Top 8+ Best Road Bike Saddles: (May 2020)

Width, shape, padding, the flexibility of the hull, performance, etc. There are many criteria to take into account when finding the best road bike saddles that best fit the morphology of the cyclist that you are.

The choice of a bike saddle is very individual and complex. Everyone has their own morphology and position on the bike, so it’s hard to know to generalize the most suitable kind of saddle for all. Here are some tracks to help you make the best choice.How to Choose A Best Road Bike Saddle
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Top 8 Road Bike Saddles with Hundreds of Positive Feedback

The choice and adjustment of a saddle are very personal: test several models and several settings to find the one that suits you. Choose a saddle that matches your anatomy and riding position for comfortable riding.

To help you with that, Just Not Sports have selected here top high-quality road bike saddles.


If you’ve got deep pockets and an interest in the trend of new stubby saddles which are popular right now, this dimension neck saddle from Italian firm Prologo might tickle your fancy.

If you like riding fast and always find yourself on the nose of the saddle then you will like this short-nose one.

It’s comfortable and the wider rear gives you something to really push against and get the power out of your legs. You’ll find the shape of the saddle and the planning offers a decent balance of comfort and support. It looks great, feels great and is very well made.


  • Excellent value for money for demanding cyclists.
  • Very nice finish.
  • Great look
  • Expected comfort of a pro saddle.


  • Requests a few hours of adaptation and a fine-tuning.


If you have no qualms of paying a little extra, this dimension neck is a brilliant saddle. The new FIZIC ARIONE R1 is a lightweight saddle that provides comfort while still maintain enough stability to allow you to transfer power efficiently to the pedals.

The Arione is a classic you might already have one but what’s new here is the pressure relief channel. Lots of cyclists like saddles with this sort of channel so the Italian company has responded to that level of demands.

The Fizic Arione R1 Versus Evo is a high-end option for riders with plenty of flexibility. If normal saddles leave you feeling uncomfortable, this might provide the pressure relief that you need.


  • Lightweight
  • Relatively comfortable
  • Good relief channel


  • Pricy


The specialized ruby expert saddle is made for superior performance on long rides. It’s slim, racy looking and well made.

The smooth matte cover is made from the water-resistant micro matrix. It’s also very well made with every bit neatly finished.

It’s made of a carbon reinforced shell combined with hollow titanium rails and is decent if not super lightweight. There are different width choices to see which suits you best.

The Specialized Ruby even has a special device for measuring sit bone to the size you up with the right saddle and it works really well. It isn’t a cheap saddle but if you find it comforting that a price tag can be quickly forgotten.


  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Comes in three width
  • 30 day-period  exchange


  • Quiet light padding


The fabric scoop is an increasingly popular saddle. It’s a good aftermarket upgrade choice. Different versions are available – this one is aimed at leisure commuter and off-road riders who adopt an upright position. So it has three gel inserts covering the three main pressure points.

The seat is made from a durable waterproof microfiber which makes it very practical because it doesn’t absorb water and wipes clean. And it doesn’t scuff very easily either.

So everything being considered, the scoop is super comfy, well made, sleek and a good value saddle for those with a wider sit bone.


  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Lots of options


  • Lack of versatility


The Bontrager Montrose Pro saddle looks great and it’s very well assembled. It’s intended for race position use. It’s low weight and minimally good looking. It’s well made – and the covering of US man-made soft touch microfiber proves resilient and hard to wear down.

Relatively stiff shell and rails mean very little loss of power transferred to the pedals or comfort from the cutaway and sloping wings are very impressive.

So you should choose the Montrose if you want a good-looking and high-quality light saddle but works well in a racing position.


  • A variety of widths to choose
  • Easy to set up
  • Great looks
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Nose can be obtrusive for some


The distinctive Brooks Cambium saddle is wonderfully comfortable. It’s a fusion of classic ideas and modern materials. You know, Brooks is famous for its traditional leather saddles, the Cambium is different.

Instead of a sheet of leather across the ends of the rails, Brooks is using a combination of vulcanized natural rubber cotton canvas and structural textile from the top as well as the flexible slightly stretchy rubber top.

The movement helps prevent chafing which is always a bonus. the construction creates a superbly comfortable saddle. It probably won’t satisfy everyone but most people that have tried one have never looked back.

The bottom line is that this is the most immediate and enduring the comfortable saddle. This isn’t a saddle for white weenies though but a lighter carbon version is available if you’re feeling particularly flush.


  • Comfortable
  • Classic look
  • Different materials available


  • Oval rails will not fit all seat clamps


This is the fabric ALM saddle. It is insanely light. It’s one piece of carbon fiber rails seamlessly integrated into the carbon shell. A microfiber cover and a layer of padding provide you an additional degree of comfort.

