5+ Best Toddler Bike Helmets: What You May Need to Know

You are looking for a best toddler bike helmets for your kids and have no idea which one to buy?
Which helmet ensures kids’ safety while looks nice? Does it have an affordable price?
Do Just Not Sports have to change the helmet when kids grow up?
Let’s go through this article and find your answers.

Do we have to change the helmet when kids grow up
Baby looks cute with his toddler bike helmet

Top 5 best toddler bike helmets worth your money

Just Not Sport has picked out top 5 good toddler bike helmets on Amazon for your consideration.

Product nameFeature/MaterialBest forRating
KIDS Bike Helmet – Adjustable from Toddler to Youth Size, Ages 3-7 – Durable Kid Bicycle Helmets with Fun Aquatic Design Boys and Girls will LOVE – CPSC Certified for Safety and Comfort – FunWave
  • This CPSC-certified set features shock-absorbing EPS.
  • Lightweight with an integrated visor and 14 vent holes.
  • Fully-adjustable soft straps with the easy-to-release clip.
  • Convenient Fit Dial for vertical and horizontal adjustment.
  • It also includes two padded inserts.
  • Provide warranty for a lifetime and guarantee to give the money back within 60 days.
Kids aged 3 to 7 years old5/5
Joovy Noodle Helmet Small, Red
  • 2 sizes available: Small (18.5″ – 20.5”) and Medium (20.5” – 22”).
  • 14 air vents.
  • Vision is extended for maximum protection, nylon straps, pinch guard chin strap.
  • Meets CPSC standards.
Kids aged 1 – 3 years old4,5/5
Paw Patrol Toddler Helmet
  • Dial fit offers 100% adjustability for larger or smaller heads.
  • Top and front vents to keep little heads cool and comfortable.
  • Large Internal pad system for optimal comfort.
  • Lower molded shell for protection from drops and everyday use.
Kids aged 3 above4,5/5
Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet
  • Built-in visor and a pinch-proof buckle.
  • Microshell with a built-in bug net.
  • Mini Loc fit system.
  • 6 vents.
Babies under 1-year-old4/5
XJD Toddler Helmet Kids Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified, Impact Resistance Ventilation Multi-Sports, Roller Bicycle BMX Skateboard Sport Helmet
  • CPSC CE certification.
  • 11 top and side vents keep user cool and comfortable.
  • Material: ABS shell resists impact and high-density EPS inner shell and soft liner.
  • Provided by the crank adjustment dial, and length-adjustable chin straps.
  • The circumference of the helmet is 48cm-54cm/ 18.89”-21.26”
Kids aged 3 – 8 years old3,5/5

#1. KIDS Bike Helmet – Adjustable from Toddler to Youth Size, Ages 3-7 – Durable Kid Bicycle Helmets with Fun Aquatic Design Boys and Girls will LOVE – CPSC Certified for Safety and Comfort – FunWave

[img_products img_code=”81SNCY1LC0L” alt=”KIDS Bike Helmet – Adjustable from Toddler to Youth Size, Ages 3-7 – Durable Kid Bicycle Helmets with Fun Aquatic Design Boys and Girls will LOVE – CPSC Certified for Safety and Comfort – FunWave” star_class=”star-5″ code=”B06XF3TQCH” reviews=”245+”]


  • Designed with Comfort in Mind.
  • No more rough straps that scratch and clips that pinch.
  • Not only that, but the FunWave helmet also features 14 carefully placed vent holes, keeping your child’s head much cooler than other helmets!
  • Why buy a toddler-sized helmet and then have to buy another helmet a few years later? You get two padded inserts with your FunWave helmet – one that fits toddlers ages 3-5, and another that fits children ages 5-7.
  • You’re covered with a lifetime manufacturer warranty against defects.
[wps_row][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Pros:
[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#81d742″]
  • Definitely worth the price.
  • It has a little gear in the back to make the helmet looser or tighter and comes with extra pads for the inside of the helmet.
  • It fits children’s head well and is easily adjustable.
  • The straps under the chin adjust easily and help to hold the helmet in place.
[/wps_lists][/wps_column][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Cons:
[wps_lists icon=”exclamation” icon_color=”#dd3333″]
  • The straps are hard to adjust, and it doesn’t fit snugly. Even if it’s set at the right circumference for the head, it wobbles a lot.
  • The cushion inside the helmet is not enough. There is a plastic wire on the sides of the helmet that gets tighten above the ears when the fit dial is adjusted.
  • It seems too large. After adjusting it still slides off to the side and doesn’t stay in the place like the other helmets do.
[/wps_lists][link_af code=”B06XF3TQCH”][/wps_column][/wps_row]

