7+ Best mountain bike saddles 2020: A guide on how to buy one

The Best Mountain bike saddles 2020 are more of a personal thing as different riders have different anatomical features. However, some models are rated higher than others for being suitable for many riders.
To help you land the best saddle for your bike (and your bottom), Just Not Sports compiled this list of the best bike seats as well as a buying guide to help you narrow down the extra choices.

Checking top 8 Best Road Bike Saddles Reviews of 2020 from our experts.

7 top-rated Best MTB Saddles Reviews in 2018 – Hot trends 2020

top-rated mountain bike Saddles
top-rated mountain bike Saddles

Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover- BS031 Extra Soft Gel Bicycle Seat – Bike Saddle Cushion with Water&Dust Resistant Cover (Black)

This saddle has made my riding experience so much more comfortable.
When I bought my PureFix Cycles, the bike seat comes with the bike was too narrow for me and sitting on it is extremely unbearable.
I am a frequent commuter so comfort is what I put above anything else. When this new saddle first arrived, I could not resist but to strap it on my bike and take it out for a test ride right away.
This Zacro Gel Bike Seat goes well with my bike. Although it has already had a non-slip texture under the seat, I was able to tighten it a great deal so that it would not slide off when I paddle.
1 to 2 inch thick, this saddle is surprisingly comfortable. I could install it on my bike quickly and with ease.
About my test ride with it, this one made so much different on my back that I could feel it immediately. The gel seat lived up to my expectations and I felt that my decision to purchase it was a wise one.
Here is the part that you have been waiting for, the criticism.
The seat cushion is there to make riders feel more comfortable but it also means that you will sit on a higher position than usual.
If you can lower the seat a bit to compensate for this, it will be no problem. If you cannot, this extra height might trouble your back.
When I turned the saddle upside down, I could see that what is inside look a little cheap. The seams also bothered me as they did not seem to be so tough.
In short, here are the pros and cons:

  • Non-slip texture to prevent the saddle from going off course
  • You can adjust the tightness.
  • It comes with a free cover for the seat.
  • Extra comfort from the thick padding.


  • The cushion adds extra height
  • The seams look a little fragile.

TONBUX Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat, Bike Seat Replacement with Bicycle Taillight Reflective Tape Dual Shock Absorbing Ball Wide Bike Seat Saddle Bicycle Gel Seat with Mounting Wrench

This saddle is another comfortable option. The stitches look great on the saddle and it will not set you back too much. Anyone who is looking to replace the current seat on their bikes, this one is a good choice.
I have tried it for a whole day straight and there has been no pain or numbness at the end of the day. I assume that any other extensive rides will not be the problem with this saddle on.
I had no problem installing it and so far, it has not slid once under any type of terrain or stress I threw at it.
Another plus it somehow it supports my proper position right after I sit on it, so no fidgeting to fit myself in anymore.
My only criticism is that it is kind of small for men in general.
Although I have no problem at all, my friend said he could not sit on it comfortably. So what I recommend is to try it before you purchase it.

  • Has a reasonable price
  • Comfortable, even for long rides.
  • Easy to install
  • Support proper position.


  • A little small for many men

BLUEWIND Bike Seat, Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat Memory Foam Waterproof Bicycle Saddle – Dual Shock Absorbing – Best Stock Bicycle Seat Replacement for Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes

My friend purchased this saddle in replacement for his “brick-like” old one that came with his bike.
He said when he got it; he tested it right away by riding about 20 miles. After all the length, he did not get an aching bottom, not even once. His previous one gave him a hard time after just 5 miles.
This seat is not only comfortable but it also looks well-made. I have another e-bike that needs a new saddle and I will try this one on. Not sure if it works on mine but I think it is worth it.
My friend reported that this one has a slit in the middle so his tailbone can be spared of pressure. With a person who has had two back operations, this feature is a nice touch.
This BlueWind has a nice design that will not hit your legs while you paddle so expect an easier ride while you are with it.
One thing my friend is not so keen on the soft foam. It has a good effect in making the saddle comfortable but you will have to really squeeze and tighten the clamp to secure it in place.
It is still a great choice for the price range though.

  • Has a nice look to it
  • Comfortable.
  • The saddle will not hit your legs.


  • You need to put extra force on the clamp to tighten the saddle.

