Best Bike Lock: Onguard, Master Lock, Kryptonite

A few weeks ago, I drew an extremely valuable lesson from my carelessness.
I parked my new bike in front of a variety store to buy some essential things. At that time, I think that perhaps it’s fine. Just a few minutes. But, as you can guess, it completely had disappeared after I came back within 2 minutes.
Oh my god! Thieves are everywhere.
That bad story makes me recognize that a good lock for your valuable bike is a worthy investment. After that, I typed “What is the best lock for a bike?” on Google to make research and read several reviews to find out a suitable product.
During this time, I recognized that apart from abuse, Onguard & Master Lock & Kryptonite are 3 top bike lock brands.
So, you can pick up one from these.
Now, Sarah has had a great lock for my new bike. It is protected very well no matter how long I leave there.
Today, Sarah write this article based on my experiences to give all of you a help which is informative for any bike owner for sure.
You need to take a look at what is bicycle locks and how to choose one in advance to get the basic knowledge. Then, Just Not Sports give you the top 6 best models.

Comparison table of Onguard & Master Lock & Kryptonite

No time to read my whole article? Let you read this short information then go on referring to only one product that you like from the first look.

Product nameFeatureOur rating
Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2The hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle4.0/ 5
SIGTUNA heavy duty U lockA braided steel flex cable4.1/ 5
Amazer heavy duty combination U bike lockThe alloy material4.1/ 5
Ace Lock 8291DPSA square-jointed and hardened steel wellbeing chain4.0/  5
Ushake bike lock cablePVC coating4.0/5
OnGuard 8020 MastiffThe X2 Double bolt locking mechanism4.4/5

Top 6 Best Bike Locks Reviews of 2020

As I mentioned, Onguard & Master Lock & Kryptonite are the most reliable brands. Below, Just Not Sports have listed their best products:

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2

“How secure is it?” is always the first question of anyone who is looking for a bike lock.
[img_products img_code=”41mBBM7BkYL” alt=”Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2″ star_class=”star-4″ code=”B005YPK8G2″ reviews=”2333+”] For Kryptonite Krytolok Series 2, you can see its security level through the design. It comes with a hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle, a reinforced hardened crossbar, a high-security disc-style cylinder, and a center keyway.
The U-lock is 4×9 inches and its shackle is 13 millimeters thick, especially, it is not integrated with a double locking mechanism.
The rate of Kryptolok is mid-security (6 out of 10). But, depending on the security status of each place, the rate may change. The company and manufacturer make sure that it can keep your bike safe in the suburbs, in rural areas even in your car rack when you travel by your bike.
In my opinion:
It shouldn’t be used for expensive bikes and in a high-risk area.
[wps_row][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Pros:
[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#81d742″]

  • Strong but not heavy
  • Not expensive
  • Easy to use
  • Versatility
  • Easy to install the mounting mechanism
  • Lightweight
  • Has many locking ways which you can use with this bike lock
[/wps_lists][/wps_column][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Cons:
[wps_lists icon=”exclamation” icon_color=”#dd3333″]
  • Requires a cut to defeat
  • Not high-quality steel material
  • Loses to bolt cutters
[/wps_lists][link_af code=”B005YPK8G2″][/wps_column][/wps_row]

SIGTUNA heavy duty U lock

What is the good U lock?
[img_products img_code=”610X15OOwWL” alt=”SIGTUNA heavy duty U lock” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B016GZWRY4″ reviews=”1099+”] This Sigtuna product is your answer.
Although this bike lock is thick at 16 millimeters, the security level is great in the price range.
Discover the details:
It is designed with mounting bracket, a braided steel flex cable, 2 keys, and an ebook. Moreover, this bike lock is integrated with a double bolt mechanism. Thieves must make 2 cuts to free your bike that lasts the time to catch them easily.
Another great feature which you find out in no other bike lock is it can protect your stuff: bags, helmets, and other valuable things as well.
It’s easy. What you need to do is to put through then loop them back to secure to the U-lock.
[wps_row][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Pros:
[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#81d742″]

  • The cable allows you to lock up your ride flexibly
  • Convenient to use
  • Comes with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Durable
[/wps_lists][/wps_column][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Cons:
[wps_lists icon=”exclamation” icon_color=”#dd3333″]
  • The keys don’t fit well
[/wps_lists][link_af code=”B016GZWRY4″][/wps_column][/wps_row]

