5+ Best Bike For 3 Year Old 2020: Give Your Child A Good One!

Kids never say no to the thrill riding offers. They enjoy it. Remember the first time you got a bike? It must be an unforgettable present.
As your babies approach three, you may want to buy them a bike. However, shopping for kids is never easy, even for bikes.
If you are in a quandary, BikerSeason is here to help. Take a look at the best bike for 3-year-old below for more ideas on what to get for your beloved kids.

Full reviews of top-rated 5 Best bike For 3 year old:

  1   RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike


Product Specifications

  • Bike Weight (Lbs.): 22
  • Child Height Range (Inch): 36 – 47
  • Saddle Height (Inch): 20.1 – 24.4
  • Brake Type: Coaster + Hand

The Royalbaby BMX bike has been around for, but it is still very much favored by parents. The reasons are apparent.
This item offers a wide range of sizes and colors, making it easier for parents to choose.
The aluminum frame is indeed well-made and robust. It offers reliable support for kids, especially those who start riding. The framework also enhances the balance, which is an essential feature to keep kids going.
The 12” wheels deliver a suitable distance from the ground, which secures the stance and ensures their upright position while riding. This is helpful because kids won’t feel like they will fall off when turning or leaning over the bike.
The brakes are incredibly responsive, but not too sharp that would cause danger for their little users. The seat with contoured shape delivers a comfortable feeling.
The pedals and extended rides are easy to use thanks to the perfect gear ratio. The product comes with plastic protection to keep riders’ legs from the chain.
The Royal Baby BMX bike doesn’t stop there. It offers a surprising array of useful features. The balance bikes come with a water bottle from the back. Your child could easily access to water when he or she is thirsty.
What we don’t really like is the overwhelming amount of sticker decals.  Small kids don’t care for details. They can’t even read! Luckily, you can remove the stickers.
All in all,BikerSeason find the Royal Baby BMX bike is a perfect bike for kids of young age. With tremendous features, the bike should be on the list of must-have items for your kids.

  • Aluminum frame is durable and strong
  • Comes with a wide range of sizes and colors
  • Great responsive brakes
  • The amount of sticker decals is overwhelming for kids
  • Quite heavy for young children

   2    Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike


Product Specifications

  • Bike Weight (Lbs.): 21
  • Frame: Boys BMX
  • Tires: 12-inch Black Tires
  • Brake Type: Coaster Brake

Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike is the second item we want to mention in this review.
The bike has a user-friendly design, especially for kids. The green color looks outstanding in the black theme. This reminds us of many cartoon characters in Teen Titan and so on.

The Magna Gravel Blaster Boys BMX delivers the ease of riding for kids. Featuring a wheel size of 12”, it allows kids of 2’10”-3’4” height to climb up and ride quickly.

The ideal gear ratio results in a safe distance between pedals and the rear training wheels. They provide both balance and comfort for riding. What we like is that the wheels are adjustable so that you can remove or correct them accordingly.

However, the pedals are a bit stiff. They don’t give off the fine-tuning feeling for kids.

As for safety, this bike features a handlebar pad for extra protection. It also comes with a rear brake that functions perfectly.
The BMX frame is super durable and reliable. However, it could be the reason why the bike is so hefty. If the weight is over 20 lbs, the bike is a bit too heavy for kids at the age of 3.
If you want an affordable and easy to handle bike for your kids the Magna Gravel Blaster Boys BMX is our recommendation.

  • Striking color
  • Frame and rear training wheels provide the perfect balance
  • Affordable price
  • Quite heavy for young children

   3    Huffy 12″ Disney Frozen Girls Bike with Basket & Streamers

Product Specifications

  • Child Height Range (Inch): 37″ to 42″
  • Brake Type: Coaster

The Huffy 12″ Disney Frozen Girls Bike is highly Disney-influenced. It makes an excellent gift for your little princess.
The handlebar is where most of the decorations are. A heart-shaped basket is mounted in front. It plays lovely sounds and can even light up. Inside the heart, there is a picture of a Disney princess.
The bike is coated in pink, which is a little girls’ favorite color. It comes with stickers decals of beautiful princesses. This is a big plus compared to the Royalbaby BMX.
They use pictures instead of letters to attract kids.
The frame is made of steel, which is a popular material for durability. Decorated with princess pictures, the bike must be every little girl’s favorite cup of tea.
Even tires and grips look cute with the heart shape. The training wheels are wide enough to provide balance and stability. The only drawback is they rattle sometimes and create uncomfortable noise.
As for safety, the bike offers a combo of handbrakes. The front brake plus a coaster brake adds extra protection for the riders.
Your baby girls will fall in love with this lovely Huffy 12″ Disney Frozen Girls Bike instantly. The design and color are too sweet to resist.

