Let Light Up Your Bike with Best Bicycle Wheel Light


Only bike lovers can understand what new equipment’s do their bike wheel needs. They are not just used for fashion or to enhance and upgrade your bike, but it is essential equipment that can save us from accidents. It also shows the rider with the clear way ahead, and with the help of bike wheel lights, you can easily ignite your bicycle, and it avoid mishaps. There are many options available in the bike wheel lights, which makes it difficult for an individual to choose any one type of light.

Finding the best bike wheel light is not an easy task, because there are many brands available in the market. However, we got an answer to your confusion by a careful review of the top ten bike wheel lights that are available in the market.

  1   Activ Life 2 – Tire Pack Led Bike wheel light- Best for brighter vision at night

 The younger generation who want to become cool it is the best type of bike wheel light for them. It is the most selling and the most popular across America, and it is suggested that these Activ Life 2-Tire can be given as a Christmas gift to men and women of all ages.

It is safe where there is low visibility, and it increases the vision. The stress of travelling on a bike is relieved because these lights will make your bicycle stand out bright from all the angles. It does not matter if you are stationary or moving.

Its installation does not require any tool. You can fit these lights in 12″ toddler bikes to 29″ adult bikes.  The package comes with all the necessary details and an installation video step by step, which makes it more accessible for the individual to install.

  • Easy installation
  • Top-quality, long-lasting waterproof product.
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Batteries are included, and it has a long battery life
  • Perfect for gifting
  • Not affordable for the lower middle class.
  • Attention seeker because of its increased visibility

   2    Rottay Bike Wheel Light- Best for rough use


 This bike wheel light is best for safety as it is visible from all angles. It has an ultra-bright view at night, which is suitable for the young generation who party all night. The bike wheel has 30 different patterns to show, and they change every 4 seconds.

If you want to enjoy the rain, go out without any hassle as this Rottay bike wheel light is best for rainy days as it is waterproof. You can enjoy the weather easily. This bike light has a different option, few options are for the night, which includes smart mode, and the manual mode is for any time of the day.

No tools are needed to install. There is a secure installation method for this light. It only takes few minutes to fix and is suitable for standard spoke bicycle with is 16” inch or above.  It can be installed in any type of bike, whether it is a foldable or mountain bike.

  • It is lightweight and compact
  • Does not shake  off on an uneven road
  • Perfect for late-night cycling
  • AAA batteries are not included.
  • The unit is not rechargeable.

   3    Tinana Led Bike Wheel Light- Best for night riding

 This bike wheel light is the best for night riding as it contains twenty pieces of bright light LED’S. It makes the wheel more visible, and the vision becomes more apparent. With just one touch of the power button, the mode is changed, riding with this light at night will make you more focused in the darkness.

The colourful lights attached will make your bike look more attractive, and people will definitely compliment your bike. The lights will not affect the riding speed that depends on the person. They are attached delicately with reliable wiring and could not fall, so the person should not be worried about falling off the light.

They are long-lasting and work up to 8-10 hours, it does not damage in rain and snow, and the lights make it safe for the person to go out and enjoy the weather. Again, no tools are needed here for the

Installation can be easily installed and removed. You just have to place the battery in the battery case and fix it on the wheel wires with screws.

  • Friendly customer service
  • Easy installation and removal of the lights
  • There is no speed requirement
  • You can easily enjoy the weather
  • Unique features
  • The installation process is lengthy and time-consuming
  • The lights are so colorful which does not suit old age people, best for the young  generation

   4    Maple Seeker Bike Wheel Lights- Best for riders who want to ride at high speed

 These lights are best for young people who want to have a ride with their friends and to make sure their bike looks aesthetically pleasing. It provides three different light colours and is our go-to product if we are going to mix and match the colours accordingly. Increased visibility is one of the safest features of these lights, which will make your loved ones safe. It will be unique and different from others that the cars passing by will love it, and they will compliment.

You should be aware of the cheap quality products provided by the sellers as they damage the wheel. Maple seeker offers high-end products with good quality. Their products are designed to be waterproof and are lightweight. A bike light by Maple Seeker weighs 3.2g only. You can ride your bike on a rainy day without any fear.

They have the best run time, which is up to more than 80 hours. It can be turned off/on without any difficulty by twirling the top part left or right, and there is no need to remove them from the boundary after cycling.

