Top 10 Best Bike Bell 2020 Reviews and Buying Gudie


The use of bike has gone beyond the traditional conveying of rider only. In fact, it can also be used for commercial purpose as you can distribute your sold items to your clients. However since biking activities can only take place on the road, there is a need to use a bell with your bike.

Being said, although, to some riders, the bike bell is not considered important as it doesn’t come with a standard bike. However, those who value their lives and that of commuters or other road users know the usage of the bell cannot be underestimated. As it enhances your safety by cautioning other road users as you approach.

Again, they also give you a decent and professional look. So you don’t have to verbally inform people of your presence on road. In this guide, we will work you through all the necessary information needed to gather before buying your choice of best bike bells.

Listed below are the 10 best bike bells.

  1   BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini – The best overall

Clinching the top in the available best bike bells in our guide is the Bonmixc bell. This mini bell is the most versatile as it fits perfectly into your standard bicycle handlebar with diameter range (21 – 23mm). Including stunt scooter bike, mountain bicycle and others.

Again, the installation of this mini bell is easy and it can be fitted either into the right or left handlebar of your bike. Which is among the few reasons riders who don’t know the best hand to cycle will craving for it.

Also, the brass used to make this bell add honey to its functionality as it gives it a clear and loud sound. Again, since the sound of this bell is quiet and similar to the traditional ding dong, although more improved, you may need to press it heavily and continuously so it is heard in a noisy environment.

  • It produces and unobtrusive sound.
  • It fits most standard bikes.
  • It produces and unobtrusive sound.
  • It fits most standard bikes.

   2    Sportout Copper Alloy Bike Bell – Most durable


Followed the Bonmixc bell in our guide is the Sportout copper alloy bell. Based on some reasons. First being its suitability for moderate or heavy use. Due to its exceptional copper alloy design. Again, this bell is coated with an anti-rust and anti-ageing which makes it last you longer.

Furthermore, the combination of the hard copper hammer and the internal collision sounding of this bell also gives you an appealing louder sound that is clear. Thus, pedestrians and other road users will quickly know your presence. Instead of informing them verbally.

Lastly, the retro design of this bell gives you the old day feeling but with better improvement. And just like the Bonmix, Sportout copper is also easy to install.

  • They are very durable.
  • Their customer service is responsive.
  • If not installed properly, they may fall off.

   3    Greallthy Bike Bell –Best for wider bike handlebar

 The Greallthy bike bell is a brass high-quality premium made product that is also anti-rust and anti-ageing. Just like his contemporary. This bell also features the combination of retro design, high strength springs, and light strong alloy bracket to extend its life span.

The clear audibility of this bell also enhances your safety and that of commuters as it helps to reduce accident occurrence. Additionally, they also have a larger diameter of (22.2 – 25.4mm) making it suitable for people whose bike handlebar is wide.

To round it up, Greallthy bell also has a protective pad that prevents it from sliding down. Their manufacturer also promises 100% replacement policy for any default within the warranty period.


  • It comes with a warranty period of 12 months and 30-days money back.
  • The sound of this bell is also adjustable.
  • If you don’t pull the level back properly, the sound may not loud enough.

   4    TIMBER Mountain Bike Bell –Most Advance

Uncommonly, the Timber mountain bell is an upgraded design with better features. To begin with is the longer life internal cable, narrower bar profile, and the smoother shifting of this bike. All joined together to enhance its functionalities.

This solid brass made bell also has a dual flight mode to activate trail awareness when you need and remain silent when not in need. It also has a quick-release model for easy on and off between bikes.

Lastly, the sound of this bell can also be activated when it is in motion. And its Lock-out stealth mode also enhances peaceful silence. A feature that is rarely found in most bell with the same price tag.

  • It is easy to fix and remove.
  • It is also suitable for mountain or heavy traffic use.
  • Not suitable in a quiet environment

   5    Accmor Classic Bike Bell — The lightest

Remarkably known for his lightweight, Accmor aluminium bell is a classic bike bell that offers extremely safe services to you and other commuters. Due to the effective clear crisp ringtone it produced.

However, if you’re someone who places your bell priority on lightweight, then we think this bell is meant for you. As its weight is light. The aluminium design of this bell also gives it a befitting outlook. Again, this bell can be used by adult and kid on the mountain and road as they are ruggedly designed.

Consequently, the combination of the super-quality materials made of aluminium and the engineering plastic material of this bell extends its life span. It also prevents it from rusting and ageing. However, based on honest customer review, this bell is the easiest to install. As installation takes you nothing more than 1 minute. Even without having any prior knowledge.

  • It is light in weight.
  • It is the easiest bell to install.
  • The sound is very primitive.