The ALM differs from a conventional rail as the shape they’ve been flattened at both the nose and also the rear of the saddle.

It has also factored in an additional degree of flex at the nose of the saddle, where you need a little bit more comfort. But additional lateral stiffness at the back of the saddle to minimize hip deflection.

The mounting points are the extremities of the saddle giving the maximum room for deflection.

Carbon leaf springs work in tandem with the shell to give just the right amount room in the shell to make a truly comfortable carbon saddle.

The saddle is designed for riders that put more force through the pedals than they do through their backsides and correspondingly. There isn’t all that much padding on there but more comfort at the nose.


  • Super comfortable
  • Sturdy build
  • Decent price


  • Not built for head-down speed


100% hand-crafted and manufactured in Italy, SMP saddles are the result of 15 years of aerodynamic and postural studies to offer high-end saddles, comfortable, aerodynamic, and adapted to different morphologies.

The characteristic shape of the “beak” saddle is designed to provide a flat base for seated effort when faced with long climbs and as in descents, offering greater control of the bike with the thighs.

The length of the bars/chassis allows anyone to find a correct position in the saddle, making the installation particularly simple and effective on any combination chassis/upright of the saddle.

Whatever the position adopted by the cyclist, it avoids the compression of the perineal structures.

Studied to allow the cyclist to adopt, with maximum comfort and without crushing the urogenital area, extremely low positions on the handlebars that cause a porno-rotation of the high basin. It is an excellent base for push pedaling.

The saddle offers the widest range of adjustment and allows anyone to identify the perfect positioning at the front or back of the seat, just like on a custom bike.


  • Comfortable seat for long distance riding
  • Affordable prices and
  • Lots of options to  choose from


  • Heavy

How to Choose Top Bike Saddle?

#1: Choose Your Seat According To The Position Of The Back

The choice of your saddle depends on your position on your bike:

  • For a comfort position (90 degrees): Just Not Sports recommend a very wide saddle with gel.
  • For a sport comfort position (60 degrees): We recommend a medium saddle that will provide you with an alternative between rear comfort and too much pressure on the front of the seat.
  • For a sports position (30 degrees): Just Not Sports recommend a narrow saddle with a thinner beak to avoid pressure on the perineum.

#2: Large Saddle or Narrow Seat: What is The Difference?

The saddle must be adapted to the cyclist’s posture, his anatomy and his use of the bike. It should also allow proper distribution of your weight on the bike.

A narrow saddle is suitable for a forward-facing position such as sitting on a race bike or mountain bike where the handlebars are significantly lower than the saddle.

The narrow saddle limits friction and distributes weight between the handlebars and the saddle. If you use an ATV or a race bike for city trips, keep a relatively narrow seat.

City and VTC bicycles adopt a seated upright position for relaxed driving with the handlebars being higher than the saddle. In this case, you should choose a wide saddle or XL because the entire weight of your body rests on the saddle.

Expanding the contact area distributes the pressure over the entire saddle and thus reduces any pain.

#3: A Wider Saddle For Women

Women generally have a larger pool than men. It is, therefore, necessary to opt for a saddle adapted to the female morphology and choose a wider saddle.

#4: Seat Gel and Foam Saddle

Generally equipped with a waterproof and lightweight plastic coating, plastic saddles offer good value for money. To absorb the vibrations, they are padded with high-density foam or gel inserts, offering flexibility and comfort.

The necessary level of Comfort also depends on the time you spend on your bike. You need a more comfortable saddle if you travel a daily journey of several kilometers. The comfort may be less if you use your bike to go shopping from time to time.

To make your bike saddle even more comfortable, you can equip it with a seat-post on the shock absorber. This suspension absorbs shocks and roughness of the road when you do not have a rear suspension.

#5: Seat Cover Gel: A Plus for Your Comfort

Featuring vibration-absorbing anatomic gel inserts, the saddle cover is a complementary accessory that also makes a saddle more comfortable.

The saddle cover is particularly suitable for occasional use of the bike. If you practice cycling more intensely, think of changing the saddle model, it will then accompany you for several hundred kilometers!
8 Best Road Bike Saddles with Hundreds of Positive Feedback

Which is OKAY for You to Buy?

Each brand has its own good points, but the saddle is not just a seat. It is better to test the product before buying but remember that several things come into play: saddle height, size of your pelvis, the width of the spacing between the thighs, the width of the two ischia and the positioning on the bike.

With these elements, you should be able to choose the best saddle to equip your road bike.

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