5+ Best Bike for 5 Year Old children: What is your pick?

Having a kid is an out – of – the – world experience that everyone wishes to have. Witnessing every growing stage of our little sons and daughters is truly amazing and meaningful. His/her very first footsteps, first – time crying or first – time riding are beautiful memories that we want to keep them to the last.
As parents, we have a huge responsibility to equip our kids with sufficient knowledge and soft skills. And riding a bike is considered as a crucial skill that all parents want their kid to be good at.
If you are looking for the best bike for 5-year-old, please take a glance at our article.

Top 5 best bike for 5 year old children:

This table is sorted by quality, from highest to lowest.

RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids BikeWell – designed with plenty of color choices, high – standard and well –built
Best suited for active boys
4.9 out of 5 stars
Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX Street/Dirt BikeDynamic style, comfortable, easy – to – ride and sturdy
Best suited for boys aged from 4 to 7 years old
4.7 out of 5 stars
Monster High Dynacraft Girls BMX Street/Dirt BikeDeluxe, stylish and premium – quality
Best suited for girls aged from 5 to 9 years old
4.7 out of 5 stars
ENKEEO 12 Sport Balance BikesEffortless to ride, well – balanced, safe, lightweight, highly –performed, durable and adjustable
Best suited for children aged from 2 to 6 years old
4.6 out of 5 stars
Cruzee Ultralite Balance BikesMultiple color options, rock – solid construction, ultra – light and portable and sturdy
Best suited for children from 18 months to 5 years old
4.6 out of 5 stars


  1   RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike


This bikes for 5-year-old kids, The RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike comes none to second.
If you don’t believe what we just said, keep reading to know the reason why.
In general, this great bike offers fun, smooth and reliable rides and comes with a wide selection of outstanding features for everything from practicing how to ride, to small and detailed features like handlebar bells and water bottles.
Its various color options are a strong plus point which makes it preferred by most parents. Especially, this smart bike includes a couple of distinct components that are able to help your kids learn how to ride smoothly and professionally.
To add stability and ensure better balance, this bike is made from a sturdy frame. In addition, Its raining wheels are effortless to attach and give your kids a widened stance which helps them secure and upright.
With the Royal Baby, handling grass, flat dirt surfaces and pavement is easy as a pie thanks to the thick tires.
The drivetrain uses a perfect gear ratio which makes pedaling a breeze. A plastic shield is engineered to add more protection to the chain.
What makes it the best bicycle for a 5-year-old is that it is easy to get on and off. Also, the added width will keep the bike upright and stable when your little boy accidentally takes a sharp corner.
Interestingly, to give your little rider a sense of ownership of the bike, the bell and water bottle are also added. Don’t forget to buy him a helmet and pads to ensure his safety.
To conclude, the Royal baby BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike is basically everything. Notably, it isn’t suitable for those looking for aggressive riding experience; it rather offers a seamless and smooth ride for young boys who are still new at riding a bike.

  • Deliver smooth, fun and convenient rides
  • Easy to ride
  • Sturdy construction with high quality components and materials
  • Pretty light-weighted compared to other bikes for 5  year old kids
  • Well built and well  designed
  • Its pedals could be crack easily

   2    Dynacraft Magna Major Damage BMX Street/Dirt Bike


If a stylish bike is what you need, then The Dynacraft Magna Damage Boys BMX Street Bike is our recommendation.

This product is an ideal partner for children aged 4 to 8 years old. It is covered with a bright and striking black or yellow and the “MAGNA MAJOR DAMAGE” logo.
For the sake of safety, the one-speed Dynacraft bike is equipped with a coaster brake. Moreover, in order to add extra stability and balance, removable/adjustable training wheels are also provided.
What BikerSeason likes about this little cute bike is that it is highly effortless to assemble. It only took you a few minutes to set up all the things. Also, its seat is adjustable which makes it perfect for all kids’ sizes.
One feature which definitely impresses baby boys is its handlebar pad with dynamic and vibrant graphics.
When purchasing this product, customers could completely set their mind at peace as the Dynacraft offers a lifetime warranty on fork and frame.
Everything has its pros and cons, and the Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX Street Bike isn’t exceptional. Its wheels are fairly low. Furthermore, its crankshaft and pedals are in need of extra fine-tuning and inspection.
In short, the Dynacraft BMX Street Bike is well – designed, safe, sturdy and convenient. Just buy it, and we bet that it will be your most lucid decision.

  • Delivers smooth and safe rides
  • Affordable price
  • High performed
  • Easy to assemble, adjustable
  • Well balanced and stable
  • The quality of the tire is pretty low
  • The crankshaft and pedals are in need of extra fine tuning and inspection

   3    Monster High Dynacraft BMX Street/Dirt Bike

Look for a distinctively and carefully designed for your beloved daughter? Just stop here and spend a few minutes to take a look at this miracle street bike – The Monster High Dynamic BMX Street Bike.