  • Beautifully designed for little girls
  • Disney heart-shape handlebar
  • Durable steel frame
  • The rear training wheels rattle sometimes

   4    Huffy 12″ Marvel Spider-Man Boys Bike

Product Specifications

  • Bike Weight (Lbs.): 19.36
  • Child Height Range (Inch): 37-43
  • Tires: 12″ web detail
  • Brake Type: coaster brake

Huffy certainly knows how to satisfy their little customers. For boys, the Huffy 12″ Marvel Spider-Man Boys Bike is a great choice.
The design is absolutely brilliant. Covered with red and blue from the Marvel Spider-Man theme, the Huffy bike steels every boy’s heart. It is a perfect bike for a 3-year-old boy with a height of 37” or over.
The Spiderweb handlebar is top-notch. It even offers hooks so that the riders can stick action figures. The bike will look even more refreshing.
The padded seat with adjustable size delivers the utmost comfort for the kids to ride around. Spider-man pictures are on the seat and frame, making it look appealing for young boys.
BikerSeason loves the steel frame, to be honest. It provides a reliable feeling for first-time riders. Plus, steel is a durable and robust material.
The 12” tires offer much traction to the ground. The training wheels with comfortable distance allow the kids to ride with ease. The drawback is the coaster brake. It doesn’t work well as expected but we think it isn’t a big problem.
This bike is also suitable for little girls who are fans of Spider-Man. Huffy 12″ Marvel Spider-Man Boys Bike is an excellent gift for your kids. If they are fond of Spider-Man, this bike is a perfect choice.

  • Spider-Man design is suitable for both boys and girls
  • The handlebar offers hooks for action figures
  • The coaster brake doesn’t work as expected

   5    Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike

Product Specifications

  • Bike Weight (Lbs.): 49 lbs
  • Child Height Range (Inch): 37-43
  • Frame: Steel

The last item in the list is the Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike (Amazon Exclusive). Featuring unique design and useful features for better riding experience, the Radio Flyer is a product of value.
It is no doubt to say this bike is suitable for children of 3 years old and over. The design is slightly larger than other models. It means that the bike will last long even when your kids grow a bit bigger.
The distance between pedals and seat are right, so small kids can easily reach without struggles.
The tricycle is mainly constructed of steel. The material is undoubtedly an excellent material for children’s bikes. It supports the bikes well and offers balance as well as stability for new riders.
The 12” rubber tires are durable. The plastic seat is top-notch. It offers five modifiable positions, which make young users more comfortable to sit.
The seat is kept close to the ground, providing a safe surrounding for kids. It is less likely that your children will fall over while riding. The Radio Flyer is an expert on stability.
The seat is easy to adjust so kids with different height can find themselves much comfortable on the trike. The handlebar with plastic grips offers riders a total control over the ride.
Another that BikerSeaosn likes the most is the rear bin.
Kids love to bring their favorite toys with them even on a ride. The rear storage bin makes this more accessible than ever. More than that, parents can put a water bottle inside, so the children have access to water whenever they want.
The shortcoming of this bike is probably its weight. It is nearly 50 lbs, which is a bit too much for a small kid.
Parents should consider The Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike as an economical choice for the little ones. The trike works excellent with different ages and provides league safety and fun.

  • Rear storage bin for kids to carry their favorite toys around
  • A seat with five modifiable points for utmost pleasure
  • Durability
  • Heavy for kids

What size bike for 3 year old?

Kids are different from adults. That makes choosing bikes for them a daunting task. As for grown-ups, the frame’s size is a reliable reference point. When it comes to kids bikes, things aren’t that easy.
What do you have to look at?
Not the size of the frame, but the measurements of the wheels! See: How To Measure The Bike Frame?
Bikes for kids are generally small in size. The wheels are the essential part that decides the proportions of the bike in total.  It is, therefore, an essential point of reference when you shop for bikes for kids under three years old.
Generally, there are four sizes of wheels available: 12, 16, 20, and 24.
The sizes are proportional to the age of kids. Kids under the age of 5 will be likely to fit a bike with a wheel size of 12. Whereas, kids of 14 years old are more suitable with 24-inch wheels.
So if you want to buy a balance bike for your 3-year-old, look for a 12-inch one. 12-inch wheels also the perfect size of bikes for 2 years old.
The chart below will help you determine the appropriate wheel size for your kids.

3-year-old bike size chart
3-year-old bike size chart

Take a look!
So, which factor do you need to keep in mind? Read on to find out! Keep in mind that this table isn’t absolute. There is more than one factor involved when picking a suitable bike for small kids. However, this chart could serve you as an initial benchmark.
Before……………………………….The end. I think you need to read it: Best Toddler Bike Helmets and What You May Need to Know

The bottom line

BikerSeason hope after reading the best kids bike for three years old, you will find a suitable one for your kids at home. Bikes could be a great gift idea for the birthday, Christmas and so on. Your kids deserve a bike with ease of use, protection and useful features.
Make sure that you find the one with a suitable size for your sprogs. You can always take a look at the chart above if feeling uncertain.

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