The 4+ Best Mountain Bike Brakes 2020

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Like the life of convenience is continuously improved, the means of transportation is continually changing and developing. Today’s bicycles are no longer only means of transportation as before, but they have a different meaning, a different value.

Sometimes, this vehicle has a specific aesthetic value; sometimes it is useful for people to exercise health, conquer nature. Choosing a sports bike that meets those needs and your training needs is something everyone wants.

If many people choose their own mini cars, electric cars to save costs, protect the environment, bike enthusiasts choose a sports and fashion car style.

The object of the sport bike is not only limited to professional athletes but also attracts people in major cities, from men to women, from young people to middle-class men, the elders.

It not only meets the needs of physical health training but also a game, which raises the traditional value of the bike to a new level.

Mountain biking is probably a sport that brings more excitement and experience to the players. Of course, to have a good and great experience requires that your car is of better quality and configuration so that mountain bikers are continually searching for and upgrading their mountain bike frequently to experience and implement more difficult techniques freely.

One of the most critical parts of biking is the brakes, as it relates directly to the safety of the users.
Here, Just Not Sports will introduce the best types of brakes for mountain bikes.
4 Best Mountain Bike Brakes

Top 4 best mountain bicycle brakes of 2020

1. Bike Brakes Mountain Bike V Brakes

This is a V brake with the size of pads is 55mm. This product is durable and strong because it is made from plastic and ploy. We make sure that it can fit 99% brake bikes!

Moreover, it is evaluated to be one of the most easily installing equipment. The springs are strong, and it is also easy to adjust even though you are not an expert.

There are plastic parts for the tensioner springs, but they don’t seem to be fragile, they are better quality than most, especially for the price,

It is made from alloy and plastic with brake pads included, in size of 110mm (arch) and 55mm (brake pads)


  • Quality product which is easy to install and adjust
  • Worked perfectly even for a non-expert


  • Pads are considerable smaller
  • Doesn’t hold alignment well

2. SHIMANO Altus Cantilever Bicycle Brake – BR-CT9

Shimano originated in Japan as a manufacturer of motion set. This company is famous and popular in the world. The Shimano product range is used mostly in various bicycle products. It’s mainly for Road Bike and Mountain Bike.

Altus is an MTB-style group with 7/8 speed for going in the city, and the customer is the youth. In addition to having great performance costs, Altus offers “easy control,” inspires confidence, especially for novice and young racers.

These cantilever brakes include alloy with a polished silver finish. It is ideal for cyclocross, touring and mountain bikes.

It is packed in pair with completed Shimano brake blocks. The spring tension is adjusted for easy brake set-up, quickly replace and provide a side mount brake pads.

With the attractively low price, it doesn’t make sure to bring you a high-quality product!

So, now we will give you some pros and cons of this product for you to consider before buying it.


  • Like the other brake, it is easy to install
  • They are pretty affordable and effective


  • This product is tricky to adjust. It is difficult to get the brake pads to perfectly align with the rim walls to get the most surface contact.
  • One side of the levers applies more pressure than the other.
  • It has no plastic washers.

If you plan on building a mountain bike, cyclocross bike, touring bike, or any other style of bike that uses cantilevers, and want good quality and efficient cantilever brakes, you should think carefully!

3. Pioneeryao Sports Road Bike Cycle Bicycle Brake Pads

This product belongs to the manufacturer Pioneeryao. About this product’s details, it has six colors for customers to choose from.

Each package includes two pairs of the rim brake pad, which means four pads in total. The pad’s length is 2,47 inch, and each pair weighs 37g.

In several packages, it will have “DISC BLAKE PADS,” but these pads determine to be rim brake pads.

Now, we will refer some pros this product can bring to you.


  • You can easily remove the screw to replace pads.
  • This product is equipped with a water-dispersing groove in case of rainy days.
  • The brake pads are compatible with almost mountain bikes because of the head screw attachment.
  • Moreover, we also provide warranty in 1 year. If you have any difficult question, please immediately contact us.

Every product has its disadvantageous side. We will show you!


  • The spherical washer adjustment doesn’t do much.
  • Upon tightening the bolts, the pads lose all toe-in, toe-out, and roll adjustment; they only contact towards the part of the rim closest to the tire.
  • It can make a loud noise when you engage your brakes during a descent.


It is a brand new bike mechanical disc brake kit. With the precise design, it deserves to be given the Germany TüV certificate high quality. This product is suitable for BB5 BB7 disc brake pads.

The primary material is stainless steel, which can bring you a perfect flatness and incredibly smooth.

