Let Light Up Your Bike with Best Bicycle Wheel Light

The normal riding trail can be incredibly exciting at night.

The path seems to be longer and the atmosphere seems to be more thrilling (and romantic). A night-time group ride will give you (and your friends) an unforgettable night ever.

Be cool, be safe and be fun – that is what we promise you.

Now Just Not Sports will check out the top tips for choosing the best bike wheel light for your next trip.

Best Bicycle Wheel Light

What does the bike wheel light mean?

What does the bike wheel light mean?

Physically, it is a light, sticking to the wheel with a small clear zip.

First aiming to be the solution for safety (of the night riding), but now, a bicycle lighting system has become an incredible innovative gadget on the market.

It is durable, water-resistant, lightweight and easy to install in the wheel.

It is available in many colors and appears in many light concepts (and of course, you can have one or more lights on each wheel, depending on your choice!).

You can buy light specifically made for the wheel, frames, or both. The price ranges do vary, from few dollars to a hundred dollars, depending on your budget.

The performance-focused riders may not interest in those “sparkling things”, but we are measuring-focused riders, let’s rocks the night!

The more light you have on the bike, the more motorists you (likely to be seen) on the road, right?

Safety comes first

In facts, a good quality lighting solution for your bike wheel bring more benefit beyond the traditional handlebar, helmet or Seatpost mounted light can do.
Safety comes first
As the closest part to the ground, any ground’s obstacles and imperfection can be noticed quickly and easily.

The rearward lighting device provides an even larger light source and ensures a greater visibility to road riders (for approaching from the side or behind).

However, the light level is not in the same for all lights and may cause a rotating mass to the bike. The traditional front and rear light can adapt the regulation by law, but hardly to be seen visibility by another road user.

Riding at night with low-quality light is dangerous to the safety of not only the cyclist but the others on the road.

On the other hand, no matter which type (and price) of the light source your bike accompany with, don’t forget to check and make sure that these lights don’t interfere your bike moving parts.

Therefore, we should consider wheel lights as compliments and additions to traditional front and rear light, for maximizing the safety!

With all that, Just Not Sports have here some best-picked wheel light options, which is sure to keep you safe (and visible at night) and suit any need for lighting and mounting options.

What is the greatest five Best Bike Wheel Lights?

No.ItemsFeaturesOur Rating
1Activ Life 2 Tire Pack LED Bike Wheel Lights22 LED bright lights bulbs, waterproof and durable, suitable for all age user4 out of 5 stars
2Wheel Lights Colorful Light Accessory7 foot long decorative light string with 20 LEDs on, last for 48 hours continuously and available in 6 color choices4.2 out of 5 stars
3Willceal Spoke Light Safety LightFlexible waterproof silicone with three flash modes4.3 out of 5 stars
4AIKELIDA Bike Wheel Lights Decorations14 pcs LED lamp beads with
30 patterns will change one by one in each 4 second
4.5 out of 5 stars

Let check out what JustNotSports.com have rounded up for your selection of the bicycle wheel lights.

#1. Activ Life 2 Tire Pack LED Bike Wheel Lights with Batteries Included

Be cool, be safe and be easy, that is what cyclist review about these Activ Life 2 light model.
[img_products img_code=”81wx%2BpmVDLL” alt=”Activ Life 2 Tire Pack LED Bike Wheel Lights with Batteries Included” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B076GZ5MVF” reviews=”157+”] They are the latest and hottest trend-setting across America recently.
They are incredibly visible from all side (while the normal ones only are seen from the front and back direction) and guarantee your safety in every night-paths.
Switch from “constant on” to “flashing mode”, the light will light up your bike from all angles, even when you are not moving.
The brand offers a large range of choice, with different colors, in different sizes (from 12’’ of a toddler to 29’’ for an adult).
The producers provide a super easy installation instruction (with video included). No tool is required and you can even install without direction.

  • Different sizes provided (from 12’’ to toddler to 29’’ for an adult)
  • Full box color (perfect for gifting)
  • 22 LED bright lights bulbs
  • Batteries included in the pack
  • Waterproof and durable design
  • Instruction video provided
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Easy to install
  • Battery included
  • Some broken battery and switch errors recorded
[link_af code=”B076GZ5MVF”]

#2. Wheel Lights Colorful Light Accessory

Those are colorful and bright LED GlowRiders accessory, just like its name. The light fit for any 20’’ and under the tire and can be used for both wheel and bicycle frame.
[img_products img_code=”81IEwMzPjVL” alt=”Wheel Lights Colorful Light Accessory” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B01IQ6RF0M” reviews=”199+”] With 20 micro waterproof neon LEDs lights and 7-foot string, you can wrap the light around the bike and make it visible from all sides at night. There are six colors (blue, green, red, white, pink and multicolor) for your choice.
Packed with 2 strings of lights, 2 battery housings (use 3 AA batteries and last for 48 hours) and 8 ties, the light’s box will be a great present for your loved ones (or yourselves indeed) in the holiday.

  • 1 ultra bright LED bike light accessories
  • 7 foot long decorative light string (with 20 LEDs on)
  • Available in 6 neon colors
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Last 48 hours continuously
  • Brighter light with 3 AA batteries

You can also buy a 2-pack version of this bike light product. They share the same feature but offer a very nice price deal.