Bike Seat – Most Comfortable Memory Foam Waterproof Bike Saddle, Universal Fit, Shock Absorbing Including Mounting Wrench – Allen Key – Reflective Band and Waterproof Protection Cover

Just Not Sports has tried on multiple saddles to find the most comfortable ones for my bike and so far, this is one of the best.
I took it out for a 43-mile ride and it worked well. I sat on it for the best part of 4 and a half hour and I did feel a bit uncomfortable but I could still cope with it.
I did not expect any saddle of this price range can do a better job than this one. After that day, I felt no numbness or pain so I have no complaint.
I also like the light under the seat. Sometimes I do night riding so this is a convenient feature. Plus, you can reach the function button with ease.
The other day I accidentally left the bike out in the rain, by the time I remembered it, the bike had been outside for a while.
This saddle is water resistant and this feature worked a so well that after being under a downpour, it remained intact and were ready to be used shortly after that.
You might be wondering: is this a perfect model?
The answer is no.
The seat requires tightening carefully to keep it in place, a minor downside for me. I also had to manage on my own to find out how to operate the light. I wish it came with instruction but it was not.

  • Comfortable.
  • The light under the seat is handy.
  • Good water resistant feature.


  • The seat needs to be tightened carefully.
  • There is no instruction for the light.

SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat, Gel Bicycle Saddle Padded Professional Waterproof Road Bike Saddle for Men, Women, Universal Riding Bike, Mountain Bike

This saddle from SGoddle truly lives up to its name. The gel and the suspension combine to great effect giving riders an as comfortable experience as possible.
I had no problem installing this seat. The whole process took me less than 10 minutes.
I also appreciate the design. Like the BlueWind, this one does not give you any bruise as it will not touch your thigh when you saddle.
This seat looks nice on my bike and for short distances; there has never been a problem.
However, I do recommend considering if you want to have a comfortable experience right away. The padding on this seat will be a bit too firm when it is new. I have been using it for some time and I notice it is getting softer.
Apart from the hard padding, the customer service was not as I expected it to be. I had to return the product once and the waiting time was super long. Not a fond memory while you were urgently in need of a replacement.

  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for short distances.
  • Comfortable.


  • There is room for improvement with customer service.
  • The seat is firm when it is new, but it will get softer over time.

Planet Bike Men’s A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle

I found this saddle when I was looking for a replacement for my mountain bike. With the old seat, whenever I am on my bike, the whole experience feels like a chore for sure.
Before this Planet Bike’s saddle, I have tried some other models. The more expensive, the cheaper, the lighter, the thinner, not a single one worked.
I especially like the padding of this seat. It is soft enough to feel comfortable on. The whole saddle is a little wider than others I have had, which is suitable for longer rides.
It gets better:
I am not a safe rider at all. I know it is not much of a good thing to share here but after some crashes, the saddle remained intact, and no tear of the hole. Plus, this one is also easy to adjust. It did not take me much time to change anything I want.
This saddle is a good investment considering its price and all the features.

  • Comfortable
  • Wide enough for longer distance.
  • Durable
  • You can adjust it with ease.
  • Reasonable price.


  • The label fell off after a few hours. But this is ok by me, I do not need it anyway.

WTB Rocket Saddle

When I tried this saddle on, there was a huge difference in the way it makes me feel. No numbness, no pain, no sore bottom, my tailbone has a place to rest securely.
Throughout the 13 miles trail, I did not think of the seat, not even once, just me and the view around. Although this WTB Rocket Saddle looks similar to the one that came with my bike, I have a different feeling with the two.
This one is lightweight, comfortable, and looks well-made. The bike I am currently using is a Scott carbon road bike, an expensive model and the saddle blends right in. I have heard some people say that the boutique bike should be paired with a boutique saddle. In certain cases, that is totally true. However, with this WTB in particular, it is not.
I have ridden this saddle on pavements, single tracks, long rides, and downhill and there has been no problem so far.
To sum up, here are the pros and cons.

  • Good length.
  • The padding is firm enough for long rides.
  • Lightweight
  • The flare at the rear can help with power output.

None, I have not found any drawback on this model. This is truly the best mountain bike saddle Just Not Sports know.

How to Choose Best Mountain Bike Saddles 2020? (Must Read)

How to Choose Best Mountain Bike Saddles 2020
How to Choose Best Mountain bicycle Saddles 2020
Here is the deal:
Bike seats (commonly known as saddles) are a personal thing. A comfortable model for one person might cause brutal pain for another.
If the saddle that comes with your bike hurts you, your best chance is to switch to another one. What I am about to share here is a thorough guide on how to make a wise saddle purchase.

