The 5+ Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads 2020

Hello guys! Welcome back! Just Not Sports’s here again with more information related to a kind of protective gear that you’ll need in any mountain biking trip.
Know it?
Exactly, that’s a pair of best mountain bike knee pads 2020 for a safe mountain biking experience. This gear will help to protect your knee from sudden or unexpected crashes.

Good knee pads will give a balance between comfort and protection in your experience
Good knee pads will give a balance between comfort and protection in your experience
There are various options out there. Also, to figure out the best products for good knees support is a bit difficult.
Don’t worry! Just Not Sports has done some careful research and consulted many customers’ comments to make this in-depth review article. Check it out to find out these best knee pads products.
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It’s time for the most expected part:
Here’s a full review of the best Mtb knee pads 2018 on the recent protective-gear market. Check out our suggestions to see if one of them meets your criteria and give it a go!

NameStyleOur rating
Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads Strap4.3/5 stars
Mizuno LR6 Kneepad  Slip on4.3/5 stars
Nordic Lifting Knee Compression SleevesPull on4.3/5 stars
Shock Doctor Compression Knee Brace Hinged Brace3.9/5 stars
COOLOMG 2 Packs (1 Pair) EVA PadsPull on3.8/5 stars
Mcdavid 6440 Hex Pads Strap3.7/5 stars

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

Protective Knee Pads from Bodyprox

What are its outstanding features?

In case you need the knee pads for adequate protection in heavy-duty disciplines, this product from Bodyprox can be the proper choice for you.
In particular:
It is made of high-density foam that offers exceptional breathability and flexibility. This feature makes it perfect for various outdoor activities including cycling.
Apart from that:
It is lightweight and ergonomic. As a result, it fits perfectly on the knees and can supply adequate protection as well as freedom of movement.
Its breathable fabric can even prevent bacteria from growing in spite of its firmness. And whenever you use it, you won’t feel uneasy because it always stays dry.
Why don’t you purchase this affordable product? For a safe ride with no knee injuries, let get this knee pad right now.

Whom is the pad for?

  • Both men and women
  • Motorcycle riders
  • Users who regularly play outdoor sports
  • Those who usually practice training exercises
  • Those who need it for football, basketball, volleyball, skiing, hockey, snowboarding, badminton, snowboard, wrestling, cycling, and extreme sports


  • Effective impact resistance
  • Has good guarantee
  • Be made of high-quality material
  • Helps to increases the blood circulation
  • Provides easier move
  • Be perfect for any sport
  • Keeps the skin comfortable and dry
  • Has the ergonomic, lightweight design and superb build
  • Well protects and prevents knee injuries
  • Supplies ultimate comfort
  • Be affordable
  • Be suitable for both sexes


  • Be available only in two sizes
  • Be slightly bulky

Mizuno LR6 Kneepad

LR6 Kneepad from Mizuno

What are its outstanding features?

Have you heard of Mizuno, one of the most famous sports accessories companies from Japan? By the way, its highly-rated LR6 knee pad is also a perfect option for you when seeking a good protective gear.
Its minimalist design will give freedom in movement, which is essential for any sport. Besides, it has VS1 padding that provides maximum support for your knee’s vulnerable parts.
In addition:
It is comfortable, soft, washable and durable thanks to its perfect combination of highly-flexible polyester, cotton, and spandex.
It has a D.F CUT which helps to remove all pressure and even stress from your knee so that you can freely move with no sacrificing protection.
All in all:
If you want a gear that provides excellent protection, this is the perfect affordable solution for you. What a worthy investment!
Don’t forget to select the right size because some shoppers who don’t get the proper size feel it small.

Whom is the pad for?

  • Both men and women
  • Intense players
  • Youth club players
  • Collegiate adult players
  • Those who are seeking unrestricted knee movements


  • Has the sleek and excellent design
  • Provides extreme protection against accidents and injuries
  • Holds to knee well
  • Gives freedom of movement
  • Be light-weight, attractive and reliable
  • Be easy to wash or maintain
  • Be simple and comfortable to wear
  • Be durable


  • Be small for some customers who don’t get the size properly

Nordic Lifting Knee Compression Sleeves

Knee sleeves from Nordic Lifting

What are its outstanding features?