Amazer heavy duty combination U bike lock

If you usually park your bike in several different spaces and use a few kinds of bikes, a bike lock with a good length is a great choice.
[img_products img_code=”51iqf4RjtoL” alt=”Amazer heavy duty combination U bike lock” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B01I9X9WNU” reviews=”399+”] Amazer U bike lock can meet your requirement.
You want to make a worthy investment for a long use.
The durability of Amazer is very high. Its alloy material can keep your model away from rust, cuts,  corrosion, fading, and other features. Even the sturdy PVC coating adds protection and more luxurious appearance.
You are not good at keeping your keys.
Amazer is a keyless bike lock and it’s easy to set combination. What you have to do is to choose 4 favorite numbers and keep in mind. This way prevents thieves away from unlocking your bike by the key which they steal from you.
It’s possible to have thousands of combinations which last the stealing time of thieves to catch them sooner.
[wps_row][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Pros:
[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#81d742″]

  • Easy to fit and remove
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Sturdy
  • The numbers dial is protected by a cover
  • Smooth and clear numbers dial
[/wps_lists][/wps_column][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Cons:
[wps_lists icon=”exclamation” icon_color=”#dd3333″]
  • If you forget your numbers key, you may need the help of a professional person
[/wps_lists][link_af code=”B01I9X9WNU”][/wps_column][/wps_row]

Ace Lock 8291DPS

You are looking for a simple but effective product.
[img_products img_code=”31PiW28AKCL” alt=”Ace Lock 8291DPS” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B000XTPO2M” reviews=”156+”] Ace Lock 8291DPS should be your choice.
First of all, this simple design has 2 strong components: a square-jointed and hardened steel wellbeing chain which are enough to protect your bike.
Thanks to the titanium material plus a protective dull nylon shell, the durability is strengthened that makes thieves hard to cut, lasting time to catch them.
If you purchase Ace Lock 8291DPS, I am sure that this is a long-term investment because the keyway cover keeps the lock core away from dirt and disintegration. Thus, I highly recommend it for outdoor equipment.
[wps_row][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Pros:
[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#81d742″]

  • Not expensive
  • Comes with 2 keys
  • Strong
  • Simple design
[/wps_lists][/wps_column][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Cons:
[wps_lists icon=”exclamation” icon_color=”#dd3333″]
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Short length of chain
  • Flimsy red lock cover
[/wps_lists][link_af code=”B000XTPO2M”][/wps_column][/wps_row]

Ushake bike lock cable

You need to buy an easy-to-use bike lock with the best protection. But, you don’t want to keep a key that is easily lost.
[img_products img_code=”61U5DGMzg6L” alt=”Ushake bike lock cable” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B0151RQAX2″ reviews=”3068+”] You should consider Ushake keyless bike lock.
It is made from flexible steel cables which are covered with PVC coating for the best durability.
Here is an outstanding feature that most people love. This model comes with a numbers digit allowing you to make a four-number passcode.
When it comes to the easy-to-use feature:
The lock allows you to harness to pole, post, frame or any object quickly.
In particular, this tool is multipurpose so apart from the bike, you can use it for tool boxes & ladders, sports equipment, grill & lawnmowers, gates & fences, and skateboards.
[wps_row][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Pros:
[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#81d742″]

  • Long enough to lock 2 bikes together
  • Lightweight bike lock
  • A six-month warranty
  • Flexible braided steel construction
  • Easy and smooth to move the numbers
  • Comes with a mounting bracket
  • Four-foot reach
  • Good length
[/wps_lists][/wps_column][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Cons:
[wps_lists icon=”exclamation” icon_color=”#dd3333″]
  • Easy to cut cable locks
[/wps_lists][link_af code=”B0151RQAX2″][/wps_column][/wps_row]

OnGuard 8020 Mastiff

You are looking for an effective but cheap and compact model. You are the right place.
[img_products img_code=”81nXEOCYdQL” alt=”OnGuard 8020 Mastiff” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B002I8ONDC” reviews=”82+”] This design comes with a small size (about 6 feet by ⅜ inches). However, it doesn’t decrease the safety level.
Let’s find out the reasons:
Unlike other models, the X2 Double bolt locking mechanism is designed with high precision. Therefore, you can lock and unlock easily and quickly with the right key.
The chain is made from the titanium material that is so strong and tough so this bike lock can resistant against the strongest materials.
For example:
The maximum cut resistance is shown through its capacity of protecting your model away from any saw and chain cutter.
The length reaches 6 feet so it gives you extra protection. Also, this is also a drawback. The longer the chain is, the heavier the model is.
OnGuard 8020 Mastiff comes with a cover that is weather resistant. What’s more, it keeps the whole unit away from worn out. Besides, it is vinyl coated over its diameter and rubber coated end caps.
[wps_row][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Pros:
[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#81d742″]

  • Good construction
  • Very solid quality cover
  • Has 4 extra keys
[/wps_lists][/wps_column][wps_column size=”1-2″ center=”no”]Cons:
[wps_lists icon=”exclamation” icon_color=”#dd3333″]
  • Heavy
[/wps_lists][link_af code=”B002I8ONDC”][/wps_column][/wps_row]

What is the good bicycle locks?

