Top 5 Best Mountain Bikes Under 200: Cheap but Extremely Good

When it comes to mountain bikes, many people think that they have to spend thousands of dollars to get a good one. While quality comes with the price, you can find affordable yet qualified models.
No need to look elsewhere, bikerseason would give you a list of five best mountain bikes under 200 right here. Each item offers different features and highlights that would make it easier for you to choose from.
Let’s see what they have to offer.
how to choose best mountain bikes under 200

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Top-Rated Best Mountain Bikes under 200 Reviews of 2020

  1   Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike


Product Specifications

  • Frame: 26-inch aluminum MTB
  • Fork: 65mm Suspension
  • Brake: Front Disc and Rear Linear Pull Brake
  • Wheel: Alloy Wheel Rims
  • Shifters: Shimano 21 Speed plus Rear Tourney Derailleur

Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is the first item we want to review. With the price of slightly over 200, it still deserves a place in the list of best mountain bicycles.
The Kent offers a very favorable size, suitable for both children and adults. It indeed a bike that will rock your riding experience.
This model comes with dual suspension. That means smooth double riding on rough terrains. No matter how long you ride, you will not feel uncomfortable from small rocks.
The Kent KZ2600 features Shimano 21 speed shifters. The wide range of gears ensures your safety as well as enhances your riding on different terrains. You don’t have trouble to adjust the gear when going up and down hills.
The aluminum frame is light so that it will move faster. The material is also durable and robust.
This item provides reliable front disc brakes for utmost safety. The stopping motion is quick, which helps to prevent any potential accidents.
Bikers of over 6’2” will not find this bike an ideal option since it is too small for them.
Nevertheless, Just Not Sports find this bike a fantastic choice for average-sized adults and children. Those who want to enjoy the multiple shifters and safety mode from the Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike should go for this option.

  • Shimano 21 speed shifters
  • The dual suspension for a better riding experience
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Not suitable for adults of over 6’2”

   2    26″ Huffy Men’s Alpine Mountain Bike


Product Specifications:

  • Frame: steel
  • Fork: Kolo 1200 suspension fork
  • Brake: Front and rear linear pull
  • Tires: 24″ x 1.95″ rugged tires
  • Shifters: 18 speeds

26″ Huffy Men’s Alpine Mountain Bike is the next model that brings you a great bang for the buck. The Huffy with their 125 years of experience will not let you down with this model.
This bike is built for users of over 60 inches of height.
Featuring linear-pull steel brakes, this model offers a soft transition while delivering powerful stopping motion. It comes with Kraton grips that allow your hands to sit comfortably.
The steel frame is permanent and very secure. It is also hard tailed with blue and crimson red, which looks quite sporty.
We are also fond of the gear transition. Thanks to the Enzo twist-shifting mechanism, its 18-speed shifting is super smooth to use and adjust. You can ride on different terrains, regardless of it is trails or hills.
The Kolo 1200 suspension fork is another highlight of this model. The fork is designed to be shock-resistant. It dramatically improves your experience riding on rough trails.
The great news is this bike is easy to assemble. The instruction is clear and easy to follow.
The thing we don’t like about this bike is the seat. It isn’t a comfortable seat at all, so we suggest you buy a memory foam seat instead.
Just Not Sports believe that the 26″ Huffy Men’s Alpine Mountain Bike is an excellent choice for bikers whose only requirement is a fundamental and dependable companion for long trails.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Kraton grips
  • Enzo twist-shifting mechanism for smooth shifting
  • Uncomfortable seat

   3    Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Product Specifications:

  • Frame: 6061 Heat Treated ALLOY
  • Fork: Full Suspension, Certificated CPSC
  • Brake: VB-968SK Linear pull brakes
  • Wheels: 26″x1.95, Certificated CPSC
  • Shifters: Shimano ASLRS35LNBC & Shimano ASLRS35R7ET

Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike isn’t just an ordinary under 200 model. It is undoubtedly the best item available for bikers on a tight budget.
The Merax Falcon uses 6061 Heat Treated ALLOY for its frame. 6601 alloy is precipitation-stabilized aluminum. When heat-treated, it exhibits many excellent characteristics.
It is corrosion-resistant and super durable.
The model comes with 21-speed shifters. The ease of shifting between different derailleurs also needs to be acknowledged. It significantly augments the smoothness while riding.
Merax Falcon’s linear-pull brakes function correctly. This braking system provides positive leverage, which explains why it is so widely used.
The 26” wheels of magnesium alloy not only reduces the total product weight but also deliver excellent riding experience on any unexpected terrains. The aluminum suspension fork also grants riders the control power over the bike.
What we particularly like about this model is the front wheel. Bikers to quickly remove the wheel without the need for tools. This feature is typically only found in high-end mountain bikes.
This feature is great when you have to fix your tires or want to fit your bike somewhere. The shortcoming of this feature is that you need to have experience. One miss-adjusted element could cause terrible problems such as skewed axle mounts.
Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike is certainly a product of value. It offers excellent quality for a mountain bike while keeping the price at a very decent level.

  • 6061 Heat Treated ALLOY frame is durable
  • 21-speed shifters, useful for different terrains
  • The release front wheel makes it easier to remove the wheel
  • The release front wheel needs to be carefully handled.

