Top Rated Best Bike Brands For Type of Bike: Top 2020

Cycling can bring you a lot of effectiveness in your life. Therefore, people tend to choose that vehicle instead of other transportations in modern life.
There are many brands which are famous for producing bikes all over the world. Are you curious about top best bicycle brands?
In this article, Just Not Sports are going to give you a list of top well-known types of bikes. We are sure that you will be surprised by some brands which you have never heard the name.

Best Bike Brands for Types of bikes 2018
Finding all Best Bike Brands

Top-rated Best Bike Brands for Types of Bicycles list for you:

No more wait, let’s move into the list of 4 best kinds of the bicycle! They are divided based on different intended uses.

Best Road bike

If you want to find a comfortable bike type for going around the street, the road bike will be a perfect selection. Plus, you also can ride it on the pavement, especially for a long journey.
There are some types of bike in the road bike group. They could be listed here, including touring bike, racing bike, cyclocross bike, and endurance bike.
The bike has the unique skinny tires with down-turned handlebars. That means you can ride at a fast speed on the road without putting a lot of forces. It supplies to the riders the light and extremely effective performance.
Which brand of road bike should you invest in?
Here is your option!
This is Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc., an American bike brand. The brand produces not only bikes but also related products.

Specialized is best road bike brand
FACT is the unique material of the Specialized bikes

Since the Specialized bike features with authentic alloy frame, it is strong and light. Plus, the name of that alloy is Functional Advanced Composite Technology (FACT).

Touring bike

You can use the type of bicycle to travel over around dirty trails where a lot of obstacles are on. You can have a lot of fun with that bike since it is really versatile. The rider can go everywhere just on the bike.

Racing bike

From the name of the type, can you guess when we use it for?
Obviously, the type is specially made for racers in the racing competition. The bike is light and has a large wheel so that the racer can speed up immediately.
The main power of the bike comes from a pedal stroke from a rider to the drive-train. The handlebars of it are lower than common bikes in order that people can get more aerodynamic posture.

Cyclocross bike

The Cyclocross bike seems to have the same feature as the road bike in the drop handlebars. Otherwise, it has wider knobby tires than another one.
In our point of view, you can put your belief in Trek bike again. The Trek one has various advantages for the riding journey. It features a lightweight carbon frame, so you never have to put a lot of efforts to run.

Cyclocross bike
You can choose Trek bike for the great riding time

Best Mountain Bike

As you know, mountain areas are always hard for people to climb up with normal bikes. Therefore, we need a mountain bike to do the job.
The mountain bike features with 26” or 29” wide tires so that we can ride them in the loose dirt as well as obstacles. Plus, the bike has flat handlebars, rugged frames, and components which are great for going in the rocky area.
People use this type of bike not only on roads but also on trails. Thanks to the special features, the bike can go smoothly on those tough areas without being harmed.
The bike type includes trail, cross-country, and all-mountain bike.

Yeti Cycles is Best Mountain Bike Brand
The Yeti bike will satisfy most of your biking demands

There are a lot of brands on the market selling the mountain bike. One of the most famous brands is Yeti Cycles. You can find the best quality-material bike for the best riding experience ever.

Trail bike

If you want to challenge yourself to climb up the mountain, this one will be your perfect partner.
It supplies to you the lightweight and durable performance. Besides scaling climbs, you can also go down through endless downhill terrains.

All-mountain bike

This is a serious bike type for the real rider. It is the most capable suspension bike on the trail ever. You can count on the all-mountain bike to go everywhere, even the toughest areas.
It is perfect transportation for terrains, discriminating riders, as well as climbs.

Cross-country bike

You can see clearly that bikes of the type have almost the same features namely lights, rear racks, locks, fenders, and bags.
The bike we chose for you in this category is from State Bicycle Company. Besides the delight appearance, you can receive the best running performance.
This State bike is a single-speed steel commuter, and it is available in three sizes. Hence, you can feel free to choose a suitable vehicle for your adventures.

Cross-country bike
State Bicycle can bring you comfort and smooth riding experience

Hybrid or comfort bicycle

Have you ever heard about the hybrid bike?
You may know the bike as the name Hybrids or Sport Comfort bikes.
Both of them have the same features, but the wheel sizes are different. Actually, you will see that the Hybrid bicycle is bigger than that of the Comfort bike. Plus, the Hybrid bike has a slightly thinner size.
You can choose any of them to ride on mountain areas as well as the streets. They can run smoothly on dirt, paved trails or cycling trips. The upright design of those bikes is perfect for comfort.
Cannondale can be a bright competitor among massive hybrid ones. You can go through over the rough terrain with smooth rolling. On the other hand, it is a great choice for a road-centric journey.

Cannondale is best comfort and hybrid bike brand
The Cannondale bike is famous for the aluminum and carbon fiber strong frame

Specialty bike

As the name of the group, we tend to use them on some special occasions. They are suitable for riding on pavement. You can look for a cruiser, cargo, electric, as well as the folding bike.

Triathlon or Time trial bike

This kind of bicycle is specially made for triathlon or time trial events.
The bike has both forward bull-horn shaped handlebars and aero bars. Plus, it has shifters which are located at the end of the bars.
Among many producers supplying this type of bike, Just Not Sports cannot forget the Trek brand.

Triathlon or Time trial bike
The biker can come to Trek shops to choose numerous bikes for any purpose.

Electric bike

Since people found out the benefits of electricity, they have tended to make use of it effectively.
An electric bike is a bike which uses the electrical source to run. Therefore, if you ride the bike, there is no need to put your force to make it move. Besides, when the electric power runs out, or you just want to do exercise, you can stroke the paddle and ride as traditional ones.

Cruiser or BMX bike

Do you know which the full name of the BMX bike is?
Well, since the bike is a single-speed type which people use in short track, its name is Bicycle Motor Cross.
In recent years, when talking about this bike, we all think about a bike with 20” wheels. It is well-known for the robust and durable performance. It is a really great choice for a rider who wants to do jumps or tricks.
GT bike is so famous for BMX bike all over the world. Plus, the company has been working in manufacturing many bike types namely road bike, mountain bike, and BMX bike.

Cruiser or BMX bike brands
The GT bike company is well-known for BMX bikes

Exercise Bike

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Best Single Speed Bike

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We have come to the end of the well-known bike type topic!

That is all for the good bike types in the world. Have you already known some (or all) of them?
Just Not Sports are sure that you have your decision which brand is suitable for you, right? Depending on your favor, uses, budget, and health condition, you could choose the most suitable bike that matches your demands.
JustNotSports.Com is glad that our list can help you in some aspects to find a good bike. Moreover, if you have any questions about bikes, we can help you to answer all of them.