   6    Accmor Adjustable Bike Bel — Most affordable


Another Accmor product are the Accmor adjustable bike bell. This bike bell has a flexible strap range diameters of (16 – 38mm) which makes it possible to fits nearly all bicycle handlebars.
Its silver colour also gives it a stylish look while its crisp sound which is clear to enhance your visibility.

Consequently, talking about this bell features without referencing its excellent copper and engineering plastic made material is half complete. As this copper design gives it its anti-rust and anti-ageing power that extends its usage.

Aside the design of the Accmor bells, this Accmor model is the next easier to install as no single tool is required for its installation.

  • The price is affordable.
  • Delivery of product is superfast.
  • If runs into a bump or any rough surface, it makes noise.

   7    Knog Oi Bike Bell 

If you’re a robust income earner who cares for an amazing bike bell, then Knog Oi bike is meant for you. This bell features a unique dual sound system of a high-pitched ring that cuts through traffic noise. While the deep harmonic style also adds to the length and the clarity of the tone.

It also has an upgraded aluminium ringer plus a strong high-tensile stainless-steel spring which helps it to resist corrosion. Again, the mount of this bell is also open over the handlebar, so you don’t need to worry yourself in sliding the bell on.

Just like other bike bells, the installation of this bike is also simple. Although it requires the use of a single hex screw and Allen key. In a nutshell, the price tag of this bell is not much has it also has cable management that gathers your cables without tampering its performance.

  • It is very sensitive that a little contact with the bell will ring.
  • The design is perfect.
  • It is expensive.

   8    Pioneeryao Bell for Bike

Uncommonly, the Pioneeryao Company is an outstanding company known to yield to their customer’s complaint. This has however led them to produce improved Pioneeryao bell bike with amazing features. Among which is the after-sales service where you can mail and explain any difficulty you’re experiencing.

Again, this bell has two different sizes of stainless steel lock plate. Which enables them fits into most bikes without any hassle. However, to install this bell without much hassle, we advise you to lose the screws a little bit.

To cut it short, we will like to throw more light on the price of this product which is not so pocket-friendly. Although it has been fixed for you with the 4 unique colours it comes with.

  • It comes with a year warranty and money back policy.
  • Its sound is also effective and appealing.
  • Price may not be affordable to very tight income earners.

   9    Kickstand Cycleworks Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle Bell –Most Versatile

Talking about the best bike bell product without talking about the Kickstand is incomplete. This multiple colours designed bell comes with a 90 days money-back guarantee. Again, while on this bike, you can alert road users and other people of your approach at a distance.

Again, this bell stands out among other bells as it has a unique dome styled design that matches and complement your bicycle beauty. It also has 21 total colours which make it the most versatile bike has it can match any bike colour.

Lastly, we are happy to inform you that the sound of this bike bell is similar to the traditional “ring” which most classic people crave for. Although it has been refined to meet the recent sound standard.

  • It comes in a variety of colour.
  • It fits and complements all bicycle colours.
  • If mounted on the right side, it may not work well.

   10    Wowkiki Loud Bike Bell — Best for a Congested Environment

Numerically, the last bike bell but not in function of our available bells is the Wowkiki. This steel made bell is remarkably known for its strong and clear sound that resembles that of old bells. In fact, a single bell press may produce the sound that may last 3-4 seconds before disappearing.

This made it an ideal of choice for riders who cycle in the thick forest of wild animals. As the output sound is more than enough to scare these animals. Apart from this, the sound also makes car owners recognize your presence inside heavy traffic.

To round it up all, just like some quality bells, this bell also has a Retro design that combines with steel used to build this bell to enhance durability.

  • It comes with a louder sound sufficient enough to scare animals in thick forest.
  • Its retro design also comes with a special wrench.
  • It is fragile.

two bike bells


What is a bike bell?

A bike bell is a metallic made material used by bikers to enhance their safety by producing sound. This sound helps to caption and alert commuters and other road users of their presence. They are often fixed to the handlebar of your bike and their usage often go beyond producing safety only.

As they can also be used for commercial purposes. However, bike bell is of different types which are designed for different tasks.

Types of a bike bell. There are 2 types of bike bells.

Classic bell.

This is the most commonly used bell and his sound is similar to the traditional bell (ring sound). Although with improved qualities. They either exhibit the perfect non-violent sound that may sound longer and cause no harm to the rider.

Or they may produce an effective short sound that is extremely sharp. This kind of sound quickly draws the attention of people of your presence.

Air Horn

Unlike the classic bell type, the air horn is a lesser popular bell-type that is advantaged in that, their sounds reach far away distances. So that other road users including a pedestrian who uses earpiece can notice your presence even in traffic.

Also, you can use this bike bell in the thick bush to scare animals as the sound they produced may reach up to 120 decibels. Which can incite scare in forest animal.

However, the limitations of this bell type apart from being difficult to install and operate is: the significant 120-decibel level sound they produced is harmful to the normal human organ of earing.

