10 Best Bike Lubes to Keep Your Bike on Top Shape 2020

It is no secret that cycling can be a stressful ordeal, when your bike’s drivetrain starts squeaking, grinding, and rusting. At worst, cycling can be more discouraging if pedaling becomes a struggle.

Fortunately, there is a solution to these trepidations. Lubricate the moving parts to minimize squeaking, eliminate rusting, reduce metal to metal friction, as well as simplify pedalling. A good bike lube will give the confidence you need to take your bike out for a spin.

Even so, finding the best bike lube is not easy. Why? Bike accessory stores have a vast array of lubricants. While each promises to deliver the best lubricating results, not all will live up to their promise.

On that account, we have chosen and reviewed the best bike lubes you would need to try out. Our recommendations have excellent ratings, and they have been tried and recommended by renowned cycling connoisseurs.

As an extra, we have proposed some reliable ideas to help you identify the best bike lube from the multiple choices in bike accessory shops. Read on to get the most appropriate lubricant for your bicycle.

  1   Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle Lubricant- 4oz

Finish Line is well known for manufacturing some of the best bicycle care products, and so, it is by no surprise that it takes the top slot on our best list. This wet-style bike chain serves two functions at once.

The bicycle lube penetrates deep into your bike’s chain, flushes out contaminated lube and any other debris stuck in the drivetrain. It thereby leaves your bike’s chain clean and well lubricated.

Besides cleaning and lubricating, this lubricant has rust inhibiting constituents to shield your bike’s drivetrain from rusting. Cyclists who have tried it say that Finish Line 1-step lube is an excellent option for lubricating bikes that have been in store for an extended period.

The bicycle lube comes in a squeeze bottle for easy application. When your chain runs dry or rusty, just squeeze a generous amount of lube along the chain, backpedal your bike, and you will be ready to continue cycling.

  • Great for use in conditions that favor rusting
  • A single application lubricates your bike for 100 miles
  • Suitable for cyclists who lack time to clean their bike’s drivetrain
  • Biodegradable

   2    Boeshield T-9 Waterproof Lubricant- 4 Oz


Unlike the bike lubes that serve a single function, Boeshield T-9 bicycle lubricant protects your bike in three primary ways.

First, it will protect your bike’s drive train against rusting, one of the primary causes of squeaking and accelerated wear and tear. Therefore, if you reside in areas whose conditions favor rusting, Boeshield T-9 would be an ideal purchase.

Second, this best bicycle chain lube flushes out contaminated lubricant, sticky grime, and any other dirt on your bike chain. It is, therefore, an ideal pick for cyclists who lack enough time to clean, dry, and then lubricate their bike.

Third, this bicycle chain lubricant from Boeshield lubricates your bike’s entire drivetrain to let you cycle smoothly. Its paraffin formula penetrates deep into your drive train’s rollers, pins, and chain, thereby leaving them lubricated thoroughly.

It comes in a squeeze applicator bottle to simplify the application process, and drip tip to help you apply the lube on the exact point you want.

  • It is free of harmful constituents like Teflon, acetone, and fluorocarbons
  • Ideal for lubricating all moving parts on your bike
  • A single application can last for 300 miles of cycling
  • It is waterproof
  • Great for off-road cycling
  • It should be left to dry for some time before you start using your bike

   3    Muc Off 872 Green Dry Bike Chain Lube- 4.06 ounces

Formulated with nano-ceramic particles, this lube from Muc-Off R&D provides 10X the performance of ordinary dry bike lubes. Using it will lower bike maintenance, improve your bike’s performance, as well as improve your bike’s durability.

Apart from lubricating your bike’s drive train, this best dry bicycle lube coats your bike’s chain with a waterproof ceramic layer, thereby shielding it from rusting and any other water-related damage. It is excellent for dry weather cycling.

With a squeeze bottle, applying this best bike lube is straightforward. You just squeeze the lube along the chain, and then, backpedal the chain through the drive train to distribute it evenly. It takes only a few seconds to get the job done.

