Top 6 Best Bike Racks For Minivans 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

Minivans are convenient to use for traveling with family, especially during an outdoor camping. Because it is easy for passengers to travel with comfort and can carry their luggage easily in the trunk. As there is a lot of space, even you can adjust your bicycle in it, but it could stop the passengers from the placement of other things.

Therefore, many bike racks are available in the market, especially for people who love cycling during an outdoor camping. It could be the best way to transport bicycles easily. There are different types of bike racks, but today we will discuss bike racks made explicitly for placement on the trunk of the minivan.

This type of bike racks is attachable with van trunk with the help of solid straps that ensure the safety of cycles from falling. Many brands offer their bike racks with different features and price tags. Some manufacturers also provide bike racks for the placement of multiple cycles, especially for a group of people who are traveling for group cycling on hills.

Sometimes it is difficult for people to find the best product that suits them very well from a range of products. Therefore, by performing extensive research, we select the top six bike racks for minivans. These are most popular among the hill cycling lovers, and we made the selection based on reviews from current users of these products. Let’s take a brief look at them.

  1   Deluxe Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Allen Sports is a famous manufacturer of bike racks and various sports accessories as well. Dick Allen, the founder of Allen Sports, is the inventor of bike racks and starts manufacturing the bike racks in 1978. Since the launch, the company is committed to providing high quality and user-friendly racks for its users.

Deluxe trunk-mounted bike rack from Allen sports is specifically designed to mount two cycles at the same time. It is suitable to fits on different body type vehicles like hatchbacks, sedans, SUV, and minivans. But it is recommended to confirm the compatibility with the vehicle model before paying for the bike rack.

This bike rack is easy to mount and facilitates the users to transport their bicycles anywhere they want to go either around the town or go for a cross country trip. This bike rack uses two side straps to provide a stable grip with the vehicle. A new patented tie-down system helps to protect and secure the bicycle.

This product uses a multiple padding system that is an excellent option to protect the paintwork of the vehicle. And allow the users to transport the bicycle without any type of damage to the car and cycle as well.

Key Features:

  • Narrow Carry Arms: The arms design is perfect to use with different types of bicycle frames in terms of styles and size. Either the bicycle is made for male or females irrespective of age group.
  • Easy to Install: It is easy to install the rack in just a few minutes because it comes totally assembled in the packing, and users can place it on the vehicle directly, taking out from packing.
  • Long Straps: The straps come in the packing are long enough that is suitable to tie up the rack as well as a bicycle from pedals to wheels and handle. The firm the ties are, the lower the chances of falling down the bike.
  • Premium Quality Material: It is made up of rugged and high-quality components that are the surety of the durability of the product.
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable options for a single cycle
  • Tie-down system
  • Low-quality padding

   2    Allen Sports Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack


What do we need to transport our bicycles from one place to another without damaging it? A bike rack is the best solution for transporting the bike. Because it has a bunch of features like lightweight, security, easy to set up, and many more. In short, the bike rack is a perfect solution for all the worries we faced for transporting bikes.

Here is another bike rack from Allen Sports, which is loaded with all the essentials that you can think to have in the rack along with durability. All the features collectively make it prominent among the competitors. However, it comes with a little higher price tag as compared to the previous product, but the functionality and durability will provide the real return for investment in the shape of comfort and mental satisfaction.

This product is compatible to use with various vehicle shapes like minivans, SUVs, sedan, and hatchback. But make sure the compatibility with a specific vehicle model before selection of rack. It is easy to set up on the rear side of the vehicle using five straps and rubber protectors that rest against the vehicle body and avoids any damage to paintwork.

This rack helps to attach the bicycle with rack using rubber straps that hold the bike tightly and eliminate the risk of falling during traveling.

Key Features:

  • Full Profile Feet: The use of comprehensive profile feet are beneficial to disperse a load of rack and cycle from the vehicle body to protect the body from damage.
  • Dual Compound Cradle: For ensuring the security of bicycles, UV resistant rubber cradle straps are used. Furthermore, a soft cradle is included in the tie downs to enhance the safety of the bike.
  • Fully Assembled Delivery: It comes in fully assembled form and doesn’t require any type of tool to mount on the vehicle.
  • Easy To Save: It is easy to save the rack by folding it in the flat shape when not in use and place it inside the car in low space.
  • Lightweight Design: The lightweight construction increases the portability of rack and works very well without putting dents on the vehicle body.
  • Visible red ends
  • Narrow design arms
  • Compatible with different sizes and frame shapes
  • Durable
  • Adjustable straps
  • Metal arms creating scratches on the vehicle

   3    Dependable Direct 3-Bike Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Dependable direct introduces its 3-bike trunk mount bike rack to facilitate the users for transporting the bicycles. As the name recommends, this bike rack is designed to mount three bicycles on the trunk of the vehicle. The modern design uses advance technology in the manufacturing process that ensures the safety of both cars and bicycles as well.