Again, to refill the pressurized air used in filling this bell is capital expensive. As you will need to acquire a bike pump which may cost you some dollars.

Benefits of the bike bell.

  • They help to enhance your safety and other road users by preventing accident.
  • They are used for commercial purposes. Especially the horn bell-type which can draw the attention of multitude in lesser time.
  • They also give your bike a decent and professional look.

How to choose the best bike bell?

We all know that choosing the best bike bell is not an easy task. Especially in recent years where more products have flooded the market. Most of which are inferiorly made.

However, to salvage you in this hostile environment in buying the best bell, we have worked hard. Days and nights to craft the needed information to secure the best product for you.

Features to consider before buying the bike bells.

Once you’re sure you will make a purchase, the next thing is to master the features you need to get the best product. These features if strictly adhered to will help you purchase the best products.

Features like the type of material quality, type of design, volume, the position of installation, intended use, price tag and durability are among the features we have looked into in this guide.

So let’s dive in.


Which material is it made up of?

The feature we considered first in our buying guide of the best bike bell is the material used to make the bell. This is because the material has a lot to say when it comes to the volume and durability of the bell.

Generally speaking, the part that produces sound in the bike bell is made of metal. Which are of different types. The most common being the aluminium. Due to its affordability and exceptionally lightweight. However, they are good for casual use as they are not more durable which is the major limitation they have.

On the other hand, the hassle being faced by the aluminium made products has led technologist to the development of more rugged and durable products of brass. This product type is always stronger and sturdier enough to hold heavy duty. Making them more durable but heavier than the aluminium made product. Which is its only downside.

Consequently, we also have a hybrid product known as the aluminium alloy bell. Which alternate between the aluminium and brass products. This kind of bell features the combination of both lightweight of the aluminium product and the durability of the brass product.

How is the bell design?

After the material used to make the bell, the next feature is the design of the bike bell. Just as bicycles have variations in their design, so also is the bell. Based on our research, among the most commonly used bell design is the single metal ringing dome model.

This kind of bell is fitted with a spherical plastic clasp that may be located either in the right or left side of your bike. The choice to buy depends on your master hand.

However, this model also comes in variations. And the most widely used is the internal hammer spring-loaded. Which is more durable than the outside hammer loaded counterpart.

Again, we also have other bike bell designs including that of new stylish designs that resemble the doom bell type. But with improved sound quality. And many more.

What of volume?

Another important feature is the volume. Although some bells are quiet, some, however, are designed to produce a louder sound that may even be provoking.

However, as far as we are concerned, we advise you to buy the one of variable sound volume. This kind of bell is good. You don’t even need to stress yourself by communicating with people verbally. Only a simple press on the bell will give you a quiet sound while a heavy pull gives you a strong and louder sound.

What of position and Installation?

After you have purchased your choice of a bike bell, the next thing is to install it. This shouldn’t, however, take most of your time. Once you know the perfect place to fix it that will not be a problem for you.

For instance, if you’re a right-hand user, it will be easier for you to install your bell at the right handlebar of your bike. This will, however, save you from buying the bell from time to time. As the wrong position and installation will lead to frequent falling off or accident.

What did you intend to use your bell for? 

Talking about the features needed to get the best bell without talking about its intended usage is incomplete. This is because the bells are strictly designed for different tasks. For example, if you intend to use your bike for commercial purpose or adventure inside a thick forest, the use of louder bell is significant. And vice-versa.

What of price tag and durability?

The last feature we have looked into in this buying guide is the price and durability of the bells. Broadly speaking, the price of most bike bells are not expensive. However, that doesn’t mean you should be spending your money on the bell at close interval.

To save you from this, all the available bike bells we collated in our guide are affordable. Aside this, they are also durable as we based our selection on honest review and manufacturer’s guides.



Yes, it is necessary to have a bell on your bike. As they help you to enhance and complement your safety and that of other road users. This is made possible as other road users will easily recognize your presence once you press the bell.

Even beyond this, it is constitutional to have a bell in your bike in some part of the United States and some part of the world. The reason being known to this countries authorities. However, if you dare turn a deaf ear and you’re caught, you face the consequence yourself.

Additionally, the bike bell also gives you a professional and decent look.


Yes, there is an alternative way to communicate on the bike other than the bell. This involves the use of your own verbal capacity. Which may not reach far distance. Apart from this, you will also get tired quickly.



We have come to the end of our guide and we are sure by now, you would have matured enough to give advice and necessary information to the needy. If you’re consulted. Or you can even confidently recommend any of the available bike bell available in our guide.
As they are collated based on our deep and extensive research.

However, our best bike bell is BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini. This is due to its exceptional qualities and honest user reviews. Their qualities, however, include affordable prices, durability, and effective sound to mention in few.

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