  • Gives a long-lasting effect
  • Great when cycling on dusty or gravel bike tracks
  • Attracts less dirt and grime on your bike chain
  • Not ideal for use in rainy conditions
  • Requires regular application

   4    Park Tool CL-1 Synthetic Lube- 4 Oz

Formulated by Park Tool, another respected manufacturer of bike maintenance products, CL-1 synthetic lube uses a unique formulation of PTFE and other oils to keep your bike lubricated during dry and or wet conditions. With CL-1, you will not have to buy different lubes for different weather conditions.

This lube penetrates your bike drivetrain’s chainrings, cogs, and cranks, and then, it displaces moisture and forms a protective layer to minimize friction, as well as protect the parts against corrosion.

Apart from lubing your bike’s drivetrain, you can use this best bike lube to lubricate or waterproof your bike’s brake pivots, spoke nipples, derailleur, cables, and any other moving parts of your bicycle.

This bike lube has an excellent ability to repel dust for a reasonable period. On that account, it will not clog up your bike’s drivetrain when traversing on gravel and or dusty bike trails.

  • Its squeeze bottle simplifies application
  • Great for dry and wet conditions
  • Formulated from PTFE, an active constituent
  • Need to re-apply frequently if you cycle on dusty terrains
  • Applicator tip releases excess lube

   5    Bike Medicine Extreme Performance Chain Lubricant- 4 Oz

Originally formulated to protect the drive chains of mining equipment, Bike Medicine’s award-winning bicycle chain lubricant stands among the few lubes with the highest lubricating power. A single application can keep your bike lubricated for 400+ miles of cycling.

Its excellent film strength makes it an ideal option to shield your bike’s drivetrain, bearings, and other moving parts from wear and tear associated with increased friction. Moreover, the excellent film strength saves you from re-applying your lube after cycling for a short distance.

When applied on your bike’s moving parts, Extreme Performance lube forms a waterproof film that doesn’t wash away in wet conditions. This waterproof nature makes it a reliable option for the cyclists who cycle on waterlogged trails, and those who use their bike during rainy seasons.

  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • It is ATSM D tested to provide outstanding film strength
  • Easy to apply
  • Provides the best value
  • Repels debris for a reasonable period
  • Doesn’t condense on wintery temperatures
  • Quite expensive

   6    Dumonde Original Bicycle Chain Lube- 4 Oz


This bicycle chain lubricant utilizes polymerization technology to form a long-lasting liquid plastic coat on your bike’s drivetrain, bearings, and any other moving part. The manufacturer recommends it to cyclists who use their bikes on extremely dirty, muddy, and wet conditions.

Besides lubricating your bike’s drive train, you can use Dumonde original bicycle chain lube to reduce friction and or waterproof pivot points, seals, cable, bearings, and other moving parts on your bike.

Unlike the bike chain lubricants that are formulated from environmentally harmful constituents, Dumonde designed theirs to leave a low carbon footprint after use. So, if you love your environment, this lube would not let you down.

While it looks like an excellent way to lube your bike, its application is quite challenging and time-consuming. You will need to degrease your bike’s chain, dry it, and then apply Dumonde’s bike lube. This shouldn’t be a problem if you can spare some few minutes to tune your bike.

  • Ideal for bad weather
  • Has an excellent ability to repel dirt
  • A single application lasts for a reasonable period
  • Doesn’t clean and lubricate at once

   7     WD-40 Bike Wet Lube- 4 Oz

Formulated for extreme conditions, this wet lube forms a durable coating on your bike’s drivetrain, thereby protecting it from extreme conditions. It is a good buy for cyclists who cycle through wet and muddy bike tracks on coastal regions.

Besides shielding your bike’s drivetrain from extreme weather conditions, this best bicycle bike grease prevents your bike against friction damage. When applied, it penetrates deep into the drive train, thereby keeping them well lubricated.

This non-wax grease does not build up in your bike’s drive train. It is, therefore, an alternative to those waxy lubricants which build-up in your bicycle’s drivetrain, as well as the wet, lubes that work as dust magnets.

