10+ Best Cruiser Bikes Reviews 2020: You Need To Know

Ever thought of getting a bike? Chances are high that you did, which is why you are here.

However, with so many different models and types, it may get overwhelming for you to choose one. Mention has to be made about the best cruiser bikes 2020 that have been doing the rounds.

These bikes have wide handlebars, balloon-like tires and are positioned with broader seats. You ride these bikes in an upright position making it very comfortable for you.

This is why Just Not Sports bring you a list of the good Cruiser bike that will help you take that call.

Here is a rundown of the good Cruiser bikes for you.
Best Cruiser Bike Reviews

Our Top Choice

Just Not Sports couldn’t help it but had to refer this as the very first one.

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle (Baby Blue With Black Seat)

Firmstrong is a mix of style and usefulness and it will likely make your ride an experience, which certainly will not seem like an errand. Similarly, this single-speed Urban Lady doesn’t make riding any less demanding. Naming a cruiser bicycle as an “urban woman” bicycle is a somewhat a smart move. In other words, this bike has been designed to perform.
Urban Lady Beach Cruiser has rich features of vintage cruisers while utilizing remarkable parts and some state of the art engineering to guarantee an adaptable bicycle. The 17-inch steel outline has a female-accommodating cylinder configuration that takes into consideration that has high shock absorbing capacity. The drivetrain is average like any cruiser has and can speed up between 3 to 15 mp/h. It has a consistent speed and is safe for driving on flat surfaces anyway.

  1. Urban Lady is available in 1-speed to 7-speed, which is quite commendable
  2. Handlebar configuration merits some consideration, as it adds to the bicycle’s comfort without compromising stability
  3. Bicycle comes 80% assembled (if ordering online)
  4. Lighter load of the casing influences the Urban Lady in all the correct ways
  5. The coaster brakes are easy to use


  • Standard grip as found on any other cruiser
  • Honorable mention
  • Here is a list of cycles that deserve a mention simply because they are of superior quality.

Honorable mention:

Sixthreezero Men’s In The Barrel Beach Cruiser Bicycle

When it comes to giving the ultimate cycling experience this bicycle comes on top of the list. The manufacturer has been in business for years and has been making cycles of the highest quality and this is a good example. This has already outsold every other brand in the market by leaps and bounds. So, as a customer, you will be very happy after buying this cycle.
The frame is well extended and a very sturdy one. The comfort level in this cycle is totally unparalleled. With this, you can expect to travel big distances without facing any problems. The Shimano gear system makes things very easy for you. Want to know more about this cycle? Then simply keep reading.

  1. This bicycle is idea for intense riding sessions
  2. The gear are very easy to change
  3. The cycle also features coaster brakes
  4. No matter what your height is  you can still use this  cycle to the fullest
  5. The construction of the bike is very strong so it will last for a long time and it is ideal for rough use
  6. Readily available online and the manufacturer offers a valid warranty on  all the products


  1. The bike could have been a lighter and seat needs to be a little softer

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

If you are on the lookout for casual riding then this is the cycle that will do justice to you. This can be used on almost every terrain and that is what makes this a winner over all the other brands. Combining smart designing and high quality this cycle is a must buy. Experience a fabulous cycling experience with this cycle as it has three different options for gears.
As a bonus, the manufacturer has incorporated very prominent changes in this design to give the users a smooth experience. The good news is that the price of this cycle is quite reasonable and so you do not have to depend on expensive brands anymore. There is no doubt that is totally worth every penny you spend on it.

  1. Ideal for the relaxed cycling experience
  2. The frame is made from superior steel and it is evident that the cycle will last for a long time
  3. The cycle features balloon tires that facilitate comfortable riding and gives the users substantial control
  4. The seats are oversized and  have dual springs
  5. Handlebars are quite comfortable and have grips made of foam


  1. The pedals seem very stiff and are not that smooth
  2. The seat could use a little bit more padding

Sixthreezero Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Every bicycle is designed to take you from one point to another but the only difference with this bike is that the journey is smooth thanks to its brilliant design and mechanics.  The manufacturer has used state of the art technology to make this wonderful bicycle.
The good thing about this cycle is that it is very affordable so you do not have to depend on expensive brands anymore. The design is so good that your body will always feel relaxed while you are riding.

