Top 7+ Best Single Speed Bikes 2020: Which you Need !

Ever wonder why would you need a complicated bike?

If you can manage with a simple one gear bike, there probably is no need for investing in fancy ones.
Just Not Sports are here to discuss fixie bikes that were created during the early years of bicycle designing.

So, this article will help you choose the best single speed bikes 2020

As of late, the “fixie” has turned into a mainstream substitute among urban cyclists, offering the upside of straightforwardness contrasted and the standard multi-equipped bike.

Fixed Gear Bike Buying Guide

Top 7+ Best Single Speed Bikes of 2020 Reviews:

Here is a rundown of the best fixies in trade.

Yes, here is a typical example of speedy ones:

But you need Bike Size Chart: How to choose the Right Bicycle ( 3 Step )

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

[img_products img_code=”81mw4sLxw4L” alt=”6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle” star_class=”star-4″

code=”B018NVRCBM” reviews=”259+”]

6KU is a major name in the settled rigging bicycle world now, and it’s understandable. They are a dedicated organization that has been into quality manufacturing. Their products are available within a budget and available fixies are certainly valued, and they’ve been exceptionally fruitful with it so far. The Urban Track features raised bars instead of drop bars for the snappy route through your city.

The Urban Track’s watch emerges with a conspicuous track plan, marginally calculated back chainstay and flat tubes. This bicycle is laden with highlights, like replaceable smooth welds, tempered steel dropouts, and strong aluminum frames.


  • Utilize this bicycle for recreational driving, or as a regular method for transportation; the inclusion is ideal in any case, and it is shockingly agreeable
  • Hardened steel dropouts and a 1 ⅛” compound fork combination
  • The casing is produced using 6061 aluminum combination with smooth welds that give the casing an exceptionally smooth and top of the line look
  • Delicate and strong elastic BMX-style holds enhance guiding and comfort
  • 6KU structures and fabricates their own bikes with a lot of monitoring and have the finest quality control


  • Assembling needed, which could be a turn-off
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Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

[img_products img_code=”81oNjGBTPxL” alt=”Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B01858VQVK” reviews=”188+”]

Harper bikes are known for their fixie bikes that are wonderful, reasonable, and lightweight. It’s completely decked out with high-quality components and furnished with a flip-flop that gives you freedom to ride. Critical Cycles is an in excess of a typical single speed performing bicycle, standard for suburbanites and biking aficionados. Its hardness and structure make this street bicycle a standout amongst the most flexible bicycles for a large number of riders.

Harper considers quality is important, which is the reason they put more exertion into picking parts for bikes. Mention has to be made about the Critical Cycles that has been outfitted with twofold braking. You will have more control over your hauling and your drive with a front and a back braking technique. Thus it keeps you safe!


  • A Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike is straightforward, lightweight, and needs no support
  • This makes riding an exercise since you are in movement and working out
  • The Harper Single-Speed or Fixed-Gear has a standard flip-flop point, so you can ride with a solitary speed or freewheel
  • Riser handlebars get you into a vertical riding position and it is more agreeable in the long run, as well as better for your back
  • The Harper single-speed or fixie is intended for strength


  • They can put up a better customer service
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Pure Cycles Original Fixie Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

[img_products img_code=”71lie-L8OLL” alt=”Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Bicycle” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B006CFDKAY” reviews=”149+”]

The Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Bike is an incredible case of what present-day fixies ought to be, joining a vital structure with perfect segments that offer a high measure of productivity and provision. In a general sense, basically fun with the Urban Fixie Road Bike begins with a rich urban geometry outline produced using tough high elastic steel and takes off with the flip-tumble raise center point — empowering you to ride with grace.

The Original is really available in 30 distinctive shades. The casing of the Original is produced using high-ten steel, uses urban geometry with a straight fork, and even dropouts. Its drivetrain comprises of an amalgam center with a fixed orientation, keeping the internal operations free of earth and dampness. It isn’t the lightest you’ll experience, yet at the same time especially is adequate.


  • A velodrome-style saddle offers a decent blend of hustling feel and comfort
  • This is combined with a composite riser handlebar that enables the rider to keep up a forceful riding position with additional back support
  • Rubber grasps give a suitable measure of non-abrasiveness, while likewise guaranteeing a solid, secure directing feel
  • Moreover, the asking price is quite affordable


  • This bike can be somewhat unstable while being utilized on urban roads that aren’t as smooth
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Retrospec Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike with Pursuit Bullhorn Bars

[img_products img_code=”811KOYj9xbL” alt=”Retrospec Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike with Pursuit Bullhorn Bars” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B011BC9DB2″ reviews=”129+”] Critical Cycles and their commitment to putting out entirely reasonable fixed gear bicycles that far outflank is quite remarkable. The Pursuit is one of their increasingly well-known bicycles, and it doesn’t take long to perceive any reason why that is. This bicycle offers a genuine fixie encounter, and even has the cool bullhorn look that was at first extremely normal for fixies converted (by hand) on old street bikes.

The Pursuit has strong parts and is very appealing in reality. It has that vintage street bicycle look, essential hues, and obviously, the bullhorn handlebar. It begins with the edge. Handmade utilizing high-ductile steel, with flat dropouts, a track-affected structure, and an exceptionally strong fork. In spite of being steel, the Pursuit still figures out how to keep its weight low. By and large, there is an equalization of style and execution in this model for sure.


  • The Pursuit offers both settled rigging and freewheel riding all made conceivable with a fixed cartridge center point
  • Bullhorn handlebar supports an increasingly forceful riding style by inclining advances
  • Steel seat post handles the seating viewpoint
  • The Pursuit’s wheelset is exceptionally strong
  • The casing is steel, however, the load isn’t absurd


  • Focus segment of the handlebars is somewhat longer

Golden Cycles Fixie with Deep V Rims

[img_products img_code=”71h4Nphr60L” alt=”Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike with Front & Rear Brakes” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B01B5H1A7S” reviews=”48+”] Golden Cycles is a range for the accomplished rider and everyday suburbanites. Joined with speed, style, and reasonableness, the single-speed bike is the ideal form that enables you to ride with a single gear. This bicycle isn’t just high in quality, yet additionally comes at a reasonable cost.

It has to be added that products are outfitted with a flip flop center point. Riding freewheel enables you to drift and jo