Top 10 Best Bike for 5-Year-Old Boys and Girls Reviews and Buying Guide

When your kid starts running and walking around in the neighborhood. The next step for parents should be to purchase toys that not only help in mental growth but also in the physical growth of kids. Bicycle for kids is at the top of the list that kids require at the age of 5 years.

Parents like to purchase the best bicycle for their kids to ensure the security and happiness of kids. They have to consider various factors while purchasing the best bike for their 5-year-old kid like material quality, bike size, bike type, and related accessories.

Sometimes kids want to choose their own bike, but parents still have to consider the various factors. Various brands of bikes are available in the market that offers various types of bicycles with different features and price tags. It is somehow difficult for parents to select the best one for the kid.

Therefore, in this guide, we select the top ten bicycles that are available in the market with high demand. We select these based on the reviews of current and previous users, and surely this guide will help to find the best bike for your kid. Let’s take a brief look.


Sr. #ModelSuitable ForSuggested Rider Age


Suggested Rider Weight


Suggested Rider Height (Inches)Available ColorsTraining WheelsWheel Size


1Schwinn KoenBoys3 to 53836 to 40Black, Red, BlueIncluded16
2RoyalBaby Kids BikeUnisex54039White, Pink, FuchsiaIncluded16
3Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX BikeGirls55240Pinkincluded16
4Kids Cruiser Bike By JoystarGirls4 to 75041 to 53Beige, Blue, Pink, WhiteIncluded16
5Schwinn Elm Girls BikeGirls3 to 55538 to 48Pink, Purple, TealIncluded16
6Duzy Customs 16” Kids BikeUnisex3 to 56043 to 48GreenIncluded16
7Huffy Frozen 2 Kid BikeGirls3 to 55545Frozen 2 Wonderland White, Ice BlueIncluded16
8Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX BikeBoys6 to 97055RedNot included18
9Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Bicycle for KidsUnisex2 to 44028 to 38RedIncluded12
10COEWSKE Kid’s BikeUnisex3 to 64531 to 48Blue, Pink, Purple, White, YellowIncluded14

  1   Schwinn Koen Boys Bike


Schwinn is founded in 1895 and aims to enhance the cycling experience of riders with stylish and comfortable design. This bicycle from Schwinn is designed for kids in the age range of 3 to 5 years old. It is perfect for enjoying the riding experience in the park or sidewalk in the neighborhood.

Schwinn uses SmartStart technology in the manufacturing of this bicycle that helps to make it lightweight. SmartStart technology is useful to design the bicycle frame as per the body of kid and provide a more comfortable and ideal riding position.

The light frame helps to improve the control during riding, and grips are designed as per the hand size of kids. Additionally, it is easy for the kids to pedal the bicycle as it is designed as per the hip size of kids.

Furthermore, SmartStart provides a wobble-free ride while pedaling that is beneficial to enhance the cycling experience, especially in the learning phase. The seat is adjustable as per the height of kids so that it is easy for them to reach the handlebar for better control.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Braking System: This bicycle comes with a rear coaster brake that helps to reduce the speed by pedaling in the reverse position. Also, the front hand brake is included to stop the bicycle, just like the adult bike.
  • Tool-Free Adjustments: It offers tool-free adjustment for the seat post, saddle, and slack seat tube that helps to prepare the kids for riding on a full-size bike.
  • Fully Assembled: It comes in a fully assembled packing with 16 inches wheels, and users don’t have the need to arrange for any tool for assembling.
  • Available in three colors
  • Training wheels included
  • Easy to adjust the seat height
  • Narrow front fork

   2    RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle Bicycle


RoyalBaby is famous for manufacturing elegant and attractive design bicycles for kids. It operates in the market for more than ten years and provides bicycles to various regions of the world.

RoyalBaby pays more attention to the design of the bicycle to ensure safe riding as a social responsibility and enhance the riding experience. This bicycle from RoyalBaby comes with all the necessary features and functions that make the kids happy while riding.

