Top 10 Bike Handlebar Tape 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

Cycling is one of the best forms of entertainment and a great physical activity for adults and children of all ages. For women and men who are weight conscious, cycling is one of the best solutions for fat burning. It is not only a very efficient option but very safe for the bodies too, as while cycling, none of the burdens goes on your joints so it cannot damage them. With the advancement in all the technology, the invention of bikes, or you could call them upgraded cycles, has made the lives even more accessible. Now, on a motorbike, you can bypass heavy traffic and reach your destination on time.

As much as the bike lovers find it essential to make it a safe vehicle, they equally lookout for its embellishments as well. Handlebars are a kind of steering wheel for cycles and bikes. They are the first thing to attract someone approaching from the front and play a vital role in the grip and control of your motorcycle or cycle. These handlebars can be embellished with handlebar tapes not only to enhance the look but also to improve the control and grip of your handlebars while riding.  ,


There are different types and brands of handlebars available in the market, each having a quality of their own. When you tape your handlebars, it means that you are adding more safety to your ride. Many different kinds of materials are used in the manufacturing of a handlebar. Different brands use different materials. Some of the material types include cork, perforated leather, and synthetic material. The cost of the handlebar tapes is charged according to the rates of the materials used in manufacturing, the brand name, and their quality.

The bike handlebars upgrade your bike cycle and give a classy, fresh look. Before buying the perfect handlebar for our bike or cycle, you need to compare the features, material, and the level of protection provided by each. Have a look at the ten top-rated handlebars that you must consider before buying:


Eva foam material, which is embossed with the BV logo, provides a comfortable and anti-absorbent grip. It also helps in absorbing shocks and vibration while riding. The Eva foam materials are ultra-light and have durability. The BV brand design products help riders to enjoy cycling with more comfort and convenience and also add extra style. If cycling has become a hobby for you, it is a healthy addiction and a good lifestyle change.

By using the BV Eva handlebars, the hands stay comfortable on long journeys as well. For a clean and decent look, the edge tapes are available in the market that can be used along with the handlebars to give a perfect finish. It has 3m adhesive backing. The Eva road bike handle tapes are available in black and white color.

  • These handlebar tapes are water-resistant
  • It is easy to install as it includes a 3M adhesive backing
  • Provides good quality
  • Economical price
  • You cannot partially unwrap it because it shreds when you remove it.
  • The sides are thinner than the middle



It has a super soft material, and it is perfect for long drives, and the Eva tape is implanted with real cork for exceptional grip and cushion.It is the best brand for individuals who sweats a lot  because it is sweat-absorbent, tearproof, and stable if you want to go cycling in rainy weather, so it is safer and comfortable as it is skid-proof and easy to cycle in uncertain weather conditions.

Cork tapes are the best if you are looking for excellent cushioning and decreased vibration on the road, the cork also provides high quality. It has 1.18 width and 6.6 length, which is suitable for most kinds of bikes, and the package includes all the pieces of equipment of the Vinqliq new super soft cork bike cycle.

  • It is effortless to install
  • Different colors available of your choice
  • It has extensive usage which is suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes, and BMX bikes
  • It is long in length
  • Durable and solid tape
  • The tape is tough to apply, and it is rigid
  • The tape is short in overall length
  • It does not include strip to cover back levers


These tapes are designed by the designers, and they are extra long bar tapes that can easily cover 5-6 handlebars. Other designers provide a short length of tape by cutting the manufacturer’s cost, but the domain cycling tapes did the opposite and provided the customer with long bar tapes. The length of these tapes is 94 inches tall by 1.2 inches wide with the leather surface.  These handlebar tapes are introduced to get rid of numbness or blistered palms on long routes, as bicycles are the only element of transportation. Time has changed now, and technology has become advanced, so these were introduced to make the ride comfy and give smoothness to your ride.

The handlebar tape can easily cover both the handlebar grip and gives a tight and professional look to your bicycle. The handlebar tape ensures that your hands are comfortable while riding, reducing the occurrence of the blisters; you can enjoy a pleasant ride without any stress.


  • They have anti-absorbent polyurethane leather surface when dry or wet
  • No adhesive backing required as they contain handlebar end plug and finishing tape
  • There are two tapes in each package
  • It is unique from others
  • It does not include a logo
  • Expensive than other handlebars because of the extended tape
  • No color selection is available


 They are one of the most robust and rubberized handlebar tapes with absorbing elastic compound, and it has a tennis-style and a leather-like look and feel. It has scattered graphics throughout the tape length and a matte and glossy type effect and texture. They contribute to your comfort and convenience while cycling; this handlebar tape highly concentrates on giving comfort to the cyclists. If you ride on rough streets, this handlebar type will not let you feel the bumps and gives a smooth ride. A strip is given that is adhesive and makes it easy to wrap on, and bar end plug gives a perfect finish look, it reduces vibrations and enhances the performance. You can easily strap on these handlebar tapes and enjoy a stress-free ride.

