5 Top-Rated Best Bikes for 6 Year Old: Satisfy the needs of both parents and kids


Just imagine that,
What would you do when your 6-year-old kids want the first bikes in their life?
You will immediately go to the kid’s bikes shop and buy the best kids bikes for them, right?
Just Not Sports believe there are no parents who do that. Choosing the best bike for 6 years old will help you.
Why do we say so?
Because protecting the safety of children is the most important thing that every parent wants to do well.
Therefore, before starting the purchase, parents must always ensure that they thoroughly investigate the appropriate product features for their children.

Best Bike for 6 year old in 2018
Best Bicycle for 6 year old in 2020

Not the price is your consideration, your beloved child cycling safely on the road is the first priority.
In this case, how do you know which bike is best for your little kids?
And one more thing,
Can you find what size of balance bikes your children need with their ages?
That’s why we are here with you,
Just Not Sports will help you get the most needed information on choosing a balanced size for your children.

5 Top-rated Best Bike for 6 year old: Satisfy the needs of both parents and kids

Product NamePriceMax weight capacityRating
Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike 20”$105 lbs3.9
Razor Angel Girls’ Bike$100 lbs3.5
Huffy 20″ Good Vibrations Girls’ Cruiser Bike$$200 lbs4.0
Woom 3 Pedal Bike 16”$$$132 lbs4.6
WOOM BIKES USA Woom 4 Pedal Bike 20”$$$154 lbs4.7

You’d just as soon get the perfect bike for your small old children as save your budget. That is a simple task.
Let’s take a closer look! Don’t forget to read this article balance bike for the toddler or Best Toddler Bike Helmets and What You May Need to Know


  1   Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike 20″

If you want to buy your children a bike for street and off-road, we have a perfect one for you, Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike 20″.

Absolutely, it provides a variety of wonderful features as below:

  • Built-in with the coaster brakes and handlebar pad.
  • Designed with steady steel frame and kickstand.
  • The frame and fork will be warranted forever.
  • Small size and lightweight, only 26.95 pounds.
  • Children between 6 and 10 may use the bike
  • Bearing weight up to 105 lbs.

In fact, this cool bike also has BMX styling with striking lines and excellent color matching. Your children will love its black steel frames and borders highlighted by red and white graphics.
Not only that, to make sure your kids park the bike quickly, there is a horizontal handlebar, an adjustable saddle seat, a brake coaster, and a kickstand.
But here’s the interesting thing that parents may concern,
Your children can enjoy riding at night because the bike has tires, front, and rear body reflections. And they won’t meet any difficulty when using this bike.

  • Adjustable seats with a black saddle
  • BMX rugged bicycle frame with red and black stickers
  • The brake system with a rear coaster for safety control
  • Two stylish soft piece pad set
  • Easy to use for children
  • The instructions may be complicated at first
  • Stickers on the bike may be wrinkled in a few points

   2    Razor Angel Girls’ Bike

(506 customer reviews)

When your need is a nice bike for your daughter, don’t have to find further! The Razor Angel Girls’ Bike is a big deal for you.

So what are the good points of this product?

  • Have equipped the durable steel frame and fork
  • Nice designed 20-inch rims with 48 spokes
  • Safer with strong front and rear handbrakes
  • Two pegs fixed to the front wheel
  • Bike seat clamp made of alloy
  • Maximum weight capacity is 100 lbs

Coming to this tiny cute girl bike, your daughter will be excited to receive this gift from you for a special family occasion.
The combination of feminine pink color and dynamic style will help your child stand out on the road.
With that being said,
This Razor Angel Girls’ Bike satisfies the needs of both parents and children.

  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Lovely design and stickers for a little girl.
  • Super bright pink color.
  • Solid construction.
  • Work well.
  • Some stickers may be scratched.
  • The front brake may be difficult to adjust.

   3    Huffy 20″ Good Vibrations Girls’ Cruiser Bike

Another girl bike, the Huffy 20″ Good Vibrations Girls’ Cruiser Bike, is up-and-coming. Ensure that you will get the most varied choices of a bike.

Let’s look at this bike in detail:

  • Beautiful turquoise blue color, fit children of 7-10 years old with 48-56 inch height.
  • Comfortable soft lavender and white two-toned grips.
  • Stylish padded seat.
  • Ensure safety with a kickstand and coaster brake.
  • Lifetime warranty for durable steel cruiser frame.
  • Full cover with fun and eye-catching graphics.
  • 20” tires with green rims and turquoise fenders to protect your children.

With all the above advantages, this bike deserves to accompany your children on the road.
It makes sure that your children can pedal fast and lightly thanks to its bigger dual-density pedals.
Moreover, we believe that Huffy can bring you the best products because they have built their quality bicycles since 1892.

  • Colorful decoration in girly design
  • Solid and durable steel frame
  • Equipped with comfortable hand grips and padded seat
  • Easy to assemble with thorough instructions
  • Quickly adjust seat height
  • The bike may make a loud popping sound from the rear wheel
  • It may be hard to add training wheels to this bike

   4    Woom 3 Pedal Bike 16″

The Woom 3 Pedal Bike 16” is perfect for your children to improve the skills of riding and handling.

Well, you will wonder how good the product is.
Here are some great features to explore:

  • Easy in-house assembly tools and guides.
  • Front and rear V-Brakes with freewheel features.
  • Impressive exclusive color-coded brake lever.
  • Weight-optimized aluminum frame, the long-wheelbase for the upright position, light balloon tires persist on all terrains.
  • The design of the crank length and width matches the child ergonomics.
  • Fit all riding styles and uses with optimal gearing ratio.

