Top 10 Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery for 2020

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If you own a bike and your intention is more of commuting rather than exercising, wouldn’t it be better if you can arrive your destination without breaking sweat? Technological advancement keeps ushering man into era of better today than yesterday, such is the case of model traditional bikes and electric bikes.

Electric bikes have some advantages over standard bikes, they go around quicker and give less-strenuous rides, especially for commuters and hobbyists. Apart from the scary price of most branded e-bikes, the ease, power, and speed of a motor powered ride can make anyone want to consider e-bikes, but what happens to your standard pedal push bike?

Indeed, you can enjoy the best of both worlds without investing in a brand new e-bike. Thanks to this same technology, your regular bike can be electrified. You may be among the many few that’s just knowing about this, but yes you can convert your normal push pedal bike into a more powerful and enhanced walking machine. Thanks to the emergence of conversion tool kits.

Conversion tool kits make it possible for your normal bicycle to be transformed into something with extra power. There, you enjoy all benefits of an e-bike, and you still have your normal bike for sporting things.

Before diving deep into what makes the best conversion tool kit, the following is a quick review of some of the best electric conversion kits available in the market.

  1   AW 26″x1.75″ Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Kit – Best Overall


The first kit for electric bike conversion in this article is the AW and it provides users with a full wheel, tire frame and a tire. It also comes with an LCD display which shows the battery energy, time, power, speed and other stuff.

Its pedal assistance system allows you to enjoy a process of free cycling, and the full kit even comes with twist throttle which can be used instead of the pedal. Has high motor efficiency and one other advantage it has over other kits is that its dual mode controller motor works under both hall and non-hall effect.

This unit supports an oxford cloth carrying bag which comes along with a zippered main compartment which houses the controller.

Get an AW bike kit and a 26” front wheel, two brake pullers, 2 handle bar grips, 1 speed throttle, one LCD display, one pedal assistant system, one controller bag, one battery connection cable, one fuse, a user manual a brushless hub motor and an electric controller are some of the amazing kit items you could find therein. Since the pack does not come with a battery and charger, it supports the use of external batteries.

  • Well made and durable
  • Works under Hall effect and non-hall effect
  • Throttle which can be used to replace the PAS.
  • Comes in handy with a user manual.
  • Does not come with a battery and charger.
  • Pedal sensor might not be compatible with some type of bikes.

   2    JAXPETY 48V 1000W Electric Bicycle Conversion kit – Most Affordable


Featuring next on our list is the jaxpety 48v 1000W electric bicycle manufactured by JAXPERTY and made of aluminum alloy. It is very basic and minimal with a low price except that it doesn’t comes with its own bag, batteries and their wiring.

This kit is also recommended if you are planning to convert a motorcycle also. This bike has the tension level on the front wheel, with a rear tire and contains everything you would ever need to convert your standard bike into an electric bike. It delivers unrivalled performance and is reliable, eases stress through and makes you cruise through paths at an average speed of 28mile/hr.

Its pedal system comes with a crank speed sensor and the twist throttle has a battery level display and power-cut off button which is guaranteed to offer a 100% satisfactory level. Another interesting part of this kit is that to produce a large amount of power rare-earth metal magnets, nylon tires, alloy rim and stainless steel spoke are used.

As it doesn’t come with its own battery, this kit is compatible with many kinds of battery and lithium batteries are recommended most especially. Ideally, a 48-40V of battery is required to power it at a speed of 30mph for around 20-25 miles.

  • Reliable and not expensive .
  • Compatible with other types of batteries.
  • Compatible with different external batteries.
  • Does not comes with a charger and battery
  • Wheel is not easy to fix

   3    Goplus 48V 1000W Electric Bicycle Kit — Best for Riding in All Terrain

The Goplus bike kit is an electric bike conversion kit with a voltage of 48V, 1000W of power and a very strong stability controller. Its front and rear electric wheel expected to bring perfection to your cycling experience features a size of 26” X 1.95” and supports travelling at a speed of 18-21mph.

