4+ Best Hybrid Bikes Under 300: Ultimate Guide To Choose Right !!

A mix of mountain, road, and touring designs, hybrid bikes mash-up specific features to create do-it-all bikes.
Have you also been looking for a hybrid bike?
Don’t worry!
You don’t need to go around searching.
This article will give you a list of best hybrid bikes under 300 which suit your need and also being fair to your pocket.
However, this is the point:
How do you choose a suitable one?
The good hybrid bikes are the ones to cope with all sorts of terrain without fuss, help you enjoy your cycling and get more involved in this great sport.
Finding best hybrid bikes under 300
Therefore, Just Not Sports will not waste your time anymore!
Let’s start with:

Here is the list of top-rated Best hybrid bikes under 300 in 2020:

Just Not Sports will help you! Are you confused amongst these?
Let’s go deeper into each of them to see what is the best fit for you.

#1: Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike 24 Speed Shimano Disc Brakes

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike 24 Speed Disc Brakes
  • Performance Hybrid road bike...
  • Hydroformed Alloy Performance...
  • Disc Brakes for Great Stopping...
  • Upright Handlebar for Comfort

The Vilano Diverse 3.0 is a budget-friendly entry-level hybrid bike that cuts zero corners for the everyday rider.

  • Quick-adjust seat and handlebars for a comfortable, upright ride.
  • Disc brakes are not normally seen on low – cost models.
  • Shimano shifter with integrated brake levers.
  • The 6160 aluminum build, including fork, makes the bike surprisingly lightweight.
  • The Diverse 3.0 handles well in all weather and road conditions.
  • Adjusting the gears can be tricky if you have never done it before.
  • The top tube is arched for aesthetics but limits the clearance when straddling.

#2: Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women’s Vital 2 Complete Hybrid Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Women's Vital 2 Complete Hybrid Bike
  • 6061-T6 aluminum frame with...
  • Step through frame design...
  • Suspension fork and seat post...
  • Shimano 21-speed drivetrain...

The bike is absolutely the perfect definition of a hybrid bike.
This bike is for anyone who needs the confidence to handle off-road conditions and also a bike that can do daily commutes.

  • Gears shift smoothly and immaculately.
  • Brakes work flawlessly and make you stop completely when you need to.
  • It comes mostly assembled; only a few things need to be installed.
  • The front shock and seat post shock make it very smooth to ride, even on dirt and gravel roads.
  • The saddle is very comfortable to sit on.
  • There is no specific instruction given. Although it’s mostly assembled, it’s hard to put it together for someone with no experience.
  • Bikes and gears need to be adjusted.
  • It doesn’t come with a kickstand.

#3: Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 700C Wheel Men’s Hybrid Bicycle White, 18′ Frame size

Schwinn Men's Network 3.0 700C Wheel Men's Hybrid Bicycle White, 18' Frame size
  • Schwinn aluminum Hybrid frame...
  • Shimano 21 speed rear...
  • Alloy rims are lightweight and...
  • Padded comfort style seat with...

This is a great selection for any man who wants to buy a new contemporary bike.
A wonderful bike with a high-quality frame, rubber tires, and pedals will take care of all of your cycling needs

  • Its seat post has a strong suspension system that contributes to improved comfort.
  • A strong gear ratio that works fine for both off-road and on-road biking
  • It is a strong, stable and very durable bike
  • It is highly adjustable
  • A wider option of speed
  • Ease of assembling
  • It cruises through different geographical terrains
  • Extremely appropriate for use on different surfaces
  • Accommodates riders with different heights
  • Its tires are wide so you might see it not very much appealing
  • Before riding, you should check the tire tube. The lack of correct alignment due to deprived assembling can lead to needless punctures and costs.
  • The seat is not extremely soft, hence it lacks the best levels of soothing that a rider may wish for a bike

#4: Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle (24-Inch and 26-Inch)

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 7-Speed Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle, 26" Wheels and 17.5" Frame, Navy with Black Seat and Grips
  • Step-through aluminum city...
  • Shimano 7-speed External...
  • Brown synthetic leather comfy...
  • Low swooping frame makes for...

