Top 10 Best Handlebar Bag in 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

Aside from being useful in carryout exercise, bike is also useful in transporting oneself. As its cost of maintenance is cheap. However, while cycling is amazingly good if you use a standard bike, your comfort and the safety of your gears and other essentials is also paramount. So you can have a pleasing journey.

Keeping your gear and other valuables are necessary when going on a tour. Especially, the one that may last for hours, days, weeks, or even months. Because there will be the need to eat, change your clothing, take a snap, and others during this period. However, tying of your valuables to your bike requires safety bag. And that is why we are here.

Being said, the best and the safest place to keep your essentials is inside the handlebar bag. This bag if the best is purchased will give you a professional look and comfort. Contrary to the traditional keeping of your valuables inside pocket, or back bag that may give you a bitter experience.

In fact, the handlebar will also add more to your bike’s beauty as the style that matches your bike is always available. Apart from this, they also help enhance your bike’s balancing. As the weight of your essentials will be distributed evenly around the bike.

Listed below are the 10 best handlebar bag of the year 2020.

  1   ROCK BROS Bike Handlebar Bag — Best overall


Suitable for heavy-duty, the first and the best handlebar bag in our list of available handlebar bag is Rock Bros. This excellent water-resistant bag is made of upgraded high-quality 600D nylon and a TPU film fabric. Plus it also has a sealed zipper closure. All joined together to prevent water and other dirt from entering the bag.

Consequently, this lightweight but large storage capacity bag is also capable of holding your daily needs essentials without any hassle. And the presence of the PP plate support it contains on its front two sides frame also makes it solid and durable.

Additionally, the smart design of this bag makes it more convenient for you to carry. As it entails the front basket frame storage pack. Which is double layered and has two zippers.

  • It comes with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap.
  • It is also easy to mount.
  • It is water resistance but not waterproof.

   2    Giant Loop ZHB-Black Zigzag Handlebar Bag –Best for high-income earners


The giant loop is an amazing black design handlebar bag that is small but enough to hold your valuables. The significant 6.4 ounces weight of this handlebar bag also contributes to its sturdiness and ruggedness.

While the strong and perfect loops it has also helped to maintain its stability. By making the bag firm without sag. Apart from being used on a straight bar bike, it can also be used on the flat-bar bike.

However, if you’re looking for a bag that can perfectly fit for dirt bikes and technical riding, we think this bag is an ideal of choice for you. As it will not turn you down.

  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • It is very stable.
  • It doesn’t prevent excess water from entering the bag.

   3    WOTOW Bike Handlebar Bag — Most Sensitive

Remarkably known for its diverse feature, the Wotow bike is a T-shaped hook and loop strap bag that is easy to install and release. This is due to the presence of three hook and loop straps that are found at the back of this bag.

It also has a two sides sliver grey reflective stripes, complemented with a reflective light hoop to enhance your safety. Especially, when riding in the night. Again, this bag also contain an excellent quality material that is composed of 300D polyester fabric padded with HDPE. That makes it mud-proof and water-resistant.

Again, as if those features are not sufficient for the price tag of this bag, it also has a transparent touch screen TPU. That enhances your easy view of your kept valuables.


  • It has a transparent waterproof pocket that allows you to operate your phone while riding.
  • It comes with a detachable shoulder strap that can be used as a shoulder bag.
  • If the phone and other sensitive materials are kept in the outside of the transparent pocket, they may get exposed to sunlight.

   4    OBOVA Bike Handlebar Bag — Best for Men and Women Riders

Unlike most handlebar bags, Obova is a tear resistance 400D ripstop nylon that comes with an extra inner PVC layer. This PVC layer helps to enhance the water resistance capability of this bag. Again, this bag is easy to clean and it also has a reflective stripe that enhances your safety.

Although this moderate size bag is very sturdy, yet, it can store more than the sufficient valuables you need for your biking activities. In fact, the waterproof zippers features it has is amazing has it also helps to prevent water from gaining entry into the bag.

Lastly, the presence of the detachable shoulder strap of this bag gives you more flexibility. So you can ride without any hassle.

  • It has an extra front and side pockets.
  • It also has an anti-slip Velcro strap that makes it sturdier.
  • It cannot be easily manoeuvred.

   5    Moosetreks Bike Handlebar Stem Bag — Most Versatile

Moosetreks is a reputable product in the biking community and Moosetreks bike handlebar stem bag is not an exception. On this versatile one hand easy access bag, you are capable of accessing all your kept valuables at your own ease. As Moosetreks has a top closure that can be open and close quickly.

Consequently, this convenient storage bag also has 3 secured point attachments. That functions differently but work together to complement the bicycle functionalities. The first Velcro loop allows the attachment of the stem to your handlebars. While the second aids attachment to the stem and the clip of the strap at the bottom also helps to tighten the strap.

Again, this bike has some amazing side storages like the insulating materials that help you to keep your drinks cool.

