10 Best Bike Chain Tool 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide


The bicycle has been used since time immemorial either for transport or for recreational activities. However, having a bike is not a problem. But the real hassle lies in its maintenance. Especially, the vital part of it which is the chain.

This is because the locomotive capability of your bike directly depends on the chain. As it connects the pedal of your bike to the back of its wheel. Due to this, we can say without the chain, your bike is trash. Also, the bike chain contains the chain rings that envelope the chain rivet.

Generally, the bike chain comes in different sizes and styles. Depending on your bike type. However, to fully exploit this great bike part, it is necessary to give it proper maintenance. Such as regular oiling, keeping it away from dirt and other debris. And others. But in case of replacement or removal of the bike chain, have it in mind that you will need to use a specialized tool called chain tool.

And that is why we are here. The chain tool if the best product is used will give you a nice time. The best chain tool is the one that is easy to set-up and also compatible with your bike chain. They will even relieve you from stress as they are easy to fix. Contrary to the old method of using your hand to lose and assemble the chain.

Listed below are the 10 best chains tool.

  1   Oumers Bike Link Plier — Best overall


In our buying guides, the first and the best chain tool is the Ounmer bike chain. This tool is so outstanding that it even tops the amazon list of the chain tool. It is also made of exceptional quality material that makes it possible to serve you for a longer period without developing any fault.

It is smartly designed and can perfectly fit all bike chain. Also, this plier bike chain tool can be used to remove and join your bike links within a short time frame. Its advanced built technology also made it possible to open and close the chain.

Subsequently, this tool also has a unique groove at his top. This makes it possible and easy to see how far you have popped the peg out and remove the cut chain. It also has a wear indicator tool that allows you to quickly assess the wear and stretch of the chain. So you know when it is time to change it.

  • It has a bike chain wear indicator tool.
  • It is also easy to store.
  • If the pin on the chain breaker is not perfectly lined up with the pin on the chain, it will damage your chain.

   2    Oumers Universal Bike Chain Tool — The most versatile


Just like Oumers bike link plier, Oumers universal bike chain tool is also a durable made tool that is versatile. It has a metal frame with its grip coated by rubber to enhance your comfort. It also has anti-slip handling so you can work tirelessly without the fear of slipping.

However, the universal design of this chain tool makes it possible to perfectly fit into most bike chains and different speed. For example, it can fit into common bicycle chains of 7/8/9/10 speed without giving you any hassle.

Lastly, this smart design tool is also portable, yet, its features are amazing as it can break and re-attach the chain. Within a short time frame. It also has an integrated chain hook that holds the chain links during assembly.

  • It has a handy loosening shelf to remedy stiff links after reassembly.
  • It comes with a spare pin that is found at the right of the handle
  • The package may not come with instructional materials.

   3    Park Tool Chain Tool — Most Sturdy

Suitable for shop use, the Part Tool chain tool is a professional quality bike chain tool that is very sturdy. This moderate weight stable chain tool is compatible with all speed including that of SRAM AXS.

It is also compatible with 1/8″, 3/16″, and half link single-speed chains. However, the combination of the investment cast steel body of this chain and its vinyl-dipped handle also aids comfortability and extends life span.

Additionally, it also has a strong driving pin that is replaceable. Plus, it features an easy to adjust locating shelf that helps to accommodate any width chain. Thus, making it easy to remove and install the pin.


  • It is very sturdy.
  • It is also easy to adjust.
  • If not carefully used, it may bend your pin.

   4    A AKRAF Bike Link Plier –Best for Newbies

A AKRAF is widely known among biking tools and A AKRAF bike link plier is not left out. Due to their promising features. To begin with is the full bike chain repair kit it comes with. Among which is the chain wear indicator that gives you access to the bike pin, link pliers, a checker, and a chain breaker splitter tool. To mention in few.

It is also easy to use. And its plier designed makes it possible to quickly remove and join chain links without stressing yourself. This tool also allows you to open and close the chain connectors. And just like most chain tool available in our guide, it also has an anti-slip handle. That eases your grip and give more control.

Again, the combination of this bike chain splitter and hook makes it easier and faster for you to detach and re-attach the pins into your bike chain.

  • It comes with a chain wear indicator.
  • Their manufacturer promised 100% customer satisfaction.
  • If the user is not an expert, the pin may get bent

   5    A AKRAF Bicycle Chain Repair Tool Kit — Best for Moderate and Heavy Duties

Suitable for moderate and heavy duties, A AKRAF bicycle chain repair features a full refund policy of the tool. If you’re not satisfied within 30 days of purchase. However, just like other A AKRAF product, this tool also comes with a complete bike chain repair kit.

But with additional bike chain de-linker and a 6 pairs bicycle missing links. Also, it fits and compatible with most bike chain. Such as that of 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and single speed bicycle chains.

Furthermore, the chain missing link of this bicycle (6/7/8) is compatible with all 7.1 mm wide 6/7/8 speed chain of your bike, while the 9 Speed missing link is also compatible with all 6.6 mm wide 9-speed chain of the bike, and 10 Speed missing link is compatible with to all 5.9 mm wide 10-speed chain of bike.