  • Waterproof and durable
  • Long Lasting
  • Excellent customer service
  • Cheapest price but high quality
  • Hard to install
  • Thin wire (make install battery difficult)
  • Heavy battery pack
[link_af code=”B01IQ6RF0M”]

#3. Willceal Spoke Light Safety Light

Willceal producer offers a multi colorful safety light which fits for both professional and casual bicycle rider.
[img_products img_code=”71JtZLckd5L” alt=”Willceal Spoke Light Safety Light” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B06Y1L9NX4″ reviews=”166+”] Super easy to plug in (and remove), you will need no tool to install the light to your bike. The security locks (with 8 ties zips) remain in right position for daily use and in some off-road paths (but not for mountain ride).
This light’s model is highly recommended for it multi fixation and multi right modes (three, inaccurately).
You can switch the light level to three different modes of “steady glow”, “fast flashing” or “slow flashing”. These different light levels are critical for safety and warning, especially for children.
It is suitable for any 2 mm spokes bikes and the rider can easily press it on their wheel’s spoke till secured stay.

  • Flexible waterproof silicone
  • White silicone color
  • 6 light colors (blue, green, red, pink, orange and multi-color)
  • 5.1 x 1.4 x 0.2 inches length
  • Suitable for all age rider
  • 3 Flash modes for highest safety
  • 6 pcs and 12 zip ties packed in a box
  • Good work
  • Pretty color
  • Three different flashing rate choice
  • Easy install
  • Not functional for long ride and maintenance
  • Heavy battery pack
  • Inconvenient on-off switch
[link_af code=”B06Y1L9NX4″]

#4. AIKELIDA Bike Wheel Lights Decorations

From the famous outdoor sport AIKELIDA brands, our last lighting product reviewed is well-known for its high brightness light quality, aimed to provide a perfect riding experience for young riders in their night treat.
[img_products img_code=”81GVlSrl4DL” alt=”AIKELIDA Bike Wheel Lights Decorations” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B07G2F6DYQ” reviews=”97+”] The light is well-installed for all kind of bicycles, from foldable, road bikes and even mountain bikes (but not wide spokes models bicycle).
You can install the light on your bike even when “the darkness come and take” (as the producer’s advertising, but we did check and it works)
With special IP55 waterproof design, the biker will be free of worry when riding in rainy days or in the wet.
The AAA battery type also powers the highest bright level, which will light up your bike in all kinds of weathers.
When you stop riding, the light will go off automatically. It is considered as a convenient and energy saving point of the light.
However, the light will go immediately, so, be sure to arrive at a safe place before stopping.
If your riding speed reaches up to 30PS, 30 patterns will change one by one in each 4 second. If the speed is 20PS, only half of the light on with few color light circles.
You can buy two piece bicycle wheel light and install in symmetrical spokes, and the whole picture can be seen clearly even when the speed is 15 PS only.

  • 14 pcs LED lamp beads
  • 3.74*2.76*0.59 inches size and 0.033kg weight
  • Manual Switch Button and Dynamic Sensor
  • AAA 1.5V Battery (not included)
  • Great light and durable
  • Smooth on-off switch
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable price
  • Higher speed needed to get full circle
  • Not suit for children bike
  • No choice of what pattern go up
[link_af code=”B07G2F6DYQ”]

Basic safety requirement for nighttime riders

You did know that wheel lights provide safety to your night riding path. However, the key is being visible on the road at night! You must light up your entire body, not only the bike.

Start with your clothing first…Basic safety requirement for nighttime riders

Here are some tips for your clothing choice (at night):

  • Never wearing black items when riding at night. Black make your body disappear at night and don’t do that, except you want to hide your body (for some illegal purposes, maybe).
  • Reflective jacket or jersey with neon colors are wise choices. They help your body can be seen clearly by other road users (and keep you safe because of that).
  • If you don’t have any reflective clothes available, wear white (or bright color) objects. White make you visible when the car light hit you.
  • You can add more reflective material on clothes. Reflective tapes are pretty easy and cheap to find in any supermarket or local stores. You should use them on the moving parts of your body, like your hands (or you can use reflective gloves), to help other night drivers see your hand signals.
  • Never forget a helmet when riding, especially in the night time. It keeps you safe and (be) seen on the road. Add a helmet light or additional reflective material is a great idea too.

You may wonder if these addon reflectors will make your fashion look suck. Yes, they do and do save your safety (and your life) as well. Think about it, what is more concern to you?

One more thing, these reflective object could be additional, be an option, but your bicycle wheel lights are MUST – the MOST IMPORTANT safety features (which is regulated by law) when riding at night

Check out two lights item for night riding:

Bike Wheel Lights: you must have at least two lights, a red flashing in the rear and a white one in the front (no matter when you are riding, day or night).

For serious night riding, you should be prepared more rear light, which helps you warn cars coming up behind. Blinking light attracts more attention than solid ones.

Headlight: It is important for you to be seen by oncoming car and also helps to light up your way. In the night-time, an accident caused by unseen curbs or bumps is as dangerous as a car accident.

Headlight varies in brightness level and can up to 4000+ lumens. However, you don’t need that bright on the road, 700 lumens (as equal as a single car low-beam headlight) is enough.
You also can add two smaller (and less bright) lights on each side of your handlebars.

The wheel light often is classified as “decoration” objects and be ignored by performance-oriented riders. However, now we know their benefits are far more than!

Light up your bike wisely and your night path gonna be a special treat, we promise you. Justnotsports.com will wait to hear the stories of your most memorable night trip!

Last thing to remember…

A bicycle wheel lighting system can be a great additional solution when riding at night, no matter your aim is to be visible or colorful on the road. The lights bring you both, make you see and to be seen in the least light condition.

This article did provide you with a wealth of knowledge to make sure you get what you are looking for, the information, the best bicycle wheel light selection and the informed purchase for the wheel light.

Now is time for you to choose your right lights, and don’t forget to charge your light a day before your night riding.

Always make the light full and set it aside ready-to-go. The light will last longer on less bright modes, so plan your night path wisely (and use your high-beams sparingly)!

Get creative to light up your bike (and your ride) into the night. Don’t forget to share your brilliant ideas with us!


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