It comes with a LCD which is easy to operate with a 5 geared speed and 3 different riding modes (manpower, electricity and electric power assistance) are available for you to choose one. These riding modes are expected to bring you varying levels of assistance depending on the terrain you are riding on.

The LCDs allows you to keep record of speed, distance travelled, and gear data. It also possesses a power cut-off brake handle to ensure personal safety of the rider or cyclist while also protecting the motor. It saves energy and protects the riding environment because it doesn’t cause pollution.

Made with an aluminum alloy and weighs about 21lbs, the aluminum alloy central controller is firm and durable and allows you to steadily control the starting, stopping, advancing, retreating and the speed of the motor. It also allows you to take charge of other operations of your bike.


  • Easy to assemble and cost effective.
  • Environmental friendly, it doesn’t pollute the environment.
  • Ensures personal safety of the rider and the motor.
  • Has high power and stability control.
  • Wheel cannot be changed to a front wheel.
  • Does not come with a battery.

   4    Voilamart 26″ Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – Best for Traveling Long Distance

Another kit for the electronic bike conversion is the voilamart bike kit. The voilamart bike kit has a rear wheel size of 26”, voltage of 48V and a power of 1000W and 750W   in addition to an LCD display with intelligent controller and PAS system. It has an adjustable 5 level of intelligent pedal assist system which comes handy with a twist throttle.

The LCD displays shows battery level and the pedal assistance settings. Like the JAXPETY, it also supports a crank speed sensor for pedal assist. Its upgraded and intelligent motor controller allows you to change between power modes.

The 1000W power mode has no speed control except for the Pedal Assist System while the 750W power mode is powered by a single blue switch wire which is embedded in the controller. It requires a voltage of 48V whose capacity must not be lesser than 11.5Ah.

This item comes with all the components you need to make a full conversion which includes a rear wheel, pedal assist crank sensor, a controller bag, a cable tie and plastic coil, a pair of brake handle, a user manual, a LCD meter that shows the battery level and pedal assistant settings and so on.

  • Comes with a user manual
  • Speed restriction can be removed
  • Does not come with a regenerative brake
  • Supports an external battery
  • Does not come with a battery and charger.
  • Motor could be damaged from over-speeding.

   5    GRM iMortor 3.0 Wireless Electric Bike Front Wheel Conversion Kits – Most Versatile

Arguably one of the best e-bike conversion kit. The GRM is another electric bike kit good for conversion. It does not only work with bikes and vehicles but also supports android and iOS devise. Isn’t that interesting?

The motor 3.0 e-bike comes with a front wheel kit that fits a frame size of 26” X 1.95”, uses a disc type of brake. It supports a detachable lithium battery to experience a long lasting life and enjoy a long riding distance. Has an average speed of about 25km/h and can travel at a maximum range of 40km.

For safety purposes, the manufacturers have obtained a series of safety certificates, which not only provides you with a top-notch quality product but most importantly provides you with optimum safety also.  Also, the e-bike front wheel is fully enclosed and supports stronger waterproof performance.

For conveniences purpose, it has a wide range of compatibility as the front wheel is compatible with all Bluetooth, android and iOS systems. Give glad tidings to foreign speakers! It supports foreign languages like Chinese, Korean, Italian and.

Some of the items in its packaging list include a removable Lithium battery, phone packet, charger, installation accessories and so on. Weighs around 31.5 pounds and has a one full year warranty.

  • Battery does not interfere with the fork hence giving users an amazing ride experience
  • Comes with a removable battery and also supports an internal sensor system
  • Compatible with android and iOS users
  • Problems with QR code are bound to happen

   6    BAFANG BBS02B 48V 750W Ebike Motor conversion kit – Best for Fast Riding


The bafang bike kit has a brushless gear motor type and comes with an integrated controller, a Bluetooth supported LCD set, a pair of brake lever, one thumb throttle set, a chain wheel, a full set of speed sensor and magnets, about 4 cable pieces, a pair of crank, a battery and charger, and so on.