This is one of the best lightweight cruiser bicycles on the market.
The EVRYjourney is a beautiful, classic, and easy-to-ride bike.
It comes in four colors and in 1-, 3-, 7-, or 21-speeds.

  • The bike has four different speeds so you will find the perfect fit for the topography of your rides.
  • It has front and back brakes.
  • The chain guards and fenders keep clothes clean when riding.
  • The low step-over height makes it easy to use for those with reduced mobility.
  • The handlebar position is wide and relaxed, allowing for a comfortable upright riding position.
  • The bike has a lot of storage options.
  • Sixthreezero offers a one-year money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on their bikes.
  • Some reviewers noted that the instructions for assembly were a little confusing.
  • There aren’t any water bottle mounting points on the frame.
  • The higher gear bikes will require more maintenance and be harder to repair.
The list above is perfect for those who do not use bikes often.
However, if you plan to use your bike often, check out the best hybrid bikes under 1000 or at least under 500 or under 200 in another article.

How to choose a perfect hybrid bike under 300?


The hybrid bike tires are very important when it comes to the riding of any sort.
Put simply, tires make a simple but massive difference to your bike.
Most hybrids, regardless of the rim size of the bike, will come with a 700cc wheelbase and tire.
Essentially, 700cc tires are designed to roll across pavements, small bumps and cracks in the road without you noticing.
It is also made for easier acceleration and uphill traveling.


Frames are the skeleton around which the rest of your bike is built.
In the old days, most frames were made from steel.
These days, almost all of them are made either from aluminum or carbon.
Both materials are strong, rust-resistant and offer smooth riding.
While a carbon frame bike is considerably lighter than aluminum, it is more expensive to buy.
Tips for New Bikers: How to Measure A Bike Frame?


Make sure you get the right size for your body.
Bikes that are too big will be ungainly and wobbly whereas a small bike will be uncomfortable.
Fortunately picking the right size bike is easy by bike size charts.
Here is the kicker:

  • Make sure you can stand over the middle of the frame with your feet flat on either side.
  • Ensure the saddle is raised or lowered to exactly where you want it so feet hit the pedals comfortably.


Most seats on hybrids come with padded seats.
Some come with suspension seat posts.
These stop the ass shock we sometimes get when we bang up a slam vertical and don’t have time to get up in the pedals.
If you have to raise the seat over the maximum stripe on the post, your bike is too small and dangerous to use. Don’t do it.
Whatever you do, make sure you take a test ride and get a feel for the bike before you buy.

Comfort and suspension

How much does comfort matter to you?
It’s personal preference, but for us, Just Not Sports prefer bikes with no added suspension.
One of the most common elements to aid in a comfortable ride comes with the front suspension forks.
These works by compressing take the shock and absorb the effects of bumping up and down sidewalks or mashing into potholes.
They also help keep your hands on the handlebars when you do bash against something.
They ensure that it’s the bike that takes the hit but not your arms and gives you a smoother ride.
Tip to consider for a limited budget:
If you aren’t thinking about spending $700 and up, then get yourself a bike without suspension. You will get a better bike overall.


Selecting the gearing on your bike is important. Not all gears are created equal.
Most modern bikes come with a lot of gears, from 16 all the way up to 30.
The number of gears isn’t important if you’re just commuting.
If you want it for touring or going long distances, then it’s something you might really want to look at specifically.
What’s most important is that the gears are high quality and built for the purpose.


It doesn’t matter how fast you go if you can’t stop quickly and safely.
Most of the peg hybrid bikes come with the linear braking system.
These are fine for almost all situational riding, but you also should get disc brakes.
These fit right at the center of the wheel.
It not only gives more control of your bike when braking but also remains more effective in wet and muddy conditions.
You have known a suitable bike for yourself, right?
Want to know the best part?

It Is Time To Make Decision!

Hybrid bikes really are the way to go if you’re new to cycling and want to go reasonably fast over a variety of terrains but still remain comfortable.
They are the perfect all-around bikes.
However, do you want to find the cheap one?
The full list of the best hybrid bicycle under 300 we suggest in this article might help you make easier decisions.


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