24+ Best Bike Accessories, Gear, Parts For Beginners of 2020

A suitable bike can’t 100% protect you on every journey. That’s why bicycle accessories are gradually becoming more and more popular.
So what do bicycle accessories include and why are they necessary? The following article will be the most detailed answer.

Why Need The Best Bike Accessories?

While using bicycles for the purpose of normal travel or professional competition, cyclists need to follow a few principles in preparation. One of the most important is to equip yourself with appropriate bicycle accessories.
Bicycles are gradually being upgraded with the movement system as well as the design to provide the performance match for cyclists on different terrains. As a result, sports bicycle are often more flexible in terms of speed, braking handling, and braking performance.
Therefore, to use the sports bicycle fluently and easily, users need to equip certain accessories that are indispensable.
Accessories are the first preparation if you want to start your journey with a bike. You also need to check them carefully before sitting on a bicycle to ensure unexpected accidents.

Top 24 Best Cycling Accessories Reviews of 2020:

Top 24 Best Bike Accessories Reviews of 2020


When coming to a turn or a crowded place, use a bicycle bell to signal your presence. This accessory helps to limit a lot of unfortunate accidents.


Choosing a good bike lock is not easy. Wrong decisions can have big consequences. A great bicycle lock is one that meets both safety and ease of use.
Of course, the choice depends on how much your bike costs and how much you can afford to buy the lock. It is best to choose reputable brands.


For safe cycling, the advice for you is to install mirrors. They help you check out what’s behind you.
The fact is that many accidents have occurred just because of not using bicycle mirrors. They are small but very useful accessories.

Bike Pumps

When the tire is punctured, a bicycle pump is a savior. It helps cyclists to try to get to a residential area or a bicycle repair shop to fix it (in case there is no bicycle repair tool).


When it rains, bike fenders will be responsible for blocking dirty mud splashes on your clothes when the bike moves.
Currently, there are many types of bike fenders on the market, the most popular types are:

  • Fenders mounted under bicycle saddle
  • Fenders for sports bikes
  • Fenders for small bikes,…

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose designs and forms that are suitable for your bicycle and your financial ability.
Many people believe that bike fenders affect the aesthetic problem of the bike. However, compared to the effect you can get from this accessory, it’s worth using it.

Lights & Reflectors

You can’t ride a bike in the night without bike lights and reflectors. The lights help provide light so you can see clearly the distance and objects in front of your eyes. This helps ensure safety when you cycle. Reflectors are different, they are often picked up in the back of the car to signal the people behind you to see your presence.

Cycling Helmet

Many bike riders were subjective not wearing helmets, so when there are risks, the consequences are very bad. Because sports bikes can help you achieve a speed of 30-45km / h (almost the same as motor speed), you should avoid the risks to reduce unwanted consequences.
In many countries, the law does not require cyclists to wear helmets, but you should still use this accessory to protect yourself. There are many different types of helmets, you can choose colors and shapes to suit your preferences and personalities.
When using a high-quality helmet, you won’t have to worry about itching, dandruff, and hair loss. A good quality helmet should be designed so as not to create a gap between the hat and head. Wherever you go, make sure you wear a helmet before cycling.


Bicycles cannot be moved without wheels. They are indispensable accessories. The wheel directly affects the performance, weight, and stability of a bicycle. Depending on the needs of users, the manufacturer will provide a lot of standards and options for wheels.
Currently, there are 3 basic dimensions for wheels in general, 26″, 27.5″ and 29″. Other special vehicles like Dirtjump, Trial, BMX or children’s off-road vehicles will have smaller wheels (abound 20” and 24”).


Choosing a good bicycle saddle can be difficult, but you should try to find a saddle that suits you. The important thing is that it gives you comfort. Only when you feel comfortable, can cycling become interesting.
Not only that, depending on the way as well as the bike posture, you can adjust the bicycle saddle to the best fit. Before choosing to buy a bicycle saddle, you should try it at the store and make sure that you buy one with the warranty as well as return delivery mode.


Many people believe that gloves are only used to keep warm when cycling in winter, so when cycling they usually do not wear them. This is a mistake because this accessory has a lot of other effects.
In addition to keeping warm in the winter, most bicycle gloves also help absorb sweat in your hands. They can absorb all the sweat in the hand, prevent sweat making the handle becomes slippery.
Not only that, if you like mountain biking, gloves are also a type of accessory that helps reduce vibration. You may have noticed that all cyclist wear gloves. If you ride on a bumpy road, wearing gloves will help reduce some of the pain that your hands have to endure.
Finally, the lesser-known uses of bicycle gloves are to help relieve pain if you fall and resist the effects of sunlight.


Choosing the right bike shoes will help you save your durability
In fact, shoe or sandals do not affect the pedal power, but in the long run, they will affect endurance – the most important factor in a cycling session.
Many people wonder whether or not to choose shoes with clips. The clip is the bottom part of the shoe sole that matches the pedal to provide the highest pedal performance for the bike, avoiding slippery during the ramp or acceleration.
There are usually 3 models of dedicated shoes for cycling, including Road, MTB and Triathlon with different styles and functions for cyclists. You can make decisions depending on your preferences and needs.

Knee Pads

They are an indispensable accessory for cyclists, especially children. When riding a bicycle, falling is unavoidable. A natural reflex of a person when he falls is bending his knees. That’s why you should wear bike knee pads to protect yourself.


Bicycle brakes are an important part that reduces the speed of a bicycle. They can cause bicycles to travel at a slower rate or stop moving by creating opposite torque that wins the inertial force of the wheel. Bicycle brakes are responsible for ensuring your safety in the process of travel, regardless of the situation or with any terrain.

Bike Computer

This accessory helps you know the speed at which you are cycling, the time and distance you have cycled. Besides, it also helps you to store this information if you want. It just really suits those who are serious about cycling.

Best Bike Shorts

Bicycle pants often use special polyester fabrics which not only have high durability and elasticity but also have good wear resistance. This fabric also has good ventilation and sweat permeability, keeping the body surface dry.
Bicycle pants also contain silver ions which cannot be seen with the naked eye. These ions can reduce bacterial activity and deodorize.

Best Bike Chain Lube

The bike chain lube makes your cycling smooth. Without it, the bike chain will become dry and often slip.

Face Mask For Cycling

When cycling, your respiratory system needs to be more active than usual to provide enough oxygen to your body. If you’re just cycling in the park, you don’t need to worry about anything. However, if you ride in a polluted environment, you can’t lack a face mask for cycling.
Face mask for cycling not only has the dust filtering effect. In fact, it is also equipped with a filter of toxic substances in the air polluted with activated carbon. Besides, the nose belt makes the mask tighter, avoiding breathing air from the edge of the mask directly into the respiratory tract.
In addition, the check valve against CO2 emissions back through the activated carbon filter, making breathing easier and increase the life of the air filter layer.


If you ride in hot and sunny weather, you should wear sleeves to protect your skin from the effects of the sun. Many people are indifferent to this type of accessory, and as a result, they suffer from severe sunburn and a lot of pain.


When riding a bike, you will have a lot of exposure to the sun. For maximum protection, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your face, neck, arms, and legs before leaving the house. Clothing and masks cannot protect your skin comprehensively.
Sunscreen contains two indicators SPF and PA that have UVB protection and effective UVA rays. In particular, SPF 15 or higher sunscreen works to prevent 93% of UV damage. Therefore, experts recommend choosing sunscreens with an SPF of 15-50 to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and the environment.


When you need to bring some items while riding a bike, you will need bike bags. You can’t use backpacks because this can make your shoulders get tired and a