  • It feature a money return policy.
  • It also comes with a plier and 6 pairs of missing links.
  • If your hand is wet, the plier may slip.

   6    Luditek Bike Chain Pliers — Most Affordable


Unlike some chain tools, Luditek bike chain is an affordable plier designed tool with a rubberized handgrip. It is easy to use and can remove joining links, chain master, and connector quickly.

Also, for extended usage, this master link pliers with 6.3 x 2.4 x 0.6 inches dimension tool is spring designed. So that little effort is required to complete any action on it. It also has a safety pin that protects it from unnecessary opening.

Again, it also has a return spring that keeps it ready for work. Plus, it can also be store easily. It also has a clasp at the bottom of the chain plier handle that can be closed to keep it in smaller. Lastly, just like a few chain tool, it also has a 30 days money-back guarantee and 60 days returning policy.

  • It is affordable.
  • It is very durable.
  • If the tooltips are not file, it may not enter the chain link.

   7    ATLIN Bicycle Chain Breaker Splitter Tool — Best for High-Income Earners

If you’re still not satisfied with all the aforementioned chain tool, then we think you should look into buying this tool. ATLIN is specially designed to remove and install 7, 8, 9, 10 and single speed chains. Also, this compact size and lightweight tool is portable.

It also includes a built-in hook for holding the bike chain in its best position while you use it. Plus, you are also entitled to the instructional materials it comes with to aid your usage. Especially if you’re a newbie.

Furthermore, this device also comes with a spare push bolt and its handle is also ergonomically designed to ensure maximum grip. Which is why both professional and newbies crave for it.

  • It is light in weight.
  • It is easy to use.
  • If used with old or rusted chain, it may harm it

   8    Topeak Universal Chain Tool — The Lightest

Uncommonly, Topeak is a unique lightweight bike chain tool whose shipping is only permitted within the USA. This bicycle is a perfect fit for all chain bike removal and re-attachment. Regardless of the bicycle type. It also has extra chain pins that are hidden inside its handle.

Additionally, this tool has a 2-piece cast CrMo chain tool that fits comfortably in the hand. The CrMo piece also features a hollow removable handle which can slip over a small Allen wrench to provide extra leverage.

To round it up, this chain also has an integrated chain hook which holds the links during assembly. Plus, it also includes a chain hook that makes the chain repair easier and compatible with all single speed and most multi-speed chains. Including those of 10-speed hollow pin chain excluding 11-speed chains.

  • It is light in weight.
  • It also has good leverage.
  • If used for a longer period, you may start experiencing a little wear.

   9    SINGARE Multi-Function Bike Mechanic Repair Kit — Best for the Expert

Talking about the best chain tool without talking about the Singare Multifunctional bike mechanics is half complete. This chain tool should be regarded as a bonus has its equipped items is even more than its price. To begin with is the 6 pairs of bicycle missing link, a chain wear checker, chain breaker, and 3 practical bike tool to mention in few.

Just like some of its contemporaries, it also has a unique groove on its top so you can easily view how far you gone on the tasks. Again, it has a bike chain wear indicator tool that allows you to quickly assess the wear and determine whether there is a need to buy a new one or not.

Finally, to prove how multifunctional this bike chain is, it perfectly matches all bike chain. Has its bicycle missing link size for 6, 7, 8 is 7.1 mm. Again, it also has the one for 9 speed missing link and that of 10 Speed missing link. What a nice tool.

  • It is multi-functional.
  • The package comes with nice items.
  • If you don’t have prior experience, you may find it difficult to pull out the pin from the chain.

   10    Pedro’s Six-Pack Chain Tool 6-Function Bicycle Tool –Most Stylish

Numerically, the last chain tool but not least in function in the list of our available best chain tool is Pedro’s chain tool. Stylishly designed with a strong metal to last you longer, this light-weighted tool can be stored in a small space.

It can also be used to remove and attach pin without any hassle. Has it is compact and well-constructed. It also has Allen key of 5mm which fits perfectly into most of the cap screws on most bikes.

Although, the price of this tool is pocket friendly, however, it works for a longer period without compromising qualities.

  • Their customer service is responsive.
  • Price is pocket friendly.
  • It may be difficult to put the pin inside once put out.

using bike chain tool


What is a chain tool? 

The bike chain tool is a professional bicycle device, used by bike enthusiasts for proper maintenance of their bike chain. The chain tool helps to customize the bike chain either by joining a smaller bike chain together to form a larger one. Or by breaking larger chains and then re-assemble it to form a smaller chain.

The chain tool works by positioning it on the exact place of the rivet to be removed with subsequent gently screwing. They are of 2 types.

The twist and screw design: The most common bike chain tools are the twists and screw design type. This traditional tool style is easy to use. As little effort is needed to remove or replace the bike chain.

