Top 10 Best Bike Fenders 2020 to Protect your Bike

People usually ignore the importance of fenders while selecting the cycle. It is okay if you live in a country with cycling-friendly roads and environment as well. If you are the resident of the desert or surrounding area where presence of mud, sand or raining weather is usual. Then you must have to consider the inclusion of bike fenders on your cycle.

Many people use raincoats to cover the upper body parts from clean water of rain, but the wheels kicked up the dirty water that fills up them with mud. It can also harm the life of various cycle parts like chain, brakes, derailleur, etc. and mix up the dirt with gasoline residue. That is not good for the smooth working of these parts.

Therefore, fenders are essential because they not only keep dirty water away from your body, they also keep the cycle parts clean and enhance their life. Various brands are available in the market that offers bike fenders and claims to be the best one. Bike fenders are available with different sizes and shapes that cover the tire from different angles.

Sometimes, it could be challenging to select the perfect fender for the cycle from a massive range of brands. Therefore, we choose the most popular and top ten best bike fenders available in the market based on high ratings. All these fenders provide excellent support to keep the cycle parts as well as your body from mud and enhance the cycling experience. Let’s take a brief look at them.

  1    Planet Bike Full Bike Fenders

Planet bike is a famous manufacturer of cycling accessories for a long time and aims to make cycling safer by enhancing the user experience. It offers its durable and straightforward bike fender for cyclists to keep the mud away from their cycle parts. Polycarbonate material is used in the manufacturing of this product that makes it perfect to use in any weather condition.

This simple bike fender is easy to install on any bicycle with a maximum tire size of 700c x 35mm and uses few parts to keep it away from complications.

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Stays: It offers stainless steel stays that are easy to adjust and perfect to prevent vibration during riding.
  • Release Tabs: The front fender offers quick-release tabs to ensure the safety of the rider and bicycle as well.
  • Pre-installed Hardware: It facilitates users with pre-installed hardware that allow the users to install it quickly in no time.
  • Lightweight: It weighs only 1.2 pounds that is great to easily adjust the balance of bike fenders.
  • Perfect for harsh weather conditions
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate material
  • Affordable
  • Front fender not suitable for the cycle with disc caliper

   2     Star-Art Adjustable Fenders Set


Star Art introduces its stylish, and this pair of adjustable fenders are specifically designed for mountain bikes. But it also allows the users to mount it on various types of cycles like road bicycles, racing bicycles, and touring bicycles. This fender set offers excellent protection against mud and prevent kicking up water to make your bike parts dirty.

It is straightforward to attach and detach the rear fender under the seat. It is made up of premium quality synthetic plastic material that is perfect to use in any weather conditions.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight: This stylish bike fender enhance the riding experience without creating vibration because it is easy for clips to tightly hold the lightweight fender. It weighs only 230gm.
  • High-Quality Material: Synthetic plastic fiber material is used to ensure a robust build with great flexibility.
  • Easy To Install: It offers easy installation by tightening one screw for each clip, and you can complete the process of fixing in a few seconds.
  • Attractive design
  • Adjustable positions
  • Multiple colors
  • You have to tight clamp joints regularly

   3     RBRL Bike Mudguard Bicycle Fender

RBRL offers its bike fender in quick-release design to enhance the cycling experience of users. This fender provides compatibility for use with different types of bicycles with easy to mount options. This bike fender is specially designed for people who are trend-savvy and always want to keep the stylish look for their bicycles.

This fender is perfect for keeping you and your bicycle away from flying debris and splattering from the wheels. It not only helps to keep the bike clean from mud and also beneficial to prolong the life of various cycle parts.

Key Features:

  • Durable and Flexible Material: Premium quality soft rubber tail material is used in manufacturing that provides strong elasticity and flexibility to enhance the riding experience.
  • Universal Compatibility: It offers to use with any type of bicycle irrespective of size. You can mount it on bicycle size of 24”, 26”, 27.5” and 29”.
  • Complete Accessories: It provides all the essential accessories in packing required to mount it on the bicycle.
  • Wide Rear Fender: Lengthened and widened fender help to keep your back dry from kicked up water during the rainy season.
  • High elasticity
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-release design
  • The front fender is not suitable for mountain bike

   4    BlueSunshine Bicycle Fenders Set

BlueSunshine introduces its lightweight and stylish bike fenders to enhance the cycling experience during rainy weather. This product is specially designed for cyclists who don’t like to mount fenders on their bicycles all the time. It offers easy to install options that allow the users to fit quickly in no time at the time of raining.

