronic device with a USB port.

  • Sturdy aluminum construction lasts long
  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to attach or detach from your bike’s seat rail
  • Nice-looking design complements your bike’s aesthetics
  • Bright light isn’t too much glittery
  • Feels wobbly when riding on rough terrains

   2    Ascher 2 Pack Bicycle Safety Flashlight


Ascher’s bicycle flashlight brags of an attractive design that enhances your bike’s elegance while keeping you safe during those days when you cycle at night, or when it is foggy and raining.

With a universal one-touch silicone mount strap, you can attach the rear flashlight on any bike’s seat post. You don’t need special tools to mount or dismount it.

An inbuilt 330mAh battery in this bicycle flashlight provides enough power to last for 10 hours. However, the battery life depends on the light mode you use. It drains quickly when using the flashlight at high intensity.

Depending on your preference, you can switch this bike taillight into four light modes. You can set it to flash quickly, flash slowly, or to produce full brightness or half brightness. A one-touch switch on the unit gives the convenience you need to switch between various modes.

Equipped with bright LEDs, this tail light from Ascher releases an intense beam that is visible from hundreds of meters away. Therefore, you can keep pedaling rest assured that other road users are aware of your presence.

With the IPX4 waterproof rating, this flashlight for bicycles stands as an ideal mate for all weather conditions. You can use it during rainy or snowy days without issue. Into the bargain, you can use it when traversing flooded paths.

  • Quick-release clip lets you mount or detach your tail light effortlessly
  • Comes with an easy to read, detailed manual.
  • Silicone strap holds the tail light tightly onto your bike
  • Has LED indicator to notify you when the battery is charged fully
  • Less expensive
  • 10-hour battery life if relatively short

   3     CYGOLITE High-Power Taillight

This compact and lightweight taillight save your bike from excessive loads. It is best for professional bike riders and highly mobile hobbyists who wouldn’t want to compromise their bike’s efficiency.

Despite the compacted size, this portable rear light for bicycles has super bright, 2-watt LEDs that can alert all incoming road users of your presence. You can set the bike taillight to release a steady or twinkling light.

If you prefer taillights with flashing lights to those with steady light, this bike taillight from Cygolite would be an ideal pick for you. It uses smart technology to let you customize its flash speed according to your taste.

Equipped with a universal clip, you can mount it on your bike’s seat post without issue. The clip attaches tightly to any bike’s seat post. Therefore, you will not need to keep tightening the clip after cycling for a short distance.

Its rechargeable battery lasts for 5 hours on a single charge, and it depends on the light mode you are using. However, the low runtime shouldn’t keep you off from purchasing, since you can recharge it with a mini USB cable provided.

  • Easy installation
  • Designed to fit on all bike types
  • Light and portable
  • Reasonably bright
  • It isn’t fully waterproof
  • Feels wobbly on rough terrains
  • Limited battery runtime

   4    Stupidbright SBR-1 Bike Tail Light

Equipped with a sturdy hook and a universal elastic rubber strap, Stupidbright SBR-1 stands as one of the taillights with the most versatile mounting system. You can fix it on your bicycle’s seat, backpack, and helmet. You can also connect it onto a wheelchair or even your pet’s collar.

Stupidbright’s engineers designed this LED flashlight for bicycles from a shockproof aluminum alloy to endure regular abuse on the road or at the biking trail. The construction is resistant to water, dust, and other external elements.

It utilizes ultra-bright LEDs that emit a powerful output that enhances your visibility. With 180 degrees visibility, your bicycle will be visible from the rear, as well as from the sides. It is an ideal way to enhance road safety.

It runs on 2 CR2032 non-rechargeable batteries. While the batteries have a 50-hour runtime, you would need to purchase a new pair once they drain. Replacing can be quite expensive than recharging.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can return this bicycle taillight if it fails to meet the advertising promise.  Into the bargain, it has a lifetime warranty to protect you from unforeseen manufacturing blemishes.

  • Constructed to last long
  • Mounts on your bike or helmet within 2 seconds
  • Highly resistant to weather elements
  • Excellent battery life
  • Non-rechargeable batteries

   5     Garmin Varia RTL510 Tail Light

Garmin Varia RTL510 utilizes a sophisticated warning system with visual and audible alerts to enhance your safety any time you are cycling along busy highways, or through crowded cycling paths.

Its audio alert peeps to warn you when a car is approaching, and its intelligent visuals change color to interpret various safety warnings. As an example, the visuals turn red when an oncoming vehicle approaches you at high speed. In this case, you would want to give way.