The plier design: As the name implies, the plier design chain tool comes in the form of the plier. It is less common to the traditional type and is part of the bike multi-tools. However, before you can use it, you have to use both hands.

How to use the chain tool to break and attach the chain?

The use of a chain tool is simple. It, however, involves unpacking the tool first. With a subsequent reading of the instructional materials it comes with. Especially if you’re a newbie. After that, you can then follow the following.

First, unscrew the chain tool punch and then position it in the exact chain’s rivet to be removed.

Then start screwing the punch back gently if the chain is not stiff. However, if the chain is stiff or rusted, kindly apply lubricant to it. By doing this, the rivet of your intended chain to be broken will be easy to push out.

Continue until you set the chain’s link free. Then, once the rivet has neared the end of the chain, you can now remove your chain tool with subsequent bending of the chain link. So that it will be weakened and easy for you to break apart. Then, use your hand to remove the knocked out pin.

However, for the attachment of the ring, the process is also easy. Just follow the above-listed procedures but in the opposite direction.

Benefits of the chain tool.

  • It helps to lose and remove the chain.
  • It also helps to replace the chain with a new one.
  • It helps the rider to design the bicycle chain to the one that suits them.
  • It also helps to enhance your safety.
  • They also enhance your comfort by easing your peddling.
  • It adds to the durability of your bike.

How to choose the best chain tool?

Although some riders count chain tool as unnecessary bike tools. However, enthusiasts who value professionalism take this tool as a vital part of their bicycle mechanics.

Due to the high significance of the chain tool, some manufacturers have seized that opportunity to produce some devices that is of poor quality. Just to maximize their own profit.

Among the notable features of these inferior tools are stylish but non-durable made products, insufficient power to drive out and reassemble chain, lack of driving consistency, sloppy design, and many more.

However, to save you from buying these poorly made chain tools, we have taken our precious time to craft the best product for you. We often composed some necessary information needed to secure the best device. So you can share it with riders who consult you next time.

Our best chain tool is selected based on our deep research conjoined with honest customers review.

Listed below are the feature needed to consider.

Features to consider before buying your choice of chain tool?

After you are sure you will buy a chain tool, then the next thing is to look into features needed to consider before buying one. These features if strictly adhered to will not only make your riding activities a pleasing one but also, it will give you a professional look. It also extends the lifespan of your bike.

Features like design, compatibility, ease of set-up, speed, durability, price tag, and many more.

What is the design of the chain tool? 

In our guide, the first criteria we have based our selection upon is the type of design of the chain tool. Chain tools are designed for different purposes. For example, some chain tools are designed for breaking the bike chain. This kind of chain tool is also known as a chain breaker. While some are designed for joining two chains together.

Whatsoever the case may be, at the end of the design, you will get a customized size bike chain that is better than the previous one.

Is it compatible with your bike chain? 

Another paramount criteria you need to consider is the compatibility of your chain tool and bike chain. Before buying your choice of the chain tool, make sure you measure the exact size of your bike chain. So as to determine its fitness into each other.
This is because incompatible chains may result in an accident.

Is it easy to set-up?

Again, before buying your choice of the best chain tool, we implore you not to get blindfolded with the aforementioned features. But remain focus on the setting-up feature also. However, the setting-up of a chain tool is easy. Most tools come with manual or instructional materials.

But if you have prior knowledge of the setting, you may not need the instructional materials.

Does your bike chain speed correspond with the chain tool?

Consequently, the speed of your chain is also important during the cause of choosing your chain tool. Be sure you check the specification on your bike chain and compare it with that of the bike chain tool.

The reason for such is because chain speed varies. The best and the most recommended chain tool is the one that is compatible with the bike chain. So if you purchase a tool with speed different, you’re risking an accident.

Although there are some recent design chain tools that may work with different but of closer speed. Still, we advise you to buy one of the same speed.

Is it durable?

Talking about the features needed to consider before settling for the best chain tool without mentioning the durability is incomplete. On average use with extreme, all the available chain tools in our guide will last you for a longer period.

In fact, they don’t only do this, but also, their standard will never get compromised as they age.

What of the price tag?

Lastly, although all the available chain tools in this guide are affordable. However, we’re pleased to inform you that their prices vary mostly with their sizes. The bigger the size, the greater the price. Though there is some little exception.

Being said, if you have a limited space to keep your device, we strongly advise you to purchase the lesser price tool. As they are always smaller in size but their function remains outstanding.

Final verdict

We have come to the end of our guide, and we are pleased to tell you that the chain tool is an important bike mechanics. That shouldn’t be left out when buying the bike tools. This is because it aids the locomotive ability of the bike. By helping the rider to remove the faulty chain and reassemble better one to your bicycle.

In a nutshell, our best chain tool pick is Oumers Bike Link Plier. This chain tool is durable has it is made of quality steel materials. It is also easy to set-up with or without previous knowledge. Although it comes with instructional materials to aide your setting up process.

Again, this portable and easy to store chain is versatile as it perfectly fits into most bicycle chain.


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