However, it comes 95% assembled, but it is easy to join the remaining parts at home. Users just have to follow the instructions come in the packing. The elegant design of this bike comes in seven attractive colors and let the kids select the color of their choice.

The addition of bell, water bottle, and DIY decal let the kids enjoy the riding experience. It is easy for the parents to teach cycling by grabbing from the handle attached to the seat.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Brake System: The exclusive hand brake system lets the kids stop or slow down the bicycle easily. The lever of the bike is designed that get fit easily in the hands of kids.
  • Premium Quality Material: It is made up of premium quality material and maintains the original shape even after falling various times.
  • Wide Pneumatic Tires: This bicycle comes with 2.4 inches wide tires that help to provide more stability and better road grip during riding.
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Non-slip resin pedal
  • Enclosed chainguard
  • Little heavy

   3    Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike

Titan is a popular manufacturer of kid’s products and provides high-quality products to users from around the world. This girl’s BMX bike is made with premium quality material and uses steel in the manufacturing of frame to ensure durability.

The BMX bike comes in pink color along with titan girls stickers over the frame to create an attraction for kids. They like to ride on a colorful bike. Additionally, a pink basket with flowers on it is placed on the front side with the handlebar. Kids can save their necessities like water, candies, toys, etc. while cycling around.

The addition of doll seat on the backside, it let the girls keep their dolls, teddy bear, etc. with them for fun and enjoyable ride. Kids like to have fun with their lovely toys; therefore, titan added this seat without any additional cost to users.

Key Features:

  • Training Wheel: It comes with training wheels on the backside that helps the kids to learn the cycling easily. It helps to maintain the balance and lets them enjoy the ride without falling.
  • Colorful Stickers: This girl’s bike is decorated with colorful flower stickers and titan girls that create a lot of attraction for girls.
  • Adjustable Seat: It is equipped with an adjustable seat that lets the user adjust it as per the height of the girl, and that provides more comfort while riding.
  • Durable material
  • Narrow handlebar grip
  • Sports style bike
  • Kickstand not included

   4    Kids Cruiser Bike By Joystar

It is the priority of parents to purchase a secure and safe kid’s bike, especially when it comes to having a first bike for kids. Usually, parents like to have a secure as well as attractive and elegant design bike so that their child likes to have ridden on it.

Joystar always keeps in mind the security of kids while designing the bikes and also ensure a high comfort level for kids. This bike comes with off-road rubber tires that enhance comfort during ride and also provide robust road grip. These tires perform very well in any weather, specially offers resistance against the slippery surface.

This cruiser bike is designed with inspiration from beach cruisers. The inclusion of full-size chain guard let the chain to avoid contact with water as well as avoid having rust on it. Also, it keeps the grease away from the clothes of kids and keeps them clean during riding.

Key Features:

  • Easy To Assemble: Kids Cruiser bike comes with 85% assembled in the packing, and users need just 20 minutes to assemble the remaining parts. The unassembled parts are front tire, seat, and handlebar.
  • Elegant Steel Frame: Joystar provides a tough Hi-Ten steel frame in this bike that ensures the durability as well as provides an elegant look and great impact resistance.
  • Coaster Brake: It comes with coaster brakes that let the riders to reduce the speed or stop the bike by turning the pedals in the backward position.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Training wheels included in the packing
  • Off-road rubber tires
  • Come with both Coater brake and hand Brakes
  • Low grip pedals

   5    Schwinn Elm Girls Bike

Schwinn is an American manufacturer of bicycles and offers a complete line up of various types of bikes for kids. This bike from Schwinn is specially designed for girls in the age range of 3 to 5 years old. It is easy for the kids to ride or learn the cycling on it, because, it comes with a robust training wheel that didn’t bend with time.

This bike is perfect for kids to ride on the sidewalks in the nearby area and enjoy the outdoor environments. It also offers a basket on the front side with a matching color of basket and bike frame. It comes with narrow handlebar grips specially designed to keep in mind the hand size of kids.