This motor can be powered by a 48V and 52V battery, though a 52V voltage is more recommended for faster performance. Also, if you are thinking of keeping your hydraulic brakes, this  kit also comes with a power brake level.

To cover the actual power of the kit, the kit offers a 250W of free stickers because of strict electric vehicle laws in some areas. It also comes with all necessary accessories like the mid-drive motor, brake lever/sensor and for give-away lovers; it comes with free head lights and tail lights.

The bafang mid-drive motor is compatible with fat bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and tourist bikes.

  • In case it violates the electric vehicle power in your area, there are free stickers to cover the actual power.
  • Powerful and quiet while running.
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a battery
  • Violates electric vehicle laws of some areas.
  • Does not come with a gear sensor.

   7    Voilamart Electric Bicycle Kit 26″ Rear Wheel conversion kit – Most Advanced

Another kit for the electronic bike conversion also from Voilamart is a bike kit with a model number of EBK-48V1000W. The bike kit has a rear wheel size of 26” and voltage of 48V and a power of 1000W and 750W. The LCD displays shows battery level and the pedal assistance settings.

In addition to an LCD display with intelligent controller and PAS system. It has an adjustable 5 level of intelligent pedal assist system which comes handy with a twist throttle. Like the JAXPETY, it also supports a crank speed sensor for pedal assist.

Its upgraded and intelligent motor controller allows you to change between power modes. The 1000W power mode has no speed control except for the Pedal Assist System while the 750W power mode is powered by a single blue switch wire which is embedded in the controller.

It requires a voltage of 48V whose capacity must not be lesser than 11.6Ah.  comes with a rear wheel of about 7 sprockets, pedal assist crank sensor, a controller bag, a cable tie and plastic coil, a pair of brake handle, a user manual, a LCD meter that shows the battery level and pedal assistant settings and so on.

  • Comes with a user manual
  • speed restriction can be removed
  • Uphill or downhill, it can travel long distance runs fast regardless of the weight on it.
  • Supports an external battery which is not too costly.
  • Does not come with a battery and charger.
  • Brakes are prone to having incessant issues.

   8    EBIKELING 36V 500W 26″ Geared FrontConversion Kit – Most Durable

Perhaps one of the best conversion electric bike kit you would ever come across, the ebikeling is a kit that supports up to 36V and uses an incredibly low power of 500W hub motor with a 22Amp controller.

You get to install the kit with aluminum doubled wall rim and a hub motor which have both been pre-installed for conveniences purpose. All you have to do is just to transfer the original tire. Like the NB power bike kit, it also supports a two-way throttle control system and you get to choose between using the twist throttle or thumb throttle.

There are waterproof aluminum rims which have openings for specific types of valve and funniest thing is that the kit does not even have regenerative brake option. Also, the pedal assistance system and brake levers are optional; hence the kit will work perfectly fine without them. You are the controller of your kit and you will be able to use your own brakes and freewheel.

Some of the items contained in this kit include the geared motor hub, brushless motor ontroller, pedal assist sensor, a torque arm, a tube liner, one free rear wheel, an ungraded LCD display/LED, a twist and thumb throttle system and two brake levers with safety switches.

  • Has a two-way throttle system
  • Kit works fine without the PAS and brake lever
  • Waterproof aluminum rims for longer safe rides
  • Pack comes with an installation hardware and zip ties.
  • Could be hard to assemble
  • No regenerative brake option.

   9    The ebikemotor 3.2″ TFT LCD+3000W Conversion kit – Best for Hill Climbing

The bike motor is a Hi speed electric bike kit used for bike conversion. The kit comes with a 3000W power DC motor with a bicycle rim that does not include a tire. Have a max controller of 60A, a twist throttle, brake lever, and a 7 speed gear.