#2. Joovy Noodle Helmet Small, Red

[img_products img_code=”71MRjQziCPL” alt=”Joovy Noodle Helmet Small, Red” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B00HB0Y0Z8″ reviews=”599+”]


  • For children 1 – 4 years old with a head size between 18.5″ – 20.5″. Adjustable fit dial to tighten or loosen, padded chin strap, 4 points of contact, extra pads.
  • Extended visor for maximum protection, 14 air vents with integrated bug mesh in the front vents.
  • Meets CPSC Standards.
  • 6 Bright Colors: Blueberry, Red, Green, Orange, Pink, or Black.
[wps_row][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Pros:
[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#81d742″]
  • High-quality material, sturdy and adjustable with a dial on the back.
  • Protect the skull and upper neck of your kid.
  • The straps are tight and stuck deep inside the helmet.
  • No irritation due to the thick cushion with ventilation holes, soft pads on the chin strap.
[/wps_lists][/wps_column][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Cons:
[wps_lists icon=”exclamation” icon_color=”#dd3333″]
  • Some reviewers said it’s not fit with children who have big heads (19.69 inches).
[/wps_lists][link_af code=”B00HB0Y0Z8″][/wps_column][/wps_row]

#3. Paw Patrol Toddler Helmet

[img_products img_code=”91b4NeMoQtL” alt=”Paw Patrol Toddler Helmet” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B010E2AXCS” reviews=”299+”]


  • Fun Paw Patrol graphic.
  • Made for Toddlers.
  • Dial-Fit-System allows the rider to simply turn the dial at the back of the helmet, and instantly provide a custom fit.
  • Outer helmet shell keeps kids safe while bike riding.
  • Top vents keep heads cool for more air circulation.
[wps_row][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Pros:
[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#81d742″]
  • Meet the safety criteria.
  • The little lip on the helmet keeps a safer distance from objects.
  • The straps and head settings were all adjustable and did require strap cutting to get it to a good size on children’s head.
[/wps_lists][/wps_column][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Cons:
[wps_lists icon=”exclamation” icon_color=”#dd3333″]
  • Some reviewers said it broke unprompted after just 5 months.
  • The piece inside that fastens the piece just came off after sitting on the scooter.
  • Quite small.
[/wps_lists][link_af code=”B010E2AXCS”][/wps_column][/wps_row]

#4. Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

[img_products img_code=”51NJY3e%2B%2B9L” alt=”Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B008Z9H77M” reviews=”869+”]


  • Many colors to choose for your kids’ style: yellow chicks, aviator pigs, pink bunnies, and red duck and goose.
  • The helmet has 20 vents to help to keep your child’s head cool.
  • Mini-Loc™ fit system features simple strap guides and adjusts to fit little heads.
  • There’s soft padding inside that feels great and a built-in visor for a bit of shade.
  • This helmet is adjustable. It’s sized for infants and toddlers with heads measuring 18.75 to 20.5 inches in diameter.
  • Microshell construction with a built-in bug net and visor.
[wps_row][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Pros:
[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#81d742″]
  • It’s really easy to adjust.
  • Customers like to fidget with the air vents and feel the texture change between the plastic and styrofoam.
[/wps_lists][/wps_column][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Cons:
[wps_lists icon=”exclamation” icon_color=”#dd3333″]
  • After a few of uses, the black plastic strap fell off.
  • The inner band which cinches around the head is attached to the helmet itself with velcro pads.
[/wps_lists][link_af code=”B008Z9H77M”][/wps_column][/wps_row]

#5. XJD Toddler Helmet Kids Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified, Impact Resistance Ventilation Multi-Sports, Roller Bicycle BMX Skateboard Sport Helmet

[img_products img_code=”51goQGXY2dL” alt=”XJD Toddler Helmet Kids Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified, Impact Resistance Ventilation Multi-Sports, Roller Bicycle BMX Skateboard Sport Helmet” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B077B1L9PY” reviews=”25+”]


  • Material: ABS outer shell, EPS inner shell, soft liner.
  • 11 vents hole will make kids feel cool even while intense movement.
  • Adjusting the strap and buckle when feeling too tight or too loose, it’s comfortable for children to wear.
  • Color: Red, Black, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue.
[wps_row][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Pros:
[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#81d742″]
  • Great quality, the color of products are exactly as pictured.
  • The helmet is very adjustable on the straps as well as in the back.
  • Perfect and safe.
[/wps_lists][/wps_column][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Cons:
[wps_lists icon=”exclamation” icon_color=”#dd3333″]
  • Some reviewer said it’s small and quite short.
  • Not recommended on wearing on a bike or power wheel.
[/wps_lists][link_af code=”B077B1L9PY”][/wps_column][/wps_row]

Is a toddler bicycle helmet necessary?