Schwinn’s smart start technology is used in the manufacturing process that helps to reduce the weight of the frame without losing the quality. The lightweight frame and easy to pedal feature collectively make it easy for the kids to move it and enjoy the ride. The full-size chain guard helps to protect the chain from water and rust. It also helps to keep the cloths away from greasy material on-chain.

Key Features:

  • Dual Braking System: It allows the kids to control the bike speed with reverse paddling and can also use the front hand brakes to stop the bike just like an adult bike.
  • Narrow Handlebar Grips: It comes with narrow handlebar grips that are easy for the kids to hold and control the bike. It reduces the risk of falling.
  • Durable Steel Frame: The frame of this bike is made up of premium quality material along with powder-coated paint that not only ensures the quality of frame but also protects it from rust.
  • Lightweight
  • Elegant design
  • Adjustable seat
  • Missing parts in the packing

   6     Duzy Customs 16” Kids Bike


Duzy manufactures a wide range of kid’s bikes for a long time. It is the priority of Duzy to design the bike as per the requirements and recommendations of customers. Usually, parents want a bike for their kid that is easy to assemble and provide a safe ride to kids.

This bike comes with all the top security features that are necessary for the safety of rider that is not available in many known brands. Furthermore, it is easy to assemble, just follow the few simple steps, and it takes a few minutes to complete the assembling.

It is challenging for the parents to teach the kid how to ride and control the bike. Therefore, it provides a handle attached with the seat that is beneficial for parents to hold and let them support the kid in learning.

Furthermore, the seat height is adjustable, which helps to get the right position, and they ride the bike comfortably. The right position also helps the kids to learn to ride easily.

Key Features:

  • Dual Hand brakes: As we mentioned, security is the priority of Duzy, that’s why they added dual hand brakes on the bike just like an adult’s bike. It is beneficial to control the speed easily. Usually, bikes come with a single hand brake.
  • Deluxe Paint Finish: The custom-built frame is coated with deluxe paint that provides it an elegant finish and keeps it away from rust.
  • No-Exposure Chain Guard: It comes with a fully covered chain that ensures the safety of kids as well as keeps their clothes away from greasy material.
  • Padded comfort saddle
  • Fold-out pedals
  • Parent handle
  • Single color only

   7    Huffy Frozen 2 Kid Bike

Huffy is one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers and operates in the market since 1892. The manufacturing line up of huffy comprises of sewing machines, lawnmowers, and bicycles. But huffy always give priority to manufacture bicycles because it was his passion.

Huffy always tries to provide new ideas to the general public, and he is the inventor of music bikes and training wheels for kid’s bikes. It was the priority of huffy to provide a great comfort level to riders while riding on their bike.

The colorful design attracts the kids. The inclusion of shimmery streamers and graphics of Anna & Elsa and Olaf covers the entire bicycle. The graphics decoration makes the bicycle just like a fairy bike. It creates a massive attraction, especially for girls.

It is easy to assemble the bike in four simple steps and make it ready for the kid’s ride. Users just need to connect the four-part, i.e., fork, handlebar, pedals, and seat. The whole process of connecting and adjusting takes few minutes only.

Key Features:

  • Handlebar Bag: It comes with snowflake accented handlebar bag that is large enough to hold the various things of kids like snacks, toys, water bottles, etc.
  • Combo Of Coaster And Hand brakes: This bike comes with a combination of combo and hand brakes that is easy for the kids to control the speed in either way that they like.
  • Attractive Wheel Cups: It offers wheel cups for both wheels with an elegant design of graphics for attracting the kids.
  • Premium quality material
  • Elegant design
  • Training wheels
  • Available in different colors
  • Difficult to adjust brakes during assembling

   8    Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike

Dynacraft is a manufacturer of various kids’ products, adults’ bikes, and electric bikes as well. Dynacraft is one of the largest manufacturers in the USA and provides products to various countries around the world since 1985.