On the other hand, the intelligent visuals turn green when it is safe to continue cycling, and amber when there is an oncoming vehicle cruising at a reasonable speed. The audio and visual alerts have a detection range of 140 meters.

However, if you which to use the smart alerting system, you will need to sync Gamin Varia RTL510 to Gamin’s Edge Computer. As an alternative, you can sync the bike taillight with a third party radar display unit.

Fitting Gamin Varia RTL510 to your bike is straight forward. You just snap its rubber band mounting bracket onto your bike’s seat rod.

  • Its sleek, vertical design fits on your bike
  • Its LEDs deliver 220-degree visibility to enhance your safety
  • Designed to last
  • Reasonable battery runtime
  • Works with radar units that might be expensive
  • It is costly

   6    CYGOLITE Hotshot Pro


If you cycle on busy highways, Cygolite Hotshot Pro would be an ultimate pick for your bike. It comes equipped with 200 lumen LEDs that enhance your bike’s visibility during the day, as well as at night.

With a patent-pending flash tempo, you can customize the LED’s brightness and flash speed according to the environment. For instance, you can increase its intensity at day time to enhance your visibility, and minimize the intensity at night so that you don’t impair other road users’ visibility.

You can attach its aero-style universal mounting bracket on any bike’s seat post. Unlike some loose mounts, this type holds tightly onto your bike seat. It won’t detach or feel wobbly when cycling on rough terrains.

The taillight’s construction has a waterproof rating of IP64. It can survive water damage that could result when cycling during rainy seasons. Into the bargain, the construction is virtually resistant to other harmful external elements like dust.

Cygolite Hotshot Pro utilizes an ultra-powerful battery with a runtime of 210 hours. You will not need to keep recharging the tail light after short use. Like other bike taillights, you can recharge Cygolite Hotshot Pro through a USB cable.

  • Sleek and compact design complement your bike’s elegance
  • Ultra-bright LEDs enhance your safety
  • Easy to mount and or dismount
  • Weather-resistant
  • Reasonably priced
  • Lacks smart controls
  • It is bright led may impair other users’ visibility at night

   7    CANWAY Ultra Bright Bike Tail Light

Canway’s bicycle tail light boasts of a 260-degree visual angle to maximize motorist awareness. Other road users can see you from the rear, sideways, or even from the front side. It will give you the confidence and safety you need to cycle on busy highways.

Besides the 260 degrees visibility, this best bicycle light utilizes COB lamp beads that release a super bright light alert. Other approaching road users can see the light from as far as 200 meters.

Its weather-tight design delivers substantial resistance to water and other external weather elements. Thus, you can use it to enhance your visibility when cycling in rainy, foggy, and or snowy conditions without any problem.

Fitted with a rubber strap, you can mount the bike taillight effortlessly on your helmet or bike seat post within just a few seconds. You can install the LED bike flashlight horizontally or vertically.

Like other bike taillights on this list, Canway ultra-bright tail light uses a rechargeable battery. You can charge it through your computer or other devices with a USB port. It takes just two hours to charge fully.

When charged fully, Canway tail light can last up to four hours. While the runtime is enough to last you through long journeys, you may need to recharge the unit after a short while. The short runtime might not be appropriate for bikers who travel long distances.

  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Recharges fully within a few hours
  • Covered with a satisfaction guarantee
  • Emits red and blue light for maximum motorist awareness
  • Compact size
  • Short battery runtime

   8    Ascher Rechargeable bike light set

If you are a biking enthusiast, we guess that you know the safety benefits of equipping your bike with a taillight and or a headlight. In fact, you cannot be safe with either a taillight or headlight missing from your bike.

Ascher, a reputable manufacturer of quality bike accessories, designed this bike light set to help you cycle with confidence and safety, at a reasonable budget. The light set has a super-bright front light to improve the visibility of the path ahead.

Furthermore, this light set from Ascher contains a bright taillight to improve your bike’s visibility when cycling at night. The headlight and taillight use a rechargeable lithium battery with a 2-10 hour battery run time. You can recharge the light set using a USB cable.

Both headlight and taillight have a one-touch switch to regulate your light output according to the settings you are cycling. If you are cycling at day time, use the highest light output for maximum visibility. On the other hand, you would want to reduce the light intensity if you are cycling at night.

Ascher’s light set features a sturdy silicone strap for mounting. You can attach the strap on your helmet, bike seat post, travelling backpack, handlebars, or any other convenient place. In whatever place you connect it, the strap will stay firm and secure.

Its sturdy construction has a waterproof rating of IPX4. Therefore, you can use it during heavy downpours without issue.