Generally, helmets are recommended for carrier usage by manufacturers and governing bodies, although local cultural practices may vary depending on perceived risks.
Helmets are recommended because it is still possible to crash or even roll a trailer, just as it is possible to crash on a bicycle, even if you are riding slowly and in quiet areas.
While children should be wearing seat belts within the carrier/trailer, the structures would not provide adequate protection against head injuries, making helmets the last line of defense against a head injury in the case of a crash.
Some evidence, used by the pro-helmet lobby, shows that helmets have been effective in reducing potential injury to a young cyclist’s head/brain in the event of a fall or impact with an object
Brain injury is devastating and we believe it is not worth leaving it to chance – Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust.
Therefore, helmets are best suited to providing protection during low-speed impacts. As a child is learning to ride, this is precisely the type of fall they are likely to have.

Are the Best Toddler Bike Helmets necessary?
Having fun no worries

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How to choose toddler bicycle helmet?


Totally, helmets could be not “one-size-fits-all”, but fit a range of head circumferences.
In order to make sure that the helmet will fit with your kid, you must measure your kid’s head prior to purchasing a helmet.
To measure your child’s head, use a soft tape measure and measure the circumference of their head one inch above their eyebrows (the thickest part of their head). Find a helmet that includes this number in its size range.
Adjusting your kid’s helmet to ensure a proper fit is just as essential as making sure your kid is wearing one.
A poorly adjusted helmet can fall off or move around, greatly reducing the helmet’s ability to offer protection during a crash.
To sum up, helmets should be placed squarely on top of the head (not tilting forward or back) and remain in place when a child shakes his head.

Number of air vents

Air vents will allow fresh air to circulate around your baby or toddlers head while you are bike riding.
The air circulation will help prevent your baby’s head from becoming hot and uncomfortable during the ride.
Believe us, you don’t want to be around a toddler who is hot, sweaty and irritated! While all modern day toddler helmets will come equipped with air vents, some will have more than others. More air vents mean better circulation.
It is a simple as that.
If you live in a hot environment, more vents are very appreciated.
In addition, some toddler helmets come with an integrated bug mesh to help stop bugs from flying into the vents.

CPSC/ASTM Safety Certifications

Before deciding to buy any helmet, look for and make sure it has the CPSC sticker inside the helmet. CPSC stands for the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
What does it mean?
The CPSC sticker confirms the helmet has met safety standards which all helmet makers must comply with.
Although you may notice that the CPSC stickers vary from helmet to helmet, this is because CPSC doesn’t maintain the one-sticker-fit-all policy.

The adjustability

To ensure accurate fits, the majority of the helmets feature a plastic cage on the interior of the helmet that adjusts to toddler’s head.
Note that not all helmets offer an interior enclosure for variability. Toddlers heads vary, choose a helmet that allows adjustments.
The adjustments can be:

  • Pad width adjustments: That comes with pads of different thickness that one inserts before putting on the helmet.
  • Traditional Dial-Adjust: It is customary and has a dial which adjusts on turning it. A helmet with this adjustment has the dial at the back.
  • Lazer self-adjust: The adjustment is automatic through a tension wire built in the interior plastic housing. It provides a perfect fit.
How to choose toddler bike helmet
Do we look so cool?

How to make sure that the helmet will fit kids?

When your kids put on their bicycle helmet, make a quick checklist as below:

  • First, you check the helmet’s chin straps to see if your baby should feel fit and comfortable or not. At the same time, watch the straps stay balanced and fit snugly against your baby’s ears.
  • Next, try turning the helmet up and down, right or left to see if it’s tight or not.
  • Tell your child to open the mouth and ask if he/she can feel that the strap is down and the helmet is pushing down on his head or not.
  • A helmet with a proper position on the head is placed evenly on the hair of the kid and covers the small upper part of the forehead.
  • You can measure the distance of the helmet bottom edge and the child eyebrows are about 2-4cm or ask your child if he/she can see the bottom edge when looking upward or not.
  • Finally, you fasten the helmet for your child, then ask “Can you hear my voice and see the road clearly?”
How to make sure that the helmet will fit kids
Good kids with good helmets

A few last words

Hopefully, this article is helpful for you when choosing full your kid’s toddler bike.
A good toddler bike helmet will ensure your kid’s safety when having fun on their bikes.
And now, why don’t you go to the nearest shop and pick your kid’s toddler bike helmet?

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