This stylish fender is available in various colors that allow the users to select their favorite one or as per the color of the bicycle. It is one of the most affordable bike fenders available in the market that ensure durability with a stylish look.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for Different Bike Types: It supports fixing on different bike types with tire diameter up to 34mm irrespective of the height of the bicycle.
  • Easy to adjust: It offers easy adjustment of the angle between the bike tire and fender without requiring any type of tool.
  • Premium Quality Material: This bike fender is made up of premium quality synthetic fiber quality plastic that is perfect for ensuring the durability with high strength.
  • Lightweight: It offers anti-vibration features with the help of a lightweight design that creates irritation during cycling.
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Multiple colors
  • Low-quality packing

   5    SKS S-Board Front Road Bicycle Fender

Here is another known manufacturer of cycling accessories from Germany. SKSAE is famous for providing a vast range of cycling accessories, including fenders, cages & bottles, bags, chain guards, air pumps, and many more. It offers front fender for bicycles with easy to mount options using clip and provide support for different types of bicycle forks.

This long shaped bike fender offers the provide protection against kicked up rainwater and keeps bike parts clean and helps them to work smoothly. It is made up of high-quality plastic material and comes in black color that is suitable to use with any bicycle color.

Key Features:

  • Quick Release Fitting System: This feature allows the users to fix it quickly with different forks type and attracts many cyclists who want to use fenders only in specific weather conditions.
  • Designed For 700C Wheels: This bike fender is specially designed for bicycles with 700C wheels and support tire width up to 38mm.
  • Paint Protection Film: It offers paint protection film with adjustable clips to avoid any damage to the paintwork of bicycle fork or frame.
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality plastic material
  • Works smoothly without creating a problem with disc brakes
  • Little expensive as compared to competitors

   6    TOPCABIN Bike Fenders


TOPCABIN is famous for providing premium quality sports accessories to its customers from many past decades. This bike fender from TOPCABIN offers some unique features for fender adjustment. It allows the users to adjust the length as per needs and also can set the height that suits you during cycling to keep mud away from you and your bicycle.

This modern design fender comes in a wide shape that makes it compatible to use with more wide tires without creating any problem with disc brakes and frame of the bike as well. The massive range of colors allows the users to select the one as per the color of their bicycle.

Key Features:

  • Reduce Wind Resistance: Wide design helps to reduce wind resistance and improve the riding experience in different weather conditions.
  • Lengthening Options: This unique feature is never offered by any other brand and helps the users to adjust the length as per the type and size of the cycle.
  • Soft Rubber Material: It is made with high-quality soft rubber material to ensure the durability as well as perfect to avoid any type of vibration that creates irritation for riders.
  • Complete Set of Accessories: It offers a complete set of essential accessories required to mount the fender, and users don’t have the need to arrange any other tool for assembling.
  • Compatible to use with different bicycles
  • Modern design
  • Available in different colors
  • Little heavy

   7    Silfrae Adjustable Bike Fenders

Silfrae was initially started by a group of sports lover guys and now operating worldwide. The company aims to provide innovative products to fuel up the passion of people. Bike fenders from Silfrae are one of the premium quality products of the company that is specifically designed to mount on 26” bicycles.

It is easy to install, and detach is just a few seconds. The rear fender is adjustable under the seat with the help of an adjustable clip that makes it compatible to use with different types of 26” cycles. This premium quality product provides a real return of your hard-earned money.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Colors: This product is available in different colors and lets the users choose as per their likes and matching with bicycle color.
  • Durable: Premium quality flexible plastic is used in the manufacturing of this product that is perfect to use in any weather condition like sunny, raining, or snow.
  • Lightweight: The use of flexible material helps to keep the weight at its minimal level that is beneficial to keep it at its place easily.
  • Adjustable joints
  • Paint protection film included
  • Offer complete accessories for mounting
  • Only for 26” cycles

   8     NICEDACK Bike Fender

NICEDACK introduces its new generation bike fender in an attractive design. This product provides dual functionality, i.e., as a mudguard and as a reflector for night time cycling. The reflector is placed at the end of the rear fender that is beneficial to indicate your presence for motorists coming behind and increase the safety of cycling.

Furthermore, it is one of the widest fenders available in the market and provides enhanced protection support from mud and rainwater that wheels kicked up. Quick attachment and detachment attract cyclists who don’t want to use the fenders all the time during cycling.

Key Features:

  • Unique Carbon Fiber Grain: It came in a thickness of 1.2mm and pressed with a carbon fiber pattern to ensure durability.
  • Flexible: The material used in manufacturing is flexible enough that makes it perfect to use on any mountain bike, and it works smoothly without creating vibration or sound.
  • High-Temperature Resistant: The use of Non-Toxic PP plastic material makes it capable of bearing high temperature and perfect for snowy weather as well.
  • Extra Wide: The extra-wide design is perfect for keeping you away from dust and mud as well.
  • Easy to install
  • Stylish design
  • Suitable for different sizes and types of bicycles
  • Lack of adjusting options

   9     SKS Raceblade Pro Bicycle Fender Set

Here is another fender of SKS in full fenders shape specifically designed to get maximum protection from dirty water during a heavy downpour. This type of bike fenders is mostly used by commuter bicycles. This fender uses rubber straps to fix on bike frames instead of eyelets. This technique makes it much easy to attach and detach as per needs and works smoothly with other parts of bike like brakes.