Try to adjust your current saddle before buying a new one

The best part is you might not have to buy a new one at all.
There is a chance that the current saddle is exactly what suits you. The reason it makes you uncomfortable is the way you install it.
The seat might be too high. If this is the case, you might be shifting your body weight from one side to another. This often results in numbness in the perineal area.
Your saddle is at the wrong angle. Even a minor change in the tilt can make your seat leans to the front or back.
When you spend too much time on the saddle, even the most comfortable and suitable one will cause you pain. To solve this issue:

  • Stand up on the pedals every 10 minutes.
  • When you ride over bumps, stand up a bit so your legs will be the one to absorb the shock.

A full-suspension bike and a suspension seat post are great in reducing discomfort for riders so if you have not bought a bike yet, you might consider purchasing those.
Some people feel pain, not because of the saddle or the bike but because they are overweight, have diabetes, or smoke. In this case, instead of buying a new saddle, which will solve nothing, visit a doctor for a list of recommended activities.

Know your type of riding

Know your type of riding
Know your type of riding
Knowing exactly what you want to use the saddle for will help narrow down the choices.
You are reading an article on mountain bike seats so it is your choice to focus on one part of this guide, but I still write the whole thing down in case you are interested.
Recreational: If you were ill mostly cover short distances, flat, and even terrains of urban areas, the best choice is a cushioned saddle. These models usually shorter and have springs or plush padding. An even better option is a seat post that comes with springs, which can cushion you more.
Road: if you are the racing type, opt for the saddle which is narrow and long, with less padding. This design makes sure that nothing hit your thighs for maximum power transfer and minimizes the pressure on your sit bones.
If you are a newbie in road riding, find something soft so that your body can get used to the movements.
Mountain: On these types of terrains, you will not spend as much time on your saddle as you would do while riding for recreation or on the road. Mountain bikers usually find themselves hover over the seat or even stand on the pedals.
For this particular purpose, you will want a saddle with padding to support your sit bones. The seat should have a streamlined design for the best movements. A cover that can last is another property to look for.
Touring: This means longer rides. And when you cover a great number of trails, a saddle that falls between a mountain seat and a road seat will do the trick. These saddles usually have a long and narrow nose as well as a lot of cushioning for the seat bones.
Saddles for women: Women tend to have a smaller body than men do, wider hip and “perch bones”. Thus female riders will be more comfortable on the seats that are designed to suit their anatomical features.

The kind of cushioning you want

The cushion seats can support your seat bones but they are made from two distinct materials, foam and gel, and they behave differently underweight.
Foam cushion will spring back to its original shape and is loved by road riders as it supports more but does not lose its comfort.
If you intend to ride the bike for long distances or you are over 200 lbs, opt for foam seats that are firmer to avoid compacting.
Gel cushion, on the other hand, is suitable for casual riders. The mold according to your body thus provide the best fit. However, they tend to compact faster than the foam variety.

What is the slit in the middle of some saddles for?

The ones with a slit in the middle are built to protect your perineum. On these saddles, the slits are to allow more airflow and minimize the pressure on the perineal area.
As no person is created equal, no riders will benefit from this cutout. Some people find this design helpful while others gain nothing better from it. So this is a matter of personal preference.

Leather Saddles

While the majority of saddles are made from synthetic materials, either gel of foam, there is a new player, actually, an old one which is gaining popularity again.
There is a great number of riders are shifting to these old-aged materials instead of the modern ones. Leather saddles are durable and can provide extra comfort.
The trick that makes a leather saddle feels more comfortable than others lies in the way they are built. After about 200 miles with this seat, the material will mold on your body and provides a good fit. The first few hours can be a bit uncomfortable but if you can get through it.
Leather has an obvious advantage over synthetic counterpart, which is the coolness. This is definitely a plus in hot weather and long rides.
However, it is not without any disadvantage. The leather is not waterproof so leaving it under the rain is out of the question. Leather conditioner is required to keep your saddle in good shape. If you want to leave your bike unused for some time, remember to put on a saddle cover.

Bike Saddle Shopping Tips

Even if you know your riding style and your preferred materials, always test the new saddle on before purchasing it.
Try to ride quickly and slowly, go over some bumps to test if possible.
The general rule of thumb is the more lightweight the saddle the more expensive it gets. So consider this before buying.
So these are the best mountain bike saddles I know and a guide on how to land the most suitable one for you. Do you know any good model? If the answer is yes, Just Not Sports are happy to know about it.

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