It doesn’t come with its own battery hence supports an external.  The 3000W power it comes with supports a double hall sensor which is about 150mm dropout and suitable for bicycle disc brake and also a 16 tooth sized free wheel as a bicycle chain.

The kit is compatible with a Panasonic cell battery which discharges a high rate cell.

Its top speed features around 72-80km/h which is equivalent to 50miles per hour and goes with 26 inch wheel suitable to climb any type of hill.

Contrary to other bike kits which supports LCD display, The Bike Motor supports a TFT display with 3.2” high contrast color screen which shows battery power level, time, speed, a 7 wheeled gear, distance traveled, and power. The disc brake has a diameter of 140mm, magnet size of 42mm and uses an MTX sun ringlet bicycle rim. To enjoy this kit, you do not need an additional disc brake; you can just make do with the older styled brake that clamps around the wheel.

  • Supports long distance travel
  • Supports use of external batteries
  • Wheels supports heavy weight
  • Might be difficult to assemble
  • It is not compatible with all battery types

   10    NBpower 72V 2000W Bicycle Conversion Kit – Most Easy to Operate

Another amazing electric bike conversion kit is the NB power bike kit made with a double-wall alloy rims spoke. It supports a voltage of up to 72V and power strength of 2000W.  Despite having 8 different magnets to support its pedal assistance system, it also comes in two-way throttle system which is the thumb throttle and twist throttle.

The brakes are also made of two alloy brake levers for both sides of the power off. One reason I am sure you are going to love this is that it supports a multifunctional LCD display which displays the speed limit function, vehicle speed display function, time indicator function and other functions. It also uses a 7 geared system.

Icing to the aforementioned is that it is compatible with an external battery and a good recommendation for this is the 72v 17Ah battery. The real wheel rim is 3.0; hence it can work with a kenda 2.3” k-rad standard tire.

  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Wheels are easy to use
  • Supports the use of external batteries to power
  • Two-way throttle system, which means more safety
  • Pack does not come with a user manual
  • Might be difficult to assemble.

bike with electric conversion kit

Types of electric bike conversion kit

Electrifying your traditional bike can be done with an electric motor in four different ways, invariably, there are four types of electric bike conversion kits:

Electric bike wheel conversion kit

The commonest of all and the most sought after, this involves replacing either the front or back wheel of your normal bike with motor powered wheel that features special gearing and hub. Most of this special wheels are rated at 250-350 watts and often have their diameter between 20-28 inches.

If you are considering a front wheel motor, the general rule of thumb is to make sure that the fork strength will cope with electric motor torque. And if you need a more enhanced traction, a rear wheel motor is more ideal for off road biking, while changing the front wheel will be better for road biking.

Friction drive conversion kit

Rarely used, this type of conversion kit uses friction force to drive the bike forward. It is facilitated with a propelling mechanism which allows the roller and the motor sits on the rear wheel, and uses battery powered friction to propel your bike forward.

This is an ancient technology of the 80s and 90s and has been observed by many users not to be very efficient, in addition to its uneven weight distribution issue.

Mid-drive conversion kit

Similar to a complete electric bike, mid drive conversion kits are attached to the frame of your bike. While in most cases, the motor is mounted to the bottom bracket. Without weighing your bike down, mid drive conversion kit weight down your bike to provide more stability and feel of the ride.

The only downside is how much exposed the kit is in that position, making it a potential risk of being easily damaged.


An expensive solution for those seeking to conceal their bike power source. If you are interested in enhancing the ability of your bike but don’t want the disgusting and ugly appearance of a motor. This conversion kits (both motor and battery) are hidden.

With the motor inside your seat tube and battery fits into your bottle cage, it gives you a secret powered assistance. Unless if need be, concealed kits are not generally advisable, plus they are usually more expensive.