  • No tools are required for the installation
  • Best gift choice for your friends or family members
  • Battery is included
  • These lights work well both for the adults and children
  • Twirling the light to get it on/off is difficult

   5    Brionac Rechargeable Bike Wheel Lights- Best for distant hikes

 It is different from other bike wheel lights, which have eight lights in the market, but this one provides better, calmer, and safer effects. This light is easy to install and remove like the other bike wheel lights. This bike light is very convenient. If stuck somewhere in the dark, you can charge it with any power bank and USB cable. These are very eco- friendly and do not harm the environment.

It has an automatic system in which the lights are off in the daytime and light up automatically at night. In this way, the energy is saved, and the battery life extends when the bike stands still for 30 seconds, the light off automatically.

  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • Best birthday and Christmas presents
  • Convenient and eco-friendly
  • Energy saver
  • You cannot trust the rechargeable battery system
  • Have to keep a power bank which is a hassle
  • It is for only one wheel

   6    LeBolike Bike Spoke Lights Cycling Bike- Best for people who love bright colored lights


These lights become more visible and decorative at night. It is again easy to install without any tools, and to tighten the lights on the spoke, the spoke light package is needed, which contains the zip ties. It has unique features that the above bike wheel light does not have. Fast flashing, slow flashing, and full lighting are the three lightning modes in this bike wheel light.

If you are not satisfied with the light, you can quickly contact the customer support centre. They are ready to take forward any complaints related to the bike wheel light.

  • It comes in different colours
  • Batteries can be replaced and work around 48 hours
  • Easy to install and remove
  • They are very cool and safe
  • Some of the bike wheel light is dead during the delivery
  • They have written that it comes with zip ties, but it is not true. It does not contain zip ties in the packaging
  • It only contains six pieces

   7    Macywell Bike Sport Lights- Best for the vocational and casual cyclist

 These lights look beautiful at night, and it makes the bike more visible and safer for the other transport around. It can be decorated with colourful lights, and you can make the motorcycle funky and fancy. There are three lighting modes you can increase the brightness, press it to turn it off, and on, and the last one is fast flashing and slow flashing.

Tools are not needed here for the installation. You can install it without any hassle by putting the bike wheel light into the spoke and slide it towards the rim until and unless it fits tightly and does not come off. When on the road, the bike wheel light becomes more stable with zip ties.

  • Best gift for birthdays and Christmas
  • It provides customers with the best quality
  • Easy battery replacement options
  • It operates in different modes
  • Cost-effective
  • Each bike wheel needs separate light, so it increases the expense
  • Ultra-bright lights can make the person blinded by bright flashing especially the old age people

   8    Brionac Bike Wheel Lights – Best for professional hikers and cyclists

This bike wheel light comes with unique features, and it comes with a rechargeable battery that can be charged with date cable or USB cable. This light is one of the safest options because it can be easily recharged when a rider goes cycling on a longer route. One does not need to worry about the weather as they are fit for all kinds of weather. Their waterproofing is also reliable, so rain does not harm the lights either.

This light by Brionac is one of the most spectacular of its type. It has a very attractive and mesmerizing look. These lights are an excellent choice for cycle lovers when they are joining cyclist fiestas. It gives clear and bright visibility in the dark.

There are many modes in this light that any other light does not have. In intelligent mode, the light turns on automatically in the dark, and it turns off in the day time.

  • Easy to build in and remove, no tools required
  • LED lights that brighten the bike wheels
  • A safe and quick charger is included
  • Energy saver
  • It works on 16″ or 20″ and above bicycles
  • There is no privacy in these light for women’s as it makes the cyclist prominent

   9    Sumree Bike Spoke Lights – Most decorative of all

These lights come with a box that includes six pieces of battery, different colours of light which are green, red, yellow, and pink. The colour can be easily changed as per the rider’s choice. A special promo code is available which gets the rider fantastic discounts on purchasing the light. When someone buys two lights, they get twelve percent discount, on four fifteen percent discount is applicable. In comparison, on buying eight lights, seventeen percent of the cost is saved.

Sumree bike lights are easy to install by tightening the the zip ties into the spoke. The lights can be easily removed as per the convenience of riders as well. They give a very aesthetically pleasing and decorative effect to your bikes, making them stand out.

  • The safest option for kids
  • It is suitable for 12 inches bikes to 29 inches
  • Comes with a complete box which includes different impressive equipment’s
  • You can choose the most appropriate light mode before riding
  • Easy to carry as it is super light and ideal for all weather.
  • It can create issues while cycling as there is no switch button on the spoke lamp
  • They can be difficult for the customers to turn it on/off because the zip ties go right over the switch
  • No limited warranty

   10    Monkey Light M232- 200 Lumen – Best for people who love multi-coloured lights

 These lights are one of the brightest and attractive. It can be fitted in any bike wheel. The LED lights give a classy look to the bike wheels.