  • It has an adjustable Velcro loop that makes it versatile.
  • It also has a drainage hole at the bottom.
  • If heavily used for a longer period, it may fall apart.

   6    TOURBON Vintage Canvas Bike Panniers Bicycle Handlebar Bag — Most Stylish


Uncommonly, Tourbon is a leather made handlebar bag that contains a waterproof waxed canvas in it. This leather design stylish bag has a two-strap metallic buckle to enhance the safety of your essentials and also aids attachment to the bike.

Similarly, the 10″X5-6/8 dimension and 0.15kg weight of this bag makes it capable of holding more than expected loads you ever think. Its placement on your bike also complement the beauty of your bag. Especially if the colour of the two is identical.

In general, if you’re a classic rider, that likes affordable handlebar bag with fine design, then worry no more has this bag will surely meet your demand.

  • It is very stylish.
  • It also has a hole at the bottom where you can insert your headphone or other slimmer items.
  • If the top flap is not carefully adjusted, it may not cover the openings on the ends.

   7    Rhinowalk Bike Handlebar Bag — Most suitable for Small Items

If you’re still not satisfied with all the above-mentioned handlebar bags, then we think you should consider buying this bag. Rhinowalk is a 2 in 1 multifunctional bag with buckles on both sides. These buckles enhance the attachment of this bag to the handlebar of different bikes through the snap closures.

It is also equipped with a belt and a fixing strap. That can be used to carry it anywhere after being detached from the bicycle. Also, the Twill Fabric material of this bag makes it durable as it can resist higher temperature and heat. Again, it is wear-resistant has it as a well-knit Nylon mesh at the middle.

Lastly, talking about the amazing features of this bag without referencing its stability and anti-slide features is incomplete. This is because the Anti-slide strap feature completely complements the functionalities of the bag by helping it to protect its frame.

  • Best for storing small items.
  • Their customer services are responsive.
  • The pocket of this bag is very small.

   8    Roswheel Bike Bag Bicycle Storage Bags — Most Affordable

Another handlebar bag with a promising feature is the Roshwheel. This well-structured design bag has a reflective logo that helps to increase the visibility of your bike in the dark. Thus, minimizing accident occurrence.

It also has a round bottom design that makes it easy to pack. Plus, it is also easy to detach making it easier to carry to anywhere while off the bike. Contrary to most handlebar bags, this bag has an adjustable capacity which put no limit to the load you can carry or keep within it. Although considerable size load is preferable.

To round it up, just like some bike bag, this bag is also tear-resistant and waterproof. Meaning it will last you for a longer time so you can enjoy every penny you spend on it.

  • To keep your items safe and intact, it should be taken away from the openings.
  • Its price is affordable.
  • The zip of the bag is not strong enough.

   9    Bushwhacker Waco Black bag –The Safest

If your own choice of pick is safety, then we think you should look into this bag. Uncommonly, Bushwhacker is a Ripstop polyester construction bag that is very safe and durable. This bag is convenient and perfectly designed that it has 2 points mounting system. That aids the attachment of the bag to the handlebars or on the seat.

Although this bag is bigger in size, still, it occupies little space. So you’re free to buy as many as you wish so as to accommodate and keep all your items on a single bike. Especially if you intend to embark on a long journey.

Similarly, this bag can also be used by scooters, snowmobiles, motorcyclist and others. Has it can fit into them perfectly.

  • It is very save to use.
  • It is big that some smaller bags can also be kept inside it.
  • If attached to the seat stay, it may rob the tire.

   10    Oranlife Bike Handlebar Bag — Most Comfortable

The last in number but not in function in the list of our available buying guides for the best handlebar bag is Oranlife. This bag is a full waterproof polyester that is made from TPU material which enhances its strength and durability. It also has a waterproof sensitive TPU touch screen. The part that is rarely found in most handlebar bags.

Furthermore, the large space capacity of this bag allows it to keep your valuables safe while still distributing its weight on your bicycle. Thus, enhance balancing. In fact, its load capacity may reach 3.5L.

Lastly, just like other bags in our guides, this bag is also easy to install has it comes with 3 magic stickers. That aids the firmness of your loads on the bike.

  • It can be used and fit to most motorcycles and bikes.
  • It is very comfortable to use as it comes with an easily removable shoulder strap.
  • Larger items may not be accommodated on the touchscreen pocket.

riding a bike with handlebar bag


What is a handlebar bag?

The handlebar bag is an essential bike safety material, used by bikers for the storage of their gears and other valuables. Especially, when they are preparing for camping activities, bike packing, or during touring.

They also give bikers quick and instant access to their gears. And they come in different sizes, design, and styles.

However, while some handlebar bag is capable of working perfectly with the straight handlebars, others work with drop bars bike.

Benefits of the handlebar bag. 

  • They are easy to install, ride with, and pack.
  • They also help to store your valuables regardless of weight or size.
  • Again, they give you direct access to your valuables. Including the opening of the bag while still on the bike.
  • Contrary to traditional back bag storage, they help to maintain the bicycle balance by distributing the weight of the load evenly.
  • Also, since they are either water resistance or waterproofed, they help keep your gears and other items free of water.