  • It has a double density 3D grip
  • The punctured surface which acts as a window for a muti colored foam
  • It gives a good grip
  • Adequate cushioning is provided
  • The instructions on the box are not correctly defined
  • They do not provide chrome plugs
  • The finishing tape is not easy to clean
  • The caps at the end are not  secure
  • Some clients complain that it runs short in length
  • The logos oriented on the tape are not attractive


It is the best handlebar tape for improved grip and controls. They contain an anti-slip silicone textured surface with 83 inches of hexagon patterned bar tape wrap. Shock absorbing base material makes it soft and comfortable, and it adds comfort for long bicycle rides, and it delivers exceptional grip. This brand did not sacrifice quality and durability and made high-quality handlebar tape. It includes 2100 mm long adhesive backing with tapered edges, which makes installation easier. You can customize your handlebar tape with different colors according to your bike cycle.

  • Easy installation
  • It is lightweight and flexible
  • Comfortable grip for a long-distance ride
  • Good brand reputation
  • This tape is slippery when the hands are wet because of sweat



This is the best handlebar tape that makes the bicycles lights durable. For the exceptional grip and cushion, a polyurethane tape is imbedded with a cork. It comes with a 3m adhesive, and the SRAM logo is embossed throughout the tape length. It gives the best grip so your hands would not slip off the handlebar even in the most bumpy rides. The material can be stretched while installing it without any fear.These handlebar tapes are very comfy and soft on the hand that you will enjoy your ride.  They are sweat and water-absorbent, and if you want a classy and professional look, it is best to experience SRAM super cork bicycle tape.

  • It is available in different colors
  • It comes with the bar end plug
  • A complete tool kit is provided with the bar tape
  • Very affordable and reliable
  • Provides a comfortable grip
  • Lengthy installation process
  • The finishing tape is insufficient
  • Difficult to clean
  • The length is short


 This handlebar tape has a strong and confident gripping power, which is the best for alien pros bicycle carbon bicycle handlebar tape feature, and it is a durable handlebar tape that absorbs sweat, and it provides a long-lasting grippy feel. It includes a carbon fiber material and does not slip in uncertain weather conditions whenever you want. You can go for a ride. This brand is considered as the best handlebar tape bicycle that it is worth the amount. They provide the best customer service as they have given a money back option if the customeris unsatisfied. The length of the tape they provide is quite long that can easily cover the two handlebar grip of the bicycle.

  • It comes with a complete set of equipment
  • Free and easy installation
  • The tape is a gel adhesive bar
  • The tape is worst as it does not stretch
  • To cover the back of the hoods, you have cut about two inches of


 It has a synthetic microfiber that makes the handlebar tape robust. The width of this handlebar includes a 3mm tape and includes Brookes England’s vulcanized rubber end plugs. They are one of the experienced manufacturers of the handlebar tapes and they specially designed handlebar tapes by keeping the cyclists in mind. Their products include a wide range of accessories, including bag packs, cycling bags, and helmets. Their aim is to give the best quality and customer service.

The handlebar tapes are not too expensive, so if your handlebar tapes are worn out, you should not make an excuse for not changing them due to a restricted budget. A thinner bar tape wrapping is done to help the athletes feel the road while cycling. This is their unique technique for professional cyclists. This is durable and an excellent choice for athletes.

  • It is easy to install
  • The synthetic leather tape which is durable
  • This brand is loved by old age people as it is one of the oldest brands
  • It is very comfortable
  • Gives a classy appearance
  • Not suitable for today’s fashion industry
  • It is not the easiest to wrap
  • The tape is rough, and it is not comfy
  • Tape is short


This tape has collaboration between mash SF and Cinelli this handlebar tape also includes caps and finishing tape that is enough to wrap a complete drop bar. It is one of the solid handlebar tapes in two-roll sets. This bar tape has a 3d grip with a double density ribbon, which reveals the caleido core through the smart hatching holes, it enhances the  look of your bicycle. It provides maximum comfort.This handlebar tape gives a new attractive look with a classy leather look like feel, and it is attracted by the people roaming around.