It comes with easy to adjust seat height features that let the users adjust as per their height and easiness. The padded over the seat is comfortable and designed with attractive graphics. The comfort during riding is essential that let the riders to enjoy the long rides.

This BMX style bike is specifically designed for kids in the age range of 6 to 9 years old. It provides an exceptional experience to kids while riding around in the neighborhood. Furthermore, it comes with a sturdy and lightweight bike frame along with attractive graphics in black and white colors.

The wheel rims, front fork, and handlebar are coated in red color that provides an elegant look with black and white graphics on the frame. The coaster brake is included to control the speed. However, it is designed in a similar way to an adult’s bike, but lack of wheel brakes harms the design.

Key Features:

  • Custom Racing Shield: It comes with a custom racing shield attached on the front side of the handlebar with an elegant graphics of a racing car that creates a lot of charm for kids.
  • Rev’ Grip: The inclusion of Rev’ Grip on the handlebar givers the feeling of riding on the motorbike, and kids like to watch their speed while biking around.
  • Boys’ BMX Frame: For creating more attraction for kids, the front fork is loaded with hot wheels graphics in white color. The white color graphics provide an elegant look on the red fork.
  • Lifetime frame and fort warranty
  • Elegant design
  • Adjustable seat post
  • Lack of clipper brake

   9    Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Bicycle For Kids

Nickelodeon is famous for providing a wide range of kid’s products, including bicycles and various types of toys. Nickelodeon offers its paw petrol bike for a kid and is specifically designed for kids in the age range of 2 to 4 years old. It is easy for the kids in a height range 28 to 38 inches to ride this 12 inches wheel bicycle.

It comes with all the necessary features that a kids bicycle must have like training wheel for easy learning and seat height adjustment as per the height of the kid. It comes with attractive graphics on different parts of the bicycle, including frame, training wheels, chain guard, etc.

The advanced gearing system enables the kids to move the bicycle with little force and enjoy riding around the neighborhood. The coaster brake is included in the bicycle by keeping in mind the easiness of the kids, and they can control the speed by moving it in the reverse position.

The wheel rims and handlebar comes in yellow color while the frame is coated in red color. The combination of these colors makes it colorful, and kids like to ride on their attractive bike.

Key Features:

  • Tool-Free Seat Adjustment: It allows the parents to adjust the seat height easily without using any tool as per the height and easiness of kids.
  • Removable Training Wheels: It comes with training wheels that help the kids in the learning process, and you can also remove it when kids learn cycling and maintain their balance.
  • PAW Petrol Shield: This bike comes with a paw petrol shield on the front side that creates a feeling of adventure, and kids like to have the pic of their favorite pet on it.
  • Durable material
  • Attractive design
  • Full-size chain guard
  • Low-quality tires

   10    COEWSKE Kid’s Bike

COEWSKE is the last manufacturer of kid’s bikes on our list. It manufactures a wide range of bicycles for kids and adults also. It is operating in the market for a long time and famous for providing high-quality products to users.

COEWSKE introduces its kid’s bike in a unique and attractive design. The v-shaped single tube frame is made up of high-quality steel. Additionally, the v shape frame design also let the kids to easily ride on the bike. The triangular structure provides a more stable ride and helps to reduce the risk of rollover.

A full covered chain guard is included to eliminate the risk of cloth sticking in the chain and also helps to protect the chain from rust.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable Seat: The seat of this bicycle is equipped with a multi-layer sponge that helps to make it extra comfortable and reduces the feelings of jumps on the road surface.
  • Easy To Assemble: This bicycle comes 95% assembled in the packing, and users just need to attach a few parts, including pedals, training wheels, saddle, and handlebar. All the tools required to complete the assembling are included in the packing.
  • Wider Footrest Design: It comes with a wider footrest design that let the kids to easily put the force on it without risk of slipping. It helps to ensure the safety of kids and avoid any harm with slipping.
  • Wide rubber tires
  • A basket on the front side
  • Rear stand for dolls
  • Fenders bend after some time

Happy father teaching his little daughter to ride a bicycle

How to choose the best bike for your 5 year old kids?