   4    Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike

Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 is an upgraded version of the 26″ folding model, thus offering more refined features and specifications.
Manufacturers try to reduce costs by choosing cheap materials. However, that doesn’t compromise the quality of their products. In the case of the Stowabike 26” MTB V2,  it uses steel to construct the bike’s frame.
Steel is an affordable material. It is durable but quite heavy. The fork is also of 26″ suspension steel. That adds up to the total weight. As a result, this bike is quite heavy.
The plus side is that the bike is foldable. Though it doesn’t have a manageable size, you still can carry it around if needed.
The Wanda 1.95 x 26” tires are the highlight. It enhances traction and grip, which is perfect for mountain terrains.
This bike offers 3-speed grip shifter on the left and runs 6-speed grip shifter on the right. Naturally, this will enhance the ease of riding. Furthermore, the suspension, though isn’t the best out there, is able to deal with rough terrains too.
All in all, Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 is an affordable yet reliable mountain bike. It is indeed a good model for both on and off the road.

  • Is foldable
  • The suspension works well
  • 9-speed grip shifters for better dealing with different terrains
  • Quite bulky

   5    Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Product Specifications:

  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Fork: 50mm Steel Crown
  • Wheels: 26” alloy rims
  • Shifters: 21 Speed Twist Shifters

North Woods, managed by Kent International Inc, is a relatively popular brand name for quality mountain gears. Their Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike is one of the classic examples.
This affordable price is constructed from the durable aluminum frame. This material is not only well-known for being light but also erosion-resistant.
As for the design, the frame’s measure is at 26 inches, suitable for most riders regardless of their genders. The manufacturer offers different unique colors.
The Northwoods adopts a full suspension system in both the front and rear parts. The front features a 50 mm steel crown fork. Steel is a hard-wearing and robust material.
The steel fork is wear-and -tear-resistant, perfect for mountain bikes riding in harsh weather conditions. Another plus is this fork increases the capacity of the bike to handle different terrains.
The downside of this steel fork is the weight. Since steel is much bulkier than other materials, it dramatically affects the overall weight of the bike. As a result, this bike is roughly 50 lbs.
The rear suspensible ensures comfort and smooth-riding as it absorbs shocks and bumps.
This bike features 21-speed levels. Shifting from one speed to the other is easy. The braking system is top-notch. The linear-pull brakes offer a smooth stop regardless of rocky or hilly terrains. does believe that the Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike will bring riders more bang for the buck. Both builds and features are perfect for mountain riding.

  • durable Aluminum frame
  • 50 mm steel crown fork resists tear and wear
  • 21-speed levels
  • The bike is a bit heavy

How to choose the best MTB under 200 for beginners?

When we first started my journey with mountain bikes, we were a bit naive. Just Not Sports believed in my first impression and intuition more than reviews and information. As a result, we ended up with a good-looking bike but utterly useless for me.
After years of riding, Just Not Sports found out that there are several factors to consider when buying a mountain bike.
Here they are.


Just Not Sports realize that cheap bikes aren’t equivalent of low-quality. With mountain bikes under 200, manufacturers will choose cheap components and materials. But they do without compromising the quality.
Most bikes under 200 are solidly built and offer basic features of mountain bikes. Some models, like the five we have chosen, function exceptionally.
The rule of thumb here is to invest your money wiser. Buy a model that you can afford knowing that it will give you more bang for the bucks than those upmarket products.

Wheels and tires

Wheels and tires are essential things to consider when buying mountain bikes. Wheels with suitable size will allow you to ride on different terrain. If you opt for rough and unpredicted topography, choosing wheels is extremely important.
This also goes to tires. Good tires enhance traction with the ground. Since mountain roads are rough and uneven, the tires need to be strong to handle that.


Another feature you should consider is the suspension. There are three common types: rigid, hardtail, and dual suspensions.
Bike with rigid suspensions isn’t good for the mountain. As you can see, most mountain bikes in the list are either hardtail or dual suspension.
Hardtail suspension refers to the front suspension. Dual suspension bikes have both front and rear suspension, which is perfect for rugged mountain trails.

Frame material

The most common material for the frame is either steel or aluminum. The former is quite hefty, but it offers excellent stability and control over the bike. On the other hand, aluminum is light and erosion-resistant.

Mountain Bike Helmet

Mountain Bike Helmet is very very important, protected you when riding.

Shifters and brakes

The Best Mountain Bike For under 200 should provide a wide range of shifters. The more options you have, the less likely you have to stop during the ride just to figure out how to move.
Brakes should function correctly and deliver full stopping motion. You should pay attention to the brakes because it is really a factor of safety. You certainly don’t want your bike to move even when you grip full brakes while going downhill, do you?

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The Best MTB under $200 is OKAY

Just Not Sports have to admit it isn’t easy to select the five best mountain bikes under 200 from a pool of choices out there.
However, we can assure you these five are top-notch and will undoubtedly satisfy your mountain riding hobby.
Before you make any purchase, make sure you have to go through my guidelines on how to choose good mountain bikes under 200. It is better to list down your preferences and bring them along to the shop.

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