Multiple light modes are available which the riders can easily switch. The colours available in the LED  lights include solid colours, gradients, and rainbow. Smooth and waterproof LED light last lifetime, and if they need repairing, it comes with a two-year life warranty. It has generative art in it, which makes the bike wheel light more attractive and eye-catching for other people.

  • It comes with AA batteries
  • Battery life lasts up to 20 hours
  • Unique features and comes with 42 built-in themes
  • lasting and waterproof
  • Lights can be seen from any angle of the bike
  • The installation process is lengthy and complicated
  • They are expensive than other bike wheel lights
  • The whole wheel is lighted at the same time which drains the battery and the energy


These bike wheel lights are the best. Some are very competitive according to the budget of the customers. At the same time, other beats their competitors in term of unique features. It is essential to add these fantastic decorative lights to revamp your bike. Furthermore, these are a necessity for night-time riders especially to save themselves from any unfortunate accidents. Hence, choose a light that best fits your budget and aesthetics and start riding safely.


 What to consider when buying a bike wheel light?

The bike wheel lights should be chosen by considering the safety of how safe it will make your ride at night or in the dark. As they increase the visibility in traffic. Cycling freaks of all ages can rely on these lights for a safe and sound ride. Unfortunately, some people are fooled by thinking that these bike wheel lights are just for kids because they seem attractive, colorful, and playful. However, this is not the case. These lights are equally used by adults all around the world every single day, and they love its unusual patterns.

Therefore, if you are willing to buy a bike wheel light, you need to consider a number of factors. You should be clear about its purpose firstly. After that, have a detailed look at all its features, the price, size, weight and their battery timings. Here is a little guide on how to choose the most appropriate bike light for yourself:


There are different reasons for buying the bike wheel light. One of the most important reasons is your safety at night in the dark. These lights act as a weapon at night for the riders so that they can have clear visibility and can be seen by other vehicle drivers too. Since they are mostly white and they have ample lumens power to make you visible on the road, they may also help you to spot smaller hurdles on the way. If you want to make your presence prominent on the streets, then you should order a set for each wheel. The purpose of having them is not decoration only, but your safety as well.

Weight and size

In terms of weight and size, bike wheel lights are lightweight, easy, and convenient to carry on the road and do not make the bicycles heavy on roads. A heavy or bigger wheel light will be a hurdle in your smooth-riding so always opt for a lightweight, smaller bike wheel light.


 Each model comes with different battery life. While some might last up to twenty hours, others may last up to forty-eight hours. Only a few models come in with the batteries included. Otherwise, they need to be brought separately. Some lights are rechargeable and can be charged using a USB cable which needs to be bought separately. The batteries also need to be replaced to new ones time to time, which is not difficult at all. It is easy to remove the old batteries and install the new ones. It is more preferable to go for a light option in which the battery is already included. Not only do these batteries last longer, but have a company warranty as well.


 There are different prices for each light, and it depends on you if you want to buy the light that has more advanced features or specifications, it is more expensive. The bike wheel light with standard features which does not include the battery kit in it they are less expensive. If you do not frequently go out at night, so there is no need to buy the LED lights having more advanced features. You can go for the affordable options with the lesser feature. If you are a professional biker who does not like flashy things, you can go for a low-priced option too. However, for people who like fancy stuff and advanced features, they can aim for high-priced, more fancy options.  Professional bikers and habitual night-time riders should consider the features first before they think about the price.


The bike wheel light is a good and useful invention. It has made night-time rides and hikes way safer. One can avoid bicycle accidents to a great extent at night. The lights not only make the cycling easier for the rider by lighting up their path. They also make the bicycles to be easily spotted specially in the suburban areas which have heavy traffic on them.

The lights are not only ought to be fancy and enhance the look of your bike, but they are your essential safety component as well. Therefore, when looking to buy a light, do not only consider the light colours and modes available. You definitely need to look for how reliable it is, how long does the batteries last and if they are waterproof or not. Imagine being stuck at a highway at night with heavy rain, zero visibility and your bike wheel lights die out for they were not waterproof. Imagine you are at a long hike in the middle of the woods and the battery runs out. Therefore, be very careful while choosing the best wheel light. It might be your only guiding light in a journey out there in the pitch dark. Be clear that you are not only investing in a wheel light but your safety as well so choose wisely. Consider all the pros and cons of each light t help reach the best decision.  Happy cycling!

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