  1. This women’s cycle features 3 different settings for gear which means you can use this for climbing mountains and also traveling a little far
  2. The body features fenders at the rear and at the front which is a plus point about the cycle
  3. This is readily available online and the manufacturer provides a favorable warranty on the product
  4. Users of all height can use this bicycle
  5. Features balloon tires and a wide saddle that absorbs all the shock
  6. The cranked mechanics has received a special tweak on this cycle to facilitate smooth movement


  1. The pedal movements seem a little stiff
  2. The seat needs to be a little firmer for added comfort

Sixthreezero EVRY journey Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

This cycle has a glossy chrome component which adds to its appearance but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The performance is also very impressive. If you are into casual riding then you could buy the single speed cycle and if you want to step a notch then go for the 7 or 3-speed cycles as their performance is very powerful.
The construction is solid so you can expect the cycle to last you for a very long time. There is no doubt that this is totally worth every penny you spend on the cycle. The design of the cycle makes sure that no parts of your body undergo any stress. Do you want to know more about this fabulous cycle? Then keep reading.

  1. The frame of the cycle is made of sturdy aluminum which facilitates good movements
  2. Riders of different heights can easily ride this cycle
  3. The product features handbrakes for the rear and front
  4. Rear and fender racks available for storing
  5. Readily available online and the manufacturer offers valid warranty


  1. The seats could have been a little better
  2. The cycle seems to be a little  bit heavier than what is mentioned in the description

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle (Pink With Seat)

This cycle is every woman’s new best friend and for good reason too. The cycle is good looks and great performance combined together. Once you ride this there is no way you will switch over to another brand. Take this bike and go for a spin almost anywhere in any environment. This bike is totally worth buying.
So, if you are looking for a girly riding trip with your friends this cycle is super easy to control and maneuver. The cycle is designed to absorb shock so you can expect a very smooth ride. The cycle is available online and the manufacturer offers a good warranty on the product. If you are keen to know more about the product just keep reading.

  1. You have the option of getting matching fenders
  2. Women of all height and frames can ride this cycle without any hesitation
  3. The cycle is very easy to use and the braking system is very effective
  4. The cycle is very affordable
  5. The construction is very strong and sturdy
  6. Found in multiple colors
  7. Readily available online
  8. Ideal product for the casual riders


  1. The bike seems to be a lot heavier than what the manufacturer claims
  2. The seat could use extra padding

Best on a budget

Here are some pocket-friendly cycles that you should not miss out on.

KENT Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike

Are you looking for a bike that you can share a ride with? Well, this bike should be on top of your bucket list.  As a customer, you will never be disappointed with this bike as it is engineered for success. The construction of the bike is very solid so you can expect this to last for a very long time to come.
The bike absorbs all the shock so your ride will be free from any discomfort. You can order this very easily online and have it delivered with days. Do you want to know more about this fabulous product? Well keep reading to learn more.

  • The frame of the bike is very durable and it assures that the product will last for a long time and not undergo too much of wear and tear
  • Features Revo Shifters and Shimano Tourney
  • The tires are extra wide giving you good control over your movements
  • You also get holders for your water bottles
  • Very affordable bicycle
  • Readily available online
  • The manufacturer offers good warranty on the product so you can expect the manufacturer to give you a replacement on products with manufacturing defects
  • Does not require too much maintenance


  1. The bike is quite heavy
  2. The seats could  have been a little firmer
  3. The installation process is a bit tedious

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women

The Mobo Triton Pro cruiser tricycle is intended for those who need a little exercise and fun. Yes, you can utilize these cruisers for light physical exercises, or use them to get your pooch a pleasant night walk. More or less, this tends to be a genuine treat for the old and the young.
The vast majority of the cruisers accessible in the market get fizzled with regards to riding them through any slopes. You need to pedal hard or else you would be trapped. It must be added that there is no such issue with this cruiser. You can ride through a rising with nonstop accelerating. Furthermore, it has a very flexible seat that can offer you improved sitting and riding background. It is a hardcore cruiser that is readily available in different colors. This cruiser has a recumbent construction, which enables the rider to have a comfortable ride. In simple words, it suggests that you will not have any back issues on account of this cruiser at least.

  1. This cruiser does not just move smoothly on hard and leveled surfaces, but also along unpleasant surfaces including grass and mud
  2. It is protected and simple to control
  3. It never gets excessively quick
  4. This cruiser is the best accessible by elderlies too
  5. It is less demanding to work and has a low speed
  6. It doesn’t weigh down on your joints


  1. This cruiser is just intended to be ridden on a hard and leveled surface, which means you probably won’t appreciate the ride on grass or rock
  2. This cruiser is a solitary apparatus ride which debilitates the riders on shifting surfaces

Schwinn Meridian Full Size Adult Tricycle 26 wheel

Would you like to think about a full-sized grown-up tricycle intended to enable you to run your everyday errands easily or just ride about for recreation? Schwinn has a solution for this and the Schwinn Meridian is one just example. They have a long-standing reputation spreading over 100 years in conveying quality cycling arrangements.
One thing that Schwinn has figured in this cruiser bike is that a grown-up tricycle can be easy to ride with lower clearance. The 26″ Schwinn meridian grown-up tricycle accompanies an extensive container enabling you to suit your day by day gear or simply carry your pet in it. This single-speed trike is intended for effortless utilization. This does not restrain its execution or influence your speed while riding this bicycle. It is made from aluminum and has beautiful profile.