Selecting a bicycle for a kid is a challenging process for parents. It is the priority of every parent to purchase a bike that not only offers a comfortable ride but also ensure the safety of kids.

There are a lot of factors involved that make a bicycle perfect. It is difficult for parents to find the essential factors. Therefore, in this guide, we will provide you information about all the necessary factors that you have to consider while selecting the bike for a kid. Let’s take a look at them.

Best Bike Size for 5-year-old kids

Unlike adults’ bicycles, when it comes to children’s bike sizes, instead of focus on frame size and seat height, wheel diameter is an important indicator that you should look for. Below is a detailed table showing appropriate sizes for children aged from 2 to 8.

AgeChild’s InseamWheel diameter “bike size.”Comments
2 – 4 years14 – 17 inches12 inchesCome with training wheels
4 – 6 years16 – 20 inches14 inchesSold at numerous toy stores
5 – 8 years18 – 23 inches16 inchesMost have pneumatic tires and rear coaster breaks; some have front handbrakes

Type And Style Of Bike

Usually, kids want to choose their bicycles as per their likes. It is important because they enjoy riding more on their choice. Different types of bikes are available in the market, like a road bike, BMX bike, cruiser shape, etc.

Also, let the kids select the color of their own choice. It let them enjoy more and like cycling for a long time that is the main purpose of buying a bicycle.


It is the most important thing that ensures the safety of kids while riding around. It let the kids control the speed during riding. Therefore, it is important to select the brake type that your kid can apply easily on time.

Two types of brakes usually come in kid’s bikes, i.e., coaster brakes and handlebar brakes. Coaster brake let the kids stop the bike or can reduce the speed by peddling in the reverse position.

However, the handlebar brakes are more effective, but if you think that your kid is not capable of stretching the lever easily. You can go for a coaster brake.

Training Wheels

Training wheels are essential, especially when your kid won’t know about how to ride or if it’s the first bike of kid. Usually, all the brands provide training wheels in kid’s bikes that help them in the learning process.

It is easy for parents to remove the training wheels when their kid starts maintaining balance during the ride.


Kids like to have their necessities like snacks, water, toys, etc. with them when they go for a ride. Therefore, many brands offer a basket on the front side and stand on the rear side. It let the kids learn various activities during riding. They learn to ring the bell in different situations.

If the basket or rear stand doesn’t come in the packing, you can purchase it separately and fix them easily on the bike.


The weight of a kid is another important thing that you have to consider. It not only helps the kids to enjoy the ride for a long time but also ensure the safety of kids. You can take help from the bike chart and select the one as per the weight of the kid.

Chainguard And Frame Material

Many brands offer full covered chainguard in the kid’s bike that not only keeps the cloth of kids from getting greasy. But also helps to protect the chain from dust and rust.

It is essential to select the bike with durable frame material. It is the main part of a bike, and low-quality frame material bends because kids fall from the bike regularly, especially in the learning period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question # 1,

Are kids bike comes with gear system?


No, usually kids bikes come with single speed gear. Because it is challenging for kids to learn to balance, turning, and controlling the speed. If the gear system is involved, the learning process could be more complicated, and kids hesitate to ride a bike.

Question # 2,

Are seats of bicycles adjustable?


Yes, almost all the brands offer seats with an adjustable option. Parents can adjust the seat height with the growth of kids, and that is easy for kids to reach the handlebar.

Question # 3,

Is chainguard essential for a kid’s bike?


Yes, it is important to have a chain guard over the chain. It helps kid’s clothes to get stuck in the chain.



Various factors are involved in the selection of bikes, and we try to discuss all the important features in this guide. However, the needs and requirements of your kids are important to consider.

In the above list, we take a comprehensive review of the top ten kids’ bikes. Hopefully, you find the best bicycle for your kid.



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