Here are some benefits and disadvantages you can consider as a reference


  • Fit good with almost bikes.
  • It is straightforward to install and adjust without professional skills.
  • The user manual attachment is helping you to establish the kit like a breeze.


  • During the shipment, the items can get damaged because they are packed loosely in the box.
  • The new cable housing they provide will stretch.
  • They need to be adjusted after some riding, but the housings on these are the cheap old-school kinds that use spiraled steel.
  • In case you go far away, the rotor can be broken.

How to choose a bike brake?

Not all climbing bikes use disc brakes, but most modern mountain bikes and hardtail bikes use hydraulic brake discs. Disc brake technology has grown to a point where technology has dropped to a much more competitive price.

Therefore, disc brakes become more popular and can be used for midsize bicycles. Another reason is the frame design, the modern mountain bike frame built to carry off-road.

For mountain bikes, the brakes play a significant role in helping you to handle different terrain. Currently, most mountain bikes use disc brakes. Disc brakes bring high performance to the bike, bringing the best braking performance to you.

But choosing disc brakes is not easy, so Just Not Sports will guide you how to buy disc brakes for a mountain bike to achieve the best performance.

1. Can you equip the disc brakes for your mountain bike?

Disc brakes can be fitted to any mountain bike as long as your vehicle is equipped with two things:

  • The center has accessory to equip a rotor disc
  • Frames and forks have frames for calipers

What are the benefits of using a brake disc on a mountain bike?

  • Power: Disc brakes are usually significantly stronger than the cantilever and V brakes.
  • Brake control: Progressive brake allows you to benefit from dominant performance without any compromise in control when riding your bike.
  • Reliability: The combination of strength, progression, and flexibility in weather conditions can translate into greater confidence when going on the trail. The braking ability with confidence also means giving you more safety and can solve any technical challenges as they arise.
  • Flexibility: Disc brakes are capable of providing reliable performance in all weather conditions. This makes them separate from any brake design that can be abrasive and work evenly.

2. Disc brakes system

When you can find the disc brakes you want to buy, the most important thing is to ensure that the brakes fit your frame and fork — measurement of disc brakes based on the center distance between the two mounting holes. If your bike has specific mounts and you want to install disc brakes with other mounting systems, you can purchase a disc brake kit. There are two main types of disc brakes.

  • IS mount: 51mm
  • Mounting Width: 74mm
  • Kona Process 134 27.5 (650b) 2015

3. Disc brake pads

Disc brake pads work by creating friction that allows the wheel to slow and stop. There are three common compounds:

  • Sintered: Sintered pads are the most difficult compound and are the most common disc brake pads. Although they are not as strong as organic compounds, they provide excellent performance and longevity.
  • Organic: These pads are made of organic material, providing the strongest option. Despite having more strength, this compound is more vulnerable.
  • Semi-metallic: This is not always an option with post brake pads, but offers a good combination of power and longevity.

4. Disc brake rotary

Discs brake rotary round metal discs, firmly attached to the front wheels and rear wheels. When you squeeze the brake, a clamping force is applied to the rotor disk from your brake pads. The result of friction allows you to try to slow down or stop your bike in a controlled and more progressive way.

The rotor disc has a diameter range from 140mm to 200mm, and this improves performance in the following ways:

A larger rotor diameter allows you to generate more force on the wheel. Brake forces generate heat on the rotor and in the disk brake pads, this rotor makes them more heat dissipated, and this helps to protect your brake pads and improve performance.

Most mountain bikes are equipped with 160-180mm gears to optimize stopping ability — the other principles of gravity orientation such as downhill racing and mountaineering use a 200mm rotor on the front.

5. Disc brake maintenance

For hydraulic disc brakes, they require very little maintenance. Unlike mechanical disc brakes, they don’t have cables which get dirt stuck inside.

Hydraulic brake use “hoses” to transport hydraulic fluids (possibly brake fluid 4, or 5.1 in Avid, Hope, Formula and other brakes, or non-corrosive mineral oils such as in Shimano brakes or Magura).

Currently, there are popular disk brake manufacturers such as Shimano, Formula, Hope, Magura, and SRAM.

However, many other brands produce good quality disc brakes, but for cyclists who demand the best performance, you cannot go wrong with one of the two brands above.

Your pick is…

Depending on the terrain as well as economic conditions, you can choose a suitable type of brake for your mountain bike.

Here are the basic guidelines so you can choose the type of disc brakes suitable for the mountain bike. If you are planning on upgrading your brakes, you can view more and consult some of the experienced riders.

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