Personally speaking, Justnotsports.com found this Monster bike most special. It has 4 eye-catching color options total which decorative front-wheel adorned with heart beads and skull.
It features removable/ adjustable training wheels for adding stability, pedals with reflectors for safe rides, black knobby tires for smooth rides on flat terrain, coaster brakes along with rear and front caliper for a smooth stopping.
It also features a BMX steel frame with an adjustable padded saddle, handlebar/ crossbar pad and sleek paint finish.
As numerous high – end bike suppliers, The Dynacraft also offers a lifetime warranty on the fork and frame.
Normally, most customers are attracted by its lovely price and unique look. Thanks to the pre-assembled parts, customers don’t need to take a lot of time and effort to assemble.

  • Distinctive and outstanding design among bikes in the market
  • Good price and quality
  • Smartly designed with 3  brakes system
  • Easy to assemble and safe
  • The wheels, pedals, and brakes need extra fine – tuning and inspection
  • No kickstand when removing the training wheels

   4    ENKEEO 12 Sport Balance Bikes

In case your son is an active and dynamic boy, the ENKEEO 12 Support Balance Bikes is truly a matching part of him.

In order to help your kid learn to ride faster, the ENKEEO bike is specially designed with no pedal. The balance bike will support your child to develop necessary riding skills such as coordination, balance, and steering.
This product is also provided a puncture-resistant EVA Foam tires and a PP wheel to deliver a stable and smooth ride. Plus, the height-adjustable seat makes your kid’s feet easily reach the ground.
One more feature which definitely satisfies environment-minded people is that the ENKEEO utilizes all non – toxic and eco – friendly materials.
Made from anti-rust carbon steel, this sturdy bike is able to handle up to 110.2lbs. A contour saddle seat and soft handlebar grips are added to make sure your child experiences the best ride ever.
What is more, the ENKEEO bike features adjustable handlebar and seat height. Hence, the bike still fits the child even when he grows up.
Finally, yet importantly, it is super lightweight which makes it easy to carry and transport.

  • Made from eco friendly materials
  • Adjustable, well built, sturdy and lightweight
  • Sporty and outstanding design
  • Its bells sound terrible.

   5    Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike

Wanna surprise your little girl with a cute bike? Let’s check out the Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike. It is definitely a “companion – in – arms” with a simple but sporty and dynamic design.

First of all, it just weighs approximately 5 pounds and comes along with cushioning air tires which smoothly and easily roll along with sealed bearings.
Secondly, it is an adjustable bike which allows users to adjust the appropriate seat and handlebars’ heights via tool-free quick-release levers.
In addition, the Cruzee bike comes with sealed bearing hubs mounted with scratch-proof and flat bolt, with air tires on metal rims. The tires are in charge of eliminating the jolts and bumps felt by kids while riding.
The sealed bearing hubs prevent the dirt and sand from entering the bearing and creating friction as well as slowing down the wheels. The bolts protect your kid’s leg from getting scratched.
Furthermore, it possesses numerous great features such as quick – release clamps, anodized aluminum frame, well-padded seat, small footrest, and no handbrake to ensure the maximum convenience.

  • Numerous color options to pick up
  • Cute design and durable
  • Simple, portable, safe and sturdy
  • Easy to switch to tradition bikes
  • Lightweight, best suited for petite or younger riders
  • No handbrake
  • Anodized aluminum scratches easily

How to choose the most premium-quality bike for your children?

Take these features into your consideration!

How to choose the most premium-quality bike for your children
Kid bike with helmet


Unlike adults’ bicycle, when it comes to children’s bike sizes, instead of focus on frame size and seat height, wheel diameter is an important indicator that you should look for. Below is a detailed table showing appropriate sizes for children aged from 2 to 8.

AgeChild’s InseamWheel diameter “bike size.”Comments
2 – 4 years14 – 17 inches12 inchesCome with training wheels
4 – 6 years16 – 20 inches14 inchesSold at numerous toy stores
5 – 8 years18 – 23 inches16 inchesMost have pneumatic tires and rear coaster breaks; some have front handbrakes


The best bike is price for kid ranges from $120 to $350. For us, spending about $190 is reasonable.


Even though shoe soles are able to stop the bike at moderate speeds, a handbrake is highly useful, especially for kids who love to whizz around.


In order to protect your kid from slipping forward, a slightly concave saddle is a good option.


Pneumatic tires are more lightweight and comfortable, especially over bumps. The wheels should spin freely and easily which they’ll do their best with ball bearings

Top 5 best bikes for 5 year old children
Balance bike for kids with toddler helmet

It’s time for you to make a decision

Hopefully, after reading our article writing about the top 5 best bike for 5 year old, you can pick up an appropriate one for you. In case you are wavering between a couple of options, BikerSeason highly recommend the RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike. This product is also our best – seller product which has already won numerous customers’ hearts.
Lastly, thank you so much for reading our article. Thanks a bunch.

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