  • Neon is included for safety and style
  • It provides extreme comfort and absorption of perspiration
  • It contains Cinelli bar end plugs
  • These bar tapes need special care
  • Adhesive tape is harsh and robust
  • Do not contain chrome plugs
  • The hands go numb if you drive 40miles away because it is too thin


 It contains Eva foam material, which makes it more robust. It has 2.8 thickness, width of 30, and the length of 2000mm. This tape is anti-slip and includes water absorption properties, comfortable for long routes. The packages include 2abs plastic bar plugs and 2 handlebar tape, which can wrap 2-3 handlebars. The installation is easy as you just have to put onto any handlebar, and it also allows you to DIY your bicycle with your favorite colors.  These handlebar tapes add swag because of their classy and shiny finish look. Significant protection is served to the handlebars, and as well as it has long term durability.

The tape is lightweight and slim from both the sides, and you can have excellent traction when the roads are wet because of their absorption and robust grip properties.

  • Provides the customer with high quality
  • Easy installation method
  • It is also convenient to wrap and rewrap
  • It comes in different colors
  • It is shock absorbent
  • Not much durable
  • Do not include adhesive tape
  • It is expensive than other handlebar tapes
  • The length of the tape runs short
  • Tape does not stick well

cutting bike handlebar tape

 What to consider when buying a bike handlebar tape?

 The thickness of the material should be considered first because the handlebar tapes differ in a number of ways as the racing cyclists prefer a thinner low profile bar tape that offers a direct feel of the sensation of being in contact with the road. The cyclist also prefers a comfortable ride, so the handlebar tape should also be viewed according to your comfortability. The non-competitive riders mostly prefer comfort because they do not view it as the professional cyclists do. You should consider the density of the tape also because the weight of the tape also makes a big difference when you travel on long routes. You need your bicycle to be lightweight. So density is an essential factor to consider when shopping for the bicycle handlebar tapes. Adhesiveness is also one of the factors that should be considered because if the handlebar of the bicycle is sticky or the bike tape is peeling off, it is hazardous for your safety, and you need to replace the handlebar tape with a new one. Choose the right tape that is not sticky and is water absorbent. Before buying a handlebar tape, you need to keep the following things in mind:


The main purpose of a handlebar tape is to get a better grip of the handlebar and hence, control the bike really well. A stronger grip also reduces your chances of accident or losing control of the bike or bicycle during speedy rides. These tapes also give your bike a new look. They make your bicycle fancy and funky. Therefore, keep your bicycle use in mind; if it is for leisure activities, for professional races. Other than that, keep the route you use on your bicycle more frequently. If it is less grumpy, you can use a thinner tape, if it is more grumpy, use a thicker tape.


 In terms of price, the bike handlebar tapes come at different prices, having different features. It depends on you which one do you want to buy. The bike handlebar tapes that come in different colors and have a 3D density are more expensive than other bike handlebar tapes.  If you do not frequently go out every day, you do not need 3D handlebar tape and just use a standard one that contains all the essential features you desire for. The professionals need to consider a number of features before buying the tape, and they might want to invest more into it.


 A handlebar tape material can be natural products includes cork or honeycomb leather. That offers a composure and moisturize absorption and a modern, classy, and stylish look it is said that it gives comfort that is for an initial draining in the period. However, nowadays, the handlebar tapes are made from a lightweight and durable synthetic rubber, and outer material is made out of a foam or gel core for cushioning. These rubbers are man-made, and they more reliable and durable than machine-made products, and it aids grip in wet or dry conditions because of its absorbent property. The material appearance varies product to product as the option of retro style smooth perforated surface, or a microfiber feel will add more comfort and while others use raised texture surfaces in style for maximum grip in poor conditions.


The bar tape is available in many different colors, so you can carefully choose the color according to your bicycle and taste. You can choose it according to latest fashion trends to gives a classy look to your bike. The colors that are light will quickly lose their look, and they quickly become stained with sweat and grime. The white tape is now old fashioned and ordinary, and it gets untidy quickly .


 The thickness of the tape depends on how well your bars abstain from road buzz.  Most professional racers might prefer a thinner tape for a direct road feel, so most of the sportive bicycle riders prefer the thinner tape.

The grip:

 Gripping is very important to establish the reliability of  these handlebar tapes because the whole bicycle journey depends on the grip the rider has. They are a significant contact point between your hands  and bicycleAlso, a proper grip is the control of our safety. Water absorbent grips are the best that keeps you safe from slipping, and you can enjoy in rainy weather too.

The padding:

 The padding on the handlebar is significant for comfort. Throughout the ride, the handlebars should be able to cushion the hands, and the padding also reduces the blisters on hand palm and eliminates numbness.



There are different kinds of handlebar tapes available in the market, the most accurate and widely used material in these handlebar tapes are cork and Eva foam. Whichever material suits your bicycle, detailed research should be done about its specifications and price and then decide which bicycle handlebar tape to buy. Choosing among many options is a difficult task, but once you have read the complete article, you can choose the best possible option for your bikes.



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