4+ Best Mountain Bike Pedals This Year 2020

Might as well said, the bike has become our companion, the friend that takes us to adventures mentally and physically for our minds.
As the holiday season approaching, perhaps it is time to have a little gift for our friend. Come with us as we explore the treat section for our buddies, shall we?
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Come to the shop, they have every little thing that Just Not Sports could imagine. Good looking helmets, bar handles, tires, funky wheel spokes,….they have it all.
But, today, Justnotsports.com are going to treat our bike to something fabulous, a pair of nice pedals. Perhaps referred as the best flat pedals for your mountain bike, as of 2018.

Top-rated the Best MTB Pedals 2020

Product nameFeaturesOur rating
Chester MTB Pedals – RaceFace– Polycarbonate Body
– Metal axle
4 out of 5
Polyamide Bike Pedal – Imrider– Polyamide Construction
– Central Metal Axle
5 out of 5
Universal Pedal – BeautyStar– Magnesium Body
– Comfortable Design
4.5 out of 5
Pedals – RockBros– Modular Metal Design3.5 out of 5

1. Chester Flat Pedals by RaceFace

Quick summary

First on the list is RaceFace, listed for sale in just a blink under 50$ as the number 1 best selling.
[img_products img_code=”41FBxRMG3yL” alt=”Chester MTB Pedals by RaceFace” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B018J1J6SI” reviews=”747+”] As the best pair of pedals voted by Amazon customers, we are curious about their capabilities.
But, for certain, Just Not Sports can tell that it is going to worth our hard earned cash by pennies.
Design: The Chester pedal composed of plastic with metal axle support. It sports a simplistic and subtle design language, yet still remains appeal to customers.
Coral Blue, which is surprisingly nice for someone who preferred the cleanliness of simplicity.
Also, there is no doubt that these will catch the eyes of others with their arrays of colors. Simplistic Black, Mysterious Purple, Pumping Yellow…. no slouch, all are covered.
Personally, Just Not Sports will treat our bikes with Coral Blue. What are you gearing up toward?
Functionality, what to say? Have to agree with all the folks on Amazon, they did not cut any corners here.
Light yet sturdy, stiff, durable are just a few gibs of these pedals. Personally, it performs like an angel, smooth, fluent in every movement you throw at them throughout the turn.
The first noticeable benefit is traction, our feet do not budge an inch!
Through all the obstacles that we tried to put it through, it just refuses to give up the love for our feet. The performance these pedals give is outstanding, total control as we strolled through the curvy corner, the feelings are indescribable, you have to see to believe.
Yet to have chances to put them through the rocky fields, regardless, the reviews tell us that these will just chew off track like candy bars. And with the personal records, pretty sure it can perform off its premises.
Value: a good investment.
Pricing, a hard one, 50$ is not a huge investment, but not a small one also for just a pair of pedals. With all the experienced, we will agree on this, pulling our pocket out, they deliver on expectation, basic pedals that just serve you, regardless of the location you want to put your bikes through. And, sure this will be on our Santa list.
Drawbacks are kind of a toss-up with this one, it based greatly on personal opinion. Performance is solids for our needs, but, a little touch up of metal emphasizing on the corners would be nice. Maybe a price slash can pull these much further.
[wps_row][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Pros:
[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#81d742″]

  • Great design
  • Unbelievable Grip
[/wps_lists][/wps_column][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Cons:
[wps_lists icon=”exclamation” icon_color=”#dd3333″]
  • Highest Price out of all
[/wps_lists][link_af code=”B018J1J6SI”][/wps_column][/wps_row]

2. Lightweight Polyamide Flat Pedal by Imrider

Quick summary

On a budget? Then consider the contender from Imrider, Lightweight Polyamide Bike Pedals. Seriously, it’s a bargain if you favor durable plastic pedals.
[img_products img_code=”71g6YyE%2BY0L” alt=”Lightweight Polyamide Bike Pedals by Imrider” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B01ILX7OGA” reviews=”479+”] Design: Polyamide Body, with metal axle
The contender from Imrider has a polyamide body, with simple color choices.
About the looks, still, suitable for someone who preferred simplicity at its finest.
If you do not favor for the matte look on the RaceFace, then you may be on the other side of the fence with the glossy finish on this one.
Be careful, this one is going to draw some attention as your pedals shine out on the road.
For the testing period, Just Not Sports went with the Slick Black color scheme, but, the variety is there for your needs of any personalization.
Sure enough, your bike will be the one that stands out under a sunny day.
In addition, no matter what your tastes are, Imrider will overwhelm you with the option they have. Feeling blue, then go for the Coral, want to shake up some colors for your life, then go with the Orange and Pearly Pink sure will put a smile on your face and even your bike.
Functionality: Substantial Grip,
Similar to the previous one, it makes me wonder. Is gripping to your feet like bubblegum nature to plastic made pedals.
These pedals just refuse to let go, no matter what kind of shoes we may use. Sports, casual, running, combat…., someone even tried to pull off riding with leather dress shoes, and yet, these pedals still adhere to their feet
Also, the retaining studs, good thing first. Intrusive at it is, cannot thank them enough for the rainy days.
Throw anything at it, rain, mud, rocks….named it, these studs can be disturbing, speaking from personal experience, a savior during the wet season. Do not just take our word for it, try it, and thank us later.
The quirks, honestly these complaints are kind of unfair for the offered price. So, the studs are thanked for the rainy days, be cautious since its edges are sharp and can easily create marks and injuries.
Value: great pedals with some drawbacks
Smoothness, low pricing also comes with average component, durability is substantial, but then we notice some disturbances around the bearings in the review section. So, bear in mind on that.
The third is branding, do not get us wrong, this product from Imrider is solid. However, we almost backed out from this deal just because of the finicky brand with no contact info whatsoever.
Pricing, there’s not much to say about this. A major deal from a personal perspective, throughout a week of testing, certainly, it has downsides. For a bit over 20$, you can get a whole lot of quality for your money.
[wps_row][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Pros:
[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#81d742″]