This bike rack is mostly used by people who like mountain hiking with friends and family. It means they have to transport bicycles for everyone separately.

It is compatible to use this bike rack various vehicle shapes like sedan, minivan, SUVs, and hatchback. It provides support for three bicycles capable of carrying the bicycle with a maximum weight of 90 lbs collectively for all bicycles mounted on it. However, it is not compatible to use on vehicles with rear spoilers installed on it to enhance the look of the vehicle.

Like the other bike racks we discussed above, it also comes in a fully assembled form, and users can fit it on the rear of the vehicle in just a few minutes. It uses individual tie-downs to eliminate the risk of rattling, and the additional safety straps ensure the stability and security of bicycles throughout the journey.

Key Features:

  • Padded Lower Frame: The inclusion of the padded lower frame ensures the safety of vehicle from wear and tear by providing a sufficient distance between the bicycles and vehicle.
  • Tie Down Design: It is easy to use this rack with the help of tie-down design that is the perfect option to enjoy smooth and comfortable traveling without feelings of rattling and movement of bikes during traveling.
  • Complete Set of Accessories: It offers a complete set of essential accessories required to complete the setup and to mount the bicycle on it. The packing includes six rubber straps, one safety strap, carriage bolts & knobs (four each), two tensile straps, and six flat washers.
  • Support various cycle frame types
  • Premium quality material
  • Avoid scratches on the vehicle body
  • Affordable
  • Bike frame adapter not included in the packing

   4     IKURAM Bike Rack

IKURAM is a famous bike rack manufacturer and committed to providing robust but straightforward products to its users for a long time. This bike rack from IKURAM is designed to mount two bikes on the rear of the vehicle for transporting from one place to another quickly and safely.

This bike rack is compatible with fixing various shapes of vehicles like cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans. It is built with heavy-duty steel and supports the weight of bicycles up to 84 lbs. For two bicycles, that is enough. Furthermore, the powder coating is done over the rack to avoid rust or corrosion. It is easy to assemble the bike rack by using only three bolts, and it is ready to mount on the vehicle.

It comes with swing down backward design that allows the users to open the rear gates without removing the rack. Furthermore, it offers a folding option that users can use to save it in deep space when not in use. It is capable of getting fold in a flat form for secure storage. The smart double down design is an excellent option for fun-loving and budget-conscious families.

Key Features:

  • Secure Straps: It allows the users to mount the bicycle over the rack using UV resistant rubber cradle straps that are beneficial to keep the bicycle on its place and avoid slipping.
  • Dual Compound Cradles: UV resistant dual-compound cradle straps are used to fix the rack on the vehicle body to ensure the firm grip and safety for both vehicle and cycle as well.
  • Easy to Fold: Users can fold the arms of rack quickly in no time to save the frame when not in use.
  • Easy tilt-down access
  • Dual-arm mounting design
  • Steel constructed rack
  • Small holes in rubber straps

   5     Saris Bones, EX, and Super Bike Rack Trunk

Saris is another famous manufacturer of bike racks and introduces its new bike rack for car trunks to transport bicycles. This stylish design rack offers some subtle tweaks in the classic design to add a few advanced features along with all the elements in the previous models. For example, it includes some upgrades for tie-downs to enhance the security and comfort of users.

This bike rack is compatible to use with many vehicles, including a minivan, sedans, SUVs, and many other cars. Even users can set it on cars with rear spoilers set on them. This feature attracts the trend-savvy people to enjoy their cycling passion without disturbing their vehicle’s decoration.

It offers to mount up to two bikes on the rear side of the vehicle with the help of advanced arms that are manufactured by using injection molded technology. Furthermore, the legs of this rack are strong enough, and it is difficult to find such strong legs in other brands available in the market. This thing makes it prominent and the most durable product in the market.

Moreover, the rubberized feet are used in this product that is not only useful to bear the weight easily but also improves the transportation experience without disturbing the paintwork of the vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Stable Mounting: This bike rack comes with four legs to attach the rack with a vehicle trunk; users have to place two legs on the upper rear side and the two on the bottom rear side.
  • Durable Arms: It offers two arms made with premium quality material to hold up to two bicycles at the same time and capable of bearing the weight up to 70lbs for both bicycles.
  • Adjustable Arms and Legs: It allows the users to adjust the length of arms and legs easily to place the rack on vehicle and bicycle as well easily at sufficient distance to avoid any type of damage to both bicycle and car.
  • Handy Strap Management System: This rack comes with six straps to tighten the rack on the vehicle. It uses two Velcro straps from each side, i.e., upper rear side, bottom side, and one for each on the left and right to ensure security.
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Highly rated
  • Affordable
  • Tricky to use

   6    Overdrive Sport 2-Bike


Overdrive introduces its heavy-duty bike rack to mount two bicycles for transportation from one location to another. This bike rack uses advance features like a patented anti-wobble system that is an excellent option to eliminate the slack between the rack and receiver. It not only helps to keep your bike safe but also ensures the protection of vehicle paintwork.