WD-40 Bike subjects its bike oils to rigorous third-party testing before they get into the shelves. The testing ensures that you get consistent value from each bottle of bike lube sold out in bike shops.

On the downside, this best bike lube doesn’t clean and lubricate your bike as some of its competitors. As such, you will have to clean your drive train with a good bike chain degreaser before you proceed to lubricate it with WD-40 Bike oil lube.

  • Its squeeze bottle simpifies application
  • Great for off-road cyclists
  • Lube penetrates deep into your drivetrain’s moving parts
  • Accumulates dust and debris easily
  • Requires frequent applications

   8     Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant- 6 Oz

Formulated from high-grade petroleum products, this superior lubricant from Tri-Flow provides excellent lubrication to your bike’s chain and other moving parts. It is suitable for cyclists who reside in humid areas with extreme cold or hot temperatures.

The formulation has special rust-inhibiting additives to minimize the wear and tear that could result from rusting. These additives make it an ideal option for those who cycle in conditions that favor rusting.

It comes in a squeeze bottle with a high precision applicator tip to minimize wastage. Apart from saving your lube, the high precision applicator tip lets you lubricate even the smallest area of your bike.

In addition to the high precision applicator tip, this bike lube boasts of a light viscosity that penetrates deep into your bikes moving parts to eliminate rust, make them waterproof, as well as keep them lubricated.

  • Doesn’t solidify or evaporate when exposed to extreme temperatures
  • Excellent for lubricating tight areas
  • Lubricates chain and other moving parts
  • Easy to apply
  • Need to clean your drivetrain before application
  • Its light viscosity doesn’t hold up for long

   9     ProGold ProLink Chain Lube

ProLink chain lube wasn’t designed only to lubricate your bike’s chain, but, it was also formulated to prevent metal to metal friction of any moving appliance within your office or home.

When applied on your bike’s drive train, this best bicycle chain lube oil repels abrasives, grit, mud, and any other debris that can reduce your bike’s efficiency. Also, this best bike oil repels water and moisture from your drivetrain.

After applying this bike lube penetrates your drivetrain, and it dislodges tacky old lube trapped between moving parts. It saves the time you could have spent cleaning the drivetrain, and the dollars you would have spent buying a good degreaser.

It is equipped with a pin-point applicator tip to minimize waste, as well as enhance your application precision. Its tight cap prevents accidental spillage, a useful feature for highly mobile cyclists who want to move around with their biking essentials.

  • Good for off-road biking
  • Easy to apply
  • Clean and lubricates simultaneously
  • Shields your bike chain from accumulating dirt
  • Requires frequent applications

   10     Finish Line Wet Bicycle Chain Lube- 4 Oz

Formulated from high-quality water repellants, rust inhibitors, and synthetic oils, this wet bicycle chain lube gives you quiet rides, and it protects your valuable bike from friction associated wear and tear.

Being a wet formula, this lube works best during those rainy days when you have to cycle through waterlogged bike trails or when it is drizzling. While you can use it to lubricate your bike in dry climates, remember to wipe any excess lube. Else, it will soil your bike’s drivetrain with dust and debris.

A single application of this wet lube lubricates your bike chain for over 100 miles of cycling. The lube will stick on even when you cycle through heavy rain, muddy trails, and salty water at coastal climates.

The best wet bike lube comes in a squeeze bottle to simplify application, and drip nozzle to enhance application precision. These features make it an excellent addition to your emergency bicycle too kit.

  • Available in multiple quantities
  • Great for wet weather
  • Requires fewer applications
  • Suitable for professional off-road cyclists
  • Doesn’t clean your bike chain

using bike lube on chain

Top Ideas to Choose an Appropriate Lube for Your Bike

·       Get a lube designed for the particular conditions in your area

There are two primary types of bike lubes- the dry and wet type. Wet bicycle lubes are formulated from ultra-sticky oils to stay on when exposed to rain, mud, snow, and or high humidity. They are ideal for use in wet conditions.

Many wet lubes can keep your bike lubricated for over 100 miles of riding.