  • Sturdy Design
  • Incredible Traction
  • Good Pricing
[/wps_lists][/wps_column][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Cons:
[wps_lists icon=”exclamation” icon_color=”#dd3333″]
  • Rough Bearings
  • Unpopular Branding
  • Poorly Machined Studs
[/wps_lists][link_af code=”B01ILX7OGA”][/wps_column][/wps_row]

3. Universal Flat Pedal by BeautyStar

Quick summary

Parted from plastic, we continue surfing the market for a metal built. Settled on these for a tryout, the first impression from afar that it looks good, and so we come closer and have some insights.
[img_products img_code=”71QutB2AShL” alt=”Universal Bike Pedals by BeautyStar” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B074PPSBGL” reviews=”47+”] Designs: Metal Construction, Solid Build,
Pedals of BeautyStar takes metal as their approach to constructing the pedals.
Manufactured from one piece of metal, choices are limited to the simplicity of Black and White. Of course, we went for the casual black. Right away we feel the difference between metal and plastic, and you will agree with us on this one.
The magnesium body presented the sturdy and stable feeling just by looking at it. Also, we were able to trick bystanders about the “premium” pricing, the appearance of it screams high-end. You will have a good time porting these, we can reassure you on that.
Functionality: quirky in a comfortable way
The shape of the design boasts some benefits to the product.
It feels different, in a good sense. We were caught surprised by the comfort the pedals bring.
Once you tried it on, you going to like it, we can reassure that. The firm grip around edges and a comforting feeling in the central part of your feet.
Have to mention the wide surface, supports by the threaded studs, these grab your feet and hold on, no matter what the conditions are.
Value: Great Pricing with minor drawbacks.
Okay, these pedals are not perfect either. Us and the others buyers are just completely baffled with letter stamping of the model.
Directly on the axle are “BeautyStar” instead of the model number, the placement, and font threw off the product completely, making it appear the “cheap-ish”.
[wps_row][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Pros:
[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#81d742″]

  • Metal Construction
  • Generally Comfortable Grip
[/wps_lists][/wps_column][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Cons:
[wps_lists icon=”exclamation” icon_color=”#dd3333″]
  • Inconsistent Branding,
[/wps_lists][link_af code=”B074PPSBGL”][/wps_column][/wps_row]

4. MTB Pedals Platform by RockBros

Quick summary

So on the final leg of the journey, we tried this one from RockBros. The product looks solid, appealing. But does have its ups and downs.
[img_products img_code=”71d2c%2B0aYQL” alt=”Mountain Bike Pedals Platform by RockBros” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B073PXJ5NT” reviews=”131+”] Designs: Appearance, truthfully, Just Not Sports chose this one just cause it looks great on the bike. Perhaps, it was not for us, so, stay considerate.
Want to change off the look for casual riding, then go ahead, this one is a win for the money. It will surely create lots of visual changes to the character of your bike.
Functionality: A great pair of pedals for limited usage.
On casual rides, we had quite a comfortable experience, traction was acceptable. It suits all type of footwear. For us, we just hop on whenever we feel like going out, cruising along.
Performance, to be perfectly honest, it just was not suitable for us. The fitment and the smoothness are acceptable.
But, it does not hold up with its modular design, a minor hit on a curb can jeopardize the entire pedal and even your injure your feet. So, Just Not Sports suggest you stay off these for any venture outside of town.
Value: appealing, but not a performer
Pricing and quality, Justnotsports.com have to pull back on this one. Truthfully, we were not convinced with the product, components are well manufactured and assembled. But, it just not cut for our hobbies.
Our words are not finals, you are just strolling around then it would be perfect.
[wps_row][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Pros:
[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#81d742″]

  • Beautiful Metal Design
  • Modification Capabilities
  • Comfort for casual rides
[/wps_lists][/wps_column][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Cons:
[wps_lists icon=”exclamation” icon_color=”#dd3333″]
  • Fragile
  • unstable design.
[/wps_lists][link_af code=”B073PXJ5NT”][/wps_column][/wps_row] Tips to choose your the best mountain bike flat pedals

Tips to choose your flat pedals

To have the best experience riding, personally, Just Not Sports think that the chosen pedals must satisfy the followings:

  1. It has to make the bike “pop”, giving it the bike the designated characteristic that represents you.
  2. It has to perform like a champ, sticking to your feet like octopus while smoothly rolling along with the rotation of the wheels.
  3. Last but not least, it has to be a bang for the buck for what they offered, because, admit it, Santa does have a budget.

Just like us, maybe you are also hunting on the market, searching for a perfect one but then got overwhelmed by all the choices.
So, after wobbling around, we have something to share with you based on the designs, functionality, and value. We will go into details with each product
If you are in favor of basics plastic made pedals, then check out product 1, 2. If your preferences are metals, then come to the 3rd and the 4th.
Top-rated the Best Flat Mountain Bike Pedals 2018

In the end…

Listed above are our chosen contenders for the good flat pedals for the mountain bike. Hope Justnotsports.com helped you out a bit, it was a long journey to have these words.
Each of the above contenders has their premises and also shortcomings. However, Just Not Sports left the final decision to you. Do choose your product freely while considering your needs.
Santa is just around the corner, which one will you put in the socks for your bike?

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