In short, the Woom 3 has a design to support children to practice riding and tires with optimal grip level for all terrains and uses such as road, mountain, and city riding.
Foremost, your kids can quickly identify the rear handbrake with the green lever and grab it with little strength.
In this way, you do not have to worry about your children riding exercise.
All promise to provide the fast and better reaction for your baby at their first ride.

  • Easy to handle Small Hand Reach Brake.
  • Kid-friendly geometry and lightweight design for balance and stability.
  • The specific and unique bike features for kids.
  • The good quality material of tires.
  • Simple to assemble and use.
  • Anatomically-designed saddle fit hip bone.
  • The price is high a bit.
  • The bell trigger may be broken though not much use.

   5    WOOM BIKES USA Woom 4 Pedal Bike 20″

Just Not Sports want to add another Woom product for you, the WOOM BIKES USA Woom 4 Pedal Bike 20”.

And we believe it can meet your demand.
How can it be impossible?

  • Well-prepared tools and instructions for easy indoor assembly.
  • Built-in bell and kickstand.
  • Perfect 8 gears and light Kenda off-road tires.
  • Mini V-Brake with lever suitable for small hands.
  • The SRAM X4 8-speed shifters.
  • The gear ratio designed for various terrains.
  • Lightweight and high-quality aluminum frame.

So it all adds up to this,
Your children can explore and have longer rides with the Woom 4.
In addition to that, you can bring this bike to any places from steep climbs to long descents for the safe riding of your kids.

  • Proprietary Small Hand Reach Brake.
  • Super light design for kid body proportions.
  • High-quality off-road tires.
  • Quickly assembly at home.
  • Equipped with 8 gears.
  • The front wheel may be buckled.
  • The price is quite high.

What size bike is for 6-year-old kids?

In fact, when your children are between the ages of 4 and 8, they have developed sufficient coordination, agility, good balance, and know how to start and stop on a three-wheel or training wheel vehicle.
It’s time for them to be ready to learn how to use the best kids bike. You have to choose the right bicycle for your children.
First of all, the size of a child’s bicycle is determined by the wheel diameter, not the seat height and frame size as is the case with adult bicycles.
What size bike is for 6-year-old kids
It’s easier than you think because you have a bike size chart.

Use a Bike size chart Kids

The chart will help you narrow down your search, but remember it is not a substitute for an expert to help you find the most suitable balance bikes.
Here is the kid bike size chart:

AgeChildren InseamBike sizeSuggestion
2-4 years14-17 inches
35-42 cm
12 inchesUsed with training wheels or direct use.
4-6 years16-20 inches
40-50 cm
14 inchesCan find at many toy and bike stores.
5-8 years18-22 inches
45-55 cm
16 inchesHave rear coaster brakes and pneumatic tires or front hand ones.
6-9 years20-24 inches
50-60 cm
18 inchesNot commonly in the market
7-10 years22-25 inches
55-63 cm
20 inchesCan be multi-speed models equipped with hand brakes.
9+ years24-28 inches
60-72 cm
24 inchesVarious features like adult types.

Thanks to the chart, now you know that your 6-year-old children need the bikes of 14 to 18 inches.
However, you can see a strange measure here, the children inseam.

So what is the children inseam?

It is a decisive factor in choosing the size of a bicycle for a child. You can measure it at home.
Let’s start to guide your children to stand on the floor with barefoot, and you take a ruler to see the distance from your kid crotch to the ground.
It sounds simple, right?
The children inseam provides information on how your child can reach the floor with both legs at the minimum height of the kid’s bicycle saddle.
One thing for sure is when contact with the ground on both sides, your kids will always be guaranteed and safe.
After the measurement, you will look for the appropriate bicycle size in the chart above.
Now, you can answer your question “What is the right size bike for a 6-year-old?” and also “What size bike does a 7-year-old need?” if your friend asks you advice for a kids bike.
In the chart, it can say that you can buy your 6-year-old children many sizes of the bicycle. For example, if your children inseam is 50cm, you can choose the bicycle of 14-16 inches.
Let’s do a test with us.
A customer asked us “What age is a 20-inch bike for?”. If you can tell the bicycle size by using the above chart, you completely understand its meaning.
That’s not all for the way to choose the right bicycle.
Also, body height can help you to buy your child bike.
The chart is below:
The chart
But wait – there’s more.
Just Not Sports want to tell you something before you actually own kids bike.
Try to ride the bike

Try to ride the bike

Check this out:
On the bicycle, your children need to be up, down, and comfortable sitting on the chair. And then with a little lean of the bicycle, they get their bottom back into the seat, put their feet on the pedal and ride away.
Your children should not ride scrunched up with their knees hit the handlebars and not be stretched out and unable to turn the handlebars comfortably.
If your child is fully fitted with the bicycle, you will let them use it without return to the sellers. As if that’s not enough for your question “How do I choose a bike for my child?” we are pleased to send you a list of nominated products.
So here Just Not Sports go.

What is the best bicycle for your 6-year-old children?

What is the best bike for your 6-year-old children
Finally, what’s left in your mind?
It couldn’t be easier unless you spend all your heart to choose the best bike for your children.
Whether choosing the best bike for 4 year old or the best bike for 5 year old, you will remember one principle “Safety is the first priority.”
Then, you study to find proper bike size, check the bike features carefully, and consider specific, friendly and easy-to-use design for children.
It is obviously an essential vehicle for any child. You need to bring joy and excitement to your children’s first bike ride.
Therefore, you don’t have any reason to deny the purchase of this bike. So take the next step to the bike stores or shopping websites.
Would you choose the bicycles to bring as surprise gifts for your beloved children?

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