How to choose the best handlebar bag?

Despite the fact that the handlebar bag is among the paramount materials used by bikers to keep their load safe. When preparing for their trip, still, some manufacturers deviated away from the standard measures and went on to produce some low-quality bags. That can turn bikers down in the time of needy because of their own personal profit maximization.

However, to survive in this hostile environment, we have relentlessly compiled all the vital information needed to secure the best bag for you. Also, we went further in choosing some bags that perform optimally. Our bags perform wonderfully that, they also find their way to the amazon and top its list.

Listed below are the feature you need to look into before you choose your choice of bag.

Features needed to consider before buying your choice of handlebar bag?

Once you’re ready to buy your choice of the handlebar bag, there are some features you need to consider. These features if strictly adhered to will not only give you a pleasing ride but also, it will save you from hassles.

In fact, if you carefully master them, you will be able to give a recommendation to other riders next time. If you’re consulted.

These features, however, include: intend usage, material design, weight, durability, price, etc.

Let’s dive in.

What did you intend to do with the handlebar bag?

The first thing you need to consider before buying your choice of handlebar bag is to understand what you intend to do with the bag. This is because different bags are designed for different tasks.

Some bags are big and ruggedly designed that, they can accommodate large gear. This kind of bag is an ideal of choice for a longer ride that may last for days or years. As larger items will be kept there. However, some bags are small and can only accommodate little essentials.

Consequently, on the other hand, some bags can only work perfectly on a drop handlebar. This kind of bags if mistakenly fitted to the straight handlebar, you may encounter some difficulties like discomfort, accident and others.

However, once you have the full knowledge of the intended usage, you are then free to look into the next feature. Which is the size and design of the bag.



What is the size of the bag?

Handlebar bags come in varieties of sizes. With some being small, some medium, and some are also large. In fact, some even have an additional pocket outside the bag. So you can keep more valuable that is not fragile.

However, the choice of bag size you should buy should be strictly determined by the type of journey you’re planning to embark on. Based on our deep and extensive research, plus honest review, we discovered that the best size bag for a long journey is the bigger size one.

This kind of bag is always big to the extent that, it can even accommodate your tent and other sleeping materials. However, bear it in mind that it is advisable to buy and mount the lamp to this bag type. As they may block and obscure light from the light source of your bike. This kind of bike is the ideal of choice for camping and military activities.

But if you’re planning to embark on mountain touring, or commuting within the city, the smaller size bag is often recommended. As only limited gears like sunglasses, snacks, foods, sportswear, mobile and other lighter valuables are needed to be kept.

What of design and attachment? 

Another important feature to consider before buying a handlebar bag is the design of the bag and the bike type. Generally, the most common bags designed are the top zip opening and the side roll closure.

Although we also have the handlebar harnesses types. That is advantaged in that, it is easily detachable from the main bag. However, all these bags types have a different mounting bracket and can be fixed to the bike in different ways.

Some can be fitted to the bag using the mounting system to keep the bag firm and the bike sturdy. While others can use the Velcro straps and clips to attach. Again, to make the bag stronger and sturdier, some are often incorporated with internal stiffeners.

Then after you have master the design that matches your bike, the next thing is to look at the durability of the bag.

Is it equipped with durable materials?

The durability of the bag is also a key feature to look into when buying your choice of bag. And this mostly lies in the materials used to build the bags. Including waterproof and water resistance capabilities.

However, to some people, water preventive material is not crucial. But for the real bike enthusiast, who value the safety of their gears, they know this feature cannot be exempted from the list.

Your bike handlebar bag can either be waterproof or water resistance. Let’s take, for instance, if you’re trying to have a nice ride while raining heavily, we strongly recommend for you. The buying of the waterproof bag. This is because this kind of bag can remain under the rain for a longer period without allowing the rain to penetrate your bag.

Again, we also have a water-resistance bag. Which is only helpful when the water is not much. They are useful for bikers who commute within the city during summer.

In general, the price of durable bags may be different from that of a normal one without the water protective. Although this may not be in some cases.

What of the price tag?

Talking about the features needed to secure the best handlebar bag without talking about the price is incomplete. And that is the reason why we have compiled different price bags. Although with superior quality.

No matter how low budgeted or high budgeted you are, you will definitely meet your choice of bag budget in our guide.


We have come to the end of this guide and we hope you will find all the vital information needed to secure the best handlebar bag for your bike. Most of our bags are stylishly designed and are smaller in size. Which eases manoeuvrability.
However, the larger size bags are very sturdy and they even help to stabilize the bicycle. By distributing their weight evenly on the bike.

Our best handlebar bag pick is ROCK BROS Bike Handlebar Bag. This bag is very versatile and moderately designed. They are durable and can even be adjusted easily. Although they are not water resistance, still, they are capable of preventing little water from gaining access to your gears.

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