On the downside, the sticky nature of wet lubes attracts dust, gravel, and any other small size debris to form thick gunk in your bike’s drivetrain. Therefore, you will need to degrease your bike’s drivetrain regularly to eliminate the gunk.

Dry bicycle lubes use waxy oils to lubricate your bike. They attract less debris, even when exposed to dust, gravel, and debris. They are suitable for use during dry weather when most bike trails are quite dusty.

Unlike wet lubes, even light showers of rain can wash away your dry bicycle lube. For that reason, they aren’t suitable for use when cycling through waterlogged and or muddy bicycle trails.

·       Buy a bike lube that offers a reasonable price-value ratio

The bike accessory market has bike lubes for every budget. However, the price depends on how well your lube repels elements and holds up on your drive train. Some pricey bike lubes can hold up for over 100 miles of riding, and they have a reasonable ability to repel moisture, dust, and other elements.

Less expensive bike lubes can hardly lubricate your bike for long. As such, you will need to re-apply after cycling for a short distance. Likewise, some less expensive bike lubricants have a low ability to repel debris.

Therefore, if you want a lube with the best value, we propose that you avoid overly cheap lubes. Go for those reasonably brands from reputable manufacturers and get the best value out of your dollars.

·       Look around for one with extra features

With so many bike lubricants littered in bike shops, lube manufacturers are always upgrading their products as a way to stand out from the crowd. Some use effective ingredients that are proven to lubricate your bike for an extended period.

Others pack their oils in squeeze bottles with precision applicators, and they use biodegradable ingredients. So, before you purchase, go through the lube’s label to see if it comes with the extra benefits.

·       Get a lube packed in an easy to use applicator bottle

Most bike lubes come in an applicator bottle to simplify the application process. Easy to use bottles let you squeeze out an adequate amount of lube, and their tips help you direct the lube to the exact place you want.

Therefore, if you don’t want to waste your lube, avoid those in hard to use bottles since they let out excessive amounts of lube. How can you identify an easy to use applicator bottle? It is simple. Best lube applicators come in a squeeze bottle with either a drip-tip or a precision nozzle.

·       Buy from a reputable manufacturer

There are hundreds of bike lube oil manufacturers out there. Some are dedicated to providing the best bike lubes for their customers. In fact, they have a solid reputation that they will not afford to lose.

Others are simply after making profits. They care less about the quality of products they manufacture.

If you want to avoid low-quality bike lubes, we recommend that you get your lube from reputable manufacturers of bike maintenance products. Some of the big names you would consider are Finish Line, Tri-Flow, WD-40 Bike, Bike Medicine, and Park Tool.

·       Buy best bike chain lubes with excellent ratings

Frankly, it is hard to evaluate a bike lube’s quality if you have never tried it. Likewise, buying from a reputable manufacturer, or gauging a lube’s quality according to its ingredients will not save you from buying low quality lubes.

In this case, we suggest that you get opinions from friends who have tried the lube you wish to buy. You can also get views from online testimonials published by cyclists who have tested the lube you are eyeing. As a rule, great products have excellent ratings supported by positive testimonials.

Avoid low-rated bike lubes no matter how good they promise to keep your bike’s drivetrain at top shape. Otherwise, you will be counted among the dissatisfied customers who tried the low rated lubricant.

The Bottom Line

A good bike lube reduces metal to metal friction, and it repels moisture, dust, gravel, and any other harsh element that can accelerate your bike’s wear and tear. Without it, your bike’s chain will rust, pedaling will become more challenging, and your bike’s drivetrain will wear out quickly.

Despite the benefits, picking the best lube from the vast choices in bike shops is a daunting task, more especially if you have never tried any brand. Are you battling such a purchasing problem? If yes, don’t just buy any lube.

Instead, look around for a well-rated lube with a reasonable price-value ratio. Furthermore, you should search around for bike lubes with an easy to use applicator bottle, extra features to enhance their quality, as well as those designed for the weather conditions in your area. We have reviewed the best bike lubes to save you from investing in one that can compromise your bike’s efficiency.

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