This fender is capable of remaining stable even during cycling on the bumpy roads and doesn’t create rattle. It provides more protection from mud and dirty rainwater as compared to commuter mudguards.

Key Features:

  • Tire Compatibility: It is specifically designed to use for cycles with 700C tires and support tire width up to 25mm.
  • Rubberized Mud Pads: It comes with rubberized mud pads on both fenders to completely stop the rainwater kicked up with the spinning of the wheel.
  • Adjustable Stays: This fender set offers adjustable stays to connect with the cycle and allow the users to adjust the length of stays as per the size of the wheel.
  • Protection Film: It offers protection films with the fenders that are beneficial to prevent scratches or damage to the paintwork of the cycle.
  • Extra-long mud flaps
  • Double hinged quick release fitting system
  • Compatible with disc brakes
  • Heavy as compared to commuter fenders

   10     FIFTY-FIFTY Mountain Bike Fender

FIFTY-FIFTY introduces its simple bike fender designed explicitly for use on mountain bicycles. This fender uses zip ties to attach with the frame of the bike to make an attractive look. It is made up of 1mm thick polypropylene and makes it extra lightweight. It weighs only one ounce. Therefore, it is perfect to use on a mountain bike, and it remains stable even during cycling on rough tracks.

This stylish design attracts most of the trend-savvy people who always want elegant design.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Different Size Cycles: It is easy to fix on different bike sizes like 26”, 27.5” and even bigger sizes.
  • Four Fixing Points: It offers four fixing points using zip ties to avoid slipping as well as to shape it in different ways.
  • Super Sturdy Material: The sturdy material not only ensure a long life, but it also provides excellent flexibility to adjust on different shape bikes.
  • Zip ties included in the packing
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with different fork shapes
  • Not suitable for use on bicycles with rim brakes

bike with fender

Best Bike Fenders Buyers Guide

Bike fenders are essential if you want to keep you away from dirty rainwater sprays away from you and your bike as well. There are different types of bike fenders available in the market offered by different brands with various features and price tags.

It could be a challenging process for people to find the best one that offers maximum benefits. Different things collectively make the bike fenders excellent and suitable for you. Therefore, it is essential to know your needs and requirements for selecting the fender that fulfills your requirements entirely.

The following are the few essential things that you have to consider while selecting the bike fender, and it could be most beneficial to make the selection process simple and easy.

Fender Type

The type of bike fender is the most important thing to consider because some bike fenders are universal, while some are designed for particular bike shapes.  Therefore, it can create a problem with different bike parts if they are not intended to support that specific bike shape. For example, fenders designed for mountain bikes are not supporting rim brakes.

Therefore, selecting the suitability or compatibility is the first step for the selection of bike fender.


Durability is another crucial factor, and it is possible only if the fender is made up of premium quality material. Therefore, if you want to use your fender for a long time and don’t want to spend again and again on buying the bike fender, you must ensure the material quality. There should be enough flexibility and elasticity in the fender that it can bear the bumps or accidental hit easily.

It must be capable of bearing high-temperature weather as well as snowy and rainy weather conditions. The best combination of resistance and strength helps to find the most durable product.

Weight and Size

The low weight of the bike fender ensures the long life of the product because it helps to avoid wear & tear or cracks risks during riding on bumpy and rough tracks. It is easy for the clips to hold the fender tightly and prevent damage to holding points with time.

Size compatibility will let you know that the bike fender you are going to select fits very well on your bike and supports the height as well as the width of tires and wheel diameter.

Mounting Options

It is essential to know that the bike fenders offer suitable mounting options that your bike can support. Some bike fenders offer to fit with clips while some offer strips or nuts to attach it on the bike. The selection of an easy mounting option will let you attach and detach quickly as per needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question # 1,

Do I need to fix bike fenders on my bike permanently?


It depends on your needs and requirements. Bike fenders usually offer easy to attach and detach option. Therefore, you can choose either to fix permanently or can mount when you need it, especially in rainy weather.

Question # 2,

Is it safe to use it for the paintwork of the bicycle?


Most of the bike fenders offers paint protection film that helps to avoid damage or scratches on the paint of the bike.

Question # 3,

Do I need to buy both fenders separately?


Most of the brands offer a pair of both fenders in the packing while few offer only rear fender in the packing. Therefore, you can select the packing as per your needs.

Question # 4,

Do I need to buy any accessory separately to fix it?


Usually, bike fenders come with all the related accessories required to fix it on the bike, and users don’t have the need to buy them separately.



Bike fenders are one of the must-have cycling accessories if you have to face rainy weather regularly. It helps to keep you away from the water shower happened due to wheel spinning and keeps the bike parts clean.

In the above article, we discuss the top ten most popular bike fenders and provide you information about all the features and advantages. Hopefully, you get a lot of benefit from them, and it helps to find the best one for your bike.

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