Another product we would recommend is the high-quality one for optimal knee support from the reputable brand Nordic Lifting®.
It provides great support for both male and female users of different sizes. Moreover, its ergonomic design is effective and will ensure the maximum comfort and even the great fit.
It will reinforce weaker joints of your body and help to avoid pain or injury. When you’ve suffered a knee injury, its scientifically-proven compression will alleviate the joint pain and promote faster recovery.
Thanks to its rigorous quality standards, it is simple to use and pleasant to wear with the right size.
Let give it a try to enjoy its effective warming effect for your injured knee. Don’t worry about its strong odor at the first time of use because the situation will be better in the next times.

Whom is the pad for?

  • Both men and women
  • Those who suffer from previous knee injuries and want to rehabilitate knee joints, avoid possible injuries and improve the gym performance
  • Users who need relief from ailments such as joint pain, arthritis, or other knee mobility issues


  • Has the attractive, unisex and ergonomic design
  • Be well-priced
  • Be easy to put on
  • Helps avoid pain and injury effectively
  • Provides ultimate comfort as well as the perfect fit
  • Be machine washable
  • Be packed in the stylish package
  • Comes with a good warranty


  • Be not sweat-wicking
  • Some comments of the strong odor at the first use

Shock Doctor Compression Knee Brace

Hinged Knee Brace from Shock Doctor

What are its outstanding features?

If you need a knee pad that can work as a rehabilitative and prophylactic gear, this advanced Shock Doctor product is for you.
It owns the futuristic and unique design which is unlike any other ones. Additionally, its open patella construction will combine with extra material for great alignment and support.
It features bilateral support hinges and aluminum stays to improve the stability and prevent knee injuries. It will slowly conform to your knee and allow natural contour as well.
Even more:
This great ACL brace is easy to slip on thanks to its finger tabs, and the vented neoprene also gives good moisture wicking.
After all:
Except for being now only available in black and not machine-washable, it is still a worth-trying option for you. You won’t be worrying about knee injuries any more!

Whom is the pad for?

  • Both men and women
  • Players of basketball, volleyball, tennis, cycling, baseball, running, soccer, and more


  • Has high support level with bilateral hinges
  • Has a slim and lightweight design
  • Be super stable for the right balance
  • Be durable and long lasting
  • Be easy to put on
  • Has the unique and adjustable “X fit” strap system
  • Be moisture wicking
  • Be ideal for injury healing
  • Finger tabs for easy grip pull
  • Provides flexible movement and secure fit


  • Has only black color
  • Be not machine-washable

COOLOMG 2 Packs (1 Pair) EVA Pads


What are its outstanding features?

One more product we would suggest is a pair of long sleeves for leg knee with 98% UV protection from COOLOMG.
About strength:
Thanks to its high-quality, soft and elastic fabric, it will give your skin the best comfort. Also, the fit, flexible strength will provide great stability for both outdoor and indoor activities.
It is ideal for sports involving contact because it can withstand impact that may hurt your knee. Moreover, its Coolomg Print technology is environmentally friendly and safe for all users.
It doesn’t fade after prolonged usage or being washed. And the manufacturer provides customers with a 100% lifetime warranty on their products as well. Sounds great?
In spite of a few comments of the slow replacement guarantee, this easy on-easy off product is still worth buying with its excellent benefits. Give it a try!

Whom is the pad for?

  • People of all ages
  • Users who usually practice basketball, hockey, snowboard, hockey, paintball, dodgeball,  softball, workout, cross-fit, football, weightlifting, skating, cycling, biking, kickboxing, jujitsu, hunting, volleyball, martial art, wrestling, and others.


  • Be relatively thicker for optimum support and protection
  • Be soft and comfortable
  • Offers different colors
  • Has great quality for a reasonable price
  • Can be washed by machine and hand
  • Be fairly durable
  • Be capable of resisting strains
  • Help to improve blood flow


  • Slow replacement guarantee

Mcdavid 6440 Hex Pads

Knee Hexpad from Mcdavid

What are its outstanding features?

Are you seeking a durable and soft pad pair that can protect not only your knee but also your elbows or calf? Then, this Mcdavid machine-washable product may adapt your needs.
It is made from special materials such as HexPad and HydraVent hDc, and ordinary ones such as polyethylene foam, nylon, and elastane.
This will offer better comfort, flexibility, and long-lasting experience. Also, its fabric material is designed to remove sweat to avoid rubbing or discomfort.
Other interesting feature?
It supplies light support compression for users with previous knee injuries without restriction. As a result, you can cycle for 12 hours but won’t feel like your pads are leaving their position.
Especially, with the moisture management technology, your pads will be odor-free, cool and dry.
Sizes and colors?
There are different sizes with various fashionable colors which are appropriate for any taste. Sound great?
Despite some comments of those rather confusing sizes, don’t miss this product with closed-cell foam design, superb build, and continuous protection.
Whom is the pad for?