What is the best bike lock
Although there is a wide range of bicycle locks on the market, bicycle locks must meet 2 following features: easy of use, weatherproofing.

Ease of use

No one wants to spend a lot of time locking a bike, so, make sure that you can control your bicycle lock with one hand easily and quickly. It’s not ideal to use both your hands to lock the bike in minutes. This is too complicated.


This is especially important if you live in a wet climate. In this case, your bike may contact precipitation frequently.
Ensure to choose a weatherproofing bicycle lock.
Here are 2 most basic features of the best bicycle locks. To pick up a suitable model to your demands, go on referring to below:

How to choose the right bicycle locks?

How to choose the best bike lock
Choosing the bicycle locks is really important because, without carefulness, you can lose your valuable bike. However, this is a hard task as you have to pick up one between a thousand of products available on the market.
Don’t worry. I am here to help you.
First, determine your demands, then follow the factors below:

Kinds of bicycle locks

There are available 3 kinds of bicycle locks:


In fact, cables are just useful to keep your saddle or front wheel away from thieves. Don’t use cables as your primary lock unless you want thief steals your bike by a bolt cutter in seconds.
Also, keep in mind that when using cables, you have to learn this question “how do I lock my bike with lock and cable?” because of not a primary lock.

U-locks (D-locks) and chains

The majority of chains and U-locks need an angle grinder having power equipment to cut them. While cutting, they will create a shower of sparks attracting attention.


In the 1970s, U-locks were invested by the Kryptonite company. They aim to produce strong models without being too heavy. However, their products are still weak about mounts.


Compared to U-locks, chain locks are heavier. Therefore, it’s ideal to use in a fixed place like bike cage, your company or the parking garage of your condo. However, it’s not an appropriate tool to carry around. Their weight may be double a U-lock’s weight.
In my opinion, chains are more secure than U-locks.

  • Thieves can’t use a crowbar on a chain.
  • It’s more difficult to apply an angle grinder on a chain compared to a U-lock.

Ranking on Sold Secure

Sold Secure is a not-for-profit and independent organization that is based in the UK.
They help the bicycle lock manufacturers test their locks by using a lot of different tools to break them. They rate all products into 3 levels: Gold, Silver, and Bronze based on how difficult they break the lock.
Discover the details:

  1. Gold shows that the lock reaches the highest level of security.
  2. Silver shows that lock is mid-level of security and cost.
  3. Bronze shows that lock can protect your bike away from opportunist thieves.

If you are an inexperienced buyer who knows nothing about how to choose the bike locks, this factor is really important.

  • You should make the internal comparisons in place of the security levels of different brands.
  • Some insurance policies require that you have to use a Sold Secure rated lock.

Kinds of keyway

The harder-to-pick keyways are what you want. Specifically, center-placed keyholes are an example. I don’t highly recommend combination locks because they are not strong. In particular, you shouldn’t use in high-crime areas.

Number of bolts

Any great U-lock comes with 2 deadbolts. If a thief, thus, wants to unlock your lock, he may need to take twice difficulties.

Thickness and material

The heavy-duty hardened steel is my recommendation since it’s hard to cut. The best model will harden steel links of at least 15 mm.
A lock is less than 13 mm thick can be cut by a medium-sized bolt cutter easily. But, the 13-15mm thick model requires a large bolt cutter. It’s better to use a lock from 16 to 18 mm thick that keeps your unit away from bolt cutters completely.


Size is an important factor. If you choose a too small size, it’s very difficult to lock your bike in different places. Thus, you should buy a larger lock to have more options to lock your bike rightly.
On the other hand:
I strongly recommend a mid-sized lock because it is hard for a thief to break and cut the lock and steal your bike. But, it is big enough to lock in any condition.
I give you a specific example:
In case you have a slimmer bike like road bike riding it to a fixed place only, the highly rated Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini is a great choice.
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In closing

Bike locks are really important and essential to keep your lovely bike away from thieves. Therefore, don’t hesitate to make a worthy investment immediately. To have a proper option, remember to consider my factors as mentioned. They include kinds of bike lock, ranking on Sold Secure, kinds of the keyways, Number of bolts, material, and size.
What is the safest bike lock? Have you found out your own answer? Is any product of Onguard & Master Lock & Kryptonite your choice? Other readers and I want to know your experiences. Please leave your comment in the section below. Also, don’t forget to share my post if you see it is informative.

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