This product an offer easy to install feature, and a quick-release system is used to attach and detach the rack with the help of tilting pivot. It helps to remove the bicycle at a lower level of mounting height without adjusting the height of arms. It added convenience for users and attracts many cyclists for easy transportation.

Even with the use of a quick-release system, this bike rack ensures the safety of the vehicle by keeping it stable irrespective of car type. It offers wheel clamps with adjustable options that provide the compatibility to use with any kind of bicycle regardless of size and weight.

The clamps used in this rack are considered as the most secured as these are made up of industrial-grade material. The adjustable clamp option enhances the fat tire acceptability that was the main issue faced by many cyclists in the past.

Key Features:

  • Wide Tire Acceptability: It is compatible to use with wide cycle tires up to 5” fat in diameter that is mostly by the professional cyclists.
  • Anti-Wobble Screws: This rack uses anti-wobble screws that are beneficial to minimize the risk of shaking during traveling and provides great peace of mind to passengers that are concerning about frame touching.
  • Heavy Weight Support: This bike rack offers support for the bikes up to 60 pounds in total that is enough even for bikes with fat and heavy frames.
  • Locking knob to secure bikes
  • Pre-assembled
  • Quick-release tilt design
  • Low-quality packing

bike rack for suv


Bike Racks for Minivans Buying Guide

Bike racks are one of the must-have accessories for cyclists if they want to enjoy their cycling passion for hills or during an outdoor camping. Bike racks provide support for easy transportation of cycles and help to ensure the security and safety of bikes as well.

Different brands are available who offer bike racks to set on the trunk of different vehicles like minivans, sedans, and many more. Sometimes it is difficult for users to find the rack that suits them very well, along with the durability and security of bikes and vehicles as well.

However, there are a few things that you must have to consider before paying for the bike rack. Let’s have a look at them briefly.

  • Robust Securing Points

The users have to attach the bike with the rack that is the most essential part of any bike functionality and design as well. The securing points must be strong enough so that they can hold the bike tightly but gently. It helps to keep the bike on the place and avoid slipping that is perfect for ensuring the security of the bike as well as for the paintwork of a vehicle.

  • Legality

It is essential to consider that when you attach the rack on bike, it must enable the users or law enforcement personal to read the number plates easily. Furthermore, the rack must not cover any light or part of the light on the rear side of the vehicle.

  • Padded Feature

This feature is beneficial to keep the vehicle safe from any type of damage like dent or scratches on paintwork when the rack is installed on it. The padding must be of premium quality so that it can avoid damage to the vehicle entirely during traveling.

  • Number Of Bikes

Support to mount multiple bikes on the rack is another essential feature if you like to go on hill biking with friends and family. Different racks offer support for the different number of bikes, and you can select the one as per your needs.

  • Pricing

Many brands offer different price ranges and try to provide their product at a low price. Obviously, they can do it by compromising on quality, which may create problems for users during traveling. Therefore, to eliminate the risk of irritation and damage to vehicle or cycle, it is crucial to select the most durable rack that falls in your price range.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question # 1,

Is it possible to go for a car wash with rack mounted on it?


It is not recommended to do this, especially for an automatic car wash function. It can damage the rack as well as the vehicle. It can also create problems for the car washing machine.

Question # 2,

Are these bike racks influence on the fuel efficiency of the vehicle?


Usually, this happens with bike racks mounted on the roof of the vehicle, and due to fast winds, it requires more power to drive the car.

Question # 3,

Are these racks are legal to use?


Yes, these are legal to use until unless it doesn’t hide the number plate or lights on the vehicle.

Question # 4,

Do I have to use any kind of tool to attach and detach the rack?


Usually, bike racks use straps to attach to the vehicle and don’t require any tool to perform this task. It is easy to attach with hands, and many brands offer folding options that help the users to store in low space after detaching when not in use.



When you go for outdoor camping, there are few potential risks involved with bike racks every time you drive fast. Therefore, we recommend to never compromising on the quality or durability of bike racks to avoid any damage or loss.

In the above list, we pick the top-rated and durable bike racks. Hopefully, you get the one that suits your needs from every aspect.

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