  • Headlight functions as an emergency flashlight for camping
  • The light set is weather-resistant
  • They set delivers a wide-angle for enhanced visibility
  • Equipped with a charge indicator to notify you when the battery is charged fully
  • Provides low battery run time at maximum brightness
  • Its compact size may not make your bike visible from long distances

   9    LEZYNE Strip Drive Pro

With 300 lumens, this Strip Drive Pro from Lezyne stands as one of the brightest rear bicycle light which the market has to offer. It is, therefore, an appropriate fit for bikers who need a backlight to enhance their night and daytime visibility. It’s 270-degree wide-angle maximize motorist awareness.

This led flashlight for bike comes fitted with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can last for as long as 53 hours on a single charge. This feature makes it an ideal buy for bikers who cycle for long distances, those who cycle in off-grid areas, as well as those with less time to keep recharging batteries that drain quickly.

Lezyne strip drive pro gives you the freedom to regulate its output into ten options. You can set the unit to emit maximum light for daytime visibility, or a half-light intensity for night cycling.

Furthermore, you can set the bike taillight to keep flashing at different light intensities. This setting lets you preserve your battery power.

With its elongated profile, this brightest bike light fits neatly at the back of your bike’s seat post without much drag. It comes with a sturdy rubber band to let you fix it tightly onto the seat post.

  • Fits on almost every bike’s seat post
  • Bright enough to enhance your day time visibility
  • Customizable light output
  • Excellent battery run time
  • Weatherproof
  • Its mounting strap doesn’t fit snugly on some bike seat posts
  • Quite costly

   10    Oricycle C2 Bike Tail Light

Oricycle designed the C2 taillight comes with multiple smart features to enhance your convenience, comfort, as well as your safety while commuting to work, or just cycling for pleasure.

Oricycle C2 bike taillight utilizes 85 lumen LEDs to enhance your visibility. Other motorists can see your bicycle from as far as 50 meters away. However, if you are cycling on a busy and dangerous road, the unit’s light intensity might not be appropriate.

It uses a 3350 mAh rechargeable battery with an approximate runtime of 30 hours. Besides the reasonable battery life, this bike taillight from Oricycle has an IPX4 casing to protect its innards from water damage.

Unique from other tail lights on this list, Oricycle’s rechargeable taillight comes with a responsive remote control to enhance your convenience. You can use the remote control to turn on/off the unit’s left/right safety signals.

Oricycle bike taillight features a light sensor that turns the unit on in dark settings and off in well-lit environments. Also, the unit features a smart virtual lane sensor that alerts you of approaching vehicles.

Oricycle C2 bike taillight offers two mounting options to let you use one that would fit tightly on your bike’s seat post. Its screw fixing mounting option allows you to affix the taillight firmly on your bike, and the quick-release option lets you attach the taillight effortlessly on your bike.

  • Excellent battery life
  • Convenient controls
  • Plenty of smart features to enhance your safety
  • Flashy design
  • Quite bulky
  • Lacks options to regulate light intensity
  • Both remote and battery needs charging

Quick Ideas to Help You Pick the Right Bike Taillight

  • Weight

If you don’t want to load your bike with excessive weights, get a compact and lightweight taillight. The market has several small size taillights with a brighter illumination. Heavy accessories can reduce your bike’s efficiency.

  • Light output

Various bike taillights have different light outputs. Some are bright enough to maximize motorist awareness even in the daytime. Others deliver a low light intensity that is only noticeable at night. If you want to enhance your bike’s visibility during the day, we propose that you get an ultra-bright taillight.

  • Waterproof

A taillight’s ability to protect its innards from water damage plays an essential role when looking to buy the right taillight for your bike. As a rule, we suggest that invest in a waterproof taillight since, at times, you will need to cycle when it is raining.

  • Battery life

Are you looking for a taillight that will keep you safe for a while before its battery drains out? Get one with reasonable battery life. Probably, get one whose battery can last up to more than 4 hours. Such a runtime is sufficient enough to serve you through short to long biking trips.

Take Away

Best bike taillights are essential for your safety. They make your bike visible when cycling at night or during those weather conditions with imperfect invisibility. Also, you can use rear bike lights to enhance your safety during the day.

In this list, we have picked and evaluated the best models offered in the bicycle accessory market. Our picks deliver a reliable light output, they have universal mounting systems, and they provide excellent resistance to weather conditions.

So, if you want an excellent taillight,but you are overwhelmed by the thousands of choices, pick any of the taillights we have reviewed here. Our picks will let you cycle with confidence and safety.

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