  • College athletes, athletes, and sportsmen.
  • Active users of all ages.
  • People who do riding, cycling, climbing, and others.
  • Individuals who do heavy-weight exercises regularly.


  • Be super comfortable thanks to its lightweight design
  • Be easily cleaned and used due to its machine-washable and dryable capability
  • Has a wide range of sizes and various colors
  • Has a long-lasting and, high-quality and durable build
  • Superb protection from sudden collision
  • Lightweight for comfortable use
  • Be incredibly versatile
  • Provides extreme support
  • Protects knee, shin, elbows or wherever it fits


  • Sizing is a bit confusing

How to choose knee pads for mountain bike

How to choose best mountain bike knee pads 2018
Consider before buying?
That’s right! Purchasing the right and proper knee pads will ensure that you can enjoy the adventure without getting injured anymore.
Any knee hurt will affect your current mountain biking experience and even cause a negative impact on your activities in the future.
That’s why there are a few significant factors that you should notice while shopping for the best knee pads for mountain bike adventure:

Level of protection

When your riding skills and level increases, you will need more protection. And protecting your knee is one of the most significant issues in a mountain bike adventure.
Thus, it will be necessary to select the best-covering knee pads with good protection level.
So, what we need to consider?

  • If possible, you should look for products with hard density foam to protect you from high-speed crashes or padding on the side.
  • In case you ride in rocky terrain, the padding with hard shells will be better. It will allow you to slide over the ground when crashing instead of snagging on those rocks.
  • You can invest in some pads with special foam which hardens on any impact. They will flex comfortably to your knee’ shape in long hours of pedaling.


Another factor you need to pay much attention is the size of the knee pad. Why?
A loose product will shake free of the knees when you ride through rough terrain and won’t protect your knee well.
On the other side, a tight one will surely be uncomfortable and restrict the blood flow in some cases. So, correct fitting is significant, so you must find a product that fits your knee.
In fact:
On the market, knee pads come in small, medium and large sizes or also available in overlapping sizes. They are different and various between manufacturers.
Before buying, you need to measure your knee size to select the proper one. Don’t forget to consult the size chart with helpful information to make your choice more exact.
If that product is only available in one universal size, be sure that you are able to adjust it for the proper fit.


Why breathable?
The inner lining of that product should be breathable so that it will provide better ventilation and keep your knee dry at all times.
Without that feature, it might be uncomfortable to use, especially when you intend to go on long rides.
In a word:
Be sure that your product is well designed to supply a proper airflow from both the front and the back so as to keep the skin healthy in all circumstances.


Extremely important!
Those kneepads have to not only fit in a given position and but also supply good comfort for moving and bending of your knee.
In reality:
If being not comfortable with a knee pad product, you can’t concentrate on the activity and keep re-adjusting it. So be wise when purchasing it!


No matter what the manufacturing material of the product is, make sure it is durable and matches your skin.
There are different material types that are used to construct knee pads. Below are some typical types for you to consult:
It is durable and will give the product the breathability and soft state. Thus, it rarely irritates skins and prevents sweat as well.
Polyester/Polyethylene terephthalate
This strong type gives extra strength and durability to the product. Thus, the knee pad can withstand tough conditions or falls without ripping. It is also water-resistant and doesn’t collect sweat.
Elastane/ lycra /spandex/
It supports smooth movement in the product and is ideal for climbing, cycling, running, and extreme activities. Also, it can prevent sweat accumulating and the product from getting wet.
It can prevent sweat and offer superb grip with your skin, so there won’t be sliding off your knee pads when you do motion activities.
Neoprene/ Polychloroprene
It offers excellent flexibility and is abrasion resistant. When you suddenly fall, this material in the knee pad will help to soften the blows and lose the impact.
It is water-proof, elastic in nature and will give your knee the ultimate protection and support you need.
This offers the basic protection but lacks flexibility and not stretch enough to give your legs room for movement.


As you can see:
A little lapse of concentration while riding can make you fall or rock may hit your knee immediately. All those unlucky events may cause you a nasty cut or worse.
Having the protective gear including mountain bike knee pads is extremely necessary. It will provide you with ultimate protection against unexpected injuries.
Our guide is helpful for you in picking the best knee pads for mountain bike that fit your needs. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to leave your comment. Just Not Sports are ready to assist you!
Have fun! Thanks for consulting again!

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