Benefit of Electric Bike Conversion Kits

There are two unparalleled benefits of using a conversion kit over buying an already manufactured e-bike;

Liberty: The joy of having total control over the performance of your bike is indeed a good thing. Because you have the freedom of selecting the components and parts of your bike, you can decide how you want it and configure it to suit your need. Unlike already made electric bikes you live by what you are served.

Affordability: Conversion kits are money savers, as they save you from overspending on electric bike. With your limited budget, you are sure to get a matching kit, that will neither compromise quality nor durability.

Features to Consider Before Buying Conversion Tool Kit

If your purchase of the best bike conversion kit is to be done right, there are a number of design issues you must be ready to look into, these design considerations are what potential investors in conversion kits needs to get right, else, you may regret a penny not well spent.

Note: To get the best of what features follow, the most useful advice is that, you must check well the specs of any kits you are going for. Read all specifications as stated by product manufacturer and compare with the specs of other products.

Cost of conversion

If the cost of converting your normal bike to an electric one outweighs that of purchasing a brand new electric bike, then why go for refurbishment when you can get a brand new bike.

Electric bikes have two main additional cost factors compared to a standard bike which are the motor and the battery. Often times, the battery would cost about one-third of the whole cost of the bike and the motor could cost about half a thousand dollars or so.

Power and speed

The overall functionality of any conversion kit depend largely on these two key features. They are interconnected in purpose and interwoven in action. Power is derived from the battery while speed is what the kit motor offers.

Practically, a good battery with a small motor rating will deliver less speed for longer time, while a poor battery with an impressive motor rating will deliver high speed but with shorter time span. Check for the best match when picking yours.

Battery versatility

If you don’t want to be stuck at a junction, the best conversion kit you can buy is that, which has high level of versatility. Meaning, its compatible and can be used with different types of batteries. This makes it easier for you to get quick alternatives in case of kits’ battery damage.

To convert your normal bike to an electric one, you must have a strong source of external battery to power it and often times electric bikes sold with less energy (say for example 250W) usually have standard 36V batteries and 15-20 amp controllers for steady support.


The performance of your conversion kit is a dictate of the battery and power rating, kits with exceptional motor rating can be laggy at times, if not powered by appropriate battery. Your best cut here is to take time and look through previous buyers’ reviews.


The installation, usage and dismounting of your converter kit must be on the overall more than a breeze. This is the yardstick for measuring how convenient and excellent the kit will be for your bike. After all, nobody likes being frustrated with things other people do with ease.


Even when a conversion kit does what it’s does well, you need to go extra mile to be ascertained of the quality, so that your good experience won’t be short-lived. Also, your supposed-to-be long term investment won’t need replacement any time soon.

However, as simple as it sounds, there are specially designed kits that come with some of the tools and item you would need for your conversion and that is what this article offers you.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Will the wheel work on a hydraulic disc brake?

Yes, it would.

  1. How long does it take to install a conversion kit?

If you have basic knowledge of bike mechanics, installing a converter kit shouldn’t take you more than an hour. However, the mid drive conversion kit is the best option to transform your bike but they are most difficult to install. You can seek the help of a professional.

  1. Do all kits have pedal assist sensor?

Not all kits have a Pedal assist sensor. You can check each kit’s product description for more details.

  1. What tools do I need to install a conversion kit?

Typically, a standard toolkit should do. This kits include the following basic tools such as Allen wrenches, Phillips wrenches, screwdrivers, air pump, pliers etc.

  1. Do all kits meet the required electric vehicle law?

Well, all you to do is click on the kit you wish to buy and check if it does not violate any electric vehicle law of your area.


The kits listed above all perform the same function but what makes each unique in their form that they offer different adds-on. Some kits come in handy with incentives, free gifts etc., while most kits do not. Some of these kits are manufactured by well-known companies in the cycle industry while others are made by companies just trying to gain grounds in the cycle industries.

Whichever kit you choose to use, remember that the mighty building you prefer costs more to build than the shallow place you currently call a home. Your pocket will determine how fully equipped and sophisticated your electric bike conversion kit would look like.

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