  1. Comfort is key with any method of transportation, and this trike is designed keeping that in mind with a movable spring seat and backswept handlebars
  2. The Schwinn 3 wheel bicycle is a truly attractive bicycle
  3. The bigger wheels make it steady both while standing or riding
  4. The crate included offers multi-work use by going about as a storage room and serving as an outing container
  5. The low clearance makes it simple to get on and off from this trike
  6. With this trike well known with the elderly and kids find it easy to get on and off it
  7. Personalization is constantly critical for bike owners and options to choose from various colors is one example
  8. Lifetime guarantee makes it perfect


  1. Assembling isn’t as direct as you would expect and a little help is expected to say it together at home
  2. The back bumpers frequently rub on the tires, which may result in speedier wearing of the tires
What Makes A Cruiser Bike Different From Other Bike
Beach Cruiser Bike

What Makes A Cruiser Bike Different From Other Bike?

What Just Not Sports deduce from the above discussion is that you are seldom to go wrong with cruiser bikes.

They are the best of two worlds, as they accompany unsurpassed features from mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and bikes in general. These are comfortable to ride along, because of wider seats and can take on the road like no other can.

They are as aggressive as mountain bikes and have more than one year in most cases.
Nonetheless, you can ride casually with a cruiser bike and drift through the countryside if you like. All this implies that you can ride faster and more efficiently with the Best Cruiser bicycle in general.

Why Consider Cruising?

The point is cruiser bikes are less expensive and are fun to ride pretty much answers for this question. The fact that you can ride a smooth bike with wider seat and suspension seating arrangement.

This means lesser shocks and more fun! On the whole, a cruiser bike is more inclined on undisturbed riding, durable body and stupendous retreat. You can certainly use them for your regular errands for your urban needs.

This is one reason why they have regained popularity.

Rest assured, you can ride around the city with elan in a cruiser bike.

What are you still thinking about?

Limit Of Cruiser Bike

At the most cruiser bikes can be found with 7-speed limit. Whereas 3 is the ideal one, but if truth has to be told, then you know that these bikes are used for coasting. You know these bikes are like, you pedal when you want to and drift away mostly type.

So, speed is not something you should be looking into when considering them. They are not performance bikes like road or mountain bikes!

Again, most bikes would be fine up to 250 pounds of weight.

What To Know About Cruiser Bike Styles On The Market?

What To Know About Cruiser Bike Styles On The Market
Cruiser Bike Styles

So, Just Not Sports finally reach this question and the best way to answer this would be like this:

Stretch Cruisers

These enable more than one rider to drive the bicycle, however, single-seater models offer an alternate riding knowledge and a one of a kind style.

Classic Cruisers

This is a prototypical cruiser bicycle that comes with a wider seat, handlebars, and tires. The casing is longer in comparison to numerous bicycles, yet not as long as others.

Low Riders

Are you in the mood for a pompous bicycle that still offers the capacity to journey in style? Then you can mull over low rider cruiser for you. These bicycles have custom casings that drop low in the examination with standard cruisers, and they regularly have taller handlebars.

Multispeed Cruisers

A few cruisers have a few unique apparatuses that offer the capacity to change your riding style to suit your condition. Note that different gears are not too vital for leveled riding conditions.

Chopper Style Cruisers

These bikes include raked handlebars, the leaned back seat, the steeply calculated front fork, and the sky is the limit from there.
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What To Look For When Buying A Cruiser Bike?

Just Not Sports want you to make an informed decision while choosing a cruiser bike. Hence, Just Not Sports would like you to read this section thoroughly.
What To Look For When Buying A Cruiser Bike


The absolute most normal style available is the classic cruiser as they are the most comfortable ones. Nonetheless, if there are different styles that you discovered intriguing from our conversation, it’s best to find a model and test it firsthand in person.

Understand how it feels to ride before you settle on a buying choice.


You’ll see that the tires are wide are known as balloon tires. They are the most supportive for riding and offer proper control and stability.


Back-pedal brakes are the most well-known, and are exceptionally viable, especially with the laid back style of riding that cruisers are intended for. Nevertheless, the most sought-after thing would be a handbrake.


Size is the absolute most imperative thought here. If you don’t buy the correct size bicycle, regardless of the style, regardless of the brake type, and regardless of the outfitting, you won’t have pleasant riding experience. In addition, you ought to have the capacity to mount the bicycle without trouble.


There are many companies that offer you with all the comfort for riding a bike.

The ones we have revealed here, are mostly inclined into offering you the Best Cruiser bikes in the real sense.

Why not give these a try and then decide for yourself? Take a leap of faith and see how it comes around.

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